Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. IV. (cont.)

  (269) Abraham Smith qualified Captain of Foot.
  (269) Low Todd--Special Bail.

AUGUST 23, 1754.

  (273) Patrick McKendrick--a witness.
  (275) Archd. Huston qualified Lieut. of Foot.

AUGUST 24, 1754.

  (288) William White bound to David Hays.
  (288) Patrick Crawford vs. Thomas Story } James Randolph, a witness, is about to leave the Colony. Ded. Potestm. de bene Esse.
  (289) James Mitchell, qualified Capn. of Foot.; Wm. Engles, qualified Capn. of Foot; Israel Christian, qualified Capn. of Foot.
  (289) Lettice Gleghorn to be examined for relinquishment of dower in land conveyed by her husband, Wm. Gleghorn, to Mary Chittman.
  (289) John Stagg servant of John Harrison.
  (290) Wm. Stagg, a bastard, 2 yrs. old, to be bound out on motion of John Harrison.
  (290) Charles Stringam--a juryman.

AUGUST 26, 1754.

  (302) Dedimus Potestatem to Bedford Co. to examine the witnesses Agnes Mills, Eliz. Mills and Eliz. Mills, Jr.

OCTOBER 10, 1754.

  (318) Court of Claims--grievances and propositions.
  (318) David Stuart allowed for patrolling; John Dickenson, allowed for patrolling.
  (319) John Brown, allowed for patrolling; Danl. Harrison allowed for patrolling.

NOVEMBER 20, 1754.

  (320) Henry Brown has only one, instead of two, tithables.
  (321) Joseph White says his child was bound to David Hays when he was absent and he is capable of raising it--ordered to be returned to him.
  (321) John and James McKee relieved of levy this year, not being inhabitants of this Co. on 10th June last.
  (322) John Halefor allowed for 1 wolf head.
  (322) Robert Hastings, for guarding the jail.
  (323) Elizabeth Bendall, servant of John Ramsey; Francis Adams, servant of Wm. Lewis; Wm. Donley, servant of Andrew Lewis.

NOVEMBER 21, 1754

  (323) John Mitchell indented servant to John Hanna.
  (325) James McDonald, indented Servt. to Wm. Bell.
  (386) Comn. to Bedford Co. to examine Mary Ewing for relinquishment of dower in tract conveyed by her husband, Robert Ewing, to Benj. Sterrett.
  (386) Comn. to No. Carolina to take deposition of Wm. Scot.

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  (327) John Lockhart of No. Carolina--is paid a debt in Court.
  (327) Comn. to take deposition of Patrick McKendrick and Sarah.

NOVEMBER 22, 1754.

  (330) Maxwell McCormick, servant of James Campbell.
  (330) John McCurry was lately drowned.
  (331) Saml. Doak and John Mitchell, guardians of the orphans of John Greer--settled accounts.

NOVEMBER 23, 1754.

  (336) Thomas Weems and David Ormont--jurors.
  (338) James McCochran, servant of Wm. Armstrong.

NOVEMBER 25, 1754.

  (343) Jacob Goldman--suit dismissed by his death.

JANUARY 23, 1755.

  (375) Robert Hamilton to be tried by Genl. Ct. on suspicion of having killed James Kachell (Rachell?).

MARCH 19, 1755.

  (376) Nicholas Scone appd. Appraiser.
  (377) John Semple qualified Attorney.
  (379) Pheby Moore--wife of Thomas Moore.

MARCH 20, 1755.

  (382) New Commission of Justices.
  (383) Denis McAnenis, servant of Joseph Mays; John McGaw, servant of John McCown.
  (383) Wm. Bell says process in suit Saml. Hughes vs. Wm. Bell was served on Wm. Bell, his father--injunction granted.
  (390) Robert Gray--not an inhabitant.

MARCH 21, 1755.

  (394) Saml. Hughes--juror.

MARCH 22, 1755.

MARCH 24, 1755.

  (411) Road ordered from Isaac Taylor's to Tarr's shop.
  (412) Audley Paul qualified Lieutenant of Foot; Henry Murray, qualified Lieutenant of Foot.
  (413) Thos. Reed says that on Friday, 21st inst., John Risk assaulted him and bit off part of his left ear.
  (415) Francis Kerkley, a witness from Culpeper Co.

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MARCH 25, 1755.

  (419) Adam Thompson, qualified Lieutt. of Horse.

MAY 21, 1755.

  (423) Abraham Brown appd. Constable below the Brusby Hills, in the Forks of James River.
  (427) Road from James Beard's Ford to Chamberlain's Run, thence to Stone Meeting House.

MAY 22, 1755.

  (429) Joseph James, Saml. Herring--appraisers.
  (432) David Stuart, security for John Miller, Admr. of James Jones, decd. who is not in this Colony, petitions for counter security.
  (433) Jacob Frederick Courts petitions that he has lately come from the northward and purchased land on Stover's Mill Creek--has leave to erect a mill.
  (433) Anne, wife of Robert Bratton.

MAY 23, 1755.

  (436) John Warnock--a juror.
  (437) James Mitchell, servant of Val. Seviar.
  (438) Wm. Hinds--juror.
  (439) Wm. Crawford--witness from Bedford.
  (440) Agnes Edmondson released dower in 350 acres from her husband to Hugh McCleeve.
  (440) Wm. Bishop, servant of Charles Campbell.

MAY 24, 1755.

  (442) Andrew Viney--witness from Hampshire.
  (442) Charles Stringam--juror.
  (443) James Patton at the Assembly (?).

AUGUST 20, 1755.

  (464) New Court House being finished. Comrs. appointed to view it.
  (465) Mathew Pigg, a wagoner of John Davis's, produced an acct. for services done for the army under Braddock.
  (465) James King, servant of George Rankins.
  (465) John Hogshead, qualified Lieutt. of Foot.
  (466) Valentine Eastin, servant of John Paxton.

AUGUST 21, 1755.

  (467) Court House received.
  (467) Alexr. and Jannet Allison, servants of John Stevenson.
  (469) Audley Paul produced account for services done Braddock's army and for a horse lost on the expedition; Major Scot, a carrier employed by David Stuart, ditto; Wm. Scot, a carrier, ditto.

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  (470) Joseph Carpenter committed on charge of having supplied Indians with ammunition.
  (470) Daniel McCoy, orphan of Duncan McCoy--to be bound.
  (471) Hanna Glen, a witness from Frederick.

OCTOBER 25, 1755.

  (490) Propositions and grievances: John Hunter for services, wagoning; James Alexander, for patrolling; Wm. Wilson, Wm. Cunningham, Domnick Barrel, Mathew Thompson, John Atkins, Saml. Black, patrolling; John Brown for victualling men patrolling under Cap. David Lewis; Wm. Thompson for patrolling and going on an express; George Caldwell, for patrolling; Robert Poage, for waggoning; Israel Christian, patrolling; Israel Christian, claim of David Moore for provisions provided Cap. David Lewis's Co. of Rangers which provisions were received by Christian.
  (491) Newman McGonagle, for patrolling; Wm. Williams, for patrolling; Wm. Christian, for patrolling; Alexr. Thompson, for patrolling; John Simmons claim for guarding arms and ammunition sent for the use of this County; Wm. Duncan, for patrolling; Robert Thompson and John Galespy,--patrolling; Charles Patrick, for patrolling; Joseph Martin and Wm. McFeeters, for patrolling; Wm. Lockhart, for patrolling; Barny Riley, going on express.
  (492) Saml. nnd James McDowell, patrolling; Andrew Scot, horse impressed; Daniel Harrison, patrolling.

NOVEMBER 19, 1755.

  (492) John O'Neal complains that he was asaulted by Edward McGarry and Danl. Sullivan, but they would not be arrested--Sheriff ordered to raise the force of the County and arrest them.
  (494) Cornelius and Daniel Murley died intestate and estates committed to Sheriff.
  (495) James Patton's Exrs. allomed for his Burgess wages 11,200 lbs. tobacco.
  (496) Alice, wife of Joseph Byron--Private Exn.
  (496) James Annan, servant of John Stroud.
  (497) Daniel Plumer, orphan of Robert Plumer--Edward Hall appointed guardian.
  (497) Capn. Perry, a drover from Carolina--his cattle to be sold and money lie until further orders.
  (497) Michael Coager, orphan of Nicholas Coager, Adam Miller appointed guardian.

NOVEMBER 20, 1755.

  (499) James Lockridge qualified Lieutt. of Foot.
  (499) Francis Earns, servant of Henry Kirkham.
  (499) John Graham, qualified Lieutt. of Foot; George Wilson, qualified Capn. of Horse.
  (501) Thomas Armstrong, qualified Capn. of Foot; Andrew Foster, qualified Ensign of Foot.

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NOVEMBER, 21, 1755.

  (503) Wm. Ratchford, servant of Wm. Lusk
  (504) Danl. Harrison vs. Joseph Bryan } Attacht. was levied before deft. removed out of the Co. and is dismissed.
  (507) Wm. Akry has removed out of the Colony. James McMurdie witness from Bedford. Robert Means's will proved. Admr. moved for by Thos. Thompson, his nephew and heir-at-law, and also by John McClung, who married Jennet, niece of decd.--given to Thomas.

NOVEMBER 22, 1755.

  (514) John Jameson qualified Ensign of Troop of Horse.

NOVEMBER 24, 1755.

  (517) Alexr. Anderson, servant of John Lowry.

(Additional Notes from Order Book IV. from beginning of Book IV. to March 21, 1754.)

AUGUST 17, 1753

  (1) New Commission of Justices dated 16 June 1753: James Patton,* Peter Scholl,* David Stewart, Richard Woods,* Robert Breckinridge, James Simpson,* John Buchanan,* Silas Hart, James Lockhart,* John Mathews, William Wilson, George Robinson,* Andrew Lewis, Robert McClenachan,* Christopher Guest, William Bethell.* (Those marked (*) qualified.) (2) James Grymes, orphan to be bound to Peter Scholl.
  (5) Alexr. McNutt chose John Brownlee his guardian. Esther Robinson qualifies Admx. of decd. husband, James Robinson. Appraisers are John Robinson, Ephraim Voss, Isaac Taylor, James Campbell.
  (6) Robt. McClenachan bound to peace for abusing Benj. Thompson in Co. Ho.
  (7) John Denton, qualified Lieutenant of Foot; John Denton, Jr., qualified Ensign.

AUGUST 16, 1753.

  (9) Ludwick Francisco, qualified Captain; Edward McDaniel, qualified Cornet; Jeremiah Sciler, qualified Captain; Luke Collins, qualified Ensign.
  (9) Wm. Leeper appointed Constable on New River, vice Adam Harman. John States and Alexr. Painter appointed overseers for a new road from North Mountain Gap, called Brock's Gap, near Thomas Mish, to the mouth of Lost River, leading to North Mountain.

AUGUST 17, 1753.

  (15) James Urrey appointed Road Surveyor, vice Hance Magot.

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  (24) Wm. Robinson, qualified Lieutenant of Horse.
  (28) Saml. Wilson--ordinary license.

NOVEMBER 21, 1753.

(64) Ro. Breckinridge qualified Sheriff.

NOVEMBER 22, 1753.

  (68) Wm. McCurry to be levy free on account of great age and infirmity.
  (73) Ro. McClenachan--ordinary license.

NOVEMBER 23, 1753.

  (75) John Lusk, Sr., relinquished right to land to Robert Moberry. Mathew Patton, qualified Lieutenant of Foot.
  (76) Humphrey Madison, qualified Under-Sheriff.

NOVEMBER 27, 1753.

  (105) Clerk to provide a Seal for the County Court.

MARCH 20, 1754.

  (107) Ephraim Love, qualified Captain of Foot; Ro. Ralston, qualified Lieut. of Foot; John Hinton, qualified Ensign of Foot.
  (110) Henry Fuller--common disturber of peace.

(O. B. IV.)

MARCH 21, 1754.

  (118) George Robinson, qualified Captain of Foot; Wm. Gray, qualified Lieutenant of Foot; Wm. Dyer, qualified Lieutenant of Foot.

MAY 15, 1754.

  (200) James Patton, President of the Court.

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