Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. VI. (cont.)

AUGUST 20, 1759.

  (309) Hugh Ross, removed out of the Colony.
  (312) Audley Hamilton and James Hughes, qualified Lieutenants.

OCTOBER 24, 1759.

  (312) Called Court on William Williams for murder of Terrence McGuire. Acquitted.

NOVEMBER 2, 1759.

  (312) Court of Claims, &c.
  (312) Lieutenant John Hopkins, for ranging. William Christian, for ranging and provisions for his Company. James Bell, for a horse impressed. John Henderson, for ranging. Saml. McDowell, for ranging.
  (313) Daniel Higins, for going express by order of Col. Smith to Captain Lockhart.

NOVEMBER 21, 1759.

  (314) Ro. McClenachan, with three others, added to tithables.
  (315) Joseph Gray, orphan of John Gray, chose Saml. Gray his guardian.
  (316) Henry Gay, mark recorded. Robert Conerley, exempted from levy. Wm. Preston, qualified Sheriff, Coroner and Escheator.
  (318) Isabella Hall (now wife of Robert Hall), qualified admx. of her late husband, Robert Ramsey.
  (318) Benj. Gray, orphan of John Gray, aged 14, chose William Gray his guardian.
  (319) Sarah, relict of James Armstrong, summoned to show cause against James's nuncupative will. John Spear and Robert Stuart, added to tithables. David Moore and George Moffett, qualified Captains of Militia. Wm. Canady, qualified Lieut. of Militia. Thomas Gardner and James Cowder, qualified Ensigns of Militia.

NOVEMBER 22, 1759.

  (319) Michael Hogshead took the oaths.
  (320) Administration of John Gilmore was moved for by James Gilmore, eldest son, and also by Thomas Gilmore, the younger son--granted to Thomas. Jacob Clements, witness to will of Wm. Campbell, is dead. Jane Scott, aged 16, chose Danl. Smith guardian.
  (321) John Lowry--suit abates by his death.

NOVEMBER 23, 1759.

  (326) Mathew Peggs has removed out of the County.
  (334) George Skillern and William Skillern, added to tithables.
  (335) Abraham Smith, qualified Major of Militia. Wm. Craven, qualified Ensign. John Smith qualifies admr. of Benj. Davis, Decd. Elithorn Davis, his eldest brother, having refused to take the admn. John Smith took the usual oaths.

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  (336) Jesse Saunders, John Cobb and Edward James, witnesses in this County--their depositions to he taken. John Johnson, having proved by James Hughes that Robert Rogers bit a piece out of his ear in a difficulty--certified.

MARCH 19, 1760.

  (346) Elizabeth Calwell acknowledges satisfaction of freedom dues from her master, John Steel. David Cloyd, appointed guardian of Mary, infant orphan of John Cloyd. James Henderson qualified Ensign. John Cloyd, orphan of John Cloyd, chose David Cloyd his guardian.
  (347) John Bandy, servant of Sampson Mathews. William Moffett, orphan of John Moffett, chose George Moffett his guardian. Peter Hog, get certificate of good character for practicing law.

MAY 20, 1760.

  (347) Peter Hog admitted to practice law.
  (348) Mary Gay, widow of John Gay, renounces the will, and agrees to maintain and educate her child, Henry, without making charge for the same.
  (351) William Speers, orphan, 12 years old, to be bound.
  (355) Hugh Thompson has lost his reason, and Bryce Russell and Andrew Leeper are appointed to take care of his estate. John Maxwell, qualified Captain of Militia.
  (356) ---- Dillon (attacked by Stevenson, Beard, Gilbert, and Harrison) has run away.

MAY 22, 1760.

  (361) George Puffenbier, orphan of George Puffenbier, to be bound out.
  (362) Charles Stewart, very aged, freed from levy. James Rogers--death abates suit.

MAY 23, 1760.

  (366) Thomas Thompson--his death abates suit.

MAY 24, 1760.

  (377) Thomas Waters-his death abates suit.
  (380) William Long--his death abates suit.

JUNE 11, 1760.

  (389) Called Court on Wm. Smith--larceny--acquitted.

JUNE 19, 1760.

  (389) Called Court on Andrew Little--larceny--acquitted.

AUGUST 19, 1760.

  (380) James Hughes, appraiser of Saml. Wilson.

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  (391) Christian Galley's will not allowed to go to record because of his insanity.

AUGUST 20, 1760.

  (392) Henry Brown's wife, Alice, in Bedford, to be privately examined as to dower in land conveyed by Henry to Thos. Walker.
  (392) Joseph Mays vs. John Ramsey } Dedimus issue to Cumberland County, Pa., to take deposition of John Gregg.
  (392) James Lockhart pleaded his advanced age and infirmities against qualifying Justice.
  (393) William Drady, aged five, orphan of Daniel Drady, to be bound out. Barbara, aged three, daughter of Alvanus Bowyer, to be bound out--he is not able to support and educate her. Barbara Pence, aged twelve, orphan of Jacob Pence, to be bound out. John Pence, aged thirteen, same as above.
  (394) Admn. of estate of George Mouse taken from Michael Mallard and granted to Fred. Mouse, brother and next of kin to George.
  (395) John Patrick, qualified Lieut. of Militia.

AUGUST 21, 1760.

  (396) Orphans of Patrick Fitzpatrick to he bound out.
  (397) Commission to issue for private examination of Jean, wife of Thomas Lewis. Thomas to Andrew Lewis. Hugh Thompson, very aged and infirm, exempted from levy.

AUGUST 22, 176O.

  (402) Patrick Barnard and wife give bond that their children do not become burdensome to the parish.
  (406) Peter Vaneman. Paul Shaver, Philip Harper, and Honecle Huffman, added to tithables.

AUGUST 23, 1760.

  (409) John King--his death abates suit.
  (421) John Flood's admrs. summoned to render an account.
  (423) George Welsh, very aged and infirm, exempted from levy.
  (426) Robert Lusk--witness from Louisa.

NOVEMBER 19, 1760.

  (429) John Hughes--six old wolves heads assigned him.
  (431) Andrew Greer--Ordinary license, with James Hughes surety.
  (432) John Bags, Thomas Bags, Jacob Trumbeau, Jacob Bear, Isaac Brackfield, Conrad Lamb, John Richards, Jacob Richards, Thomas West, Daniel Cain, Martin Whitsell, Uriah Humble with one, Martin Humble, and Jacob Caplinger, added to tithables.
  (433) John Lankford, aged two, son of Thomas Lankford, who is unable to support him--be bound out.

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NOVEMBER 20, 1760.

  (434) Conrad Custard, aged eighteen, orphan of Arnold Custard, chose Abraham Bird guardian.
  (434) Orphans of Patrick Fitzpatrick to be bound out.
  (436) Elijah McClenachan, qualified Lieut. of Militia. Commission for privy examination of Elianer, wife of Erwin Patterson. Patterson to Israel Christian.

NOVEMBER 21, 176O.

  (439) Andrew Bird, with two others, and William Logan, Teterick Counts and John Counts, added to tithables.

NOVEMBER 22, 1760.

  (448) Daniel Looney--death abates suit.
  (451) George Parker removed out of the County.
  (454) Benjamin Morgan added to tithables.
  (455) John Mathews acquits his servant man, Daniel Goodwin, of further service--for good service.
  (456) Motion of Mary Gay, relict of John Gay. Henry Gay, executor of John, to be summoned to settle accounts.

NOVEMBER 24, 1760.

  (458) Sheriff instructed to sell, and Israel Christian and Felix Gilbert to convey, lots unsold in the land conveyed by Beverley.
  (458) Michael Harper and Patrick Barnet, very aged, exempted from levy. Israel Christian took the usual oaths and qualified Captain of Militia.

DECEMBER 11, 1760.

  (461) Called Court on Daniel Montgomerie on suspicion of larceny--ten lashes. Same on Julian Mahoney for taking a gold ring from James Hughes--thirty-nine lashes.

FEBRUARY 17, 1761.

  (462) Rebecca, wife of Abraham Hite--Commission for private examination. James Carr--hog and cow mark and horse brand recorded. Saml. McCune--same. Saml. Samples--same.
  (463) Jane, wife of Wm. Sprowl--Commission for private examination. Catherine Murley, aged 16, orphan of Daniel Murley, chose Uriah Humble guardian.
  (462) II. Zachariah Smith's mark recorded. Patrick Fitzpatrick's children not to be bound out, as formerly ordered, but to remain with their father-in-law, William Glasgow, he giving security to the Church Wardens.

FEBRUARY 18, 1761.

  (463) II. Commission for private examination of Agnes, wife of John Ward.

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  (472) Robert Shanklin, qualified Captain of Militia. John Davis, qualified Lieutenant of Militia. Thomas Gardner appointed guardian of Mary Gardner, orphan of Thomas Gardner. William Graham, decd., his son, David Graham, chose William Man his guardian.
  (473) James Wilson. a witness. Dedimus to take his deposition in Lancaster County, Pa.
  (475) Called Court on Michael Kelly for larceny--taking a horse without a press warrant--twenty-five lashes.

FEBRUARY 20, 1761.

  (475) Surveyor to have a book to record his surveys in.
  (479) James Looby--juryman.

FEBRUARY 21, 1761.

  (480) John, James and John Fowler--jurymen.
  (483) Silas Hart--his death abates suit.

FEBRUARY 23, 1761.

  (489) Patrick Davis--removed out of this Country.
  (490) Johnston Hill--his death abates suit.
  (493) Two eldest daughters of Barbara Anderson be bound out--eldest to Agnes Preston, the other to Mary Preston.
  (497) James Hughes--a witness.

APRIL 27, 1761.

  (499) Called Court on, Edward McGarry for forgery. He is sick and the Court adjourns until tomorrow to see if Edward cannot be brought.

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