Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. IX. (cont.)

  (320) William Patton's servant, Jane Caruthers, the indenture was burnt in his house by the Indians.
  (322) Hannah Robinson, servant of Thos. Bowyer.

APRIL 15, 1765.

  (334) Court of Claims and Grievances. Robert Bratton, claim for provisions for militia. James Kenaday, sergeant, for self and others, ranging. John Dunlop, provisions. John Dicksin, provisions. James Ewing, provisions. Hugh Fulton, provisions. Saml. McCutcheon, provisions.
  (335) Wm. Elliott, provisions. John Finley, provisions. Mary Trimble, relict of John Trimble, for horse of John's impressed and provisions. Wm. Armstrong, provisions. Henry Criswell, horse impressed. Samuel Wilson, provisions and horse impressed. John Miller, provisions. David Doage, provisions. Ralph Laverty, provisions. Thos. Beard, provisions. John Trimble, provisions. Nathan Gilliland, carriage of "flower". John McClary, provisions.
  (336) James Mateer, provisions. John Risk, provisions. Wm. Beard, provisions. Charles Erwin, provisions. Joseph Waughub, provisions. Thos. and John Brown, provisions. John Bodkin, provisions and horse impressed. Robert Hartgrove, horse killed. John Young, pasturage, horse impressed. John McPheeters, provisions. Wm. McNabb, provisions. John McKarney, provisions. Thos. Feemster, provisions.
  (337) James Bell, provisions. Wm. Bell, provisions. Wm. McCutcheon, provisions and horse impressed. John Rosemond, provisions. Andrew Cowan, enlisting men to garrison Fort Lewis. Walter Trimble, provisions. Thos. Alexander, provisions. John Francis, provisions. James Kirk, provisions. Rob. Armstrong, provisions. Wm. Christian, self et als., ranging. Loftus Pullen, provisions. Rob. Christian, provisions. Danl. O'Freild, provisions. Thos. Poage, provisions. Charles Kilpatrick, provisions. George Moffett, for Wm. Mann et als. Benj. Estill, horse impressed. Andrew Hamilton, provisions. Wm. McClenachan, provisions. Wm. McKarney, self et als., ranging.

MAY 18, 1765.

  (338) Examination Thomas Spencer, cont. servant of Rob. Elliott, larceny--convicted and 39 lashes.
  (339) Examination Judith Neil, cont. servant, same--acquitted. Examination Ann Conner, cont. servant, same--15 lashes.

MAY 21, 1765.

  (340) John McAdoo appointed Constable.
  (340) Plycord Syler to Nicholas Welsh--partly proved.
  (341) Elizabeth Mouse, aged 14, orphan of George Mouse, chose John Dunkle guardian.
  (342) Mary Wilsby, servant of Wm. Goodwin. Alexr. White admitted to practice law. Catherine Thomas, servant of John McClure. Wm. McCutcheon, merchant, appointed road overseer.

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  (343) Wm. Montgomery appointed constable on Reed Creek.
  (343) Jane Erwin does not provide for children--summoned.
  (344) James Montier appointed road surveyor.

MAY 22, 1765.

  (344) Private examination Elizabeth Norwood, wife of Saml. Norwood, recorded.
  (345) Power of attorney from Mary, Joseph and Rosanna McBride to Wm. McBride--certified.
  (345) Hugh Conner, servant of Thomas Smith, to learn carpentering.
  (345) Wm. Long, age and infirmity--exempted from levy.
  (345) Saml. Flower's estate--Joseph Cloyd, administrator.
  (347) John Gratton and Francis Green appointed highway surveyors from Edward Shanklin's to Widow Thomas's old place, near Brock's Gap.
  (348) John Flinn, garnishee.
  (348) James McGill qualified Captain of Militia.
  (349) Rob. Steen, garnishee.
  (350) Peggy Lewis, orphan, to be bound to Charles Lewis.
  (351) Following attached: 1 pair stockings, 1 gray coat, 1 bell.
  (352) Saml. Love and Dorkees--deed.

MAY 23, 1765.

  (355) Elizabeth Moser qualifies administratrix of Elizabeth Moser.
  (355) Private examination Sarah, wife of Thos. Harrison.
  (356) Rob. Hartgroves--ordinary license.
  (357) Joseph Ray vs. Wm. Chandler } Jury brought in verdict, but it appeared to Court that jurors had misbehaved themselves in bringing it in, and the verdict is declared idle and void, and Sheriff ordered to summon a new twelve.
  (357) Dedimus to take deposition of John Sutton in Carolina.
  (357) Wm. Fleming and Sampson Mathews, in Staunton; Alexr. McClenachan, near Staunton; George Skillern, ten miles from Staunton; Benj. Estill, in calf pasture, and Wm. Bowyer in Staunton, recommended as Justices. Wm. Mead, witness from Bedford--80 miles.
  (358) Wm. Cunningham vs. Alexr. Sayers.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (359) John Seewright and Saml. Henderson ask counter security from Margaret Leeper, administratrix--husband, James Leeper.
  (360) Egenier Verden--witness. Robt. McGee, great age and infirmity, exempted from levy.

MAY 24, 1766.

  (363) Peak Creek.
  (365) Michael Carn, juror.
  (367) Michael Carn, witness from Bedford--80 miles.
  (367) George Henderson vs. James Pollock.--Suit being abated by death of plaintiff.

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  (368) Stephen Lay--naturalized.
  (373) Sampson Mathews--Ordinary license.
  (374) Jacob Morlen qualified administrator, father, Jacob Morlen.
  (375) James Trimble's mark recorded. John Poage's mark recorded. Danl. Smith's mark recorded.

MAY 25, 1765.

  (377) James Emacks, no inhabitant.
  (409) Thomas Davis and Jane vs. Thos. Hicklin, Wm. Eddens and Abraham Haffenstall.-- Abates by death of plaintiffs.
  (414) Daniel Harrison vs. John Seviar and Arthur Trader.--One of the defendants returned no inhabitant.
  (418) Frederick Uff vs. Peter Shamie.--Defendant no inhabitant.
  (420) Margaret Freeland, orphan, to be bound out to Rob. Reed until such time as her parents or relations apply for her, or, in case they do not, until she comes to lawful age.
  (420) Michael Bowyer has permission to build a kitchen. 20x16, on the lots belonging to this County on the North end of this Court House, near the lots of James Findley, to which James Trimble dissented.
  (422) Philip Phegan returned no inhabitant.
  (429) William Brown bound to peace on complaint of his wife, Isabella Brown.
  (429) Thos. Bowyer allowed to build kitchen, 20x16, adjoining the old jail.
  (431) Alexr. Sayers indicted for blasphemy.
  (434) Order for summoning George Henderson on complaint of son, John Henderson, is abated by death of George. Order to summon Thomas and Ann Armstrong dismissed.

JUNE 18, 1765.

  (434) Charles Fredk. Severt--adjudged bankrupt.

AUGUST 20, 1765.

  (436) Commission for private examination of Elizabeth, wife of Thos. Feemster.
  (437) Henry Aulford exempted from County levy. John Lapsley exempted from County levy. Gilbert Campbell exempted from County levy. Commission for private examination of Mary, wife of Hugh Hays.
  (439) James Knox exempted from levy. Thos. Peerie, orphan of Thos. Peerie, aged 16, chose John Peerie his guardian. Dedimus to take deposition of John Edmondson, about to leave the Colony. John Kirkham, orphan of Henry Kirkham, aged 16, chose James McDowell guardian.
  (440) New Commission. Francis Gardner and Thos. Bradshaw ask counter security of Rebecca Gardner, administratrix of husband, Thos. Gardner--summoned. Margaret Robinson qualified administratrix of husband, Wm. Robinson.

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  (441) John McCreary exempted from working roads. Susanna Shaddon qualified administratrix of husband, Mathew Shaddon. Mary Magdalene Kimberland qualified administratrix of husband, Jacob Kimberland. Valentine Seviar, 1 other and 846 acres added to tithables. Mary Gardner, aged 16, orphan of Thos. Gardner, chose John Finley guardian. Jacob Nicholas naturalized.
  (442) James Robinson qualified Captain of Militia.
  (443) Ro. Bratton and Thos. Hughart appointed road surveyors from Widow Grays to Samuel Hodges's. David Martin witness from Amherst. Mathew Bray committed to jail on suspicion of being a lunatic, but is now restored and discharged.
  (444) David and James Robinson to view the hill whereon Fort Lewis stands--for road.

AUGUST 21, 1765.

  (444) David Nelson qualified administrator of son, John Nelson.
  (445) David Nelson exempted from working on roads. Wm. Duncanson, age and infirmity, exempted from levy.
  (448) Susanna Cockran qualified administratrix of husband, John Cockran.
  (450) Joseph Donaldson--debtor's prison.
  (451) John Gordon bound to peace on complaint of John Archer.

AUGUST 22, 1765.

  (452) Samuel Howell vs. John Cockrane.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (454) Dennis Getty vs. John Hamilton.--Agnes Hamilton, daughter of defendant.
  (455) Pat. Martin appointed to make deeds to purchasers of County lots, vice Israel Christian, he having removed to a great distance.

AUGUST 23, 1765.

  (465) Alexr. McClemun--juror.
  (468) Dominick Hiland--juror.

AUGUST 24, 1765.

  (484) John Reese returned no inhabitant.
  (489) Thos. Branham returned no inhabitant.
  (497) Robert Sayers, eldest son of Alexr. Sayers, returned no inhabitant.
  (507) John Harmon and Mary returned no inhabitant.
  (510) Robert Lusk returned run away.
  (512) William Dean vs. Francis Jackson } Defendant pleads gambling consideration and cause dismissed.
  (514) Richard Prior returned not found in bailiwick.
  (525) John Smith and Mary, late Mary Stevenson.
  (528) Wm. Ralston exempted from levy. George Wilson, witness from Hampshire--80 miles. Wm. Bryans exempted from County levy. Alexr. Campbell added to tithables.

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SEPTEMBER 9, 1765.

  (529) Francis McGinnis examined for counterfeiting--acquitted.
  (530) Francis McGinnis examined for counterfeiting--acquitted.

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