Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


ORDER BOOK No. XI. (cont.)

  (495) Hemp certificates: Joseph Alexander, Ro. Kenny, Wm. Alexander, John Failey, Saml. McDowell, Adam Reaburn.
  (495) James Blair, Jr., and David Erwin appointed surveyors of highway.
  (495) William Gay, orphan of Wm. Gay, deceased, to be bound to John Wahub.
  (496) Wm. Alexander appointed surveyor of highway, vice Wm. Lowry. Robert Fowler appointed surveyor of highway, vice James McGill. James Crockett appointed surveyor of highway from Painter Gap to Samuel Hodges.
  (496) Isaac Robinson qualified administrator of George Ghest.
  (497) Haibert McClure appointed guardian to Margaret McClure, aged 11 years, and Moses McClure, aged 8 years, orphans of Nathaniel McClure, deceased.
  (497) Thomas Connolly appointed surveyor of highway, vice Hugh Donaho.
  (497) George Wilson, runaway servant of John Stewart.
  (498) Samuel Todd has a writ ad quod damnum before building a water mill on his land on Whistle Creek.

MARCH 16, 1768.

  (499) John Mann qualifies administrator of Caleb May.
  (499) Halbert McClure bound to peace versus James McClure.
  (500) Hemp certificates: Baptist McNabb, James Crockett, Thos. McCallock, Pat. Hays, Andrew Hall, Andrew Woods, Elizabeth Taylor, Andrew Lewis, Alexr. Evans, David Forbes, John Hopkins, Archd. Hopkins.
  (501) Hemp certificates: Saml. Lyle, Robt. McAfee, John Hall, James McAfee, Wm. McAfee, John Lyle, Jr., Geo. McAfee, John Berry, James Lyle.
  (502) Hemp certificates: Andrew Haling, John Stuart.
  (502) Wm. McCutcheon bound to peace versus James Cooper.
  (503) David Mitchell has leave to build water grist mill on his own land on Catawbo.
  (503) Mary Green, servant to John Graham.
  (503) Following orphans of Charles Whitman to be bound: Hurson Mathias Whitman, to James Gregory, to learn trade of a weaver. Catherine Whitman to Andrew Sitlington. Jacob Whitman, to John Warwick, to learn trade of shoemaker.
  (504) James McDowell bound to peace versus Samuel Henderson.
  (504) Road to be viewed by Peter Wallace, Saml. Wallace, James McNabb and Halbert McClure, from William Hall's Mill to Wm. McKee's.
  (504) Alexander Walker's mark recorded; also John Walker's.
  (504) Thomas Dryden appointed guardian to Margaret McClure, infant orphan of Nathaniel McClure.
  (505) Michael Kirkham, servant of John Skelton.
  (505) Jame Trimble, aged 15, orphan of John Trimble, chose George Moffett guardian.

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  (505) Order of yesterday appointing Halbert McClure guardian of Moses and Margaret McClure is set aside, and Saml. McClure is appointed guardian to Moses.
  (505) Ann Marshall, servant to Andrew Hall.
  (505) Jacob Woodley appointed Constable.
  (505) John Lyle appointed guardian to Mathew Eaken, aged 14, orphan of Walter Eaken.
  (505) Andrew Lockridge qualified Captain of Militia. James Elliott qualified Lieut. of Militia.
  (506) Thomas Stockton petitions to build mill an his land on Catawbo, and Court directs a jury.
  (506) John Ward, Sr. (Jackson's River), exempted from levy.
  (506) Henry Dooley to be surveyor of road from the Welshman's Run to Bedford Line-ordered to be established.

MARCH 17, 1768.

  (507) Hemp certificates: James Laird, Wm. McBride.
  (507) Thomas Gray, orphan of Walt Gray, to be bound to Wm. Poage. Jonathan Smith appointed guardian to Peter Looney, orphan of Peter Looney. John Jackson appointed guardian to Jane Claypole, orphan of William Claypole.
  (507) Benj. Tuder (Tudson), apprentice of Andrew Miller.
  (508) John Robinson (blacksmith), garnishee.
  (508) John Bodkin appointed surveyor of highway, vice John Estill, from James Given's to head of Cow Pasture River.
  (509) Commission for priv. examination of Annabella, wife of David Robinson, to deed to Francis Smith.
  (512) Hemp certifrcates Thomas Stuart, James Ewing, James Greenlee, Rob. Breckenridge.
  (513) James Crawford vs. Saml. Patterson. } Following attached: Forty deer skins, 18 Other skins, 1 fox skin.
  (516) John Madison took the usual oaths to his Majesty's person and government, repeated and subscribed the adjuration oath and test, which is, on his motion, ordered to be certified.
  (517) Jurors: Tully Davitt, Saml. McRoberts, John Ware, Danl. Ponder, John Gordon, George Poage, Wm. Poage, Jacob Woodley, Hugh Ware, Wm. Barefield, George Taylor, James Montgomery.
  (517) Witness: James Stuart, Mathew Patterson.
  (518) Walter Power informs the Court that Isabel and Alexander Angely, children of Peter Angely, were bound to him in March, 1765, the girl for four years and the boy for six years, but their indentures have been stolen.
  (518) Witness: Paul Teter.

MARCH 18, 1768.

  (519) Jurors: James Baits, Thomas George.
  (520) Hemp certificates: Thomas Crow, Wm. Preston, Francis Smith, John Paxton, James Campbell, James Alexander.

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  (521) Commission ordered to privily examine Elizabeth, wife of George Wilson, to deed to Charles Donnelly.
  (521) Witness: Margaret Patton.
  (522) Witness: Wm. Cowdon.
  (522) Jurors: James Turk, James Callison, Saml. McClure, Saml. Lawrence, James Beats, Wm. McCutcheon, Francis Stuart, Wm. Moore, James McCain, Wm. Craddock, Wm. Christian, Jacob Lockhart, Nicholas Leahorn, Jr.
  (522) Witnesses: James Montgomery, Hugh Ware.
  (523) Witnesses: George Ware, John Ware, John Willson, Hugh Ware, Joseph Ware, Mathew Huston, and Moses Cober; Richard Campbell, from Frederick County, 60 miles; John Seviar, from Frederick County, 50 miles.

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