Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MARCH 19, 1768.

  (2) Witnesses: Robert Clark, Hugh Johnston.
  (5-6) Witnesses: Jacob, Jonathan and Uriah Woodley.
  (6) William Crawford is appointed guardian to Mary Crawford, orphan of Alexr. Crawford.
  (12) Jacob Woodley is appointed Constable.

MARCH 21, 1768.

  (26) John Graham (Chris. Creek), special bail.
  (65) Simon Powell, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (70) Isaac Robinson vs. George Ghest.--Abates by defendant's death.
  (71) Wm. Baskins, not found in bailiwick.
  (92) Jacob Kent appointed Constable, vice Hugh Crockett.
  (92) Overseer of the road from the Stone House to the Tinker Creek -- make an alteration therein with assistance of Robert Breckinridge.
  (94) Robt Armstrong appointed surveyor of highway from Archer's Mill to the Dry Branch Gap.

MARCH 22, 1768

  (101) Called Court on Thomas Lynch, charged with larceny--acquitted.
  (108) Robert Richards, returned no inhabitant.
  (114) Samuel Pegs, returned no inhabitant.
  (127) Thomas Barnett, son of Pat. Barnett, to be bound to Jacob Miller.
  (130) Order summoning James McCain and Margaret (Looney, widow of Peter) dismissed.

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MARCH 22, 1768.

  (130) Order for summoning Rebecca Dougherty, to give counter security as admx. of husband, Charles Dougherty, not executed -- continued.
  (131) Order for summoning Richard Murray and Catherine, his wife, late Catherine Highlands, for not bringing up the orphans of Henry Highlands in a Christianlike manner--dismissed
  (131) Saml. Frazier appointed surveyor of highway from Long Meadow Bridge to Rockfish Gap Road, vice Francis Alexander.

MARCH 25, 1768

  (131) Wm. Morrice, examined for horse stealing, &c., convicted.

MAY 17, 1768.

  (133) Oyer and Terminer on Tom, a slave of Robt. Bratton--housebreaking and horse-stealing --Convicted-- lashes and ear cropped.

MAY 19, 1768.

  (137) see page 156.
  (138) Hemp certificate; Henry Larkin, Abraham Brown.
  (139) Hemp certificates: Henry Tamewood, John Tillery.
  (140) Hemp certificate: George Clark.
  (141) Surveyor of highway: Jamer Phillips, vice Thomas Bradshaw.
  (141) Rebecca Crawford, aged 16, orphan of Alexr. Crawford, chose William Crawford her guardian.
  (142) Constables: Adam Pence, vice Peter Runkle; John Gordon, vice Thomas Fulton; John Douglas, vice James Seewright; John Johnson, vice James Laird: Joseph Bosart, vice Andrew Fought; Thomas Wilson, vice Thomas Wilson (Chestnut Hill).
  (143) James Robinson, Hugh Crockett and Philip Love -- to view a road from James Montgomery's to the Old County Line leading from Catawbo to New River.

MAY 18, 1768.

  (144) John Murphy, a witness from Bedford.
  (145) Constables: Geo. McAfee, vice David McGee; John Clemons, vice Wm. Patton; Robt. Fletcher, vice James Crockett.
  (145) Deed: John Brown and wife to John Trimble, John Finley, Wm. McPheeters, Jr., George Berry and Hugh Young, representatives or comissioners appointed by the Congregation of the Meeting House, lately called by the name of Brown's (by the approbation and under the conduct or incumbency of the Rev. Chas. Cummins)--recorded.
  (145) James Cloyd allowed to build a mill on Long's Entry Creek.
  (146) Hemp certificate: Jane Muldrough.
  (147) Hemp certificate: Christopher Williams.
  (148) Hemp certifrcate: Wm. Palmer and Wm. Dalton.
  (149) Witness: Wm. Ozburn. Constable: Jacob Anderson.
  (150) Witness from Hanover: John Hughes.
  (153) Alexr. Walker, Jr., appointed Constable, vice John McMahon.

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MAY 19, 1768.

  (156) See page 137.
  (157) Constables: Mathias Yoakam, vice John Neelley; Thomas Patton, on New River.
  (158) Constable: John Clark, vice William Hunter.
  (160) Surveyor of highway: Francis Stuart, vice Alexr. Herron.
  (163) Mathias Lair qualified admr. of Ferdinando Lair, and is appointed guardian of George, Ferdinando, Margaret, Catherine and Mathias, orphans of Ferdinando Lair.
  (163) Robert Via, aged 6 years the 15th of this instant, son of David Via, deceased, to be bound out.
  (164) Adam Dean, witness from Albemarle.
  (165) James Murdock, bound over for insulting Sampson Mathews in his office.

MAY 20, 1768

  (167) Wm. Donald, a witness from Hanover.
  (167) Surveyor of highway: Wm. Hutchinson, vice Geo. Mathews.
  (168) Surveyor of highway : John Patterson, from John Anderson's Meadow to George Mathews.
  (168) Sampson Mathews appointed guardian ad litem for Martha Mathews, orphan of Joshua Mathews.

MAY 21, 1768

  (174) Conrad Coger, exempted from levy.
  (174) Constable on South Branch: James Dyer.
  (174) Micajah Chiles, a witness from Albemarle. Samuel Woods, a witness from Amherst.
  (175) Henry Cresswell--witness.
  (175) Mathew Patton, qualified Captain of Militia.
  (175) Constable: William Hall, vice Samuel Walker.

MAY 23, 1768.

  (178) John Thompson vs. George Rodgers, --Abates by defendant's death.
  (191) William Forkner, returned no inhabitant.
  (231) Michael Reasner, returned no inhabitant
  (251) Hemp certificates: Andrew Huling, John Stuart, Borden's land.
  (253) John Gambell vs. Sarah Sharp.--Abates by defendant's death.
  (253) Wm. Watts, runaway servant of James Patterson.
  (253) Mary Lawson, a servant of Thomas Black, was imported in the ship Harriot, Captain Thomas   Herdman, and arrived 15 Sept., 1766. Her indenture was lost when Sampson and George Mathews's store was broken open September, 1767.
  (266) John Pigman -- witness.
  (273) John Price, witness from Albemarle. Wm. Wood, witness from Albemarle.

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