Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



NOVEMBER 23, 1793.

  (17-24) Mary Holmes, infant, by John Holmes, her father and next friend.--Her marriage abates suit.

DECEMBER 17, 1793.

  (32-33) Isem Burk, aged 14 in February last, heretofore bound to Adam Bickle, now to be bound to Andrew Cutler, to learn art and mystery of a saddler.
  (33) John Surface exempted from further payment of County levy.
  (34) William Chambers qualified Captain of the Light Infantry in the 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment, and Alex. Anderson, Ensign, the same.
  (35) Mary Dick, orphan, chose Samuel Wilson guardian.
  (35) Charles Hendrick, aged 18 years, to be bound to James Cochran to learn art and mystery of a saddler--Adam Bickle, his former master, consenting.
  (35) Dower to be laid off for Agnes, widow of Thomas Meek, deceased.

DECEMBER 18, 1793.

  (39) County levy.

JANUARY 21, 1794.

  (41-42) Walter Kennedy chose George Hook his guardian.
  (42) Alexander Hall qualified Lieutenant in 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment.
  (44) John Tate qualified Sheriff.
  (44) John McClintock, orphan of John McClintock, chose Philip Ingleman guardian.
  (44) William Wilson qualified Major of 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment.

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JANUARY 22, 1794.

  (45) County levy continued--2,896 tithables @ 25.
  (46) The Clerk has liberty to keep the records in the Court House until further order.

FEBRUARY 18, 1794.

  (50) Edward Broback exempted from County levy on account of age and infirmity.
  (51) Judith Miller and her children allowed 10, her pension for 1793.
  (52) Joseph Mays to receive 8, his pension for 1793.
  (53) William Wilson and Francis Bell qualified deputy surveyors.
  (53) John Alexander appointed guardian of Ruth Ross.
  (54) Rev. Charles O'Neill, Episcopalian, authorized to celebrate matrimony.
  (54) Michael Iseerhower, apprentice of Jacob Leas.

FEBRUARY 19, 1794.

  (54-57) Alex. McFarlin to be paid 10, pension for 1792, same for 1793.
  (57) John McKinney to be paid 15, pension for 1793. John Wheeler be paid 8, pension for 1793. John Burton to be paid 5, pension for 1793.

MARCH 18, 1794.

  (58) David Holmes took oath of qualification as Attorney.

MARCH 20, 1794.

  (66) Stevenson vs. Rebecca Stephenson, relict of Adam Stephenson, deceased, James Waddle and Ann; John Hair and Sarah; William, James and Rebecca Stephenson, heirs of Adam Stephenson.

MARCH 22, 1794.

  (73-76) Certified that Gilbert Christian has resided in this County for 12 months and is a man of honesty, probity and good demeanor.

APRIL 16, 1794.

  (78-79) William Abney qualified Second Lieutenant of a troop of Cavalry in Staunton, and in 3d Division.
  (80) Col. John Dickinson to be paid 50, pension for 1793.
  (80) John McCutchen qualified Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment.
  (80) Cornelius Brown, son of Mary Hart, aged 13 years 13 June next, to be bound to John Cline to learn art, trade and mystery of saddle tree maker. ____ Keith, aged 10 years May next, to be bound to John Rapp.
  (81) Court certifies that Captain James Bratton is entitled to the rank of Major in 2d Battalion, vice William Wilson, who was recommended by mistake and has qualified.

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  (81) James Guy recommended as Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment. James Berry recommended as Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment.
  (81) Henry Hall, heretofore bound to John Gunn, to be bound to Philip Hopkins.

MAY 20, 1794.

  (82) Augustus Elias Brevost Woodward, attorney, admitted to this Court.

JUNE 17, 1794.

  (119) Sarah Armstrong, aged 9 years last May, to be bound to John Hawke. Margaret Fulwider, orphan of Jacob Fulwider, aged 14, chose Michael Ott guardian. Emmanuel Law to be bound to Samuel Wallace, to learn the trade of saddler.
  (124) Robert Anderson recommended Captain in 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment, it appearing there are men enough to form a new Company. Alex. Anderson, Lieutenant, and Thomas Hogshead, Ensign, same.
  (126) Eleanor Rutledge releases dower in deed by her husband, James Rutledge, to George Rutledge.
  (126) Admn. of estate of Sarah McClenachan granted Alex. St. Clair and Alex. McClenachan.

JULY 15, 1794.

  (135) Gilbert Christian admitted to practice law.
  (135) Jacob Swope qualified Justice.
  (136) Allan McClean Gwinn Curry to be bound to Smith Thompson, to learn trade of a weaver.
  (137) Tavern rates established.
  (138) Depositions to be taken in contested election for Senator between David Stephenson and John Oliver.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1794.

  (156) John Kennedy, orphan of Mathew Kennedy, above 14, chose John Campbell guardian.
  (156) Admn. of estate of Agnes Meek granted to Daniel Meek.
  (157) William Jones, aged 17, to be bound to Lawrence Simmerman, to learn trade of weaver.
  (158) Sarah McDowell, widow of Hugh McDowell, refuses to accept her husband's will.
  (158) Levi Strickling, aged 12 years, to be bound to Jacob Deary, to learn trade of shoemaker.
  (159) Joseph Bell, Jr., recommended Captain, 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment, vice Capt. Shields, resigned. James Brand recommended Lieutenant, vice Robert Christian, resigned. Wm. Thompson recommended Ensign, vice Joseph Bell, Jr. Edward Rutledge recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capt. Shield's Company. Jonathan Brooks recommended Lieutenant. James Henderson recommended Ensign. David Buchanan recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capts. Shield's and

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Argenbright's. David Williams recommended Lieutenant. Charles Hudson recommended Ensign. James Berry recommended Captain, vice James Bratton, resigned. Wm. Armstrong recommended Lieutenant, vice John McCutchen, resigned. Samuel Lockridge, Ensign, recommended Lieutenant. Samuel Bell recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Captain Argenbright's Company. Francis Bell recommended Lieutenant. James Bell recommended Ensign. Frederick Hanger recommended Lieutenant, vice David Buchanan, recommended Captain. Peter Jenewine recommended Ensign, vice David Williams, recommended Lieutenant.
  (160) John Gamble recommended Captain in 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment, of a new Company taken off Capt. Erwin's Company. William Young recommended Lieutenant. James Allen recommended Ensign. David Parry recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capt. Bell's Company. Andrew Cutler recommended Lieutenant. Michael Garber, Jr., recommended Ensign. Mathew Robertson recommended Ensign, vice Benjamin Kennerly, who has removed. Alex. Watson recommended Ensign of Infantry, vice Alex. Anderson, resigned.
  (165) Wm. Alexander, Archibald Stuart, Alex. Nelson, Alex. Humphreys, and Robert Douthat are appointed commissioners to report a plan to the next Court for a jail.

OCTOBER 21, 1794.

  (166) James Noble, above 14, chose Samuel Sommerville his guardian.
  (166) Joseph Bell, Jr., and Samuel Bell qualified Captains in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment. Wm. Thompson qualified Ensign.
  (167) Admn. of estate of John Lowry granted Mary and John Lowry.
  (169) James Berry qualified Captain 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment. James Brand qualified Lieutenant. Wm. Armstrong qualified Lieutenant. John Gamble qualified Captain.

NOVEMBER 18, 1794.

  (175-176) Mathew Robertson qualified Ensign, 1st Battalion.

NOVEMBER 21, 1794.

  (180-182) James Rankin qualified Lieutenant, 1st Battalion.

DECEMBER 16, 1794.

  (194) Barnet Shields chose Wm. Shields guardian.
  (196) Alex. Hall recommended Captain in 1st Battalion, vice James Frazer, resigned. Andrew Fulton recommended Lieutenant, vice Alex. Hall. Andrew Steele, Jr., recommended Ensign, vice Andrew Fulton. Thomas Caldbreath recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capt. Frazier's Company. Robert Graham recommended Lieutenant. Petterson Thompson recommended Ensign. David Buchanan, Sr., recommended as Captain of new Company in 2d Battalion taken off Capt. McCutcheon's Company. Alex. Sprowl recommended as Lieutenant. James Clarke recommended as Ensign. Jonathan Brooks recommended as Captain, vice Edward

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Rutledge, who has removed. James Henderson recommended as Lieutenant, vice Jonathan Brooks. Alex. Henderson recommended as Ensign, vice James Henderson. Charles Hudson recommended as Lieutenant, vice David Williams, resigned. Thomas Caldwell recommended as Ensign, vice Charles Hudson.
  (198) Frederick Hanger qualified Lieutenant, 2d Battalion. Peter Jenewine qualified Ensign. James Bell qualified Ensign. Francis Bell qualified Lieutenant. Samuel Lockridge qualified Ensign. William Young qualified Lieutenant, 1st Battalion. James Allen qualified Ensign.
  (199) Frederick Steele exempted from levy by reason of age, &c.
  (199) John Keiths, aged 5 18th January next, to be bound to Colonel Alex. Robertson, to learn art and mystery of a farmer. Joseph Hook, aged 4 years 2d June 1794, to be bound to John Read, to learn art and mystery of a weaver. Peter Kendell, aged 14 next March, to be bound to Wm. Throckmorton, to learn art and mystery of a printer. Philip Overshine, aged 9 last fall, to be bound to John Tees to learn blacksmith.
  (200) Jail commissioners reported and ordered to advertise for bidders.

JANUARY 3, 1795.

  (208) Called Court on Edward Swards, laborer, for stealing an axe-- sent to District Court for trial.

JANUARY 20, 1795.

  (209) John Tate qualified Sheriff.
  (210) Viewers appointed for road from Adam Miller's, near North Mountain, to the Dutch Meeting House.
  (212) John Dickinson to be paid 50, pension for 1794. He is unable to travel to Court, but was alive on 17th inst.
  (212) Certified that John Allen has resided 12 months, and is of good demeanor, &c.
  (213) James Simpson, orphan, to be bound to Michael Poffenbarger, to learn art and mystery of a potter.

JANUARY 21, 1795.

  (213-214) County levy.

JANUARY 22, 1795.

  (220) County levy--2,953 tithables @ 72c.--Increase for purpose of building a jail.

FEBRUARY 17, 1795.

  (221) Joseph Mays to be paid 8, pension for 1794. Alex. McFarlin to be paid 10, pension for 1794. John Burton to be paid 5, pension for 1794.
  (222) Alex. Stuart to be paid 8, pension for 1794.
  (222) Margaret Hamel (Hansel?) refuses to administer on estate of husband, George Hamel, deceased.
  (223) George Hood's estate committed to Sheriff.
  (225) Nancy McCames chose Jacob Nebergall guardian.

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