Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



NOVEMBER 19, 1771.

  (288) Ann, wife of John Trimble, released dower in 200 acres--deed to James Elliot.

NOVEMBER 20, 1771.

  (288) Called Court os Jane Dove for murdering her child--not guilty because insane.
  (289) Agness Dean, admx. of husband, John Wilson.
  (290) Mary Kelly, orphan of John Kelly, to be bound to John Malcolm.

NOVEMBER 21, 1771.

  (291) Administration of estate of James McDowell, decd., granted his widow, Elizabeth, and his brother, Samuel.
  (295) William and Michael Bowyer, John and Alexr. McClenachan, Daniel Smith, Samuel McDowell, Arcbibald Huston and Alexr. Thomson qualified Vestrymen.

NOVEMBER 22, 1771.

  (296) The orphans of Thomas Hackett, decd., in the possession of their stepfather, Thomas Hackett, (?) to be bound out.

NOVEMBER 26, 1771.

  (301) Benjamin Lindon, son of Joseph Lindon, to be bound to William Boone.--He agrees to give him when free a horse and saddle, value 10; a suit of clothes, value 8, and two years' schooling.

NOVEMBER 27, 1771.

  (303) County levy.
  (303) To Thomas Trimble, son of David.
  (304) Euphemia Bowers (Bowen?) to be bound to Thomas Smith.
  (306) The old Court House in which Alexr. St. Clair now lives, to be leased for 5 years.

NOVEMBER 28, 1771.

  (301) William Christian, security for Elizabeth Bryan (widow and admx. of her husband, David Bryan, but since intermarried with John Bowman), asks counter security.
  (307) County levy is 2/6.
  (307 William Christian, secunty for Margaret Robinson (widow and admx. of husband, Wm Robinson, but since intermarried with Saml. Wood).
  (318) John Dailey--no inhabitant.
  (319) James Moore--death abates suit.
  (323) Andrew Buntin and John Smiley--no inhabitants.

JANUARY 2, 1772.

  (324) Court of Claims and Propositions and Grievances.

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  (324) A certificate of Saml. McDowell to Wm. Gilmer for provisions for the Militia of Augusta and Botetourt ordered certified.--Same to John Thompson and Moses Cunningham.
  (324) A certificate from Charles Lewis and John McClenachan to Wm. Shorp and Thomas Drinnen for services done by them--ordered certified.
  (324) Claim of Charles Lewis and sundry other persons for services--certified.
  (324) Petition for appointment of new trustees for town of Stauntoo ordered certified.

FEBRUARY 18, 1772.

  (326) Ann Heatherly, daughter of Thomas Heatherly, to be bound to Alexr. St. Clair--her father being unable to provide for her.

MARCH 17, 1772.

  (326) See page 180A above.--Same orders in both places.
  (329) Hugh McGlaughlin, orphan of Hugh McGaughlin, aged 14, to be bound to John Hogshead, he teaching him the trade of a currier, farmer and shoemaker.
  (329) Admn. of estate of Samuel McDonald granted his brother, Henry McDonald.

MARCH 18, 1772.

  (331) Robert McNight to be bound to James Hogshead, Jr.
  (331) Patrick Boyd to be bound to John Crawford to learn trade of blacksmith.
  (331) Ann Cafferty to be bound to John Askins.

MARCH 19, 1772.

  (335) John Gratton qualified Vestryman.
  (335) Margaret and James Ramsey to be bound out.
  (335) Wm. Given's estate committed to John Carlile.

MARCH 20, 1772.

  (331) John Lewis and John Lyle qualified Vestrymen.
  (338) William Campbell, security for Mary Donald   (admx. of husband, Michael O'Donald, since intennarried with John Adair), counter security.--Division between the orphans of Michael ordered.
  (339) Rating of liquors.

MARCH 23, 1772.

  (341) Letter from Wiat Coleman authorizing the binding out of his son, Samuel Coleman, ordered recorded.

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MARCH 24, 1772.

  (346) Samuel Clark--no inhabitant.
  (350) John Kerr's death abates suit.
  (354) William McNabb-no inhabitant.
  (354) Andrew Fitzpatrick--no inhabitant.
  (361) William Gwinn's death abates suit.
  (361) Mary Kettle to be bound.
  (351) Sheriff to advertise repairing of jail and making a ducking stool.

APRIL 11, 1772.

  (362) Oyer and Terminer on 2 slaves for murdering Thomas Marmeon--guilty--to be hanged on 18th of present month between 12 and 8--heads to be severed--one to be affixed on a pole below the town near the road at the rocks and the other near the road leading from Wm. Mitchell's to Staunton.
  (364) James McCaumus and George Wallace to be bound out.
  (365) Lewis Wamanstaff, aged 4 years, to be bound to Ludwick Wagoner.--The father has run away.
  (366) Charlotte Rea to be bound out to David Robertson.
  (366) Hannah McNeiley bound out.

MAY 20, 1772.

  (368) James McGlaughlin, son of Hugh McGlaughlin, to be bound to James McVey, to learn trade of carpenter.

MAY 22, 1772.

  (376) Following to be paid as patrollers, viz: Valentine Cloninger, John Redpath, James Culbertson, Thos. Smith, John Cawley, Thos. Rhoads, John Andrew, Alexr. St. Clair, Christopher Graham.

MAY 23, 1772.

  (380) Alexr. Wright's death abates suit.
  (389) James McDonald's death abates suit.
  (390) William Hamilton--no inhabitant.
  (394) Joseph Currans--no inhabitant.
  (396) New jail ordered to be built.
  (397) Daniel Henderson's death abates suit.

AUGUST 18, 1772

  (400) Barnard Moore qualified attorney.
  (400) Admn. of estate of James Stuart committed to widow, Isabella.
  (401) Admn. of Paul Shaver granted to widow, Elizabeth.
  (402) Archibald Alexander qualified coroner.
  (402) Admn. of Sebastian Neigley granted to John Shull.
  (403) Admn. of Mark Swadley granted to Sebastian Hover.

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AUGUST 19, 1772.

  (403) Michael and George Kentner naturalired.
  (403) John Karr to be bound to Isaac Morrison.
  (404) Jane Claypole, aged 18, orphan of William Claypole, chose John Gratton guardian.
  (404) Admn. of Jacob Gillespy granted son, Jacob.
  (404) John Gilmore, aged 14, orphan of Thomas Gilmore, chose John Gilmore and John Thompson guardians.
  (408) John Lickings and Dorothy, late Dorothy Caplinger, widow of Samuel Caplinger.
  (408) William Woolridge to be bound to William Reah.
  (408) Admn. of Daniel Henderson granted to John Henderson.

AUGUST 20, 1772.

  (409) Charles Lewis qualified Lieutenant Colonel of County.
  (409) Robert Lyle bound over towards Moses Trimble to keep the peace, and his name stricken from the list of recommendations as Sheriff.
  (409) George Moffett qualified Vestryman.
  (410) Thomas Lorrimer's estate to be appraised.
  (411) Charles O'Donald, aged 17, orphan of Michael O'Donald, chose Thomas Stuart guardian.

AUGUST 22, 1772.

  (424) Stephen Loy--no inhabitant.
  (432) John Frogg to be paid for repairing the jail and building the ducking stool.
  (432) Martha Mathews, orphan of Joshua Mathews, chose Sampson Mathews her guardian.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1772.

  (435) Called Court on Frederick Speer, charged with horse stealing--bound over to grand jury.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1772.

  (436) Called Court on William Mosely for larceny--sent to Williamsburg for trial.

NOVEMBER 19, 1772.

  (438) Admn. of Robert Hook, Jr., granted to his widow, Jane Hook, et al.
  (438) Timothy Ryan being runaway, his children, viz: Mary, aged 8; Martha, aged 5, and Jeremiah, aged 2, to be bound out.
  (438) Daniel Smith qualified Sheriff.
  (438) Admn. of Wm. Sutlington granted to Andrew Sutlingon.
  (439) Admn. of Jacob Roleman granted to Christian Roleman.
  (439) Mary McCoy to be bound to William Wallace.

NOVEMBER 18, 1772.

  (443) Lettice Kilpatrick to be bound to Thomas Kilpatrick.

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  (443) Francis Gardner appointed guardian to Francis and Samuel Gardner, orphans of Thomas Gardner.

NOVEMBER 19, 1772.

  (446) County levy.

NOVEMBER 20, 1772.

  (448) Mathias Lair vs. John Gratton.--Order for leave to add Aaron Hughes and John Hughes as parties--
  (449) Robert Jordaine vs. James Cunningham.--Debt--judgment.

NOVEMBER 21, 1772.

  (450) Rachel Gibson vs. William Briscoe.--Abates by plaintiff's marriage.
  (453) John Dunlap vs. William Sutlington.--Abates by defendant's death.
  (463) Michael Mallo vs. Valentine Maleer.--Abates by plaintiff's death.
  (461) Michael Doyle--no inhabitant.
  (461) County levy--2/4.

FEBRUARY 18, 1773.

  (470) Called Court on William Place--larceny--guilty.
  (410) Finis. Coronat. Opus. Opus triginta dierum.
                                            W. URGUHORT, Scripsit. --------------------

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