Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. VII. (cont.)

AUGUST 21, 1762.

  (302) Davys Colmer, Clerk, vs. Robt. McClenachan--judgment.
  (302) Samuel Easlick, Daniel Maupin, James Means--jurors.
  (305) Nicholas Hedrick vs. Jacob and Adam Pence } Decree that Adam convey the land when he becomes 21 years.
  (305) Israel Christian vs. Margaret Patterson, only daughter and heir-at-law of Erwin Patterson--Decree for conveyance by Margaret when she becomes 21, or three months after.
  (306) Israel Christian released to George Wilson his interest in a bill of sale now on record to him from Robt. Adair.

AUGUST 23, 1762.

  (308) Robert Graham returned no inhabitant.
  (308) John McMahon vs. George Anderson } Sheriff returns on the attachment that he could find no estate of defendant.
  (310) Beverley's Executors vs. John Gay and Wm. Hamilton and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Gay, Executor of Wm. Gay, decd.--Agreed.
  (311) John Knox returned no inhabitant. Saml. Johnston returned no inhabitant.
  (313) Samuel Hutton security.
  (314) James Milligan, returned no inhabitant.
  (315) Thomas Lloyd, returned no inhabitant.
  (317) Archd. Hopkins, special bail.
  (324) Henry Maury, juror.

AUGUST 24, 1762.

  (329) Napthalum Gregory vs. Stephen Wilson--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (335) Henry Chapman, returned no inhabitant.
  (336) Joseph Donaldson, returned no inhabitant.
  (337) On motion of Eleanor, widow of Hugh Thompson, it is ordered that Commissioners lay off and assign her her dower in the said land which James Thompson, the heir-at-law, hath conveyed to Saml. Henderson.
  (339) John Stagg, a garnishee.
  (340) John Laney returned no inhabitant.

AUGUST 25, 1762.

  (341) Archd. Clendenning appointed Constable on the waters of the Greenbrier.
  (343) Robert Campbell and James Taylor, returned no inhabitants.
  (353) William and Samuel Tencher, witnesses.

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NOVEMBER 16, 1762.

  (355) Boslen Hover, grand juryman. James Moody, reason great age and infirmity, exempted from levy. John Brooks, deceased, Wm. Wilson qualified administrator.
  (356) County levy. To Nathaniel Wiltshire, wolfhead; to Evick Thomas, wolfhead; to Patrick Duffey, guarding the jail.
  (357) To George Dunkill, wolfhead; to Wm. Hide, building a jailor's house, 139, 15, or 33,540 lbs. tobacco.
  (358) James Gatlive, decd., Robt. Montgomerie qualified administrator. Rebecca, wife of Abraham Hite, release dower in deed to John Wright. John Inzer, reason age and infirmity, exempted from County levy.

NOVEMBER 17, 1762.

  (359) Jane, wife of James Thompson, releases dower in deed to Samuel Henderson. John Mason's orphans to be bound out. William Wallace added to tithables. James Wallace added to tithables.
  (359) Michael Williams, aged 17, and George Williams, aged 15 years, to be bound to Augustine Price. Thomas Peerie's will produced and order to summon witnesses. Commission for private examination of James Simpson's wife, Jane, in deed to John Handley. John Hunter, with two others, added to tithables.
  (361) James McGill, qualified Lieutenant of Militia. James Hook, qualified Ensign of Militia.
  (362) Ezekiel Drady, an orphan, to be bound to Wm. Scot.

NOVEMBER 18, 1762.

  (363) Egnier Verden, witness to will of John Wright.
  (363) Benj. Harrison, Andrew Bird and Abraham Bird took the oaths as Captains of Militia.
  (364) Daniel Smith appointed guardian ad litem for Mary Harrison, an infant, vs. Andrew Hamilton.
  (364) Saml. Harrison vs. Alexr. Herron } Commission to take depositions of Jeremiah Harrison, Senior and Junior.
  (364) John Carlile and Mary Carlile are appointed guardians for Ruth and Isabella Clemons, orphans of Jacob Clemons.
  (364) John McKem, executor in will of James Gray, summoned to show cause why he has not proved the will.
  (365) Margaret Woods vs. Thomas Loyd } Sheriff attached--One bottle rhubarb, 1 paper rhubarb, 14 boxes Lockyer's pills, 3 bottles Daffy's Elixir, some spirits of hartshorn, 2 papers senna, 1 paper black brimstone, 1 gally pot and vial.
  (366) John Ramsey vs. John Hamilton } Sheriff attached a wagon.
  (388) Michael Waring (Warren), juror

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  (389) Michael Bowyer and James McDowell given permission to erect a house 18 feet in length on the lot belonging to the County fronting the street near William Crow's, they agreeing the said house shall belong to the County at the expiration of Rob. McClenachan's lease of the old Court House.

NOVEMBER 19, 1762.

  (390) James Lawson, decd.--John Smith appointed administrator.
  (390) Bingamon and wife to Thomas Staunton, Sr., deed. Bingamon and wife to Thomas Staunton, Jr., deed.
  (391) John Weltshire, Alexr. Sayers and Jacob Castle, to view and report value of improvements by John Staunton on two tracts on New River. Jane, widow of John Erwin, renounced the will.
  (392) Thomas Fitzpatrick refused in open Court to take the usual oaths to his Majesty's person and government when tendered to him. Joseph Herndon, decd.--Rob. Kinkade qualified administrator. Wm. McGill, Benj. Kinsey, jurors.
  (394) John Goldsmith, Joseph Jenkins, jurors.
  (395) James Deniston, servant of John Christian.

NOVEMBER 20, 1762.

  (396) William Smith petitions that Rob. Graham. to whom he was bound, has not complied with the tenor of the indenture, and William is discharged from further servitude.
  (398) John Carpenter returned no inhabitant.
  (401) Richard Doggett and Rhoda, late Rhoda Evans, vs. Abraham Dunklebery--Abates by death of defendant.
  (401) Cornelius Bogard returned no inhabitant.
  (404) John Slaven--witness.

NOVEMBER 22, 1762.

  (406) William Holton vs. John Burk } Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (408) Frederick Goile, returned no inhabitant.
  (410) James Littlepage returned no inhabitant.
  (418) Nicholas Mase--defendant.
  (435) Thorp and Stumps vs. James Emacks and John Cocks.
  (441) John Thompson, Henry Ferguson and Hugh Mills to view the nearest and best way from the Stone House to Bedford Line.
  (442) Christian Evick vs. Andrew Full } Defendant returned no inhabitant.

NOVEMBER 23, 1762.

  (448) John Poage, gent., took the usual oaths to his Majesty, &c., which were ordered to be certified.

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FEBRUARY 15, 1763.

  (449) Commission for private examination of Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Fought.
  (450) Alexr. Anderson, decd.--Saml. Huston qualified administrator as greatest creditor.
  (450) Commission for examination of Christ, wife of Rob. Fletcher.
  (450) James Gatliff, decd.--administration heretofore granted to Robt. Montgomerie is revoked and granted to the widow, Martha.
  (451) Commission for examination of Jane, wife of Andrew Brown. Commission for examination of Barbara, wife of Adam Reed.
  (451) James Warrington to be bound to John Cunningham.
  (452) Fredk. Frits, a garnishee. Henry Heath, a garnishee.
  (452) Motion William Mann, John Graham, late guardian of David Graham summoned to account.
  (452) James Lapsley, having been committed to jail as a vagrant and idle person, is discharged, no person appearing to make good the complaint.
  (452) James David refuses to qualify executor of James Young.

FEBRUARY 16, 1763.

  (453) Danl. Lawrence, decd.--John Lawrence qualifies administrator.
  (453) Jeremiah Osborn and Charles Wolson prove the will of Anthony Bogard. Adam Rotherback, an appraiser.
  (457) Samuel Vernold, appointed viewer. James Gatlive (Gatliff) 's appraisement.
  (458) John Bingamon to Thos. Staunton, Jr. Ann Croxan, servant of Mary Greenlee.
  (459) James Young's will proved by one witness and lies for further proof.
  (460) David McCoumus, witness.
  (461) Commission for examination of Agnes, wife of Wm. Wilson.

FEBRUARY 17, 1763.

  (462) John Johnson, aged 18, orphan of Arthur Johnson, chose Daniel Smith his guardian.
  (462) Margaret Van Pelt qualified admx. of her late decd. husband, Peter Bowman.
  (462) John Anderson petitions that Rev. John Craig detains him as a slave, contrary to law. Rev. John is summoned and it is further requested that he allow Anderson to go to Brunswick County to summon his witnesses.
  (468) Robert Knox, juror.
  (468) Nicholas Hamner, witness from Albemarle.

FEBRUARY 18, 1763.

  (477) Andrew Russell, with two tithables, William Palmer, William Martin, Alexr. McDonald, Wm. Thompson, Alexr. Thompson, John Thompson, George Caldwell and his two sons. Wm. Henderson and John Wallace, to work the road from Christian's Creek to Rockfeil Gap.

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  (477) John Bowyer, gent., having been fined by justices for gaming in a public house, appealed to the Court when he appeared and confessed, and judgment for fine and costs.
  (480) George and John Francisco committed for debt.

FEBRUARY 19, 1763.

  (482) Sheriff ordered to purchase a pair of iron dogs for the Court House chimney and employ workmen to repair the hearth.
  (482) John Bowyer offers 12 sh. 7 pnc. for what over tobacco is levied in the country proportion for this County.--Accepted.
  (484) John Dickenson, gent.. acknowledged a power of attorney to John Boller, which is ordered to be certified.
  (486) Jacob Parsinger and Catharine, late Catharine Pence, vs. Miller, executor of Pence.
  (486) Viewers for road from Stone House to James McAfee's, or James McCown's, on Catapo, viz: Edward Garwin and James McCune.
  (487) Coutts and Crosse vs. Alexander Anderson } Abates by death of defendant. See page 501 also.
  (495) Thos. Patton appointed Constable. James Ward, goaler.

FEBRUARY 21, 1763.

  (497) Archibald Cunningham returned no inhabitant.
  (504) Malcomb Campbell vs. Joseph Cravens } Abates by death of defendant.
  (504) Robert Lusk vs. James Greenlee } Abates by death of defendant.

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