Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



FEBRUARY 21, 1763.

  (2) James Ewing vs. John Jones } Israel Christian, Gabriel Jones, Peter Hog, John Madison, John Bowyer and Daniel Smith--special bail.
  (3) Thomas Nowell, defendant.
  (17) Moses Hamilton's declared estate heretofore ordered to be sold by Sheriff.
  (24) John Bowyer makes oath that he was whole and sole legatee under Caleb Harmon's will, but the will was lost--administration granted to John.

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APRIL 19, 1763.

  (25) Alexr. Dunlop, aged 18, orphan of Alexr. Dunlop, decd., chose John Dunlop his guardian.

APRIL 20, 1763.

  (26) Cornelius Ruddle, security for John Skeen, administrator of Ruben Allen, prays counter security--John summoned.
  (27) John Ledford to Isaac Taylor--power attorney--James Farlie witness. Wm. Dean and Wm. Blantin--jurors. Commission for privy examination of Margaret, wife of Isaiah Curry. James Catchey (Carthrae).
  (28) Rev. John Jones, clerk, witness to prove will of Rob. Armstrong.
  (29) James Arbuckle and Thomas Thompson appointed Constables in the Pastures.
  (30) James McCatchey--See page 27, supra.
  (31) James Reaburn complains that William McMullen does not provide clothes nor teach a trade to his apprentice, Henry Reaburn.
  (32) Ishmael Abbit--garnishee.
  (33) Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Fulton. Thomas Story, garnishee, declares he has the following of Thos. Fuiton's: One corner cupboard, one old bed rug and blanket, one pair iron dogs, two tubs and churn. Many attachments vs. Fulton.

APRIL 21, 1763.

  (37) Wm. Minter, Adam Dean, Robert McCitrick.
  (38) Lancelot Graham and John Clark misbehaved in Courtyard by acting in a riotous manner--bound to good behavior.
  (39) Commission for private exammation of Elizabeth, wife of Joseph McDonald.
  (39) Following deeds partially proved and ordered certified: William Moore to Francis Smith, Thomas Hill to David Miller, Elijah Isaacs to Robt. McGee, Paul Garrison to John Donally.
  (39) John Atkins misbehaved in a riotous manner in the Courtyard and bound to good behavior.
  (40) John Newbanks--juror.

APRIL 22, 1763.

  (41) James Hartgrove--juror.
  (42) Private examination of Martha, wife of George Robinson, recorded.
  (42) James Crow came into Court and made oath that he, with his wife, Eleanor, and his children, Thomas, Elizabeth and Fanny, came to dwell in this Colony in the year 1762, &c.--50 acres each.
  (43) Isaac McDonald--juror.
  (45) Teagle Trader appointed Constable, vice Felix Sheltman.
  (45) Road ordered from Walker's Place to Warm Springs. Thomas Feemster, surveyor from Walker's to Charles Lewis's.
  (45) Inhabitants on Back Creek, in the Calf Pasture, and inhabitants from Hance Harpers downwards in Bull Pasture.
  (46) Jerman Backster, Adam Dean.

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  (46) George Wilson not an inhabitant of this County and therefore released from fine for not serving as juror.

APRIL 23, 1763.

  (51) William Grymes, James Neilly and William Robinson to be road overseers from Grymes Clearing to the head of the run above Madison's plantation; John Craig from thence to New River on the lands of John Buchanan, gent., and Alexr. and William Sayers from thence to Fort Chiswell; Wm. Preston is to apportion tithables as far as Fort Lewis, and Wm. Thompson from thence to Fort Chiswell.

APRIL 25, 1763.

  (53) Anderson Poulson, administrator of Remembrance Williams, decd., unadministered by Catherine Williams, decd., late administratrix, &c., vs. Peter Vaneman. Dismissed; agreed.
  (54) James Littlepage, returned no inhabitant.
  (58) Agnes Clark vs. James Trotter } Abates by marriage of plaintiff.
  (59) Oliver Wallace, returned no inhabitant.
  (69) Wm. Dean and Mary, late Mary Cooke, only daughter and heiress of Patrick Cooke, vs. Hugh Young.
  (82) Francis Liver--special bail.
  (85) Francis Mousey--special bail.
  (90) John Greenlee appointed guardian of Mary Greenlee, orphan of James Greenlee.
  (91) John Sheldon, witness from Winchester.
  (91) William Preston's mark recorded.
  (91) Called Court on Wm. Jones for "buggery"--convicted and sent to Williamsburg for trial.

APRIL 26, 1763.

  (101) William Preston appointed surveyor from Grymes Clearing to Catapo. Stephen Willis--Juror.
  (105) Order that Sheriff pay Patrick Ryley for repairs to jail.

JUNE 21, 1763.

  (106) Ann Vare acknowledged deed to Richard Shankland. Samuel Sproul exempted from levy--great age and infirmity. Low Todd, a witness from Bedford County.
  (107) James Harmon exempted from levy--great age and infirmity.
  (107) Martha Miller relinquished dower in land conveyed by her husband, John Miller, to David Stewart.
  (107) William Armstrong, eldest son and heir of James Armstrong, decd., qualified administrator c. t. a.
  (108) David McCawrins petitions that Silas Hart detains his daughter Margaret--Silas to be summoned.

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  (108) Joseph Wilson, orphan of George Wilson, aged 12, to be bound to James Laird.
  (108) George Bush took the oaths for naturalization.
  (109) Margaret Leeper qualified administratrix of her deceased husband, James Leeper. William Beard, greatest creditor, qualifies administrator of John Sheldon.
  (113) New Commission--John Chiswell, John Buchanan, John Wilson, Silas Hart, Andrew Lewis, James Lockhart, Richard Woods, Robert Breckinridge, Patrick Martin, Wm. Preston, Alexr. Sayers, John Bowyer, John Dickenson, John Christian, Francis Tyler, Daniel Smith, John Archer, James Buchanan, Archd. Alexander, Israel Christian, Mathew Patton, John Maxwell, John Poage, James Lockridge, Felix Gilbert, Abraham Smith, James Trimble, Charles Lewis, Samuel McDowell, George Moffett, Benj. Hawkins, Francis Kirtley, Andrew Bird--dated 16 April, 1763.

JUNE 22, 1763.

  (114) George Helvick, orphan, aged three years and four months, to be bound to Wm. Fleming, gent.
  (115) Viewers appointed for a road from South River above Joseph Hanah's over Coles's Ford to Mathew Thompson's.
  (117) Will of Malcomb Campbell proved--the executors refuse to act, as also Isabella, the widow, and Elizabeth Campbell qualifies.
  (118) Commission for examination of Ann, wife of Samuel Caldwell.
  (120 ) Robt. Rowland, security for Margaret Rentfro, late Margaret Looney, admx. of her deceased husband, asks counter security.
  (122) Petition of John Anderson vs. Rev. John Craig, for detaining him as a slave. Deposition of Joel Barker, taken in Brunswick County, shows that Anderson is son of a free white woman and was bound by the Church Wardens of the Parish of Saint Andrews, in Bmnswick County, to serve till 21, and he is now of that age. Judgment of the Court that he be released.

JUNE 23, 1763.

  (124) Commission for examination of Margaret, wife of James McCown.
  (131) Thomas and Robert McCullough, witnesses from Albemarle.
  (132) John Campbell committed for abusing Henry Fillbrick and disturbing the Court. Charles Campbell committed for abusing the Court.
  (133) George Clark and George Hope--jurors.

JUNE 24, 1763.

  (134) Benj. Bennett--juror.
  (135) John Maury, James Horner.
  (136) Thomas Paxton, millwright--juror.
  (138) Richard Williams and Abby vs. Ezekiel Richardson and Mary.
  (138) Robert Graham, admr. of Florenee Graham, decd., vs. Joseph Vachub--abates by death of plaintiff.
  (138) Alexr. Read--juror.

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  (139) Liquors rated.
  (139) John Caldwell vs. James Kennedy } Alexr. Reed, witness from Amherst.
  (142) Ephraim Hubbard--juror.

JUNE 25, 1763.

  (162) John Crank returned no inhabitant.
  (164) Joseph Waughub vs. Robert Graham } Abates by death of defendant.
  (189) Robt. Graham, assignee Timothy Sullivan, vs. Thomas Mann--abates by death of plaintiff.
  (211) Complaint of James Reaburn vs. Wm, McMollen, for ill-using his apprentice, Henry Reaburn, is dismissed as frivolous.
  (212) Henry Reaburn, aged 16, orphan of Edward Reaburn, chose James Reaburn his guardian.

AUGUST 16, 1763.

  (212) Andrew Lewis, qualified Lieut. of the County; Wm. Preston, qualified Colonel of the County; Walter Cunningham, qualified Captain of Militia; Alexr. McClenachan, qualified Captain of Militia; William Crow, qualified Captain of Militia; John McClenachan, Michael Bowyer and David Long, qualified Lieutenants of Militia; James Ward, qualified Ensign of Militia.
  (213) John Bowyer qualified Captain of Militia.
  (213) Ann Clendenning qualified admx. of her husband, Archd. Clendenning.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1763.

  (213) Called Court for examination of Hugh Beard, charged with feloniously biting the ear of Wm. Farris--not guilty.
  (214) Same of Joseph Garrot, on suspicion of felony--not guilty of stealing, but of receiving stolen goods--35 lashes.
  (214) Same of Priscilla Hughes for felony--guilty--Grand Jury.
  (215) Ann Kinkead qualified admx. of her husband, Burrough Kinkead.
  (216) Rebecca Dougherty qualified admx. of husband, Charles Dougherty.
  (217) James Wordlaw, as greatest creditor, qualified admr. of Thomas Jones. James and John Gilmore qualify admrs. Thomas Gilmore. Wm. Gilmore qualified admr. of Wm. Culberts.
  (211) Wm. McKee qualified Lieutenant of Militia.
  (218) Henry Larkin bound to peace towards Andrew Brown. Jacob Cooper, an orphan, to be bound to Saml. Paxton. Power of attorney from Wm. Young to John Madison partially proved and to lie for further proof.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1763.

  (219) Saml. McDowell qualifies admr. of John Woods. James McDowell

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qualifies Captain of Militia. Felix Gilbert qualifies admr. of John Murphy. Felix Gilbert qualifies admr. of John Williams.
  (220) Felix Gilbert qualifies admr. of Lawrence Huntsman.
  (224) John Ray appointed Constable in lower end of County. Patrick Frazier qualified admr. of James Underwood. George Teater, garnishee.
  (227) Complaint of John Lynn, that Silas Hart detains him contrary to law,continued.
  (230 ) Agnes Bush, an orphan, to be bound out to John Montgomerie.
  (230) Sarah Griffith, servant of John Hamilton.
  (233) Robt. Curry qualified Ensign of Militia.
  (235) Daniel Holdman, a witness from Frederick. John Heren--a witness.
  (237) John Strain, Adam Edgar, jurors.
  (238) Saml. Davidson, a witness from Albemarle.
  (239) Charles Marlow, an orphan of 11 years and 9 months, the 4th of this inst., until 21, to Jesse Harrison, he teaching him to read and write according to the condition of a former indenture.
  (239) John Greenlee qualified Lieutenant of Militia.
  (240) Wm. Edmiston qualified Lieutenant of Militia. Samuel Edmiston qualified Ensign of Militia.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1763.

  (248) Jane Pickett, a witness.
  (249) James Gregory, orphan, aged 16, to be bound out to Saml. Varner.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1763.

  (254) George Wilson vs. John Williams--Abates by death of defendant.
  (255) Joseph Kenaday returned no inhabitant.
  (269) Nicholas Mildeborger--special bail.
  (286) Chas. Julian vs. Alexr. McClenachan.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (293) Thos. McGregor--juryman.
  (296) John Trimble and two others and 597 acres added to tithables. Walter Trimble and 159 acres added to tithables.
  (303) James Kenady vs. Josiah Ridgway.--Deft. returned no inhabitant.
  (304) Felix Gilbert vs. John Murphy.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (305) Thos. Armstrong and Ann, his wife, late Ann Stewart, admx. of James Stewart, summoned to render account.
  (306) Bowyer and McDowell vs. James Jackson.--Abates by death of defendant.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1763.

  (320) Thomas Bowyer, with his man, John Domnark, added to tithables.

NOVEMBER 9, 1763.

  (324) Court of Oyer and Terminer for trial of Tom, slave, for murder of John Harrison by shooting in back. Confessed ; judgt. guilty, and that he be hanged by the neck on Saturday, 19th inst., and his head be severed

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