Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. X. (cont.)

  (328) Phebe Moore, wife of Thomas Moore, late wife of Daniel Davidson, assigned dower.
  (328) Motion of Jacob Conrad and Hannah--John Westfall, admr. of Abraham Westfall, who was admr. of John Bogard. summoned.
  (329) Called Court on James Johnston far larceny.--Sent to Genl. Court.
  (330) Same on John Brown and Anthony Fewell for same. Being convict servants, they receive 39 lashes.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1766.

  (331) John Fowler's still house, about a mile from Edward Shanklin's--David Nelson's--Jacob Nicholas's--road located.
  (332) Andrew Kline--adjudged bankrupt.

NOVEMBER 3, 1766.

  (332) Called Court on George Watt and Edward Peyton--horse stealing.--Sent to General Court.

NOVEMBER 18, 1766.

  (334) Thomas Madison qualified to practice law and admitted. John Madison, Jr., qualified Deputy Clerk.
  (336) Robert Brown appointed guardian to Francis and Samuel Gardner, orphans of Thomas Gardner.
  (336) George Kepels, servant of James McDowel.
  (337) These added to tithables--viz: Wm. Jordan, James Jordan, Anthony Johnston.
  (338) John Boyd and 115 acres added to tithables. Thomas Boyd and 248 acres added to tithables. David Williams and 348 acres added to tithables.
  (338) Wm. Robinson built by contract a causeway at Vanse's and died.--Money ordered paid to Margaret, his widow.

NOVEMBER 19, 1766.

  (339) Road to be viewed from Wm. Elliott's to McCutcheon's Mill, thence thro' Buffalo Gap.
  (340) Joseph Carpenter, Sr., and Wm. Whooley appointed road surveyors from Fort Defiance to Handley's Mill, with these workers and their tithables: Peter Wright, Solomon, Thomas, Nathaniel Carpenter, John Umphries, Thos. Carpenter, Zopher Carpenter, Ezekiel Johnston, Edward and John McMullin, James Williams, Joseph Leeper, John Fieler, William Christian and Peter Whooley, Wm. McMurry, Thos. Wright, Rob. Galesby, Pat. Corrigan and Joseph Carpenter, Jr.
  (340) Wm. Herbert, gent., qualified administrator of Robert Andrew. George Forbes, appraiser.
  (341) Hannah Hoffman, a witness about to remove out of Colony.
  (342) Hook vs. John Ritchie.--Defendant delivered up to Sheriff.

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  (342) Martha Ryan summoned for not bringing up her children in a Christianlike manner.
  (342) Abraham Goodpasture, orphan of Jacob Goodpasture, to be bound to Danl. Pierce, to be taught to be a carpenter.
  (343) Danl. Pierce qualified administrator of Jacob Goodpasture.
  (344) Wm, McCutcheon appointed guardian of John Duncan, orphan of James Duncan.
  (345) David Moore, orphan of David Moore, aged 14 years, chose Henry Gay guardian.

NOVEMBER 20, 1766.

  (348) One wig, two fiddles, one pottle noggin--attached.
  (349) John Murray, Deputy Sheriff, returned list of prisoners in jail, to wit: Edward Peyton, George Wall and James Shaw. Edward Shaw, son of James Shaw, to be bound to James Hill.
  (350) Deposition of John Smith, aged 65, and lives 60 miles from Court House.
  (351) William Wood, a witness from Bedford.
  (351) Wm. Chambers exempted from County levy.
  (352) Saml. Hull, exempted from County levy.
  (353) John Thompson, convicted of larceny--25 lathes.
  (354) James Robinson, Saml. Robinson and Martha McCormick, late Martha Robinson, executors of George Robinson.

NOVEMBER 21, 1766.

  (356) David Cloyd vs. James Montgomery.--Judgment upon case agreed for plaintiff.
  (357) James Findley committed to jail for debt.
  (358) Saml. Briggs, witness. Wm. Joy, witness. John Sleet, witness from Orange County, 78 miles.
  (359) Richard Taylor, witness from Orange County, 70 miles.

NOVEMBER 22, 1766.

  (364) Alexr. Moore vs. Wm. Fleming.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (365) Thomas Rhoades--juror.

NOVEMBER 24, 1766.

  (373) George Woolridge, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (374) John Findley, son to William.
  (382) Mathew Peartree, not an inhabitant. Wm. Vowter, not found in bailiwick.
  (384) James Kenady, not found in bailiwick.
  (417) Sheriff ordered to repair the pillory and underpin the stocks two feet from the ground and place a gate at each side of the bar.
  (417) Ann O'Brien, servant of James Crow, agrees to serve him two years in consideration of his agreeing to her marrying Tiadey Flinn.

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  (424) Thomas Smith, witness from Amherst. Thomas Landrum, witness from Orange.

NOVEMBER 25, 1766.

  (429) James Clark, returned not an inhabitant.
  (455) John Baskins, no inhabitant of this Colony.
  (456) North River, commonly known as Swift Run.
  (457) Alexander Kile. not an inhabitant of this Colony.
  (460) Two delph plates attached, also 5 delph bowls, also half dozen knives and forks, 1 pair brass candlesticks.
  (462) Judith Neal, servant of Wm. Walterson.

MARCH 17, 1767.

  (463) Wm. McCutcheon (merchant) appointed road surveyor.
  (464) Jane Davis and Saml. Davis qualify administrators of James Davis. James David qualifies administrator of John Cryton.
  (465) Saml. Peffer, greatest creditor, qualifies administrator of James Carty.
  (466) Commission for priv. exandnation of Margaret, wife of Robert Miller. Commission for priv. examination of Jane, wife of Robert Gwinn, Jr. Commission for priv. examination of Mary, wife of Malcom Allen.
  (467) Margaret and Wm. Farris, orphans of James Farris, to be bound out.

MARCH 18, 1767.

  (472) Robert Sayers, aged 15, orphan of Alexr. Sayers, chose Robert Breckinridge his guardian.
  (472) Many certificates for hemp recorded and certified.
  (474) John Jones, servant of Andrew Bird.
  (475) Robert Doby, exempted from levy.
  (475) Joseph Ray delivered up his security into custody of Sheriff.
  (476) Andrew Hays, Jr., qualified Captain of Militia.
  (477) On petition of Frederick Stern, Isaac Job, Thomas Grayson, John Bell, Henry Skaggs, Joseph Hix, John Draper, George Baker, Joseph Hord, Levy Smith, Erasmus Noble, Saml. Peffer, James Coudon, Edmund Vansell, Humphrey Baker, Anthony Bledsoe, James Newell and Alexr. Page, viewers appointed for a road from Vanse's, by Ingles's Ferry, to Peak Creek, on north side New River, viz: James Neeley, Philip Love, Wm. Christian, Wm. Bryans.
  (477) Abraham Goodpath to be bound to John Sutton. Children of George Watts to be bound.
  (478) James Cloyd qualified Captain of Militia. James Lapsley qualified Ensign.

MARCH 19, 1767.

  (481) Joseph Blain exempted from levy--great age and infirmity.
  (482) Samuel Woods, Thomas Goodson, John Richards, Wm. Ward, Hugh Crockett, Jacob Kent, Robert Crockett, Philip Love and Joseph

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Crockett petition for a road from Vanse's to Saml. Woods's.--Viewers appointed.
  (484) Alexr. and John Dale--jurors.
  (485) Road by William McBride's shop.

MARCH 20, 1767.

  (493) Margaret Leeper, widow of James Leeper--dower assigned.

MARCH 21, 1767.

  (495) The King vs. Joseph Bell } Indictment for forging the banns of matrimony between Ann Wallace and Edward Sampson, a little deformed tailor.
  (496) Wm. Grayson--witness from Albemarie.
  (498) Francis Dunn, orphan, heretofore bound to Robert Young, now to be bound to John Miller, to be taught trade of wheelwright.
  (500) Abraham Smith qualified Lieutenant Colonel of County.

MARCH 23, 1767.

  (503) David Stewart's death abates suit.
  (514) John Long, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (516) James Kenady, returned moved out of the County. Wm. Means, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (527) Samuel Gist vs. Thomas Reed and George Brackenridge.--Alexr. Breckenridge, security.
  (530) David Bryan's death abates suit.

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