Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. V. (cont.)

NOVEMBER 20, 1756.

  (251) Will of Robert Sayers produced and disputed by David Sayers because not signed, but ordered to record. Admr. granted to David Sayers as next of kin. Hannah, the widow, refused to admr.

NOVEMBER 22, 1756.

  (256) Julian Mahanee, servant woman of John Ramsey.
  (257) Richard Mihills, servant of Wm. Preston, agreed not to enlist in his Majesty's service, and Wm. acquits him of one year's service.

NOVEMBER 23, 1756.

  (267) Thomas Storn--suit abates by his death.
  (270) James Mays, Sr.--suit abates by his death.

NOVEMBER 24, 1756.

  (278) John Bird--suit abates by his death.
  (279) Alexr. Mathewson, suit abates by his death. John O'Neal, suit abates by his death.
  (292) George Willson vs. Robert Knox } Judgt. But this judgt. is not to bar the deft. from whatever money is now due to him from the country as a patroller and which may come into the hands of the plaintiff as his Captain.
  (300) James Ward, servant of Patrick Wilson, prays freedom dues. Domnick Barrett, witness.

DECEMBER 3, 1756.

  (302) Claims, propositions and grievances: Danl. Harrison, for ranging and provisions expended in his Company; Wm. McFeeters, for horse impressed; Danl. Deniston, for horse impressed; James Henderson, for horse impressed; Thomas Armstrong, for ranging and provisions for his Company.

MARCH 16, 1757.

  (304) Wm. Cunningham, qualified Lieut. of Militia; James Henderson, qualified Lieut. of Militia; Jacob Sybert, qualified Captain of Militia.
  (305) Opopheone, widow of Mark Miller, refuses to Admr.
  (305) Thos. O'Neal, 16 years old, chose his guardian.

MARCH 17, 1757.

  (310) James Hughes--ordinary license.
  (311) Nathaniel Phipps, servant of Adam Looney.
  (312) John Wood, servant of John Davis.

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MARCH 18, 1757.

  (357) David Logan--suit abates by his death.
  (360) William Lewis--took the oaths.
  (360) Andrew Hays-took the oaths.

APRIL 16, 1757.

  (364) Called Court.

JUNE 15, 1757.

  (364) Adam Jordan appointed Constable in Bull Pasture.
  (367) James Bruister appointed Constable.
  (367) New Commission.
  (368) Francis Kirkley, Jr., qualified Captain of Militia.

JUNE 17, 1757.

  (371) John Smith's will presented. Exrs. refused to act. Abraham Smith, one of the Exrs. and heir-at-law, was summoned, but failed to appear; two of the witnesses are dead. Robert Renix, the remaining witness, proved it, and the Court, knowing the signatures of testator and witness, it is recorded.
  (379) Thomas O'Neal, aged 16 years and 6 months, agrees to serve as apprentice to Henry Murray.

JUNE 20, 1757.

  (382) John Smith--suit abates by death of.
  (385) Patrick Cain--returned no inhabitant.
  (385) Bryon McDonald--suit abates by death of.
  (386) James Montgomerie--returned no inhabitant.
  (391) Joseph Crockett--returned no inhabitant.

JUNE 21, 1757.

  (414) John Cockrane vs. George Lewis } Geo. Lewis appeared and swore he was not the person indebted--alias summons awarded.
  (417) Mathew Waters--suit abates by death of.
  (426) Mortain Cornet--servant of Henry Smith.
  (426) On motion of John Madison, security for David Stuart, admr. of John O'Neal, decd., setting forth that he was fearful from these troublesome times the said estate might be wasted--counter security.

AUGUST 17, 1757.

  (428) Peter Horse--naturalized received the sacrament of Rev. John Bernard.

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AUGUST 18, 1756.

  (435) Peter Bruner and Saml. Thornhill added to list of tithables.
  (435) David Hughes, orphan child two years old, to be bound out.
  (436) John Ramsey vs. Charles Stringham } Attacht. It appearing to the Court that deft. had not absconded, but was in his Majesty's service--dismissed.
  (440) Ann Breckinridge, wife of George--private Exn.--returned.

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