Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. XI. (cont.)

  (87) John Robinson and John Henderson appointed highway surveyors from head of North Fork of Roanoke to Capt. John Robinson's Mill.
  (87) Anthony Crockett, orphan, to be bound to Saml. Crockett.
  (88) Abraham Goodbath and John Sutton to be bound.
  (88) Isaac Robinson appointed road overseer, vice Mathias Rider.
  (88) Wm. Dye, aged 14 years the 29th of April last, orphan of David Dye to be bound to Saml. McKee.
  (88) George Carpenter appointed surveyor of of highway, vice James Brinster.

MAY 22, 1767.

  (91) George Eager bound over as an idle vagrant person. Dudley Boyl bound over as an idle vagrant person.
  (92) Jacob Persinger appointed surveyor of highway, vice Ludk. Francisco.
  (93) George McCown appointed surveyor of highway, vice Thos. Vance.

MAY 23, 1767.

  (100) Dennis Kelly and John Crasey--jurors.
  (102) John Cowarden, Saml Maggott, John Castey--jurors.
  (118) Robert Maxwell--witness from Hampshire--80 miles.

MAY 25, 1767.

  (121) George Malcolm, returned no inhabitant.
  (131) James Harris, returned no inhabitant.
  (136) Hugh Hamilton vs. Felix Gilbert } It appears that defendant (?) is not an inhabitant of this County; suit to be dismissed unless defendant appear and give security for cost.
  (138) John Davis (Hunter), security for John and Charles Allison.
  (152) McCaul versus Phillip Barrier.
  (154) James Shaw--no inhabitant.
  (155) Grindstone--attached.
  (165) Jacob Hite, gent., returned no inhabitant.
  (169) John Graham (Christian's Creek), security.
  (174) Wm. Brown and Robt. Rodgers, sureties.
  (177) John Warwick and John Davis (Hunter), sureties.
  (179) John Stewart vs. James Lockhart.--Plaintiff not an inhabitant of this Colony.
  (197) Julius Webb, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (202) John Etten, returned no inhabitant.
  (207) Francis Beaty vs. John Cavin and David McCaveis } John Cavin not found.
  (208) Elizabeth Bryan, executrix of David Bryan, demands counter security from Rhoda Doggett, late Rhoda Evans, admx. of late husband, Daniel Evans, and lately married to Richard Doggett.

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AUGUST 18, 1767.

  (210) Mary Renolds, aged 16, orphan of James Renolds, chose Nathaniel Evans guardian.
  (211-212) The following produced certificates for hemp: Alexr. Gibson, Francis Brown, Thos. Paxton, Saml. Newberry, Saml. Henderson, Nichs. Sollace, Edward Sharp, Henry Larkin, Alexr. Walker, John White, John Black, James Trimble, Saml. Downey, Walter Cunningham, Moses Trimble, James McClung, John McClure, Halbert McClure, Joseph Long, David Campbell, James Walker, Joseph Lapsley, Israel Christian, Henry Lung, Jonan. Whitley, John McElwroth.
  (213) The following produced certificates for hemp: Hugh Miller, James Craig, James Montgomery, Wm. Male, James Lawrence, Thos. Wilson, John Hall, Pat. Miller, James Patterson, Robt. Frazier, Saml. Buckanon, John Hays, Jr.
  (114) The following produced certificates for hemp: James Stewart, Saml. Cartmill.
  (114) John Price, indented servant, imported from Great Britain, binds himself to Joseph Ray for 4 years, to be taught to be a carpenter and joiner.
  (215) Ro. Allen appointed surveyor of highway, vice Isaac White. Ro. Gragg appointed surveyor of highway from Duck Ponds to Middle River. Wm. Patton appointed Constable, vice Wm. McCandless.
  (215) Margaret, wife of John Buckanon, relinquishes dower to Saml. Bradford.
  (216) Thos. Walker and Mildred to Andrew Lewis.--Comn. for Mildred.
  (216) James Cloyd qualified administrator of John Cloyd, his brother.
  (216) John Casaty to be summoned to show cause why he does not qualify on estate of father, Neil Casaty.
  (216) James Casaty to be bound to Michael Kirkham. Patrick Casaty to be bound to Wm. McBride.
  (216) Saml. Scott, aged 18 years, orphan of Saml. Scott, decd., chose Skidmore Mousey guardian.
  (217) Jane Erwin, having been heretofore presented for keeping a disorderly house and having been tried and adjudged to pay a fine which has been collected, it appears she had no notice and she is recommended to Governor for pardon.
  (217) Saml. Henderson appointed surveyor of highway from John Madison's to Givens's Mill.--Tithables from James Craig's up Middle River to James Givens and on South River from William Patterson's to Christian Clemons. John Madison appointed surveyor of highway from his house to Jones's Ford, tithables on Middle River from James Craig's downwards, and on South River from William Patterson's downwards, and as low as said Madison's. Andrew Fought appointed surveyor of highway, vice Archd. Huston.
  (218) John Anderson and Wm. Ralston appointed surveyors of highway, vice Robert Gregg, from the Duck Ponds to Middle River.
  (218) John Grenby bound to peace towards Susanna Cockrain.
  (218) Priv. examination of Lettice Breckinridge, wife of Robt. Breckinridge, to land sold by Robert to Stephen Loy.

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  (219) John Robinson appointed surveyor of highway from his mill by the Den to the County Road leading to Warwick.

AUGUST 19, 1767.

  (219) Deed from Richard Stanton and Cloraty, his wife, to Wm. Herbert, partly proved. John White (Borden's Land) exempted from levy--great age and infirmity.
  (219) George Adams appd. Constable, vice Wm. Montgomery.
  (220) Sarah Young, aged 16, and James Young, aged 15, orphans of Patrick Young, chose Saml. Todd guardian, and same was appointed guardian of Jennet and Elce Young, orphans of Patrick.
  (220) John Beard and James Sayers, Jr., appointed surveyors of highway, vice Robert Armstrong.
  (220) Deed John Adams and Elizabeth to Andrew Woods, partly proved.
  (220) Hugh Allen appointed surveyor of highway from James Given's Mill, by his house, to Stone Meeting House, and the following to work the road: Saml. Hinds, Robt. Stevenson, Wm. Kerr, John Stewart, John Campbell, James Allen, John Anderson, Hugh Allen, William McClure, James Allen, Saml. Bell, Andrew Lockhart, John Burnside, Saml. McKee, James Searight, Thos. Storey.
  (221) John Cartmill and John Cartmill, Jr.--appraisers.
  (222) Following produced certificates for hemp: John Boiler, Wm. Bondes and Sampn. Christian.
  (224) Andrew Fitzpatrick vs. John Jones } Following articles attached: One old saddle, 1 fine shirt and stock, 2 coarse shirts, 2 pr. Old drawers, 7 fawn skins, 2 skirts of a Jackett.
  (224) Robert Hall and Isabella, late Isabella Ramsey, ruled to give John Bigham counter security as surety for their administration of her husband's (Robert Ramsey's) estate.
  (225) Aaron Hughes appointed surveyor of highway, vice John Phillips.
  (225) Deed Daniel O'Hona to Rev. Alexr. Miller, Master of Arts.--Comn. for priv. examination of Elizabeth, wife of Daniel.
  (225) John Skidmore qualified Captain of Militia.
  (227) Many attachments versus John Pearis.
  (229) John McElhenny, imprisoned for debt.
  (230) Overseers of roads appointed: Thos. Hicklin, Jr., vice John Estill; John Dailey, from North to South River; Walter Smiley, vice Wm. Kennedy.

AUGUST 20, 1767.

  (232) Joseph Love--certificate of hemp.
  (233) Wm. Christian, John Handley, James McKain, John Archer, Zachh. Johnston and John Hunter--certificates of hemp.
  (235) Anthony Fewell, run away servant of Wm. Campbell.
  (236) Joseph Hyde's mark recorded--a swallow fork in the right and an underkill in the left.

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  (236) John Ely, James Mitchell, George Weer, James McElhenny--jurors.
  (237) Richd. Lawson, run away servant of James McKain. Richd. Bookin, Jr.,-witness.

AUGUST 21, 1767.

  (238) Certificates for hemp: John Bowyer, John Nickel.
  (239) Charles Campbell, Wm. Findley, Mathew Patton--certificates for hemp.
  (239) Witnesses: John Murray, John Thompson.
  (239) James Watson to be levy free, age and infirmity.
  (239) Joseph McMurty and George McAfe to view a way from McMurty's Mill, through McAfee's Gap, to the Wagon Road.
  (289) James McAfee, Sr., and Bryan McDonald appointed surveyors of highway from Fort Williams to head of Catawbo.
  (239) Surveyors of highways appointed: Patrick Shirley and Wm. Watkins, from James Montgomery's at Catawbo to the side of Craig's Creek Mountain where John Potts quit clearing; James Cloyd, vice Wm. Preston, from Graham's Clearing to James Johnston's; Saml. McRoberts, from James Johnson's to Josiah Ramsey's cabin, vice William Preston.
  (240) Michael Cloyd, from his house to the branch below James Moore, Sr.; Henry Dooley and John Thompson, to view road from the Welshman's Run to the Bedford Line; Israel Christian, from the Great Lick to Graham's Clearing, vice Wm. Graham.
  (240) Anthony Bledsoe has leave to build a mill at Fort Chiswell.
  (241) Road to be viewed (both old and a new one) from McClenachan's Mill to William Haldman's.
  (241) Robert Thompson appointed surveyor of highway, vice Alexander Thompson. Henry Heffman (Keffman), same, vice Charles Willson.
  (244) Mary Bredley, alias Scott, not to be bound by Church Wardens, but to remain in hands of James Laughlin, who is to be summoned.
  (244) Witnesses: Patrick Frazier.
  (245) John Frazier, Wm. Beard, Geo. Carpenter, Jr., Randall Lockhart, Catherine Shirley.
  (245) Accounts of Wm. Simpson and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Campbell, admx. of Malcolm Campbell.

AUGUST 22, 1767.

  (247) Witnesses: Robert Armstrong, John Willson, Moses Collier.
  (248) John Sproul.
  (248) Certificates of hemp: Alexr. Telford, Wm. McFeeters, Jr.
  (248) David Roberts to be bound out.
  (248) Randall Lockhart in custody for debt.
  (250) Witnesses: John Bunchanon, Dennis Getty.
  (250) Jurors: John Seviar, William Foster, James Gilmore, John Weer, John Weer.
  (250) Witnesses: Thomas Kennerley, David Bell, Adam Dean, Robert Allen.

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Silas Hart, gent., late High Sheriff of Augusta, vs. Randal Lockhart, Sampson Mathews, John Brown, Felix Gilbert, Hugh Young, John Stewart, and Andrew Lewis and George Mathews, admrs. of David Stewart, decd. } Randal delivered up in custody of Sheriff.
  (252) Jurors: Wm. Hinds, Jr., Robert Allen, Jr.
  (252) Surveyors of highway appointed: Francis Erwin, Jr., from Charles Campbell's Run to John Davis's Mill, vice Michael Dickey.
  (252) Witness: John Murray.
  (257) Jurors: John Ray, Moses Williams, John Gray, Nicholas Seahorn.
  (257) Wm. Mathews, Wm. Anderson and George Moffett, to value improvements of John Archer on 260 acres and 83 acres.
  (258) Witnesses: George Ware, Wm. Lowrey.
  (258) Mary and Eve Shaver to be bound to Hugh Hays.
  (258) John McCandless bound to peace on complaint of Joseph Ware.

AUGUST 24, 1767.

  (263) William Dean, returned no inhabitant.
  (265) William Cowan, returned no inhabitant.
  (267) James Bell (North Mountain), surety.
  (277) Alexr. Miller (Clerk), vs. David Rice (Clerk).
  (291) Gilbert Carr, returned no inhabitant.
  (295) James Frame and Wm. Wiilis, special bail.
  (301) George Jamison vs. James McDowell and John Cloyd } Abates by death of John Cloyd.
  (302) Joshua McCormick and Martha versus late Martha Robinson, Saml. and James Robinson, Exrs. of George Robinson.
  (304) Thos. Rhoades committed to debtor's prison.
  (309) Robt. Scott and Richd. Bodkin, Jr., special bail.
  (312) Hemp certificates: Robt. Christian, John Christian, John McClure.
  (313) Saml. Love, Wm. Crow, hemp certifrcates.
  (313) Surveyors of highway: Wm. Bryans, from Fort Lewis to Peters Creek; Thos. Barnes, from Peters Creek to Tinker Creek; John McAdoo and John Thompson, from Tinker Creek to County line.
  (313) Saml. Pepper appointed Constable.
  (315) Witnesses: Thos. Alsberry, Wm. Meeks.
  (316) Witnesses: Jacob Nicholas, Jacob Parsinger, John Murray.
  (322) John Taylor versus Malcolm McCown (son to John). James Gilmore witness.
  (330) Andrew Lewis, Patrick Martin, John Dickenson, recommended for Sheriff.
  In pursuance of the Act of Assembly for settling the titles and bounds of lands for preventing unlawful hunting and ranging thereon, Court orders the Vestry to divide so much of their parish as lies in Augusta into precincts for processioning, to appoint two intelligent, honest freeholders in each precinct processioners, and times to be between last day of September and last of March.

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