Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



AUGUST 18, 1769.

  (2) John Buchanan vs. Robt. Sayers.--Death of plaintiff abates.
  (11) Adam Broyle vs. John Buchanan.--Death of plaintiff (?) abates.

OCTOBER 17, 1769

  (20) James Troro's estate committed to Samuel Erwin, greatest creditor.
  (21) James Young, aged 14, orphan of James Young, chose John Young guardian.

OCTOBER 18, 1769.

  (22) John Neeley (son of James) appointed guardian of Catharine Evans, orphan of Daniel Evans.
  (25) James Gamwell vs. Thos. Gillespie.--Abates by plaintiff's death.

OCTOBER 19, 1769

  (27) John Munks, being committed to jail as a runaway servant, is discharged, nothing appearing against him.
  (27) Wm. Henry, executor of Wm. Jevon, vs. Francisco.--Judgment.
  (29) Anna, wife of Francis Smith, priv. examination--deed Francis Smith to Robert Findley.
  (32) George and William Mathews and John Maury appointed guardians of John, Moses, William, Ann and Elizabeth, orphans of John Bowen.

OCTOBER 20, 1769.

  (43) Mathews vs. Mirian Cloyd.--Attached--one Dutch oven.
  (56) John Bowyer, Sheriff, informs the Court that he is apprehensive that the County is about to be divided, when his house will be in the new County, having served but one year, prays that the Court will recommend his brother, William Bowyer, for Sheriff, which is done.

OCTOBER 21, 1769.

  (59) James Frow vs. John Archer.--Abates by plaintiff's death.
  (59) George Null, eldest son and heir of Nicholas Null, vs. John Craig. Decree in chancery for plaintiff for 400 acres.

NOVEMBER 13, 1769

  (59) Called Court on Jacob, a slave for felony.--Not guilty of housebreaking, but of shooting at the children of Alexr. Moore--39 lashes.

NOVEMBER 22, 1769.

  (61) Called Court on James Denniston, for breaking into shop of John Abney and stealing silver coin--39 lashes.

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  (61) Two stoves to be purchased for the jail.

DECEMBER 19, 1769.

  (62) David Black's will contested by his widow, Elizabeth Black, on ground of insanity, but overruled and recorded.
  (62) Dower to he laid off to Margaret McMahon in 300 acres conveyed by her husband to Hugh Donaho.

MARCH 20, 1770.

  (64) John Stevenson appointed guardian to James Rusk, orphan of James Rusk.
  (64) William Strother Madison qualified Deputy Sheriff.
  (64) Elizabeth Rutherford qualifies admx. of Thomas Rutherford.
  (65) John Kerr, eldest son of deceased, qualifies admr. of James Kerr.
  (65) John May took the oath of an attorney.

MARCH 21, 1770

  (66) The surveyor ordered to run the dividing line between Augusta and Botetourt as far as the Western Waters.
  (66) Alexr. McClenachan appointed guardian of John, Andrew, James, Elizabeth and David Black, orphans of David Black.
  (66) Following recommended as Justices: Mathew Harrison, John McClenachan, George Mathews, Michael Bowyer, James McDowell, Alexr. Robertson, John Gratton, John Hays, Jr., Thomas Hugart, John Stewart, James Craig, Elijah McClenachan.
  (68) Attached--a piece of Sagathy, one capuchin.
  (69) Mildred Randal to be bound to Hugh Donaho. Rachel Randal to be bound to Samuel Hunter.

MARCH 28, 1770.

  (80) Estate of Mary Creist, being very small, is committed to the Sheriff.
  (80) Samuel Henderson and Jane ordered summoned to prove the will of John Stevenson.
  (80) John Anderson vs. Christian Bingaman.--Defendant no inhabitant.
  (100) William Fowler vs James Stevenson.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (100) Andrew Hays vs. Moses Cunningham.--Abates by death of deft.

MAY 15, 1770.

  (102) Catharine Madison, aged 16, orphan of Humphrey Madiion, chose John Madison her guardian.
  (102) John Gratton, Alexr. McClenachan, John Poage, Saml. McDowell, George Moffet, Archibald Huston, John Hays, Wm. Bowyer, John McClenachan--qualified vestrymen.

JUNE 19, 1770.

  (103) New Commission.
  (104) John Caldwell has leave to build an oil mill on his land on South River.

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JUNE 20, 1770.

  (104) John Harvie took the oath of an attorney.
  (106) Writing from Richard Williamson to wife, Abbey Williamson, recorded.
  (101) Agnes Young vs. John Brown.--Abates by defendant's death.

JUNE 21, 1770.

  (108) Patrick Martin vs Joseph Martin.--Abates by plaintiff's death.

AUGUST 21, 1770.

  (116) His widow Martha and his father, Alexander, qualify administrators of Alexander Walker, Jr.
  (116) John Bear and George Spear naturalized.
  (116) Margaret, widow of Patrick Martin, refuses to act administrator.
  (116) Appraisers appointed for estate of John Smith.

AUGUST 22, 1770.

  (117) Barnett Lynch, Michael Arbocoast and Peter Flesher naturalized.
  (117) Estate of Wm. Salix committed to Felix Gilbert.
  (119) Wm. Sharpe appointed guardian of Jane Meek, orphan of John Meek.
  (119) Francis Viers--bankrupt.

AUGUST 25, 1770.

  (124) Called Court on Jesse Townsend for murder of Noah Roundtree--sent for trial before General Court.

AUGUST 27, 1770.

  (128) George Hay--no inhabitant.
  (129)) George McCown--no inhabitant. Wm. Hamilton--no inhabitant.
  (130) John Ward, Sr., and Jr.--no inhabitant.
  (137) James Mays--no inhabitant.

AUGUST 28, 1770.

  (147) Following no inhabitants--suits dismissed--viz: James Ward, John Vance, James Johnston, Patrick Denny, Solomon White.

NOVEMBER 20, 1770.

  (148) Ephraim Dunlap qualified attorney.
  (148) Estate of Henry Coffman committed to his widow.
  (149) Christopher Graham, aged 16, orphan of Robt. Graham, chose Thos. Hicklin guardian.

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CR--Vol. I--6

  (149) Elizabeth Campbell complains of her father, William Campbell, that he does not provide for her and his other children--to be summoned.
  (149) George Mathews qualified Sheriff.

NOVEMBER 21, 1770.

  (150) William Long, aged 15, orphan of Wm. Long, chose Thomas and Charles Lewis guardians.

NOVEMBER 26, 1770.

  (156) Elizabeth Wilson, aged 16, orphan of Samuel Wilson, chose Alexr. McClenachan her guardian, and he is appointed guardian for Martha, her sister.

NOVEMBER 27, 1770.

  (157) Charles Boddy fined for peddling without license.

NOVEMBER 28, 1770.

  (162) William Hugart vs. Joseph Carpenter} Decree for plaintiff for sale of 160 acres on Jackson's River, part of 782 acres patented to Joseph June 1, 1750. Memo.--The land was sold by Edward McMullen, Jan'y., 1771, at public auction, and bought by plaintiff for 90.
  (169) Henry Coffman's death abates suit.

NOVEMBER 29, 1770.

  (177) It appearing that Archer Mathews is no longer capable of instructing his apprentice, Robert Shaw, as an apprentice, and that James Shaw, Robert's father, is incapable of bringing him up in a Christianlike manner--to be bound to John Frogg, to learn the same trade.

JANUARY 15, 1771.

  (179) Estate of Arthur Frogg, decd., committed to his brother John Frogg.

MARCH 17, 1771.

  (180A) The record says 1772--the leaf pages 181-182 have been torn out and the pages 180A-183A were once sealed together.

(See page 328, infra.)

  (180A) Conrad Custard's nuncupative will proved, the widow consenting--estate committed to his son, Paul Custard.

MARCH 19, 1771.

  (180) Mary Huffman, orphan of Nicholas Huffman, to be bound to David Magert.--Hie agrees to give her 8, 10, and a new spinning wheel when she comes of age and teach her to read and write. Elizabeth Huffman,

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orphan as above, to Samuel Morgert.--He gives her 9, 16, a new spinning wheel and teaches her to read and write.
  (180) Estate of William Christian committed to Wm. Bowyer, creditor.

MARCH 20, 177l

  (183) On complaint of Henry King and Susanna, Hugh Allen summoned to show cause why he illegally detains and does not teach his apprentice, John Cockrane, his trade and give him sufficient clothing.

MARCH 21, 1771.

  (184) Elliott Rutherford appointed guardian of Robert, Joseph, Reuben and Mary Rutherford, orphans of Thomas Rutherford.
  (188) Estate of Wm. Floyd, decd., committed to his eldest brother, Samuel Floyd.

MARCH 22, 1771.

  (189) Alexr. Miller vs. John Brown.--Verdict of not guilty

MARCH 23, 1771

  (190) Jacob Woodley, security for Elizabeth Rutherford, admx. of Thos. Rutherford, decd., her late husband (since intermarried with Evan Price), asks counter security.
  (191) John Pairtree natrualized.

MARCH 27, 1771.

  (196) Pat. McCorkle vs. Wm. Christian.--Defendant's death abates suit.

MARCH 28, 1771.

  (197) James Dunn to be bound to Thomas Smith, who is to teach him trade of carpenter and joiner.
  (204) Henry Picket's death abates suit.
  (208) Malcom McCown vs William Christian, Jr.--Defendant's death abates suit.
  (208) William Kennedy, returned no inhabitant.
  (214) Liquors rated.

MARCH 21, 1771.

  (215) Called Court on Mathew Thorpe, for horse stealing from Joseph Pearce of Westmoreland.--Committed for trial.
  (215) John Todd, Jr., qualified attorney.
  (217) Elizabeth, wife of James Anderson, relinquished dower in 100 acres--deed to Joseph Reaburn.

MARCH 22, 1771.

  (218) John McClenachan qualified Captain of Militia.
  (218) William Glaves appointed guardian ad litem for Esther Glaves, orphan of Mathew Glaves, deceased.

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  (218) Wm. Watterson, confined in jail for debt, applies for release as a bankrupt.

MARCH 23, 1771.

  (222) Nancy Childs, daughter of Elizabeth Carroll, to be bound to Elizabeth Cunningham.

MARCH 24, 1771.

  (224) Gabriel Jones, Felix Gilbert and Daniel Smith inform the Court that smallpox in the natural way is come in their neighborhood within two or three miles of their plantations--Leave is given to Dr. John McDonald and every other doctor to inoculate the said families or any other in any or what part of the County any person that chooses to be inoculated.

MARCH 21, 1771.

  (231) David Beard vs. John Stuart.--Abates by defendant's death.

MARCH 28, 1771.

  (231) John Stuart vs. Sampson Mathews. Abates by plaintiff's death.
  (242) Archer Mathews--no inhabitant.
  (246) Robert Armstrong--no inhabitant.
  (250) Mary Dice qualifies admx. of husband, George Dice.
  (251) William Strother Madison qualified Deputy Sheriff.

AUGUST 21, 1771.

  (254) Samuel Craig is appointed guardian of John Black, orphan of Anthony Black.
  (255) Isabella Scott proves the importation of herself and children, viz: Nathaniel, Mathew, John, William, Jean, Francis and Isabella.
  (255) Frances McNutt, the same her children, viz: James, John, Frances, Agnes and Isabella.
  (255) James Scott, same, for himself and wife, Rachel.
  (256) Robert Cowardin, same, for himself and wife, Mary.

AUGUST 23, 1771.

  (266) John Edmenston's death abates suit.
  (258) Court requests that Andrew Bird be left out of the commission of the peace because he was guilty of wilful and corrupt perjury in the suit, Bird vs. Thomas Moore, for slander.

MARCH 29, 1771.

  (273) James Gregory vs. James Cochrane.--Abates by plaintiff's death.
  (278) Joseph Long-no inhabitant.
  (279) William Slaughter--no inhabitant.

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