Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



AUGUST 19, 1757.

  (1) Court--Patrick Martin, Richard Woods, Robert Breckinridge, Patrick Martin, John Bowyer, Daniel Smith, James Buchanan, John Archer.
  (8) William Bell., Sr.--suit abates by death of.
  (11) Edward Hughes vs. Joseph Paxton--a capias.
  (14) John Walker removed out of the Colony.
  (17) George Bee, servant of John Stuart.

AUGUST 20, 1757.

  (20) Jacob Woodley and servantman, John Pinkerton, added to tithables.
  (24) John Wicks--witness.
  (25) Motion Joshua Mathews--Robert and John Poage to be summoned to say whether either will administer on estate of Robert Renix, decd., they being nearest of kin.
  (30) John Denniston, exempted from levy. Isaac South, exempted from levy.
  (32) John Vance--his death abates suit. William Williams--returned no inhabitant of County.
  (34) John Brown, servant of John Anderson.
  (34) George and William Hutcheson--added to tithables.

OCTOBER 3, 1757.

  (35) Court Oyer and Terminer, on slave Hampton, charged with housebreaking and larceny. Convicted and sentenced to be hanged on Thursday, the 30th inst.

NOVEMBER 16, 1757.

  (39) Jennett McDonald administers on estate of her deceased son, Randall McDonald. Esther Brown qualifies admx. of her decd. father, Henry Brown, Esther, the widow, having refused.

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  (41) William Gay's estate to be settled and dower assigned to the widow, Margaret Hamilton.

NOVEMBER 17, 1757.

  (41) Andrew Newman, orphan of 10 months, to be bound.
  (41) John Dickinson qualified Justice.
  (42) Christian Bumgardner--lieut, of Foot--qualified.
  (42) Conrad Yates exempted from levy--an object of charity.
  (42) Ann Stewart, admx. her husband, James Stewart, decd.
  (42) James Frame and son, Thomas, added to tithables. Thomas Lewis, with six others, added to tithables. Gabriel Jones, with five others, added to tithables.
  (42) Michael Warren, qualified Captain of Foot.
  (43) Last will of John Smith, Jr., proved--Abraham Smith, heir-at-law of John, came and relinquished all his right under the will.
  (44) John Mathews took the usual oaths which is ordered to be certified.

NOVEMBER 18, 1757.

  (45) Joseph Bell appointed Constable in Staunton, vice Alexr. Wright.
  (46) James Graham exempted from levy--being an object of charity.
  (46) Agnes, widow of John Wilson, renounces all claims under her husband's will and admn. granted her.
  (51) James Lockhart qualified Justice.
  (51) Abraham Smith, eldest son and heir-at-law of John Smith, now a prisoner in the French Dominions, refused to admr., whereupon Israel Christian, a creditor, qualifies during Smith's absence.

NOVEMDER 19, 1757.

  (70) John King added to tithables. John Christian qualified Justice.

NOVEMBER 21, 1757.

  (76) John Cunningham to provide candles, keep fires and clean the Co. Ho., and bring in his charge at next levy.
  (84) On application of above, Ro. McClenachan refused to deliver up keys of Co. Ho., claiming a property right in the Co. Ho. and Jail, to which he offered to execute a lease to the County, which is referred to the General Court, and Sheriff is ordered to procure a lock and key, and Gabriel Jones to prosecute Robert in General Court.

DECEMBER 21, 1757.

  (85) Margaret Anderson swears that she was well acquainted with Wm. Francis, of Chester Co., Township of East Nottingham, now decd., and that John Francis, of this County of Augusta, was the eldest male issue of the said William by Ann, his first wife, which, on motion of John, is certified.

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MARCH 15, 1758

  (86) James Keith qualified Attorney.
  (87) Michael Stump, Leonard Knave, Peter Howe and Harman Shook--appraisers of Christian Tosher.
  (87) Wm. McMurry petitions that John Madison, with a company of men, entered his house on their march to the Shawnees and took some rye--rejected.
  (87) Andrew Muldrough--mark recorded.
  (87) Martin Cornet--servant of Henry Smith.
  (88) John Berry, orphan of James Berry, aged 15 years, chose McGill his guardian.
  (88) Neal McCleaster--mark recorded.

MARCH 16, 1758.

  (89) Probate of will of John Black, decd. Saml. Black, heir-at-law, consents.
  (91) John David Wilpert had married Anna Maria, relict of Henry Baughman, decd., and is appd. admr.
  (92) Daniel Drady, a garnishee.
  (92) Last will of Adam Breckinridge is proved by John McNulty, one of the witnesses, which is ordered to be certified.
  (94) Robert Patterson, qualified Ensign of Militia.

MARCH 18, 1758.

  (107) James Alexander, qualified Lieut. of Militia.

MARCH 20, 1758.

  (114) James Lewis, removed out of the Colony.
  (115) Catharine Hickey, removed out of the Colony.
  (124) Robert Donald vs. Israel Christian, admr. John Smith. John Smith having returned from his captivity, it is ordered that the administration of his estate granted the defendant is revoked.
  (126) William Lusk--mark recorded.
  (139) Henry Churchill--Attorney.
  (141) James Hughes, ordinary license. Joseph Bell, ordinary license.
  (141) From the recommendation of Ro. McClenachan and David Stuart to be added to Justices, Wm. Preston and Patrick Martin dissented, because they had been turned out of the Commission.
  (142) Ro. McClenachan agreed to release to the Co. his right in the lands which the Co. Ho. is built. John Harvie appointed to prepare the deeds.
  (142) Adjourned until tomorrow.

APRIL 14, 1758.

  (142) Called Court on Hugh McNamara, charged with being aiding and assisting the Shawnee Indians in alliance with the French Nation for and

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