Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. VII. (cont.)

  (156) Rob. Armstrong is appointed guardian of Lydia, James and Jane Armstrong orphans of James Armstrong. William Wilson, orphan of John Wilson, chose Roger Keys his guardian. Church Wardens to bind out John and Christian Stiffey, Walter, James and Francis Dunn. Children of Philip Hoofman to be bound out. Commission for examination of Rachel, wife of Andrew Kerr. John Stuart, orphan of James Stuart, to be bound out.
  (157) Ordered that Michael O'Hara, aged 12, September 1lth last, be bound to Alexander Millroy. Jane Lettimore, servant of Alexr. Stewart. John Stuart, orphan of James Stuart, aged 14, chose Henry Murray his guardian. James Stuart, aged 18, orphan of James Stuart, chose John Hamilton his guardian. Ralph Stuart, aged 15, orphan of James Stuart, chose Robt. Stuart his guardian. Ordered that the following orphans be bound: William Meek to William Warwick, Mary Meek to Andrew Settleton, Martha Meek to James Walker, James Meek to William Wilson, Jane Meek to Moses Moore.

FEBRUARY 18, 1762.

  (158) Commission for examination of Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Lusk.
  (159) Moore vs. Geo. Anderson } John Anderson, a garnishee, declares he has one clock belonging to defendant.
  (159) Orphans of Geo. Shillinger to be bound.
  (161) Lawrence Huntsman, a garnishee.
  (162) Solomon Turpin to view a road.

FEBRUARY 19, 1762.

  (163) James Bane's negro Coco adjudged 11 years.
  (164) John Lewis, gent., vs. Margaret Bell--abates by death of plaintiff.
  (164) Will of Hugh Thompson proved by one witness--lies over for further proof.
  (165) Eleanor Morgan, servant of John Bowen, arrived in this Colony 3d June last.

FEBRUARY 20, 1762.

  (166) Philip Fagan, a witness.
  (166) Thos. Lewis obtained certificate for 3,393 lbs. hemp.
  (167) Joseph Maynard--a witness.

FEBRUARY 22, 1762.

  (168) Called Court on Andrew Little, charged with stealing--guilty and 39 lashes.
  (169) Francis Gernor, a juryman.
  (170) Wm. Lapsley vs. Wm. Johnston--abates by death of plaintiff.
  (170) Francis Gardner, juryman--see page 169, supra.

FEBRUARY 23, 1762.

  (171) Minute says 1761, but must be 1762.

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  (172) Suit abates by death of James Leister.
  (172) David Frames vs. Joseph Hannah--Set for hearing on bill and answer, and parties allowed to examine witnesses on the trial.
  (173) James Mitchell vs. James Lockhart and Sampson Mathews--Agreed case submitted, viz: Joseph Love made power of attorney to his wife Margaret, 22 Dec., 1752. Margaret executed mortgage to plaintiff, 1753, of a slave. The debt was paid, except 15, 10. Defendants seized the slave upon attachment, but he made his escape. Plaintiff had seized the slave to satisfy the 15, 10. Slave died in hands of James and Sampson.
  (176) James Burnsides vs. James and John Jackson--John Jordan security.
  (181) Wm. Lapsley vs. Wm. Johnston--Abates by death of defendant. See page 170.supra.
  (183) Nicholas, etc. vs. Jacob and Adam Pence--Catherine Pence, mother of defendant, Adam, appointed guardian ad litem.
  (187) Valentine Butcher--bail.
  (188) Davis Colmer, removed out of the County.
  (195) Wm. Hadden--a juryman.
  (196) Wm. Robinson appointed guardian ad litem for Elizabeth Robinson, orphan of John Robinson, at suit of David Robinson.

FEBRUARY 24, 1762.

  (198) Wm. Carr, assignee, vs. John Chambers--Defendant having made oath that he is not the person indebted--dismissed.
  (204) Thos. Fulton vs. Robt. Buckley--Sheriff has attached 31 wigs, 6 razors, and beds, chairs, etc.
  (204) Sampson Mathews declares that he saw Joseph Love bite off the left ear of John Noland--certified.

MARCH 18, 1762.

  (204) Called Court, examination of John Bocock, for stealing 75, Committed for trial at General Court.
  (205) Same of Ann Williams, for stealing 100. Guilty and same. Same of Edward Kelly--same judgment.

MARCH 19, 1762.

  (206) James Carmickle and Adam McCormick, for stealing--acquitted.
  (206) Thomas Brown, breaking the store house of Alexr. Boyd. Acquitted.

APRIL 5, 1762.

  (207) James Carmickle and Adam McCormick; for stealing. Convicted and sent to General Court.
  (207) Thomas Liddle, for stealing--acquitted.
  (208) Charles Alsberry, for stealing--acquitted. John Nugent, for stealing--acquitted.

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MAY 18, 1762.

  (208) John Hicklin appointed Constable, vice Adam Jordan.
  (210) Commission for examination of Hannah, wife of John Miller.
  (211) John Herd--appraiser.
  (211) Following received certificates for naturalization: Henry Stone, Sebastian Hover, Gabriel Kyle, Henry Peninger, Woolrick Coonrod, Mack Swadley, John Dunkle, Michael Mallow, Michael Props, George Hammer, Nicholas Havenor, Henry Pickle, Ludwick Havener, Frederick Easter.
  (213) Peter Tresler. (See Index to Judgments.)
  (214) Robt. Breckinridge appointed guardian to Peter Looney, an infant, to prosecute a suit in Chancery against his grandfather, Robert Looney.
  (214) Margaret Gragg, late Margaret Johnston, has since married William Gragg.
  (214) Saml. Scot, orphan of Saml. Scot--Wm. Pickens, guardian. Commission for Jane, wife of James Thompson.
  (215) John Duncan to be bound to John Moore to learn trade of a joiner, and Moore qualifies guardian of Duncan, who is orphan of James Duncan.
  (215) David Sayers qualifies guardian of Joseph, orphan of James Duncan. Janet Duncan, same as to James Duncan.
  (215) Mary Folley (Tolley ?), servant of James Alexander.

MAY 19, 1762.

  (215) John Hopkins and John Herdman, surveyors of highway, from Ephraim Love's to James Wait's.
  (216) Fenix Shalpman appointed Surveyor.
  (217) Peter, Elizabeth, Hannah, Barbara, Catherine, orphans of Jacob Rodcap, to be bound to Geo. Hollowback. Moses Maiden to be bound.
  (217) Commission for examination of Zurubiah, wife of Gabriel Pickens.
  (218) John Bush, a soldier under Capt. John Blagg, arrested for debt.
  (218) Neomi Hill vs. Rob. McGarry--Abates by marriage of plaintiff.

MAY 20, 1762.

  (223) Robert Fletcher--witness.
  (224) Samuel Ferguson--prays and is allowed to sue in forma pauperis.
  (224) Patrick Hara, Thos. Brannon, John Hays, soldiers, march into Court with their hats on and insult the Court. Committed to jail during pleasure.
  (226) Isabella Lorrimer, a witness; John Lorrimer, a witness; Robt. Belshire a witness; Robt. Duffell, a witness; Isabella Johnson, a witness.
  (226) George Anderson declared insolvent. James Buntin--juror.
  (227) Thos. Cooper, servant of Robt. Campbell.
  (228) Robert Moseley, witness from Prince William, 140 miles.
  (229) Robert Young, aged 18, orphan of Robert Young, chose James Young his guardian.
  (229) Road to be viewed from Dove's to Capt. John Dickinson's.

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MAY 22, 1762.

  (231) William Smith, servant of Robt. Graham.
  (232) John Stewart vs. James Crawford } Slander--judgment for plaintiff.
  (233) Thomas Moore, Quaker, an arbitrator. 42, 3, 9, Penna. money == 33, 15.
  (234) Road ordered from Graham's Clearing to Catawbo.
  (234) Thos. Tosh appointed Constable, vice Uriah Acres.
  (234) Road from Jones's Ford to John Scots.
  (236) Joseph Ray produced the books of James Leister and swore to the entries and charges which were made by himself.

MAY 24, 1762.

  (237) Isaac McDonald, returned no inhabitant.
  (238) Daniel Smith, Mathew Patton and Michael Mallow, surviving partners of Robt. Harrison, vs. Wm. Crow.
  (241) Esther Brown vs. John Daily--Abates by death of Esther.
  (245) John Robinson, Richard Tunstall and James Mills, executors of Wm. Beverley, vs. William and Andrew Hamilton.
  (249) On motion of John Dickinson, gent., it is ordered to be certified that he a known and commonly reputed to be the only son and heir of Adam Dickinson, late of this county, deceased.
  (251) Simon Robinson petitions that he has been at considerable expense in conveying from Roanoke three prisoners committed by Israel Christian--allowed l, 10.
  (253) Liquors rated. James Young, a juror impanneled, failed to answer when called; fined and suit continued. Alexr. McClenachan, Thos. Crow, Joseph Bell, George Francisco, disturbed the Court by playing at ball, and are fined.
  (253) James Ewing qualified Captain of Militia.

MAY 25, 1762.

  (255) Neomi Hill vs. Jonathan Douglas--Abates by marriage of plaintiff.
  (270) Israel Christian petitions that he bought, in 1756, 6410 lbs. tobacco levied by the Country proportion in Lunenburg for use of this County, and sold it to Horden Burley, but it turned out there was only 3410 lbs. due and Burley lost 30, 4, 2, which Sheriff is ordered to pay.
  (270) James Underwood exempted from County levy.
  (270) Alexr. Hay returned no inhabitant.

AUGUST 16, 1762.

  (281) Called Court on Elizabeth Smith for stealing--39 lashes.

AUGUST 17, 1762.

  (282) Malcom Allen, with his son, Hugh, added to tithables.

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  (282) Martha Givens, wife of Saml. Givens, relinquished dower in 151 acres conveyed to Saml. Henderson.
  (283) Indenture of apprenticeship from John Edwards to Wm. Hide--recorded.
  (284) Agnes Tosh qualifies admx. of Tasker Tosh, her husband, decd.
  (284) Wm. Edmondson notifies the Court that Mary Drumer lately died at his house leaving a very small estate--ordered to be sold and William's debt paid.

AUGUST 18, 1762.

  (285) Alexander Love, a garnishee.
  (286) Margaret Craven filed account of her administration of estate of her late husband, Wm. Dyer. Robert Looney exempted from County levy.
  (286) Andrew Smith's will proved by one witness and ordered to lie for further proof. Henry Peninger qualified administrator.
  (287) James Coursay, orphan of Brush Coursay, ordered bound to George Francisco.
  (288) Israel Christian vs. George Salling } George Salling, garnishee.
  (288) John Henderson complains of his father, George Henderson, setting forth that he uses him ill--George summoned.
  (289) Edward Warner, witness to will of Mathew Erwin. William English exempted from County levy. Mary Gregory qualifies admx. of her deceased husband, Naphthalum Gregory. Samuel Steel, with two others, added to tithables. James Steel, John Steel, John Findley, and John Findley, Jr. added to tithables.

AUGUST 19, 1762.

  (291) Commission for examination of Mary, wife of William Johnston.
  (291) Alexr. and John Collier, Saml. Lindsay, James Clemons--jurors.
  (292) Israel Christian complains that John Bowyer, gent., interrupted and ill-used him in his efforts to suppress gaming--bound over to Grand Jury.
  (293) James and Joseph Scot, orphans of John, chose David Scot their guardian. Philip Phagan, Saml. Tencher. Joseph Kenaday abused the Court while sitting and is fined.
  (294) Skidmore Mousey, a juror.
  (295) Elizabeth Chittam, a witness from Frederick. Will of John Lewis presented and witnesses ordered to be summoned.

AUGUST 20, 1762.

  (297) Margaret Farrell, servant of Andrew Greer, complains of ill-usage by her master, but Court orders 25 lashes.
  (298) Saml. Easlick, Daniel Mausume, jurors. John Seviar, witness from Frederick. James Deniston, servant of John Christian, gent.
  (301) Mary Boughan, servant of George Wilson.

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