Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



NOVEMBER 25, 1755.

  (1) James Anglen has removed out of the Colony.
  (2) Jane Bourland, late Jane Jackson.

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  (10) George Parks vs. John Perry } John Perry removed out of the Colony.
  (14) Edward Patterson vs. A. G. } Andrew Gahagen removed out of the County.
  (14) Jacob Goldman removed out of County.
  (14) Josiah Cumings, servant of Ro. Sayers.
  (16) Wm. Canthorn removed out of County.
  (17) John Warnock removed out of County.
  (19) Repentance Townsend removed out of County.
  (20) John Culbertson removed out of County.
  (23) Patrick McKendrick, removed out of County.
  (26) Wm. Carlile--no inhabitant.

FEBRUARY 14, 1756.

  (29) John O'Neal, tried for speaking treasonable words, acquitted, but committed for abusing the Government and cursing the Bible.

MARCH 17, 1756.

  (30) Margaret Looney qualified Admx. of her deceased husband, Robert Looney, Jr.
  (31) Jane Elliott, servant of Thomas Tate. James Hays, orphan of George Hays, decd., of the age of 18 years, chose guardian--William Edmondson.
  (32) Ananias Dart, servant of Wm. Wright; same, Malcome Allen.
  (32) Mary Whiteside prays separate maintenance from her husband, Wm. Whiteside.
  (33) James King, servant of Hugh Ross.
  (33) Elizabeth, wife of Adam Thompson, private examination. Thompson to Saml. Kingkade.
  (33) John Burns, servant of James Greenlee.
  (34) Valentine Utter and Mary, his wife, servants of John Paxton, set free by their master for 12.

MARCH 18, 1755.

  (34) James McDowell, 18 years old, chose John Bowyer guardian. Michael March and John Brown, servants of Jacob Frederick Curts.
  (35) James Hughs--license to keep ordinary. Israel Christian, surety.
  (37) Robert McKetrick vs. John McGuire } One fiddle attached.
  (38) Margaret Campbell makes oath that the left ear of her son, James Beard was bitten off by a horse.
  (39) George Watts, servant of Thomas Watterson, petitions for freedom dues. John Woods, servant of Charles Dever.
  (41) Robert Tedford, garnishee.

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MARCH 19, 1755.

  (43) Jonas Newcum, servant of Ro. McClenachan, has a child likely to be a charge--to be bound out.
  (43) Richard Sansile, servant of Ro. Breckinridge, was abused by Peter Galespy.
  (43) Robert A'Dair convicted of threatening to favor the inroads of the enemy Indians.
  (46) Arwalker Johnson--juror.
  (47) Robert Scarbrough, a witness from Frederick Co.
  (48) James Huey, removed out of the Colony.

MARCH 20, 1755.

  (49) Robert Bratton, qualified Captain of Militia.
  (50) James Huey vs. Patrick Downing } Both removed out of the Colony.
  (51) Archibald Bourland--a non-inhabitant.

MARCH 23, 1756.

  (57) James Hughs, qualified Lieutenant of Militia.
  (61) Valentine Henderson vs. James Trimble } James Hughs--juror.
  (62) Liquors rated.
  (63) James Allen, qualified Captain of Foot.
  (64) William Wilson does not provide for his son, Daniel Wilson, in a Christianlike manner--to be bound out.

MARCH 24, 1756.

  (101) John Johnston vs. Thos. Fitzpatrick } Plaintiff having died, scire facias awarded.
  (107) George Campbell, fined for absence from divine worship.

APRIL 29, 1756.

  (108) Claims, propositions and grievances: James Beard, claim for ranging; John McClenachan, claim for going express; Robert Bratton, claim for ranging; George Wilson, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Abraham Smith, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Israel Christian, claim for ranging and provisions; Joseph Kenaday, claim for ranging; Patrick Lowrey, claim for ranging; George Campbell, claim for ranging; John Dickinson, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; James Dunlop, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Archd. Stuart, claim for ranging; John Campbell, claim for ranging.

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  (109) Robert Stevenson, claim for a bell impressed; Saml. Norwood, claim for ranging; Wm. Baskins, claim for ranging; Jeremiah Sealey, claim for ranging and provisions; George Robinson, claim for ranging; James See, claim for ranging; Henry Reaburn, claim for ranging; John Moore, claim for ranging.

MAY 19, 1756.

  (110) Henry Harmon about to remove.
  (113) Robert Moore, overseer for James Beard. Wm. and Peggy Henson, servants of David Wilson--their two children to be bound out.

MAY 20, 1756.

  (117) Orphans of James Cumings, not being provided for in a Christianlike manner, to be bound out.
  (119) Jane Elliott, servant of Thos. Tate.

MAY 21, 1756.

  (125) Catherine Finn--servant of Patrick Martin.
  (126) Walter Smiley, bound to peace. Catherine McGinnis, or Quin, released from jail on condition she depart from this County.
  (128) Jacob Harmon--dead.

MAY 22, 1756.

  (129) Catherine Utt, orphan of Casper Utt, to be bound out.
  (133) Moses McCown's deposition to be taken--about to remove out of the Colony.

MAY 24, 1756.

  (137) Thornas Merry, dead. William Beverly, dead.
  (138) Jacob Harmon, dead.
  (139) George Moffett, dead.
  (159) John Meeley, servant of Patrick Wilson.
  (159) William Preston--lately commander of a fort on the frontiers.

May 25, 1756.

  (164) William Johnston, having departed this life since the last Court.
  (178) John Bourland, a late servant of Robert Patterson, has served his time and is released.

JULY 15, 1756.

  (186) George Wilson bound to good behavior for having spoken disrespectfully of the Government.
  (188) Darby Sullivan, a suspected person, took all the oaths, but, being of ill behavior, is committed to jail.
  (188) Alexander Herron qualiiied Lieutenant.

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AUGUST 19, 1756.

  (189) John Hegg, servant of Saml. Huston. has served his time by indenture faithfully and honestly and is released. James Bringenham, servant of Josiah Wilson, petitions for freedom dues. Mary Whiteside's complaint for separate maintenance vs. her husband. William, is groundless and dismissed; but it appearing that John Underwood and Mary, his wife, Richard Burton, Joseph Underwood and Elizabeth Underwood, relations of Mary, have stirred up differences between William and Mary and threatened the life of William--bound over.
  (191) Andrew Heslep, added to tithables.
  (193) Francis Kerkley, Jacob Shell, Jacob Lingle. Christian Bingaman, John Bingaman, Henry Bingaman, added to tithables.

AUGUST 20, 1756.

  (198) William Goodens--witness.
  (201) Henry Maury (Muray)--juror.

AUGUST 21, 1756.

  (209) William Bishop--dead.
  (219) Jonathan Whitley vs. Hanah Kirkham, widow of Robert Kirkham. Martha, Jane and Elizabeth Kirkham, infant daughters of Robert.
  (223) Michael March and John Brown, servants of Jacob Frederick Curts, have served their time by indenture and are released.
  (225) Esther Clendenning--dead.
  (240) James Bower and Jane summoned to show cause why they have not paid Thos. Geiger, their servant, his freedom dues.

NOVEMBER 17, 1756.

  (242) Robert Armstrong, with two other tithables, added to list of tithables. Hannah, widow of Robert Sayers, refuses to administer, and David Sayers qualifies.
  (243) John Fleming, servant of John Paxton.
  (244) County Levy.

NOVEMBER 18, 1756.

  (245) Mary, widow of John O'Neal, refuses to admr. Thomas Moore, with one other, added to tithables.
  (246) John Campbell, orphan of John Campbell, aged 16, chooses guardian. Jane and Mary Sprout, admrs. of John Sprout, about to leave the Colony.
  (247) Sampson Archer qualified Lieut. of Militia.

NOVEMBER 19, 1756.

  (248) John Burns, servant of James Greenlee; John Woster, servant of Danl. Smith; Thomas Garland, servant of Joseph Kenaday.

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