Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. VIII. (cont.)

and affixed on a pole on the top of the hill that leads from this Court House to Edward Tarr's. Memo.--Tom valued at 50.

NOVEMBER 15, 1763.

  (326) John Robinson exempted from County levy--no cause given.
  (327) Robt. Scott, 3 tithables, and 820 acres, added to tithables. Six tithables of Stephen Willis added to tithables. Will of John Harrison, Jr., proved by John Hopkins and lies for further proof.
  (327) County Levy. To John Bowyer, for executing negro Tom, 3, 4, 3.
  (329) 390 acres of Geo. Hutcheson's land added to tithables.

NOVEMBER 16, 1763.

  (329) John Harrison, Jr.'s will proved and recorded.
  (330) George Watt added to tithables.
  (331) Blakely Brush qualified admr. of his father, Richard Brush.
  (332) 320 acres of Thos. Stevenson added to tithables.
  (332) William Erwin, son of Jane Erwin, with 241 acres, added to tithables. 550 acres of Patrick Quin--same. 104 acres of John Jameson--same. 300 acres of John Kilpatrick--same. 400 acres of Thos. Kilpatrick--same.
  (336) 500 acres of James Green--same. Charles Griffeths exempted from levy.
  (337) James Findley qualified admr. of his deceased brother, Robert Findley. Will of John Jackson proved by two witnesses and ordered to be certified.
  (342) John Robinson (near Coulton's) exempted from levy.
  (342) John Smith, Wm. Grymes, James Nealey and Israel Christian to view the roads that lead from Vance's over the New River on the lands of John Buchanan and likewise by Ingles's Ferry to the lead mines.
  (342) Adam Harmon to be bound to peace towards Wm. Thompson.
  (342) 451 acres of John Kerr's land added to tithables. 190 acres of Wm. Kerr's land added to tithables. 375 acres of Saml. Hind's land added to tithables. 112 acres of Wm. Mather's land added to tithables.

NOVEMBER 18, 1763.

  (353) John Sallow returned, not found in his bailiwick.
  (355) John Scott vs. Wm. Wyatt.--Defendant arrested, but made escape.
  (356) Philip Rinehart returned not found in his bailiwick.
  (372) Thos. Sumpter committed to jail for want of special bail.
  (374) 320 acres of John McCoy added to tithables. 200 acres of Moses Hall added to tithables.
  (378) Jeremiah Seeley returned not found in my bailiwick.
  (379) Margaret Risk qualifies admx. of husband, James Risk.
  (380) Michael Woods, witness from Albemarle. Woods. witness from Albemarle.
  (381) George Henderson exempted from levy.

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NOVEMBER 19, 1763.

  (382) Robert McClenachan ordered to pay the rents in arrear for the old Court House to the Sheriff.
  (382) Jeremiah Ponder relinquished dower in land conveyed by her husband, Daniel Ponder, to Joseph Rutherford.
  (382) James Huston and Archd. Hamilton qualified Inspectors of Flour.
  (383) Brown's Bridge--to be repaired.

DECEMBER 20, 1763.

  (384) Geo. Mathews qualified admr. of Joshua Mathews, Mary, wife of Joshua, having refused.

JANUARY 2, 1764.

  (384) Called Court on Paul Armstrong, charged with murder of Thomas Hicks--acquitted.
  (385) Oyer and Terminer for trial of Fanner, a negro slave of John Harrison, for aiding and abetting Tom in the murder of John--acquitted.

MARCH 20, 1764.

  (387) Many certificates of hemp.
  (389) Jacob Scott, aged 16, orphan of John Scott, chose John Davis his guardian.
  (389) Road petitioned for from John King's Mill, on Naked Creek, to John King's Mill, on Middle River.
  (389) Comn. for examination of Rachel, wife of James Arbuckle. Comn. for examination of Martha, wife of James Gilmore.
  (390) Saml. Hunter bound to peace towards Wm. Henderson. Wm. Kelly exempted from levy.
  (390) Comn. for examination of Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Hays.
  (391) Comn. for examination of Jane, wife of Daniel Love.
  (391) Charles Campbell qualified Ensign.
  (391) Jane Armstrong, widow of James Armstrong, renounced provisions of his will.
  (391) Bridge to be built over run near Robt Poage's.
  (392) Christian Godfrey Milliron bound to appear on suspicion of murder of John Mathews--appeared and judgment that tho' the facts are not fully proved, yet the Court have some reasons for suspecting him--bound to next March Court.

MARCH 21, 1764.

  (395) Jennett McDonald, admx. of Randall McDonald, to be summoned to render account.
  (395) Charles Lynch, as greatest creditor, qualified admr. of Valentine Yocum.

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  (396) William and John Candler, appraisers of Yocum. Frederick See, as greatest creditor, qualifies admr. of Frederick See. On motion of Henry Stone and Catherine, his wife, admx. of her late husband, Jacob Zorn--by a mistake the inventories of Jacob Zorn and of Henry Horse were drawn together as inventory of Jacob alone. Clerk ordered to alter the minute book and record.
  (399) Margaret Rentfro, late Margaret Looney, required to give counter security to Robt. Rowland or deliver up the estate to him.
  (399) Mathew Bracking, a Constable.
  (400) Commission to value improvements of Geo. Givens on 400 acres on James River.
  (400) Patrick Shirkey asks counter security from Elizabeth Campbell, admx. of her father, Malcolm Campbell.
  (400) Sarah Wilson, servant woman of John Cockrane.
  (400) John Griffeth qualifies admr. of his brother, Morris Griffeth. John Griffeth qualifies admr. of his brother, Benj. Griffeth.
  (401) James Trimble appointed guardian for Ann and Lydia Berrisford, orphans of John Berrisford.

MARCH 22, 1764.

  (402) Thomas Brannon--juror.
  (403) John Dailey vs. Wm. Dinguid.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (405) James Keith of County Frederick.
  (406) Bryan McDaniel appointed road overseer from Fort William to the Market Road. James Neeley, ditto, from Fort Lewis to the Great Lick.
  (408) Will of John Mathews proved--Sampson and George Mathews qualified executors, the other executor being dead.
  (410) Commission for examination of Amey, wife of Henry Smith. John Bigham, security for Isabella Hall, admx. of her late husband, Robert Ramsey, prays counter security from Isabella and her husband, Robert Hall. James Wright, orphan of John Wright, decd., to be bound to John Fitzwaters. David Stuart et als., bail for Thos. Fulton in many suits offered to deliver him up, but the Court refused to allow it because there had not been judgment.
  (411) Jesse May declared insolvent.

MARCH 23, 1764.

  (412) James Lockhart complains that Wm. Foster has abused him in execution of his office.
  (412) David Bryan and executors of Erwin Patterson ask counter security from Rhoda Evans, now Rhoda Doggett, admr. of her decd. husband, Daniel Evans. Rhoda and Richard Doggett, her husband, summoned.
  (413) Liquors rated.
  (417) Peter Scholl, witness from Frederick--45 miles.
  (418) Lawrence Mills, convict servant of Jeremiah Ragen.

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MARCH 24, 1764.

  (427) Thomas Fulton committed for debt.

MARCH 26, 1764.

  (436) Wm. Stevenson returned not found in bailiwick.
  (447) Andrew Johnston, returned no inhabitant. Wm. Winston, returned no inhabitant.
  (456) Robert Jackson vs. Wm. Tutt.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (466) Samuel McCord, returned no inhabitant.
  (475) Conrad Yocum, returned no inhabitant.
  (479) Joshua Mathews, &c., vs. James McBride.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (489) Cohonggorooto, a negro slave of Peter Hog, adjudged seven years.

APRIL 24, 1764.

  (491) Sarah Birdwell, convicted of receiving stolen good, and 30 lashes

MAY 15, 1764.

  (492) Alexr. Painter qualified administrator of Catharine Painter.

JUNE 19, 1764.

  (494) Rebecca Gardner qualified administrator of her husband, Thomas Gardner.
  (495) Thos. McLamor bound to peace towards Edward Erwin.
  (495) Bridge ordered over the Long Meadow where the road crosses it that leads from Francis Alexander's to William Tees's.
  (496) John Ramsey chosen guardian by Mary McDonall, aged 16; John McDonall, aged 14, and the Court appoints him guardian for Francis, Hugh, Rebecca, William, Elizabeth and Saml. McDonall, all orphans of John McDonall.
  (496) John McCastlin, greatest creditor, qualified administrator of William Fitzjarrell.
  (496) Will of Adam Wall proved by one witness (James Calloway) and to lie for further proof. No exr. being named, Apple Wall qualified administrator.
  (497) Susanna Hall qualified admx. of husband, James Hall.
  (498) John Cants, security for Susanna Armemtrout, late Susanna Power, for admn. of Christian Calley, decd., asks counter security.
  (498) Augustine Price and Fredk. Armentrout qualify admrs. of John Calley formerly granted to and unadministered by Stophel Armentrout.
  (498) Alexr. Crawford, security for Thos. Gardner, now decd., for administration of estate of Thos. Gardner, decd., asks counter security, and Rebecca, administratrix of Thomas, summoned.

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  (499) Commission for examination of Grissell, wife of John Handley.
  (499) Wm. Foster bound to peace towards James Lockhart.
  (500) John Maxwell refused to swear in as Justice.

JUNE 20, 1764.

  (500) Wm. Gray exempted from County levy.
  (503) Dennis Getty vs. John Lowry.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (503) John Wilson refused to qualify justice.
  (506) Conrad Fudge, witness. Michael Earhart, witness from Culpeper. Mary Hinds, aged 3 years and 2 months, bound to Elizabeth Crow.
  (507) Conrad Fulsh, juror.

JUNE 21, 1764.

  (507) Saml. Thornhill exempted from County levy.

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