Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



JUNE 22, 1764.

  (3) Thomas Stevenson, returned no inhabitant.
  (4) John Burkin, special bail.
  (6) Martha Gatlive, returned no inhabitant.
  (7) Jacob Carsall, returned no inhabitant.
  (7) Peachey R. Gillmore vs. Wm. Frazier.--Abates by death of defend't.
  (15) Frederick Shivel, returned no inhabitant.
  (24) Philemon Askins, returned no inhabitant. Robert Eastham, Jr., returned no inhabitant.
  (27) William Givens vs. Wm. Fitzjerrald.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (40) George Pearis, returned no inhabitant.
  (43) Daniel McCoy, an orphan, to be bound to John McNeill, gent. Jane and Edward Thompson qualified admrs. of Thos. Thompson. Felix Gilbert qualified admr. of John Lorrimer.
  (49) John Melly, returned no inhabitant.
  (50) Moses Crofford, returned no inhabitant. John Low, returned no inhabitant.
  (52) John Greedy, returned no inhabitant.
  (65) John Little exempted from levy.
  (54) Susanna Fitzpatrick to be bound to Thomas Poage.
  (62) King vs. George Lewis, for driving his wagon on Sabbath day.

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JUNE 17, 1764.

  (65) John McNeill qualified Colonel of Militia.
  (65) Thomas Fulton, declared bankrupt.

JULY 17, 1764.

  (66) Called Court on Priscilla Ladd, for larceny. Prisoner craves corporal punishment and 39 lashes.

AUGUST 21, 1764.

  (67) Elizabeth Fulton, aged 16, orphan of John Fulton, chose John Young guardian.
  (67) Comn. for exn. of Mary, wife of Christopher Thompson.
  (67) Elizabeth Wallace qualifies administratrix of husband, Samuel Wallace.
  (68) Jacob Slover's estate--John Bowen, administrator.
  (69) William and Hugh Young, orphans of Robert Young, choose James Young their guardian, and James is appointed guardian of Joseph Young, another of the orphans.
  (69) Patrick Lacey, servant of John McClure.

AUGUST 22, 1764.

  (70) Valentine Coil receives certificate of naturalization.
  (70) George Gibson, one other, and 195 acres added to tithables; 196 acres of Isabella Gibson added to tithables.
  (70) Commission for examination of Mary Adams, wife of William Adams in deed William to George Jameson.
  (74) James Frazier qualifies administrator of father, Wm. Frazier.

AUGUST 23, 1764.

  (80) Michael Bowyer bound over for insulting Abraham Smith in execution of his office as Magistrate.
  (80) James Baldwin, servant of John McNeill.
  (84) Abraham Slover, orphan, to be bound to John Bowen.
  (85) Viewers of road from North Branch of James River to Buffelow report in favor of turning it by one Abraham Brown's.

AUGUST 24, 1764.

  (91) Joseph Lindon--witness. Sarah Bigham, servant of John McNeill. Sarah Cartwright, servant of John McNeill. Sarah Walkley, servant of John McNeill.
  (94) Felix Kenon exempted from County levy.
  (94) George Mathews appd. guardian of Thomas Renix, infant orphan of Robt. Renix.

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  (99) Deeds from James McDowell and Frances, and Commission for examination of Frances.

AUGUST 25, 1764.

  (118) John Sallord, returned no inhabitant.
  (120) One large English-bodied wagon attached.
  (139) Nathaniel Lyon, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (143) James Johnston, Henry Harmon and Mathew Lindsey, returned no inhabitants.

NOVEMBER 20, 1764.

  (155) Dabney Carr qualified Attorney.
  (156) Wm. Black qualified administrator of father, Alexr Black.
  (157) John McCollom qualified administrator of Saml. Hunter. The King vs. Saml. Hunter, continued, the prosecutor being in his Majesty's service.
  (158) Commission for examination of Mary Headley, wife of Thomas Headley, in deed to George Poage--directed to Cumberland Co. No. Co.
  (159) County levy. John Raveling, wolfhead; Alrick Hurtsman, wolfhead; Wm. Delwood, wolfhead.
  (160) Damis, wife of John Mann, relinquishment of dower.

NOVEMBER 21, 1764.

  (161) Jacob Peterson naturalized.
  (161) Mary McBride chose Joseph Lapsley guardian.
  (162) John Davis and Judith, his wife, admrs. of John Scott--produced an account and recorded.
  (162) Joseph Carpenter, guardian of Joseph, James and Jacob Scott, orphans of John Scott, summoned to account.
  (162) Wm. Bowyer added to tithables.
  (162) Israel Robinson, Peter Bowman and Thomas Beard, exempted from levy.
  (163) Andrew Lewis, four tithables, and 1,420 acres added to tithables.
  (163) Patrick Lacey, servant of William Snodon, complains that William does not provide him clothes nor employ him as a servant, and William summoned.
  (163) Indenture by Church Wardens binding John Cole to James Campbell is assigned to Saml. McMurty.

NOVEMBER 22, 1764.

  (169) Thomas Bowyer, added to tithables. Michael Bowyer, servant Tom, and 226 acres, added to tithables. Wm. Henderson, one other, and 765 acres, added to tithables. James Henderson and 450 acres, added to tithables. Nathan Gilliland and 332 1/2 acres, added to tithables. John Buchanan, three others. and 489 acres, added to tithables. Wm. Crow, four others, added to tithables. Moses Williams, George Bigham. James Hugart, Francis Gardner, and John Askin, added to tithables.

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  (171) Robert Reed vs. James Hamilton } David Graham, garnishee, says defendant and he agreed to swap a horse for a watch; that defendant left the watch with him to examine and appointed a day in Staunton to consummate the agreement, but ran away before the appointed day came.
  (172) Richardson Watson, servant of John Caldwell.
  (172) Edward Tarr's old shop, on the road from North Branch of James.
  (173) Ordered that the Church Wardens of Augusta Parish bind Michael Eagin of the age of nine years in September last, son of Patrick Eagin, to John Patrick--the father of the said Michael having run away according to law.
  (173) George Skillern took the usual oaths to his Majesty's person and Government subscribed the abjuration oath and test which is, on his motion, ordered to be certified.
  (175) John Andrew--juror.

NOVEMBER 23, 1764.

  (202) John Rutherford, returned no inhabitant.
  (203) Robert Neeley, returned no inhabitant.
  (205) Michael Smith, special bail.
  (209) Alexr. McAllister and Hugh Millikan, being some time ago committed to the jail of this County on suspicion of their favoring the design of the enemy Indians, but nothing appearing against them, it is ordered that they be discharged.
  (209) Cormick McCarkrey, discharged from custody.
  (209) Alexr. West, Andrew Fowler, and Charles Clendenning, exempted from levy.
  (210) George Madison took usual oaths, &c.--certified.
  (210) Saml. Black and 120 acres, added to tithables. James Henderson and 590 acres, added to tithables.
  (212) Robert McClenachan qualified administrator of James Simpson, formerly granted to George Wilson.
  (213) Alexr. Sayers, gent., having insulted the Court by appearing before it intoxicated and twice abusing the Court, committed to Sheriff.

NOVEMBER 24, 1764.

  (213) Elijah McClenachan exempted from County Levy.
  (213) David Graham bound over for insulting John Christian in discharge of his office as magistrate.
  (214) Alexr. Sayers, having made proper concessions for abusing the Court yesterday, released from his recognizance.
  (215) Martha Hassell complains of master, Andrew Greer, and he is summoned.
  (215) James Randal, returned not found in bailiwick.
  (222) Wm. Fleming took the oaths and test--certified.
  (222) Hugh Donaho and one other and 380 acres, added to tithables.
  (224) Patrick Ryley and Alice, his wife, late Alice English.

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  (224) Alexr. Crawford vs. Mathew Harper.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (227) 84, Penna. money == 84, Va. money.
  (230) County levy = 3 shillings.

FEBRUARY 8, 1765.

  (230) Called Court on Samuel Woodward and Mary, his wife, for larceny--discharged.

MARCH 19, 1765.

  (233) James Cunningham's will proved--Moses Cunningham is the surviving executor.
  (234) Esther Boyd, aged 15, orphan of Robert Boyd, chose Archibald Huston her guardian.
  (234) John Frazier exempted from County levy.
  (234) France Gardner appointed guardian to Robert Boyd, orphan of Robert Boyd.
  (235) Peter Evans appointed road surveyor from Stone House to Fort Lewis.
  (235) Zachariah Smith's son John exempted from levy.

MARCH 20, 1765.

  (236) Road from the Duck Ponds to Alexr. Blair's.
  (236) Patrick Lacey vs. Wm. Snodon, complaint dismissed.
  (237) Michael Corn, a witness from Bedford--80 miles.
  (237) Joseph King exempted from levy.
  (238) Christopher Warren, servant of James Brinster.
  (238) Charles Floyd vs. Henry Murray } Hugh Allen and Wm. Hyde report as to work done by defendant for John Trimble, Saml. Wallace, Hugh Young and John Brown, trustees for the congregation, for erecting a Meeting House near Brown's.
  (239) Attachments vs. Wm. Dean--all his property.
  (243) Elizabeth Bell complains of her master, James Crawford.

MARCH 21, 1765.

  (247) Thos. Fulton acknowledged Power Atty. to John Jeremiah and ordered to be certified.
  (247) John Frazier and Wm. Nailer to be summoned for not providing for their families.
  (247) Elizabeth and Letitia Orum to be bound to Wm. Hyde. John Dunn, a servant of David Laird's, bound over for stabbing Hugh Donaho--39 lashes.
  (248) John Craven appointed guardian of Roger and John Dyer, orphans of Wm. Dyer.
  (248) John Elliott exempted from County levy.
  (248) Geo. Weaver has in his possession Elizabeth Countzmann and does not provide for her--summoned.

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  (249) Wm. Bowyer bound to peace towards Daniel Kidd. Patrick Duffy, garnishee. Danl. Kidd bound to peace towards John Andrews.
  (251) Wm. Robinson, James Neeley and Wm. Bryans to view a road from Vanse's by Inglis's Ferry to Peak (Poak) Creek. Wm. Ward qualified deputy sheriff, to which James Trimble dissented. Nicholas Harplore, Paul Shaver and Jacob Wees, to view road on North Mill Creek from the Upper Tract to the County line below Jacob Peterson.

MARCH 22, 1765.

  (252) Examination Wm. Thompson for counterfeiting. Bound to General Court in 1,000--Wm. Inglis, Daniel Goodwin, Wm. Tutt et als., witnesses.
  (253) Esther Boyd to be bound to John McGill. James Dunlap to be bound to William Lockhart.
  (254) Edward Sampson-a witness.

MARCH 23, 1765.

  (257) George Wilson, gent., witness from Hampshire--80 miles.
  (258) Mary Bence, servant of Thos. Bowyer, given 20 lashes for beating Elizabeth Taylor.
  (265) Philip Eskin returned not found in bailiwick.
  (266) Archer Mathews, special bail.
  (268) James Hutchison returned not found in bailiwick.
  (280) David Wilson returned no inhabitant.
  (281) Wm. McKnight having been arrested and made his escape, suit is dismissed.
  (283) James McGrawger vs. James Crawford.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (284) Robert Campbell returned no inhabitant.
  (299) James Colquhoon--deiendant.
  (306) Alexr. Wright vs. Andrew Johnston } At time of serving out the writ, defendant was in his Majesty's service as a soldier.
  (307) Sarah Cartright and James Burns, servant of John MeClenachan, cured of venerial disease. (Many of same.).
  (307) David Lang in debtor's prison.
  (308) Commission for examination of Abigail, wife of Alexr. Herron.
  (311) Elizabeth Bell, servant of Thomas Fulton.
  (312) Tithables of Staunton to work the roads leading thereto.

MARCH 26, 1765.

  (318) George Shillenger vs. John McNeill, gent.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (319) Daniel McCoy, orphan, heretofore ordered to be bound to John McNeill, gent., decd., be bound to Andrew Lewis. Complaint of Martha Hassell vs. Master Andrew Greer is continued.

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