Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MAY 19, 1761.

  (1) New Commission of Justices.
  (3) Mary McClune, widow of Nathaniel, qualifies admx. c. t. a.
  (3) Agnes Buchanan qualifies admx. of her late husband, James McFarron, decd., now wife of Archibald Buchanan.
  (4) Commission ordered to privily examime Martha Givens, wife of Givens, as to deed to Saml. Bell.
  (5) James Hughes (with James Lockhart, security), ordinary license.
  (5) Johnston Hill's will presented, but Court, being satisfied he was non compos, it is set aside.

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  (6) Mary Brown qualifies admx. of her decd. husband, William Brown. John Graham fined for calling Israel Christian a rogue, a cheat and a rascal. Josiah Davidson, orphan of Danl. Davidson, aged 16 years, chose John Harrison his guardian.

MAY 20, 1761.

  (9) Lilley Bowen qualifies admx. of Moses Bowen. Maundling and Philipina Kinsley to be bound out. Rebecca Roberts, a mulatto, given her freedom.
  (10) Wm. Hamilton, reason of great age and infirmity, exempted from County levy.
  (10) Nathan Abbott and Andrew Knight, witnesses from Hanover.
  (14) Hugh Green, reason great age and infirmity, exempted from levy.
  (15) Benj. Harrison qualified admr. of Gideon Harrison.
  (16) Saml. McDowell's mark recorded. Saml. McClure, witness from Louisa.

MAY 21, 1761.

  (16) Saml. McDowell and Richd. Woods appointed guardians to Samuel, Arthur, Elizabeth, Esther and Charles, orphans of Charles Woods, decd.
  (17) Commission ordered for privy examination of Elizabeth, wife of John Drapier.
  (18) William Hobleman appointed Constable, Long's saw mill to Andrew Scot's.
  (19) Gowen West, servant of George Moffett.
  (20) James Pollock, witness. Absalam Bilbo, witness from Culpeper.
  (21) John McDonald bound to the peace towards John Pickens.

MAY 22, 1761.

  (30) Neomi Hill qualifies admx. of Johnston Hill.
  (31) Widow of John Colley summoned to show why she does not provide for her children in a Christianlike manner.
  (31) Commission ordered to take deposition of Sampson Archer, about to remove out of the Colony.
  (31) Luke Bowyer, aged 16, orphan of Michael Bowyer, chose John Bowyer his guardian.

MAY 23, 1761.

  (31) Neilly vs. Erwin Patterson--abates by death of defendant.
  (33) Givens vs. Holt Richardson--defendant being removed out of County--dismissed.
  (36) Erwin Patterson vs. Mathew Emack--plaintiff having died since last Court.
  (47) John Cunningham to his son, Walter--deed acknowledged.
  (47) Commission for privy examination of Agatha, wife of John Madison. Commission for privy examination of Alice, wife of Henry Brown, in deed to Thos. Walker--report recorded.
  (48) Rating of liquors, diet and lodging.

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MAY 25, 1761.

  (49) Examination of Edward McGarry, on suspicion of felony. Principal begged the Court to consider his unhappy circumstances, and prayed the Court that he receive his punishment immediately without further trial. Given his choice of standing in the pillory for one-quarter hour or be removed to Williamsburg for trial--chose the former.

JUNE 17, 1761.

  (49) Called Court for examination of Robt. McGarry, on suspicion of his breaking the jail and setting at large Edward McGarry and other prisoners. Acquitted.

AUGUST 18, 1761.

  (50) Robert Armstrong, reason great age and infirmity exempted from County levy.
  (51) James McClure's will proved. Wm. Beard and Wm. McClure, two of the witnesses, are dead, and John McClure, eldest son and heir of decd., appeared and said he had no objection to proving the will, it is recorded. Wm. McClure, one of the executors named, is also dead, and Wm. Givens, the other executor, lives in South Carolina. Admn. is granted to James McClure, son of decd.
  (52) John McAdoe and Neill McNeill--appraisers. Samuel, son of Joseph Rutherford, exempted from County levy.
  (53) Joseph White exempted fmn payment of County levy.
  (52.2) (Two pages, numbered 52 and 53.) Thomas Meek appointed guardian of Wm. Meek, orphan of John Meek.
  (53.2) John McFarron qualified admr. of his son, John, Jr.
Frederick Easter appointed guardian of Daniel and Catherine Mouse (?)--Mouse (y)--infants of Daniel Mouse.
Archd. Buchanan appointed guardian to John McFarron, orphan of James McFarron. In consideration of this appointment Archd. agrees to educate, clothe and bring up at his own expense the orphan, and when of age pay him the estate with lawful interest.
Margaret Gray complains that her husband, James, abuses her, and James is summoned--also Geo. Malcom and Sara summoned as witnesses.
  (54) Martha Givens, wife of Saml. Givens, relinquishes dower to Saml. Henderson.
  (54) Jane Evans, late Jane Looney, prays for admn. on her husband's estate, heretofore granted to David Looney, and David summoned.
  (54) Robert Adair appointed Constable in Staunton, vice Samuel Cloyd.

AUGUST 19, 1761.

  (55) Thomas Paxton, reason of great age and infirmity, relieved of levy.

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  (55) Mary Miller, now wife of John Miller, qualifies admx. of her former husband, John Ingles.
  (56) Henry Smith and Johm Malcome, to view ground from Mr. Hart's to the Meeting House on Cook's Creek, for road.
  (56) Thomas Walker relinquishes his right to a piece of land lying in Burk's Garden to Patton's executors.
  (56) Commission for privy examination of Sarah, wife of James Trimble.
  (57) Elizabeth Black qualifies admx. of her deceased hushand, Anthony Black. John McAnulty declared bankrupt and discharged. Thomas Jones died possessed of a very small estate--Sheriff ordered to take possession.
  (58) John Skean appointed guardian of Elianor Milsap.
  (59) Among articles levied on by attachment is a horse running near the Town of Staunton.
  (59) David Corlock, reason age and infirmity, to be levy free.
  (60) Martha Jackson produced an account of her administration of her late husband, William Claypole's, estate. Ann Bryans, servant of Wm. Baskins.
  (61) Gowin West, servant of Geo. Moffett. Robert Hill, orphan of Johnston Hill, 16 yrs old, chose Danl. Smith guardian. Danl. Harrison appd. and quald. guardian to Jane Claypole, infant orphan of Wm. Claypole.

AUGUST 20, 1761.

  (62) John Chambers exempted from County levy.
  (62) Fulton vs. Edward McGarry } Rob. Shankland and Rob. McGarry produced bills of sale for horses levied on, which were declared fraudulent.
  (62) Margaret Patterson, heir at law of Erwin Patterson.
  (64) Mark Mallcome--a juror. Theobald Meigham, a witness from Amherst.
  (66) Smith vs. Miller } Judgt. for 12 sh.--but being under 5, suit is dismissed with cost vs. pl.

AUGUST 21, 1761.

  (68) John Furnis--witness.

AUGUST 22, 1761.

  (71) Archibald Bryce, gent., represents that the store lately kept by him in the Town of Staunton is broken up and the company and partnership is dissolved; proved by oath the accounts on the store book; the store was the property of Coutts & Crosse.
  (72) Charles Syms--a. witness.

AUGUST 24, 1761.

  (81) Edward McGarry returned no inhabitant.

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  (81) See the many suits vs. Edward.
  (84) Robert Harrison vs. McAnulty--abates by Robert's death.
  (86) 113, 7, Pennsylvania money = 99, 3, 9, Virginia money.
  (90) Adam Stevens returned so inhabitant.
  (91) Mary Montgomerie, mother of Elizabeth Robinson, appointed guardian ad litem for Elizabeth.
  (94) David Edwards vs. Thos. Jones--abates by death of plaintiff.
  (96) Tbomas Pointer returned no inhabitant. Saml. Gay returned no inhabitant.
  (102) Order to summons John Grymes on complaint of Wm. Grymes, orphan of David Grymes, dismissed.

NOVEMBER 17, 1761.

  (104) Commission for privy examination of Catherine, wife of John White--deed to William Peoples.
  (106) County Levy. To John Porter, wolf; Francis Graham, wolf; John McKamy, wolf; John Hughes, wolf; John Cunningham, jailer.
  (106) Commission for privy examination of Mary, wife of Edward Beard.
  (106) George Martin added to list of tithables.
  (107) Daniel Love represents that he was security for Margaret Johnston, admx. of Arthur Johnston, but she has since married Wm. Gregg--prays counter security.
  (107) William Hutcheson, George's son.

NOVEMBER 18, 1761.

  (107) John Buchanan qualified Sheriff.
  (108) Privy examination of Jane, wife of Wm. Sprowl. Felix Gilbert and Randal Lockhart qualified vestrymen. Thomas Smith, servant of John Graham. Elianer Roberts, servant of Wm. Holdman. Margaret, widow of Francis McCown, rejected the provision for her in his will.
  (109) Joseph Wright does not provide for his children and Church Wardens ordered to bind tbem out.
  (110) John and Saml. Moore bound to peace tomards John Thompson. James Galespy exempted from levy; reason, age and infirmity.

NOVEMBER 19, 1761.

  (111) Meeting House on Cook's Creek
  (112) John Files--attachments of all personal effects.
  (115) Valentine Yoacum, witness from Bedford.
  (115) Commission for examination of Jane, wife of James Beard.
  (115) Thomas Gilmore vs. George Wilson } Agreed case submitted, viz: During the late war the Indians came to the plantation where plaintiff lived, and after killing his father and mother, robbed them and plaintiff of almost everything they had, and amongst other things, the horse in dispute. Defendant and several

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others pursued the Indians several days and retook great part of the things belonging to the plaintiff. The inhabitants of Car's Creek, the plaintiff not one of them, offered to any persons that would go after the Indians and redeem the prisoners they should have all plunder belonging to them.
  (116) Joseph Jenkins--witness.
  (118) Robert Poage qualified Captain of Militia.

NOVEMBER 20, 1761.

  (118) James Holles, juryman. George Woolridge, juryman. Lazarus Inmace, juryman.
  (119) Wm. Griffith exempted from County levy.
  (124) Craven Taylor, an infant, to be bound to John Dickinson.
  (125) Dated 20th but probably 21st, as 20th is on page 118.
  (129) Elizabeth Waters vs. James Littlepage--abates by plaintiff's marriage.
  (133) John McMahon and Richd. Stockdon, bail for Rob. McMahon.
  (140) James McKeachey vs. John Mason, eldest son and heir-at-law of John Mason--abates by death of defendant.
  (141) Cornelius Cain returned no inhabitant.
  (145) Jacob Peters admitted defendant in ejectment. Certificate of freedom of Edward Tarr.
  (146) Sarah Newman, a servant woman of Sampson and George Mathews, came into Court and agreed to serve her masters three years after her present time by indenture is expired on their consenting to her marrying Hugh Conner, but it is further agreed that in case she should not have issue that her said masters are to pay her the sum of 5 per annum, deducting only her clothes.
  (147) Jane Barren, a servant woman of Andrew Smith.

DECEMBER 12, 1761.

  (150) Called Court for examination of Thomas Murray, charged with the felonious killing of James Boreland. Committed for trial at General Court.

FEBRUARY 16, 1762.

  (151) Called Court for examination of Thomas Story, charged with receiving stolen goods, property of John Givens.
  (152) Committed for trial at Williamsburg.
  (153) Same as to Julian McMahon, for stealing--convicted of stealing some thread lace from Sarah Stewart; value, 10 pence, and given 39 lashes.
  (153) Same as to Bridget Lee for stealing--acquitted.

FEBRUARY 17, 1762.

  (154) Saml. Mousey, witness to a deed.
  (155) Joseph Lion exempted from County levy.
  (155) Catherine Brown to be bound to John Kerr.

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