Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (210) On motion of Elizabeth Brown, adminixtratrix, &c., of Thomas Brown, Margaret Brown, executrix of John Brown, deceased, is required to give security to save the estate of Thomas Harmless by reason of his being security for Margaret, and John Brown becomes security.

DECEMBER 12, 1792.

  (211) Called Court on Mary Holmes for larceny--discharged.

DECEMBER 18, 1792.

  (212-213) Rachel, widow of William Crawford, deceased, releases dower in land conveyed by William's partners to Robert McCullock.
  (214) John Strain, orphan of James Strain, deceased, chose Andrew Keith his guardian.
  (215) George Curtis, aged 11 in May next, and John Curtis, aged about 8, to be bound.
  (215) Isham Burk, orphan of Isham Burk, deceased, supposed to be over 14, to be bound.
  (215) Isaac Waugh, witness to will of Richard Rankin, is dead.

DECEMBER 19, 1792

  (216) County levy: 160 lbs. tobacco is equivalent to 1.
  (217) Stephen Unemerman, orphan of Isaac Unemerman, deceased, aged 16, years the 22d of this month, chose Jacob Kinney his guardian.

JANUARY 8, 1793.

  (221) Called Court on James Essex, charged with burglary--he and wife, Christiana, being persons of ill-fame, are bound to peace.

JANUARY 15, 1793.

  (223) Following to be bound out: Jane Ross, 6 years old March 6th next; Daniel Caphart, 4 years old 13th of May next; Dinah Hunter (daughter of Elizabeth Hunter), 3 years old 3d of this month.
  (224) Joseph Bell qualified Sheriff.
  (224) John McNeal, orphan of Thomas McNeal, chose James Johnston his guardian.

JANUARY 16, 1793.

  (226) County levy: 2,566 tithes @ 18 lbs. tobacco = 2 shillings.
  (227) Stophel Mantle and James Allen, agent for John Allen, landowners, to be summoned on a road petition.
  (228) Notation dollars and cents first noticed.

JANUARY 19, 1793.

  (229-231) Joseph Mays to be paid 8, pension for 1791, and same for 1792.

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  (233) John Wheeler to be paid 8, pension for 1792.

MARCH 19, 1793.

  (235-237) Samuel Anderson, road surveyor, no inhabitant.

MARCH 25, 1793.

  (258) Andrew Anderson recommended as County Lieutenant, John Campbell as Major of 1st Battalion, William Wilson as Major of 2d Battalion.
  (258) Thomas Turk, Jr., James Frazer, James Crawford, John Erwin and William Bell as Captains in 1st Battalion--recommended.
  (258) James Bratton, William Shields, Robert Doak, John McCutchen, and Augustine Argenbright as Captains in 2d Battalion--recommended.
  (258) John Clements, Alex. Hall, James Rankin, Andrew Erwin and John Crawford as Lieutenants in 1st Battalion--recommended.
  (258) John McCutchen, Robert Christian, James Mitchell, John Wilson, David Buchanan, Lieutenants in 2d Battalion--recommended.
  (258) Benj. Kennerly, Andrew Fulton, David Henderson, Thos. Waddle, Wm. Bell, Jr., Ensigns in 1st Battalion--recommended.
  (258) Wm. Armstrong, Joseph Bell, Robert Fulton Ewing, David Williams, Ensigns in 2d Battalion--recommended.
  (258) William Chambers as a Captain of Infantry in 1st Battalion-- recommended.
  (258) Samuel Steele, recommended as Captain of Infantry in 2d Battalion.

MARCH 25, 1793.

  (259) James Allen as Lieutenant of Company of Infantry in 1st Battalion--recommended. Robert Kennick as Lieutenant of Company of Infantry in 2d Battalion--recommended. Alex. Anderson as Ensign of a Company of Infantry in 1st Battalion--recommended. Alex. Crawford as Ensign of a Company of Infantry in 2d Battalion; Robert Gratton as Captain of a Company of Cavalry to be raised in Staunton--recommended. David Parry as First Lieutenant of said Company; William Abney as Second Lieutenant of said Company; Jacob Geiger as Cornet of said Company.

APRIL 16, 1793.

  (259-261) Selina Devine, aged 14 the 7th of this March, to be bound to William Armstrong.
  (261) Sarah Devine, aged 10 the 9th of this November, 1792, to be bound to Thomas Shanklin. William Rice to be bound to Isaac Ong. James Wilson, aged 13 the 2d January last, to be bound to John Price. Lucy Wilson, aged 8 the 29th December last, to be bound to John Price.
  (263) Rachel Poage, late Rachel Crawford, executrix of John Crawford, deceased, to settle her accounts.
  (263) John Dickenson to be paid 50, pension for 1792.

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  (264) William Wheeler, aged 11 years 27th February last, to be bound to Lawrence Trimper.

MAY 21, 1793.

  (265) Thos Stevens and George Martin, apprentices of Gideon Morgan, to be summoned to show cause why they have absented themselves without leave.
  (265) The Grand Jury present an act entitled, "An Act to regulate the Militia of the Commonwealth of Virginia, passed in Richmond, 22 December, 1792, as being partial, offensive, partly unintelligible, and contrary to the principles of a Republican Government."

MAY 24, 1793.

  (276-277) Isabella Walker, orphan of Alex. Walker, deceased, has intermarried with Robert Reed, and suit abates as to her.

MAY 25, 1793.

  (279) Robert Bailey, and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Bosang, administratrix of John Bosang, deceased.
  (284) James Gillespie, a witness, who resides in the Southwest Territory.

MAY 30, 1793.

  (287) Called Court on George Allen, laborer, late of Rockbridge, for larceny--30 lashes.

JUNE 18, 1793.

  (288-289) Martin Witzell exempted from levies on account of age and infirmity.
  (290) Thomas Cooper, aged 16, chose James McKenny guardian, orphan of James Cooper, deceased.
  (290) Joseph Hanna, witness to will of Catherine Clements, deceased, is since dead.
  (291) Benj. McCorkle, aged 12 years the 23d August next, son of Mary McCorkle, to be bound to Robert Mays.
  (292) John Diddle, 16 years old in August next, to be bound to Andrew Cutler to learn art and mystery of a saddler.
  (294) The persons recommended on pages 258 and 259, supra, as military officers, qualified as follows: Andrew Anderson, John Campbell, Thomas Turk, Jr., Robert Gratton.
  (294) John Burton to be paid 5, pension for 1791, and same for 1792.

JUNE 19, 1793.

  (295) On motion of Charles Cameron, guardian to James Vance, orphan of John Vance, deceased, John McCarty and Martha, late Martha Vance, widow of John, to be required to settle accounts.

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  (296) Philip Ingleman is appointed guardian to Hannah Laywell, orphan of Andrew Laywell, deceased.
  (300) Jacoh Geiger qualified Cornet, as see page 259, supra.
  (300) John Coalter qualified Clerk of District Court.

JULY 16, 1793.

  (301) John McKinney to be paid 15, pension for 1792.
  (301) James Fox, aged about 14 years, to he bound.
  (301) Robert Doak and James Frazer qualified, see pages 258-9.
  (305) William Bell qualified deputy surveyor. John Crawford qualified Lieutenant, see pages 258-9; Wm. Bell, Jr., qualified Ensign, see pages 258-9.
  (307) Certified that Patrick Ready lost part of his right in a fight with Dennis Maloney.

AUGUST 24, 1793.

  (324-332) William Henderson, no inhabitant.
  (336) William McGowen, a witness about to leave the State.

AUGUST 26, 1793.

  (337) Called Court on John Bullett for horse stealing--Sent to District Court.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1793.

  (339-341) John Brown, Sr., is exempted from County levy on account of old age and infirmity.
  (341) Samuel Kirkland, witness, is about to remove from the State.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1793.

  (342) Gabriel Alexander appointed guardian for Francis Alexander, orphan of Francis Alexander, deceased.
  (342) Mary Ann Ham, orphan of ____ Ham, chose Bridget Campbell guardian.
  (342) Andrew Erwin qualified Lieutenant in 1st Battalion.
  (342) Admn. of estate of Wm. Vasteen granted Joseph Mathews.
  (342) Admn. of estate of Dominick Barret granted James Mitchell.
  (343) Nathaniel, aged 10, and Sarah Devine, aged 11, to be bound to Jacob Deary (Peary).
  (343) John Devine, aged 7, to be bound to Michael Garber.
  (345) Margaret Mooney, aged 3, to be bound to Jacob Barrier.

OCTOBER 15, 1793.

  (343-344) Moses Jackson appointed guardian for Catherine Walter.
  (344) Charles Bruce, orphan of James Bruce, chose Alexander Reed his guardian. Robert Bailey is appointed guardian for William and Mary Bosang, orphans of John Bosang.

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  (345) William Ham chose John McGlammery guardian.
  (345) Clerk is directed to purchase a bell and have it hung in the Court House.
  (346) Sheriff to erect a gallows within 30 feet of the road leading from Staunton to Peter Hanger's, opposite to the Slaughter House, the East side.
  (347) Moses and Joshua Russell, orphans of Joshua Russell, chose Robt. Thompson their guardian.

OCTOBER 16, 1793.

  (350) Ordered that the fork of the roads leading from Staunton to Miller's Iron Works, and to Peter Hanger's be considered as the place of execution of all condemned persons in future which may by law be executed by the Sheriff of Augusta.

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