Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (225) Wm. McCorkle, aged 16 4th of this month, to be bound to Henry Moiser, to learn blacksmith.

FEBRUARY 18, 1795.

  (227-228) Jail contract let to Jacob Kinney for 1,150.
  (230) Patience Ritchey, aged 14 in April next, to be bound to John Poage, Jr., who agrees to pay her 6 as freedom dues.--She was formerly bound to John Burnsides, now deceased, and Frances Stuart, the only child of said Burnsides, is willing to deliver her up.
  (233) Chesley Kinney qualifies Deputy Clerk.

MARCH 17, 1795.

  (235) John Allen qualified upon license as Attorney.

APRIL 16, 1795.

  (262) Called Court on James Ogle for horse stealing--sent to District Court.

APRIL 22, 1795.

  (263-264) Alex. Campbell exempted from levy on account of his infirmity.
  (264) William Hart exempted from levy--old age and infirmity.
  (264) Patience Ritchie to be bound to Alex. Sanders until 18.
  (269) Richard Mathews proved that on 13th March, 1782, he delivered to Clough Overton Treasury warrants for 60,000 acres.--Overton was soon after killed by the Indians and the warrants were lost.
  (270) Certified to Register of Land Office--John Cooper is heir-at-law of James Cooper, deceased, and he is above 21 years.

APRIL 29, 1795.

  (271) Called Court on Paul Ekerly for larceny--guilty.

JUNE 16, 1795.

  (312) Robert Fulton recommended Lieutenant in 2d Battalion, vice James Mitchell, resigned. Thomas Mitchell recommended Ensign in 2d Battalion, vice Robert Fulton.
  (313) Elizabeth Armstrong to be bound to Jacob Worley. Nancy Hall to be bound to David Greiner.
  (314) Samuel Craig, orphan, chose James Berry guardian. Margaret Corner, orphan, chose Samuel Long guardian.
  (314) Jacob Puff, George Pickle, William Caldwell, Robert Caldwell, Nicholas Echers, exempted from levy and poll tax.
  (315) John Shark recommended Ensign in 2d Battalion, vice John Ewing, dead.
  (319) Robert O. Kelly to be bound to James Cummins to learn farming.
  (319) Alex. Gibson's will proved.--Mary, widow, refuses to qualify, whereupon son, Alex. Gibson, qualifies.

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JULY 16, 1795.

  (321) Called Court on John Kean for counterfeiting--guilty.

JULY 21, 1795.

  (322-323) James Young appointed guardian to orphans of George Hood.
  (323) Rebecca Stephenson, orphan of Adam Stephenson, deceased, chose William Stephenson guardian.
  (323) John Nolly, aged 18, formerly bound to Robt. Brawford, deceased, to be bound.
  (323) Elizabeth Armstrong's will proved by Susanna Breeze, late Susanna Brand.

JULY 22, 1795.

  (328-329) George Puff, Jacob Pickle and Peter Wiseman exempted from levy.
  (337) James Hall, orphan of Henry Hall, aged about 12, to be bound to Michael Garber, Jr., to learn art, trade and mystery of coppersmith.

JULY 30, 1795.

  (337) Called Court on William Bratton for larceny--discharged.

AUGUST 18, 1795.

  (338-340) Andrew Steel qualified Justice.
  (340) County divided into 18 precincts for processioning, and processioners appointed. Each Company by names of Captains composes a district.

AUGUST 19, 1795.

  (342) Alexander Dodd has ordinary license.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1795.

  (359-362) Charles Hogshead to be examined whether fit to serve as deputy surveyor.
  (363) John Ott, Sr., is exempted from paying poll tax, &c., on account of old age, &c.
  (363) Michael Ott is about to remove out of the State and will be unable to attend to the duties of guardianship of Margaret Fulwider, who chose John Ott her guardian.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1795.

  (365) Called Court for examination of Abraham Martin and Jacob Shore for larceny--discharged.

OCTOBER 13, 1795.

  (365) Called Court for examination of John Lilley for counterfeiting--guilty.

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OCTOBER 20, 1795.

  (366) Robert Porterfield Wallace, aged 8 years 24th August last, to be bound out.
  (366) Andrew Davidson Wallace, aged 6 years 8th February last, to be bound out.
  (366) Charles Hogshead qualified Deputy Sheriff.
  (366) Mary Gold, aged about 15 months, to be bound to Thomas Myers.
  (369) John and Ann Shields, orphans of Thomas Shields, chose William Wilson their guardian.
  (370) William Douthat's will presented and witnesses summoned.

OCTOBER 21, 1795.

  (373-374) Mary Elliott vs. John Caruthers.--Abates by marriage of parties.
  (380) Certified that Alex. Stuart has acted as Deputy Attorney for the Commonwealth from January, 1789, to the present date, during which time there have been twenty Courts for examination of criminals and trial of slaves.
  (381) Petition for bridle way rejected because the law does not authorize the expenditure of money for bridle ways.

NOVEMBER 21, 1795.

  (390-393) There being a dispute about the boundary line between Rockingham and Augusta, commissioners are appointed to meet those from Rockingham and determine same.

DECEMBER 15, 1795.

  (395) Susanna, Barrier, orphan of Jacob Barrier, aged 14 years, chose Jacob Barrier as her guardian. Mary Roler, orphan, chose Adam Louks as her guardian. Mary Hunter, orphan, chose William Patterson as her guardian.
  (396) Admn. of estate of Elias Woolman granted the widow, Esther Woolman.
  (397) Admn. of estate of William Mitchell granted James Mitchell, Sr.
  (397) John Foster, formerly bound to Alex. McClenachan, aged 4 years the 27th of July, 1788, to be bound to James Pinkerton.
  (399) County levy.
  (399) Patience Ritchey to remain with her mother, Catherine Campbell, and not be bound out.

DECEMBER 16, 1795.

  (399) George Woolwine, aged 10 years the 23d April next, to be bound to Michael Harmon, to learn art and mystery of a hatter.
  (401) Rockingham County Court having failed to appoint commissioners to run the County line, ordered that unless they do so in the next month the Augusta commissioners are to run it alone.

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  (401) Commission to build a new jail report that the building may be received upon the contractors agreeing to make certain improvements, which report is adopted.

JANUARY 19, 1795.

  (402-403) Alex. St. Clair qualified Sheriff.
  (404) Commissioners appointed to report plan of a new Clerk's office.
  (404) John Summers, aged about 20 years, son of John Summers, appeared with his father and agreed to apprentice himself to Jacob Leas for two years and a half to learn the art and mystery of a tanner.
  (405) Nancy Keith, apprentice of John Robb.
  (405) James Keith, aged 8 years the 18th of next month, to be bound to William Abney to learn mystery of a hatter.
  (405) Ebenezer Thornton, formerly bound to Peter Heiskell, to be bound out.

JANUARY 20, 1796.

  (406) Jacob Kinney appointed guardian of John McDowell, orphan of Hugh McDowell.
  (406) County levy continued--3,000 tithables @ 75c.

FEBRUARY 16, 1796.

  (407-409) James Boggs, aged 12 years last November, to be bound to Wm. Steel.
  (409) Robert Strean, orphan of James Strean, chose John Gardner his guardian.
  (410) Meredith Lively, aged 13 the 6th of last June, to be bound to Benj. Eagle to learn art and mystery of a blacksmith.
  (410) Sheriff of Bath to pay John Dickinson 50, pension for 1795.
  (411) Sheriff of Bath to pay Joseph Maze 8, pension for 1795.
  (411) Admn. of estate of Edward Parks granted Sampson Mathews.
  (411) Time for running line between Augusta and Rockingham extended to April.

FEBRUARY 17, 1796.

  (411-414) Depositions to be taken of Robert and Elizabeth Wilson of Bath County.

MARCH 18, 1796.

  (426-430) William Mitchell's death abates suit.

MARCH 21, 1796.

  (450-451) John Bowyer recommended Captain of a Company of Artillery; John McDowell, First Lieutenant, and Robert McClenachan, Second Lieutenant.

APRIL 20, 1796.

  (454) John Conrad Wright exempted from levy.
  (455) George G. McIntosh took the oath of allegiance.

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  (456) John Hammel, aged 17 in January last, to be bound.
  (457) Alex. Stuart to be paid 8, pension for 1795.
  (458) Commission to run line between Augusta and Rockingham returned report and recorded.
  (459) On motion of Elizabeth Woolwine, William Woolwine, aged 13 years 28 May last, to be bound to Michael Harmon, to learn trade of hatter.

APRIL 28, 1796.

  (459) Examination of Joseph Byers for larceny--guilty.

MAY 21, 1796.

  (480) Robert McDowell took the oath of fidelity.

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