Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MARCH 23, 1767.

  (20) Mathew Robottom, returned no inhabitant.
  (33) William Brown, returned not found.
  (35) Andrew Steel's death abates suit.
  (40) David Long, returned not found.

MARCH 24, 1767.

  (52) Thomas Porter, witness from Orange--70 miles. Thomas Landrum, witness from Orange--80 miles.
  (58) Thomas Madison, qualified Captain of Militia.
  (58) Euphemia Hughes--ordinary license.
  (58) Certain articles belonging to James Hughes, decd., are declared to belong to his estate and not to his stepdaughter, Margaret Kenedy.

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MAY 19, 1767.

  (59) Commission for private examination of Catherine, wife of Benj. Bennett.
  (59) Elizabeth Edwards, aged 19, orphan of John Edwards, chose John McClenachan, guardian.
  (61) Saml. Henderson, Andrew Taylor and many others--certificates for hemp.
  (64) Margaret Scott, alias Bradley, to be bound out.
  (64) Jacob Lockhart qualifies admr. of his brother, Charles Lockhart.
  (65) Road ordered from Adam Reader's mines to Isaac Robinson's, thence to Thos. Harrison's.
  (65) Joseph Bousart to be summoned to show why he detains William Viges, son of Francis Viges.
  (65) Alexr. Maxwell, servant of John Henderson.
  (66) Randal Lockhart commd. to debtor's prison.

MAY 20, 1767.

  (69) Margaret Campbell, mother of Margaret Campbell. is appointed guardian to bring a suit versus James Cotton.
  (71) Saml. Wallace qualified Lieutenant of Militia.
  (73) Mathew Arbuckle qualified Lieutenant of Militia. James Robinson qualified Ensign of Militia.
  (74) Cowdon vs. John Jones } Attached following: Two linen handkerchiefs, 1 snuff box, 2 1/2 yds. ribbon, 3 1/4 yds. ribbon, 4 yds. ribbon, 7 yds. Chex., 2 1/4 yds. calico, 7 yds. thickset, 1 3/4 yds. scarlet, 2 yds. plush, 1/2 yd. velvet, 11 yds. hair, 9 yds. callimanco.
  (75-76) Attachments versus George Pearis.
  (76) Wm. Watterson bound to peace for abusing Abraham Smith in execution of his office.
  (79) Hugh Crockett appointed Constable on Roanoke.
  (81) The King vs. Joseph Bell } For forging banns of matrimony.--Nol pros.   (81) John Campbell relieved of County levy--age and infirmity.

MAY 21, 1767.

  (82) Wm. Renix appointed overseer road, vice Rob. Bratton.
  (82) Jonathan Smith qualified Captain of Militia.
  (82) Geo. Baxter appointed surveyor of highway, vice John Thomas.
  (83) Commission for examination of Martha, wife of John Dickinson.
  (83) Hester Baker, servant of Wm. Fleming.
  (85) John Buchanan appeals to General Court from establishment of a road from Vanse's to Peak Creek, by English's Ferry, on ground that it is on the lands of the Western Waters and it is contrary to his Majesty's proclamation to grant any order for clearing any road thereon.
  (86) Thos. Bradshaw appointed highway surveyor, vice David Trimble. Chas. Donnerly appointed highway surveyor from Painter Gap to James Gay's.

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