Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



OCTOBER 14, 1765.

  (1) Examination of Judith Ryley for murder of her bastard child. Convicted and sent to General Court.

OCTOBER 15, 1765.

  (2) Commission for examination of Rachel, wife of George Poage.
  (2) Charles Campbell and Charles Campbell appraisers.
  (2) Jane, wife of Moses McCown, decd., qualifies administratrix.
  (4) Thos. Woddell and 545 acres added to tithables. John Buchanan and two others and 513 acres added to tithables. Alexander and John Walker and 359 acres added to tithables.
  (5) John Eaken and 522 acres added to tithables.
  (6) Thomas Lorimer qualifies administrator of his deceased brother, John Lorimer. James Sayers refused to qualify executor of Samuel Wallace.
  (7) Mary, wife of Robert Buchanan, private examination commission.

OCTOBER 16, 1765.

  (8) Catherine, wife of Jeremiah Harrison, priv. examination commission.
  (8) Jacob Harper, Alexr. Painter, John Seller, Augustine Price, Jacob Parsenger, Henry Lung and Michael Neese--Naturalized. { The order says they qualified justices!
  (8) Mary, wife of John Maxwell, private examination commission.
  (8) Mary, wife of Nathaniel Evans, private examination commission.
  (9) John McKnight, orphan, to be bound to James Campbell.
  (9) Margaret, wife of Alexr. Hamilton, priv. examination commission.
  (10) Action by David Sayers against Robert Sayers, an infant, son and devisee of Robert Sayers, deceased.
  (10) ---- ----, the wife of Peter Cockran, priv. exn. commission.
  (12) Handley vs. Thomas Kelley } Walter Cunningham, garnishee, states that if defendant's pay as a soldier comes into his hands he will have 8.
  (12) 220 acres of Hugh Lusk added to tithables.
  (14) Bowman vs. John Benson and Margaret } Dedimus to take deposition of Isaac Johnston a witness, about to remove to Carolina.

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  (15) George Skillern appointed guardian to John Wall, infant orphan of ---- Wall, deceased.
  (15) Francis Gardner's motion to be appointed guardian of the orphans of Thomas Gardner rejected.

OCTOBER 17, 1765.

  (16) William McCamey and one other and 190 acres added to tithables. Thomas Kilpatrick and one other and 300 acres added to tithables. John Maxwell and one other and 200 acres added to tithables. James Campbell added to tithables. Wm. McElhenny and 400 acres added to tithables. Henry Bowen and 323 acres added to tithilbles. Audley Paul and one other and 350 acres added to tithables. Benj. Watson and 170 acres added to tithables.
  (17) Robert Lowrey and 208 acres added to tithables.
  (18) Bondy Estill--juror.
  (18) Cowdon vs. Robert Lynn.--Same order as page 12 above.
  (19) John Allford added to tithables.
  (21) John McClenachan and one other added to tithables.
  (21) Mary. wife of Saml. McDowell, privy exn. commission.
  (23) Thomas Barker convicted of larceny--39 lashes.
  (24) Andrew Hays vs. John Moore } Dedimus to take deposition of Jane Hays, about to remove to Carolina.
  (24) Margaret Looney, orphan of Daniel Looney--David Looney appd. guardian.
  (29) Samuel Peggs--juror.
  (32) Joel and John Crenshaw of Hanover--witnesses.
  (32) David Crenshaw of King William--witness.

OCTOBER 19, 1765.

  (34) John Cramey--juror.
  (34) James Hill added to tithables. Wm. Bowyer and one other added to tithables. Andrew Johnston added to tithables.
  (37) Wilson vs. John Hutchison, Jr.--John Hutchison, Sr., witness.
  (40) John Greenlee appointed surveyor of highway from John Mathews, Jr., deceased, to Sinclair's Gap. Thomas McFarron appointed surveyor Catawlo to Pedlar's Ford.
  (44) Mary Clark vs. John Stewart and Thomas Fulton } Abates by marriage of plaintiff.
  (45) George Poage appointed surveyor of highway from the Pedlar Ford, on James River, eight miles up. William Gallespy appointed surveyor from eight miles above Pedlar Ford to Capt. Dickinson's. John Potts appointed surveyor from mouth of Pott's Creek.
  (46) The King vs. John Bowyer } On an indictment for beating and abusing Israel Christian, a magistrate in the execution of his office. The defendant waives his former plea because he will not contend with our Lord the King.--Convicted and fined.

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  (47) John Henderson added to tithables.

OCTOBER 21, 1765.

  (55) Moses Hurt returned no inhabitant. Moses Evans returned no inhabitant. Henry Hendrix returned no inhabitant.
  (58) John Hays returned not found in bailiwick.
  (69) Richard Doghead returned lives in Bedford bailiwick.
  (72) William Wilson returned no inhabitant.
  (77) Mathew Emacks returned lives in Bedford.
  (78) Nicholas Seaborn, Jr. vs. John Ray } Abates by death of defendant.
  (88) George Anderson returned not found in bailiwick.
  (89) William and Thomas Crow and three others added to tithables.
  (90) 60, 9, 4, Penna. money = Same in Va. money.
  (94) Many suits versus Saml. Cowdon.--Did he fail?
  (101) John Blagg, gent., imprisoned for debt.
  (102) John Blagg--juror.

OCTOBER 22, 1765.

  (104) Elizabeth Gray, servant of Rob. McClenachan.
  (111) Levy Smith--Sheriff returned could not find.
  (112) Wm. McNaught, returned not in this County.
  (112) Woods vs. Andrew Cowan, Jr. } "The Sheriff having returned that the second time it came to my hand, I tell as before, he is out of the County."
  (113) Martha Hassell, servant of Andrew Greer.
  (132) Findley vs. Moses Hamilton.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (133) John Nash, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (134) Findley vs. Jacob Dodson.--Sheriff returned he did not know the defendant.
  (134) Same vs. Ann Kelly --Same return.
  (135) James Findley, admr. of Robert Findley, vs. Shannon, admr. of Young. } John Stewart makes affidavit that the acct. is a true copy from plaintiff's books. (And the same in many suits.)
  (135) Same vs. ---- Carson.--Returned no inhabitant.
  (136) Same vs. Sarah Robinson.--Could not find defendant.
  (136) George Pearis, returned no inhabitant.
  (142) John Harmon to be bound to John Armstrong.
  (143) County levy. To Robert Campbell, for a screed for the use of the County, 3, 10, 0.
  (145) John Blagg, witness from Westmoreland County, 150 miles.
  (147) Road ordered changed around the hill at Fort Lewis

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JANUARY 28, 1766.

  (148) Daniel McAnare misbehaved by appearing in Court drunk and giving Gabriel Jones, gent., Dcputy Attorney for the King, the lie, and likewise insulting the Court.

MAY 8, 1766.

  (149) Called Court on John Thompson and Margaret, his wife, for larceny.--Convicted and sent to Grand Jury.

MAY 20, 1766.

  (151) Margaret Clark qualified admx. of husband. Wm. Clark.
  (152) Charles Campbell (Borden's land) appointed Constable.
  (153) Stephen Arnold imprisoned for debt.
  (154) James Cloyd appointed surveyor from lower end of John Bowyer's plantation of James River by Cedar Bridge to Mathew's Road, to work these tithables: Of Christopher Vineyard, John and Wm. Hall, John Logan, James Skidmore, Geo. Wilson, John Berry, John Jones, James McClure, Mathew Hair, John Bowyer, George Skillern and Conrad Wall.
  (158) Erwin vs. John Henderson.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (161) Margaret Thompson (see page 149 above), discharged.

MAY 21, 1766.

  (162) Four wooden noggins attached, also one iron candlestick, one Dutch blanket, one hand towel.
  (169) Wm. Winston, Jr., Israel Christian, gent., admr. of Alexr. Sayers and Walter Buchanan.--Abates by death of defendant (Buchanan?).
  (171) Andrew Erwin vs. John Burnsides.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (177) Attached--2 iron crooks, 6 spoons, 3 candlesticks, 2 funnels, 1washing tub, 1 cooler, 1 tin saucepan, 1 tea kettle.
  (184) Samuel Caldwell returned no inhabitant.
  (188) Christian, admr. Sayers, vs. Joseph Donaldson.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (190) James Wiley and Martha, to Alexr. Noble, partially proved and certified.
  (191) George Mathews qualified Captain of Militia.
  (191) Michael Valentine and Henry Trout, orphan of Nicholas Trout, to be bound out.
  (192) William Martin qualified admr. of father, Hugh Martin. Dawson Wade, appraiser.
  (194) Virginia ale, bottled, to be sold at 6 pence per quart.

AUGUST 19, 1766.

  (194) Patrick Henry, Jr., qualified Attorney.
  (194) Mary Owler qualified admx. of husband. Wm. Owler. John Felts, Michael Cogar, Woolrick Horshman, and Jacob Shell, appraisers of Owler estate.

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  (196) Thomas Hicklin, Sr., exempted from levy by reason of great age and infirmity.
  (197) Stephen Trigg and Wm. Simpson, greatest creditors, qualified administrators of Henry Fields. William and Edward Cowen, appraisers.
  (200) David Harmon summoned for not bringing up his children in a Christianlike manner.
  (200) Thomas Wright, servant of John Hanna.

AUGUST 20, 1766.

  (204) Robert Kinkead and Anna Helena, his wife.
  (204) Israel Christian and Andrew Miller qualified administrators of John Miller.
  (205) David Wilson, son of William Wilson, formerly bound to Andrew Erwin, deceased, to be bound to Francis Erwin, Jr., heir-at-law and executor of said Andrew, he teaching him the trade of a shoemaker. Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Wm. Wilson, to be bound to Francis Erwin, Jr.
  (206) Saml. McClure, security for Mary McClure, admx. of husband, Nathaniel McClure, asks counter security.
  (206) Rosanna Marlen complains that Maurice O'Friel and Robert Wallace detain her children, viz: James, Sarah and Margaret Ralston.
  (207) Michael Riney exempted from levy--age and infirmity. Henry Hicks, same.
  (209) Audley Paul vs. Saml. Stalnaker } Judgment on a judgment obtained in Hampshire County.
  (213) Betty Smith, Nicholas Smith, Johnny Smith, John Yates and David Yates to be bound out.
  (213) Samuel Glass and 236 acres added to tithables.
  (214) Thomas Madison awarded certificate of probity, &c., for applying for license to practice law.

AUGUST 21, 1766.

  (215) Andrew Hall, late of this County, deceased, possessed of a small estate, and Sheriff ordered to sell it.
  (215) Edward Faires vs. James Bryans. } A second James Bryans appeared and claimed the property, and it is adjudged his and not defendant's.
  (216) Christopher Best and Hugh Galbreath, witnesses.
  (216) A paper endorsed by Alexr. Boyd, deceased, as a true copy of his will, and is adjudged by the Court not to be the original, and Andrew Boyd qualifies administrator.
  (217) George Birdwell--juror.
  (221) Andrew Kline committed to debtor's prison. Many suits against him. Was it customary for prisoners for debt to act as jurors? See supra.
  (224) John Graham committed to the stocks for one-half hour for contempt and bound to peace towards James Lockhart.
  (224) Joseph McBride, aged 19, orphan of Thomas McBride, chose Wm. McBride his guardian.

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  (226) Ordered that Gabriel Jones prosecute John Graham on the recognizance this day entered into.

AUGUST 22, 1766.

  (227) Above order (page 226) vacated.
  (227) Michael Harper vs. Robt. Duffield.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (228) Commission for deposition of Lovice Looney.
  (230) Joseph Donaldson, deceased, possessed of very small estate. Sheriff ordered to sell.
  (231) David Graham was arrested for contempt, but made his escape before judgment. Now rearrested and bound over.
  (232) Jacob Campbell, one other and 317 acres, added to tithables.
  (233) Davis Harrison appointed road surveyor.

  (Adjourned until tomorrow, but no heading follows, but records continue.)

  (234) Adam Dunlap, Ezekiel Evans--jurors.
  (237) David Cloyd vs. James Montgomery } Agreed case. Indians rifled plaintiff's house. Militia recovered property and divided it, &c.
  (239) Viewers for a road from Edward Erwin's to the Market Road that leads to Swift Run.
  (240) Michael Bornet, a mulatto, to be bound.

AUGUST 25, 1766.

  (242) John Skelton vs. John Miller.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (245) John Forish impnsoned for debt.
  (249) Uriah Akers, returned could not find.
  (249) Alexr. Boyd's death abates suit.
  (275) James Campbell (Calf Pasture).
  (284) James Walker vs. David Via.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (290) Road to be viewed from North Branch of James, round the Poplar Hills to Buffalo Creek.
  (291) Francis Gardner and Thomas Bradshaw, securities for Rebecca Gardner, admx. of husband, Thomas Gardner, since intermarried with Robert Brown, demand counter security.
  (298) Nathaniel Dunlap, returned no inhabitant. John Leahe, returned "could not find."
  (302) George Buff, returned no inhabitant.

AUGUST 26, 1766.

  (309) Thomas Smith, a witness from Amherst.
  (311) John Love, orphan of Joseph Love, decd., to be bound to Joseph Love, Fuller.
  (316) Joseph Goodbon, witness from Amherst, 27 miles.

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