Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. VI. (cont.)

endeavoring to mislead the Cherokee Indians, his Majesty's friends and allies--to be tried at Court of Oyer and Terminer in June next, to be carried to Williamsburg.
  (143) Court of Claims--propositions and grievances: Saml. Norwood, claim for ranging and provisions expended in his Company. John Bowyer's claim for provisions delivered to John Woods, a Captain of a Company of Rangers. Andrew Hays, for ranging and provisions for his Company. Andrew Hays, for provisions to John Woods, as above. David Stuart, for ranging and provisions for his Company. Joseph Bell, for dieting soldiers. John Williams, for ranging.
  (144) Robert Campbell, for dieting Capt. Wood's soldiers and for a horse impressed. William Christian, for ranging and provisions for his Company. John Brown, for guarding provisions to Dickenson's Fort when attacked by the enemy Indians and for provisions on their march. Saml. Wilson, for provisions delivered to John and William Woods, Captains of Rangers. James Bell, for going express to the Commanding Officer of Albemarle by order of Major John Brown of this County. Ephraim Love, for ranging and provisions expended in his Company. Abraham Smith, the same. James Clark, for provisions to John Wood, a Militia Captain. Domnick Barret, for ranging. Wm. Edmiston, for ranging. John Cunningham, for use of a horse impressed. James Hughes produced a claim for service done the country, to which he made oath and ordered to be certified. John Robinson, for provisions delivered to David Lewis, Captain of the Militia. George Robinson, for ranging and provisions expended in his Company. James Cull, for ranging. Elizabeth Preston, for horse impressed.

MAY 17, 1758.

  (146) Edward Breedin, indentured servant of Wm. Anderson, agrees to serve William twelve months longer in consideration of William's supporting Edward's daughter. Mary Breedin. James Bell, aged 17, orphan of James Bell, decd., chose John Moore his guardian. Robert Frazier's mark recorded. Mary Ann Bell, aged 14, orphan of James Bell, chose Rachel Bell guardian.
  (147) James Crockett, aged 17, orphan of Robert Crockett, chose Thomas Thompson guardian. Saml. Craig appointed guardian of Jane Bell, infant orphan of James Bell. Lettice Campbell, aged 14, orphan of Gilbert Campbell, chose George Campbell her guardian. Wm. McFeaters appointed guardian to Andrew Crockett, orphan of Robert Crockett.

MAY 18, 1758.

  (148) Erwin Patterson, removed out of this County. James Hughes, special bail.
  (149) Robert Gay, removed out of the Colony.
  (151) Robert Gay and wife, removed out of the Colony.
  (157) Robert Breckinridge took the usual oaths which is ordered to be certified.
  (158) James Hughes, appraiser of John Hutcheson's estate. John McFeaters appointed guardian of Alexr. Crockett, infant orphan of Robert

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Crockett. Eleanor Sharp, servant of George Anderson, petitions for freedom dues.

MAY 19, 1758.

  (160) Ephraim Vanse, removed out of the Colony.
  (162) Wm. Hutcheson, removed out of the Colony. Daniel Ramey, suit abates by death.
  (168) Robert Hook, qualified Captain of Militia.

MAY 20, 1758.

  (174) Thomas Davis, removed out of the Colony.
  (175) Richard Dunn, removed out of the Colony.
  (177) John Brown, servant of David Long. Matthew Patton appointed guardian of Hannah House, infant orphan of Henry House, decd.

AUGUST 16, 1758.

  (179) Margaret Reaburn, widow and admx. of her decd. husband, has since married with Robert McMahon, and she is summoned to show cause why her children shall not be bound out. Conrod, aged 12, last June; Savina, aged 8; Katrina, aged 6, orphans of Conrod Kensley, to be bound. John and Elizabeth Price, orphans of Wm. Price, to be bound out. Philip Williams orphan of Henry Williams, to be bound to Augustine Price. Wm. Wilson summoned for not providing for his daughter, Margaret, in a Christianlike manner, and she to be bound. Sarah Bird, orphan of John Bird, decd., aged fifteen, chose John Dean her guardian.
  (180) Charles Tarrell, orphan of John Tarrell, to be bound out. Catharine Goodman qualifies admx. of her decd. husband, Michael (Trise?). Jacob Harmon took the oaths and naturalized.

AUGUST 17, 1758.

  (181) Barbara Wingard summoned to admr. on her decd. husband's estate.
  (182) Catharine Brook, servant of Wm. Brown, complains of inhuman treatment by her master, which is found by the Court, and he bound to the peace.
  (183) Joshua Canterall, servant of John McMahon.

AUGUST 18, 1758.

  (184) John Earley and two negroes added to tithables. John White, with his son, and negro, added to tithables.

AUGUST 19, 1758.

  (196) George Dair, removed out of the County.

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  (198) John Ramsey intermarried with Margaret Crockett, mother of Alexr. and John Crockett. Caleb Harmon complains that he was bound by his guardian, Walter Davis, to Robert Reed, contrary to law; indenture set aside and Caleb chose John Bowyer his guardian. John Fitzwater, a witness from Culpeper.
  (199) Ann, widow and admx. of James Montgomerie, has removed out of the County.
  (200) William Erwin, suit abates by death of. Alexr. Crawford and one other, David Stuart, Wm. Hodge, Jacob Van Leers, John Henderson, with three others, added to tithables. Alexr. McKenny added to tithables.
  (203) John Bowyer disturbed the Court while sitting by playing at fives. Fined 5 shillings.
  (204) Patrick Hayes petitions for freedom dues against his late master, Thomas Paxton. And, on motion of Patrick Hayes, Robert Cunningham to be summoned to show cause why be has not paid his wife, Eleanor Hayes, her freedom dues.

AUGUST 21, 1758.

  (205) John Fletcher--his death abates suit.
  (206) Silas Hart--qualified Justice.
  (207) Robert McClenachan refuses to pay over certain moneys due the County--ordered that he be prosecuted in General Court.

NOVEMBER 15, 1758.

  (208) James Wilson qualifies admr. of Josiah Wilson, decd., as brother and heir-at-law.

NOVEMBER 16, 1758.

  (211) Israel Christian qualifies admr. of Joseph Bell, Margaret, the widow, having refused. James Hughes, appraiser of Joseph Bell.
  (211) Wolrick Conrad qualified admr. of Hance Conrad, being brother and heir-at-law.
  (212) Dal. Smith qualifies admr. of Henry Lawrence, decd. (formerly granted to Jacob Sivers, now decd), it appearing to the Court that Windle Sivers, heir-at-law, refused to take burden of goods not administered. Rosanna Ralston and her husband, Wm. Ralston, being persons of ill-fame--bound to peace.
  (213) Orphans of Joseph Love, decd., to be bound by Church Wardens.

NOVEMBER 17, 1758.

  (213) Wm. Russell--his death abates suit.
  (219) Appraisers appointed for the estate of Moses Moore, decd., in Green Brier. Jacob Halderman removed out of Colony.
  (222) John Buchanan qualified Lieut. of the County.
  (223) John Smith qualified Colonel of Militia. Wm. Preston qualified Major of Militia.

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NOVEMBER 18, 1758.

  (228) Joseph Bell--suit abates by his death.
  (233) James Lockhart, Robert Breckinridge, Abraham Smith, and James Alexander, qualified Captains of Militia. Sampson Archer, qualified Lieut. Militia.

NOVEMBER 22, 1758.

  (234) Called Court for examination of John Thompson on suspicion of killing James McKee. Not guilty.

MARCH 21, 1759.

  (235) Wm. McGee summoned to pay freedom dues to his late servant, Frederick Frits.
  (236) Same as to Janet Frits, wife of Frederick. Andrew Loduskie and others to lay off a road.
  (236) Margaret Cancill refuses to qualify as admx. of her husband, Conrad Cancill, which is so inconsiderable that the Sheriff is ordered to sell it.
  (237) Abraham Bletcher--death abates suit.
  (240) William Farrell, orphan of John Farrell, to be bound out.
  (241) Andrew Muldrough's will to lie for further proof.
  (241) Barbara Ferrell--same as 240. supra.

MARCH 22, 1759.

  (242) Elizabeth Contz, late Elizabeth Armentrout, summoned to give security as admx. of her husband's estate.
  (244) Andrew Muldrough--his death abates suit.

MARCH 23, 1759.

  (247) John Hutcheson vs. Patton's Exrs. } Dismissed--having been served on a muster day.
  (247) Michael Warren, Ephraim Love and Alexr. Thompson, qualified Captains of Militia. Abraham Bird, qualified Ensign of Militia.

APRIL 14, 1759.

  (256) Called Court on Mary Elliott for larceny. James Hughes a witness

MAY 16, 1759.

  (257) Nathan McClure exempted from levy.
  (258) Robert Finla appointed Constable, vice James Hughes.
  (259) Orphans of George Buffenberry, decd., to be bound out.
  (260) Adam Hider--a witness from Hampshire.

MAY 17, 1759.

  (264) Wm. Campbell's will partially proved.

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MAY 18, 1759.

  (270) Caleb Harmon--his death abates suit.
  (276) Joseph Bell's estate granted to Wm. Wilson, who informed the Court that he had bound to him Joseph Bell, a mulatto natural son of Joseph begot upon a white woman, and he had no other relations in this Colony.
  (277) George Woolridge--a witness.
  (278) James Hughes appraiser of John Cain's estate.
  (278) Wm. Christian qualified Captain of Militia.

MAY 19, 1759.

  (280) James Hughes--Ordinary license.
  (286) Gilbert Christian, qualified Ensign. James Robinson, qualified Ensign.

AUGUST 15, 1759.

  (287) Wm. Buchanan qualifies on estate of James Buchanan, the heir-at-law having refused. John Potts, appraiser of Robert Clark.
  (289) Richard and Mary Sorrel, parents of Mary Sorrel, who is bound to Ro. Cunningham, complain of his treatment of her, and she is released from indenture. Thomas Drady, son of Daniel Drady and Elizabeth Drady, to be bound out; Daniel has left the Colony.

AUGUST 16, 1759.

  (290) Saml. McDowell, qualified Captain of Militia. James McDowell, qualified Lieut. of Militia. John Lyle, qualified Ensign of Militia.
  (290) Archibald Stuart, with his son; Robert Cunningham, Patrick McCallom, with his son, and Daniel Kidd, added to tithables.
  (290) John Poage and Saml. Henderson qualify admrs. of Elizabeth Robinion, decd., Mathew Robinson, the heir-at-law, refusing.
  (291) Francis Kirkley, qualified Captain of Company of Foot.
  (292) Martha Borden, aged fourteen, orphan of Benj. Borden, chose John Bowyer her guardian. John White, with three others, added to tithables. Saml. McMurty, aged fifteen, orphan of Alexr McMurty, chose Mathew Lyle, guardian. George and Wm. Hutcheson added to tithables.

AUGUST 17, 1759.

  (295) John Galespy, son of Thomas Galespy, added to tithables.
  (297) Wm. Preston, qualified Lt. Col. of the County. Thos. Stewart, with two others, added to tithables. John Jacob Fough (?) added to tithables. Ducking stool ordered.

AUGUST 18, 1759.

  (298) George Bigham removed out of the Colony.
  (304) James Hutcheon and James Hughes, added to tithables.
  (307) Daniel Smith, qualified Captain of Foot.

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