Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. XII. (cont.)

MAY 24, 1768.

  (274) Hemp certificates: Nicholas Zehorn, Jr., Alexr. McKenny.
  (275) John Bowyer's mark recorded--a swallow fork in each ear and brand 63.
  (287) John Welsh, servant to David Bell, agrees to serve David nine months in consideration of being taught the tailor's trade.
  (290) John McFawle, returned no inhabitant.
  (301) Silas Pearce, returned no inhabitant.
  (303) Constable: John Gardner, vice James Stevenson.
  (309) Thomas Bowyer qualifies administrator of James Jackson.

AUGUST 18, 1768.

  (310) Luke Bowyer admitted to practice in this Court.
  (310) Jacob Miller's nuncupative will partly proved and Catherine, widow of Jacob, qualifies admx.
  (311) Nicholas Welsh, witness to deed, Staunton to Paulin, is dead.
  (312) Hemp certificates: Paul Whitley, Wm. Lame, Moses Cavit.
  (314) John Caton, runaway servant of Rob. Stevenson.
  (314) Constable: James Hall, vice Charles Campbell.
  (314) Overseers road: James Gamwell, vice John Anderson: Robert McMahon, from John Seewright's Mill to Thomas Connerley's.
  (315) John Hannah has leave to build a mill on his own land on Collier's Creek.
  (315) Constable: James Burnside, vice Edward Hynds.
  (315) Mary Richardson, orphan of Joseph Richardson, to be bound to Mathew Robertson.
  (315) Francis Smith qualifies administrator of David Miller.
  (316) Constable: John Boyd, vice George Adams.

AUGUST 17, 1768.

  (316) Robert Lusk qualified Ensign.
  (317) Martha Allen, wife of Robert Allen, relinquishes dower in tract--44 acres--conveyed to John McClenachan. Surveyor of road, Wm. McKee.
  (318) Hemp certificates: John Mills, James Gilmore.
  (319) Hemp certificates: Andrew Buckanon, Thomas McCollock and Andrew Smiley.
  (319) Jonathan Whitley appointed guardian ad litem to Lilley Whitley. Margaret Clark appointed guardian ad litem to James Clark.
  (320) "Lie Bill" by Elirabeth Inzer to Ephraim Love -- ordered recorded.
  (323) Wm. Watterson summoned for not providing for his servant, Elizabeth Wiley.
  (326) Hugh Hays imprisoned for debt.
  (327) Tithables in the bent of Jackson's River from Robert Galespy's to Fort Young--exempted from working on the Cow Pasture Road.

AUGUST 18, 1768.

  (333) Hemp certificates: Sampson Christian, John Davis (Mossy Creek).

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  (334) On motion of John McElwrath, deeds Borden's executors to Robt. McElwrath be altered from Robert to the name of John McElwrath.
  (335) Saml. Weer, Saml. Steel and Robert Steel (miller) -- to view a road from Steel's Mill to James Telford's.
  (335) Richard Moore granted leave to build a mill on his own land, near Fort Chiswell, at the mouth of Lick Run.
  (335) Peter Cassaty, orphan of Neal Cassaty, to be bound to Saml. Wallace, to learn trade of carpenter.
  (336) Richard Campbell, witness from Frederick. John Seviar, witness from Frederick
  (336) Patrick Martin, two tithables and 752 acres -- added to tithables.
  (337) Abraham Hempenstall--witness.
  (338) Witnesses: Joseph, Elizabeth, Joseph, Jr., Thomas and Robert Rutherford.
  (339) Witness: Valentine Seviar, Jr.

AUGUST 19, 1768.

  (341) Robert Gragg, from Winchester--witness.
  (343) Alexr. McWiller, being arrested as a servant, discharged, nothing appearing against him. Allden Willott, same. Alexander McGuillen, same (McWillen, supra?).
  (343) William Morris, runaway servant of John Wilson.
  (344) Mary Wilson qualifies admx. of decd. husband, James Wilson.
  (344) John Ellis, runaway servant of Samuel Hind.
  (345) Witnesses: James Harris, John McNutt.
  (348) Witnesses: John Frogg, John Pigman.
  (349) Juror: Robert Minnis.

AUGUST 20, 1768.

  (352) Surveyor of highway: John Hogshead, vice James Sayers, Jr.
  (352) Sarah Buckthorn, servant of William Lockhart.
  (352) Jurors: Joseph Goore, Henry Goore.
  (353) James Cowan, Jr., appointed Constable, vice John Hunter.
  (354) Witness: Joseph McAdams.
  (354) Walter Gray, runaway servant of William Poage.
  (363) Thomas Moore's will produced and witnesses summoned.

AUGUST 22, 1768.

  (369) John Campbell, Jr. (near Stone Meeting House), special bail.
  (385) Two "Stone Plates" attached and sold for 5/6.
  (391) Andrew Boyd vs. John Bryan: One Tom Hawk attached and sold for 1s/.
  (415) Margaret Robertson, admx. of _____ Robertson, versus Abraham Haines.--Abates by plaintiffs marriage.
  (440) Constable: John Craig (Robert's son), vice John Frazier.

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  (442) Elizabeth Wallace--no inhabitant.
  (444) John Shanklin, Charles Callachan, John Hopkins--to view road from Thomas Gordon's to Aaron Oliver's.

AUGUST 23, 1768.

  (450) Overseer road: John Black, vice Robert Reed.
  (450) Sarah Walkly, runaway servant of George Berry.
  (455) Witness. Edward Biggs.
  (464) John Hughes, returned no inhabitant.
  (466) Witness: Abraham Towson.
  (466) Road surveyor: David Bell, vice John Anderson.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1768.

  (467) Called Court for examination of John Dunn--larceny--39 lashes.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1768.

  (467) Last August, Court having recommended Patrick Martin, John Christian and John Dickinson to appointment as Sheriff, Martin withdraws, and at his rrquest and with consent of Christian, John Bowyer's name is placed in his stead.

NOVEMBER 15, 1768.

  (469) Tithables added: Arthur McClure and one other, John Davis, Robert Allen and two others, Samuel Lindsey and two others.
  (469) County levy.
  (470) County levy: To John Bearling, wolf scalp; to Solomon Turpen, wolf scalp.
  (471) John York, runaway servant of Robert Gilkison.
  (472) Constables: Joseph Hicks, vice Saml. Pepper; Andrew Calvin, on Little River of New River; James Curry vice John Clark.
  (472) Road surveyor: Thomas Rowland, vice Samuel McRoberts.
  (472) Constable: Thomas Brown, vice Walter Trimble.
  (473) Admn. granted to Saml. McDowell and Pat. Martin on estate of Wm. Wilson, on motion of Ann Pollock, wife of James Pollock.
  (473) Surveyors of highway: Cornelius Ruddle, from Reeder's Mines to Michael Warring's; John Crawford, vice George Poage, from Pedler Ford to Bullett's Springs.
  (474) Constable: Thomas Patterson, vice John Dixon.
  (474) John Mitchell (in Forks of James) enempted from levy. Charles Boyles, exempted from levy.
  (474) John Nelson complains of being detained as a servant of James Cotton.
  (474) James Anderson, Jr., (son of James Anderson, deaf) be summoned for not supporting his children in a Christianlike manner.
  (474) Robert Reed, runaway servant of David Hogshead.

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NOVEMBER 16, 1768.

  (476) John Bowyer qualified Sheriff.
  (476) Nicholas and Eleanor King, orphans of Joseph King, to be bound to Robert Clark.
  (477) Constable. William McClalen, vice Andrew Neelly.
  (482) John Davis appointed guardian of Mary, John, Daniel and Michael Higgins, orphans of Daniel Higgins.

NOVEMBER 17, 1768

  (490) Highway surveyor: Henry Erwin, vice Benjamin Harrison, from Linvell's Creek to Mole Hill.
  (494) Robert Belsher, vice Samuel Mousey

NOVEMBER 18, l768.

  (494) Road surveyor: Moses McElwain, vice William Renix.
  (495) Constable: Samuel Blackwood in Cap. Christian's Co.
  (495) John Summers, James Gilmure and Moses Colier, to view a road from George Gibson's at the House Mountain to John Hanna's Mill.
  (495) One panther skin attached.
  (497) James Robinson (South River) exempted from levy.
  (499) Mary Sanders, servant of John Sharp Watkins.
  (504) Lydia Lyon to be bound to Francis Smith.

NOVEMBER 19, 1768.

  (507) Lilley Pratt. servant of James Kennerley.
  (508) County levy -- continued.
  (508) Elizabeth Wiley, servant of William Watterson.

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