Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



NOVEMBER 21, 1768

  (1) Thos. McFarron vs. Wm. Moore.--Attachment on one tomahawk.
  (11) Attachment on one cuttoe knife.
  (31) Wm. Stewart vs. James Anderson.--Abates by plaintiff's death.
  (32) Thomas Bullitt, returned no inhabitant.
  (42) John Nelson to be bound to Wm. Hyde, to learn trade of carptnter.
  (45) John McCreery appointed road surveyor. John Hamilton appointed road surveyor from Warm Springs Road to Cap. Dickenson's, and to work with the tithables on Jackson's River, from Wm. Mann's to Duncan McFarland's, and tithables on back Creek--vice John McClenachan.

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NOVEMBER 22, 1768.

  (47) Andrew Greer vs. James Hughes's admrs. and heirs: Conveyance to be made as soon as Euphemia, Jane and Mary Hughes come of age.
  (48) Ephraim Wilson--witness from Pittsylvania.
  (48) Margaret Crow, wife of William Crow, releases dower.
  (49) John Sevior, witness from Frederick.
  (50) Abraham Townsend, witness from Albemarle.
  (52) Andrew Lewis qualified justice in Court of Chancery.
  (61) Robert Brown and James Sawyer, Jr., to view the nearest and most convenient way thro' Buffalo Gap to the road leading to Staunton. Thomas Hughart and Andrew Hamilton to view the most convenient way from John Hodges' to the Buffalo Gap road.

NOVEMBER 23, 1768.

  (70) John Redpath, runaway servant of Samp. Mathews.
  (70) County levy is 4 pence.

NOVEMBER 26, 1768.

  (71) Called Court for examination of Robert McMahon, charged with the murder of Robert Reaburn.--Sent to Williamsburg for trial.

NOVEMBER 29, 1768.

  (72) Oyer and Terminer on George and Poll, slaves of John Rice, of North Carolina, for housebreaking. -- Guilty, but as they were under the influence of George Hendricks, ought not to suffer death, but receive 39 lashes and ears cropped.

MARCH 21, 1769.

  (75) John Magill qualified attorney at law.
  (77) Hemp certificates: Nicholas Sollas, Thomas Arnett.
  (78) Jane Graham, widow of deceased, and Joseph Vohub, qualify admrs. of David Graham.
  (78) Thomas Clofford, runaway servant of Robert Fowler. William Brewer, runaway servant of Hugh Campbell.
  (79) Miss Susanna Evans, aged --, orphan of Daniel Evans, chose Wm. McClenachan her guardian.
  (79) Hemp certificates: John Parks, James McCroorey.
  (80) Hemp certificates: William Uly, Thomas Bland.
  (81) Hemp certificates: James Templeton.
  (82) Following to be bound out by Church Wardens, viz: Mildred Viers to John Campbell; Elizabeth Viers to Robert Campbell; Gideon Viers and David Viers to David Laird.
  (83) Road surveyor: John Finley, vice Robert Allen.
  (83) Abraham Christman proposes to build a mill on his own land on Crab Creek.

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  (84) Road surveyor: Robert Hamilton, vice John Gilmore.
  (84) Court appoints William McPheeters, Jr., guardian of Alexr. and Robert Crawford, orphans of Alexr. Crawford.
  (84) Constable: John Summers, vice Alexr. Dale.
  (84) Road surveyor: John Hays, vice Jacob Anderson.

MARCH 22, 1769.

  (85) John Gilmore qualified administrator of Margaret Lynn.
  (86) Adam Stroud naturalized.
  (86) James McCrachy appointed Constable, vice Mathias Loacum.
  (87) John Paxton appointed road surveyor, vice John Bowyer.
  (88) John Lynn, orphan of Robert Lynn, to be bound to Archibald Reah.
  (89) John Stewart, security for Susanna King, admx. of her deceased husband, John Cockrain (wife of Henry King), asks counter security. Henry and Susanna also summoned to show cause why they do not provide for their children.
  (90) Mary, wife of David Frame, relinquishes dower.
  (90) Viewers to report on a road from Dry Gap to John Archer's Mill.
  (94) One sheperdee attached.
  (96) Timothy Warren appointed Constable, vice William West.
  (96) Following orphans of Francis McCown to be bound: Agnes, to John McCown; Francis, to Tully Deavitt; Catherine, to Robert Christian.
  (99) Jacob Lorton appointed Constable, vice Samuel Pepper.

MARCH 23, 1769.

  (102) One frizer and ring attached.
  (103) Samuel Ekerling versus Valentine Zinn, son and heir-at-law of Garrett Zinn.--Chancery.
  (104) John Sibert binds himself to Jacob Argenbright.
  (104) Patrick Mooney exempted from County levy.

MARCH 24, 1769.

  (109) Sheriff informed the Court that negroes George and Poll, belonging to George Rice, of North Carolina, had lain in jail three months, and asked directions--Ordered that he provide iron collars, stamped with the letters A. G., and hire them out until their master comes and proves property.
  (110) Following attached: Smothing iron, fire shovel.
  (110) Following garnishees: William Thomas, Joseph Boshire, Nathan Rigland, John Rayreigh.
  (111) Attached: One chaff bed.
  (112) Witness: Henry Eyness.
  (113) Felix Gilbert and Michael Shirley appointed surveyors of the road from Jacob Nicholas's to Hance Magots.
  (116) John Murray and Elizabeth, one of the co-heirs of her uncle, John Mathews, deceased, plaintiffs, versus Martha Mathews.--Division of the estate.

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  (119) Witnesses: Jaob Moyer, Windlw Evert, Christiania Evert.
  (119) Wm. Crane beat his master, Henry King.--Complaint dismissed because Henry was not hurt.

MARCH 25, 1769.

   (125) Charles Donnerly and John McCreery appointed surveyors of road from Capt. Charles Lewis's to, the Fork of Dickinson's Road.
  (139) Wm. Craig versus Robert Archer.--Dismissed; no inhabitant.
  (141) Liliey Whitely versus John Thompson.--Abates by plaintiff's marraige.
  (148) James Deuer versus Robt. Henderson.--Dismissed; no inhabitant.

MARCH 27, 1769.

  (169) Wm. Christian granted certificate that he is of probity, honesty and good behavior.--Attorney's license.
  (169) Henry Pauling, Joseph Murty and John Potts--to view a road from Joseph Murty's house down Craig's Creek and Patterson's Creek into the main road from John Crawford's to the Stone House.
  (169) George Skillern qualified Justice.

APRIL 18, 1769.

  (196) Alexr. McClenachan qualified Deputy Sheriff.

APRIL 19, 1769.

   (196) Court of Claims and Grievances.

JUNE 20, 1769.

  (197) Hemp certificate: Archd. McCurdy.
  (199) Overseers of road: Thomas Reed, vice Malcolm Allen; Mathew Kinney.
  (199) Jacob Hornberrier naturalized.
  (200) Constables: Wm. Carren, vice Joseph Robinson; Wm. Rutledge, vice Alexr. Gibson; Wm. Lusk, vice John Carlile; Robt. Gamble, vice John Clark.
  (200) Overseer road: John Buchanan, vice Samuel McCutcheon.
  (202) Constable: Richard Mays, vice John Clendennin.
  (203) James Lynch, runaway servant of Rob. Stephenson: Wm. Wooldridge, runaway servant of Michael Coulter; Joseph Webb, runaway servant of Joseph Moore.
  (204) Constable William Craig, vice Adam Pence.
  (204) Road overseer: Henry Stone, vice Henry Pickle.
  (204) William Beates, runaway servant of William Crawford.

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  (205) Hemp certificate: Robert McAfee.
  (206) Hemp certificates: James McAfee, Jr., Alexr. Airron.
  (207) Constables. James Edmiston, vice John Gardner; Wm. McGee, vice George McAfee.
  (208) William Christian committed to jail for debt,
  (210) Constable: John Peoples, vice Daniel Lyle.
  (211) Constable: John Herdman, Jr., vice John Gordon.
  (212) Overseer of road: Thomas Moore, vice Andrew Greer, from County Line to Fork of Road by John Harrison's.
  (212) Children of Daniel Clark and Christian Boyd to be bound.
  (214) Complaint of Eleanor Dunn--James Stewart to be summoned to show cause why he does not teach his apprentice, Walter Dunn, his trade and cloathe and provide for him according to law.
  (217) Juror: James Bambridge.
  (218) Robert Armstrong, Henry Cresswell and James Bell--to view the most convenient way from Buffalo Gap to Staunton.

JUNE 22, 1769.

  (220) Aaron Hughes, John Moore, Thomas Moore and Jacob Woodley -- to view the road from Hughes's Lane by Mathew Harrison's Mill to County Line.
  (222) Following recommended for appointment as Justices. Matthew Harrison, William Ingles, William Christian, George Mathews, John McClenachan, James Robertson, Stephen Trigg, William Horbert, Philip Love, Anthony Bledsoe, John Bowman, John Thomas, Roberl Doage and John Montgomery. The following to be left off and reasons given to the Governor by the Clerk: John Chizwell, John Wilson, John Archer, Alexr. Boyd, David Robinson, Benj. Estill, John Maxwell, Charles Lewis. Andrew Bird, Richard Woods.
  (224) Margaret Woods, late Margaret Robinson, widow of William Robinson.
  (225) Aaron Hughes appointed Constable, vice Jacob Woodley.
  (226) John Southerland, an orphan, to be bound to Thomas Lookey.
  (227) Road surveyor: George Baxter, vice John Thomas.

JUNE 23, 1769.

  (229) Witness; Nathan Ragland.
  (234) Overseer of road: William Herren, vice Benj. Harrison.
  (237) Witness: Samuel Irons.
  (240) Witness: Sibera Trader.

JUNE 24, 1769.

  (252) John Hill has leave to buiid a grist mill on his own land on Strumples Creek.

JUNE 26, 1769.

  (260) Robert McMahon vs John Jones.--Abates by plaintiff's death.

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JUNE 27, 1769.

  (301) Blanton, Assignee, vs. Lorimer.--Abates by defendant's death.
  (302) John Cockrain, son of John Cockrain, deed., to be bound to Hugh Allen, he teaching him the trade of a wheelwright and joiner.
  (302) Following orphans of John Cockrain, deed., to be bound according to law, viz: Robert, James, Elizabeth and Mary.
  (305) Wm. McCutcheon, security for Margaret Clark, admx. of her husband, since intermarried with John Smith, claims counter security.
  (313) John Dean appointed road surveyor from Forks of Lewis and Dickenson Road to the Warm Springs, vice John Hamilton. Road to be surveyed from Davis's cabin to Warm Springs.
  (316) John Black appointed overseer of road, vice Robert Reed.

AUGUST 15, 1769.

  (316) Barbara Sivert, daughter of Charles Frederick Sivert, to be bound to Philip Horless.

AUGUST 16, 1769.

  (319) Following children of Francis Siver to be bound out: Francis Peter Siver, to Peter Churn, to learn cooper; Margaret Siver, to Adam Haverstick; Mary Siver, to Simon Nicholas.
  (319) James Caghey, Wm. Terry and Wm. Cox--to value improvements of John Mills on 550 acres on South Fork of Roanoke and 1,170 acres on the Wolf Creek, a branch of Roanoke, and 180 acres on Roanoke.
  (320) Appraisers appointed on estate of George Darr.
  (322) Appraisers appointed on estate of John Buchanon, viz: On James River, John and Jonathan Smith and George Skillern; at New River, John Blackmore, Samnel Pepper and Joseph How; at Reed Creek, John Montgomery, David Looney and Josiah Ramsey.
  (323) Richard Moore has leave to build mill on South Fork of Reed Creek, about two miles above the wagon road.
  (324) Following recommended as Justices, viz: Mat. Harrison, Wm. Ingles, Wm. Christian, George Mathews, John McClenachan, James Robertson, Stephen Trigg, Wm. Herbert, Philip Love, Anthony Bledsoe, John Bowman, John Thomas, Robert Doage, John Montgomery, Alexr. Thompson, James Craig, Waiter Crockett, Andrew Lockridge, Walter Cunningham and James McGavock. The following to be left off, reasons to be given by the Clerk and former order discharged, viz: John Chiswell, John Buchanan, John Wilson, John Archer, John Maxwell, Charles Lewis, Alexr. Boyd.

AUGUST 17, 1769.

  (325) "Massauntting" mentioned.
  (328) Catharine Sawyers, orphan of Alexr. Sawyers, aged 15 last March, to be bound to Daniel McNare.
  (329) Benj. Carr--witness from Culpeper.
  (331) William Charlton appointed appraiser of John Melley's improvements.

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