Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



JUNE 21, 1796.

  (1) Andrew Laywell (son of Abram Laywell) aged 5 years the 12th November next, to John Coiner, to learn art of a farmer.
  (1) Following to be bound: Polly Hutcheson, aged 4 years in October last, to Elizzabeth Mateer. James Brown, aged 12 years in November last. Mary Barnes, aged 14 years 14th September next. Margaret Barnes, aged 8 years 29th July next. Ann Barnes, aged 6 years 7th May next. William Barnes, aged 3 years this month.
  (2) Abram Laywell (son of Abram), aged 2 years 29th January last, to Andrew Silling, to learn mystery of a weaver.
  (2) Admn. of estate of James Hughes granted David Steele.
  (3) Henry Welsh, heretofore bound to Alex. Humphreys, now to be bound to Mathew Patton, to learn mystery of a saddler. John Palmer, orphan of Cornelius Palmer, aged 17 years on 23d December, 1795, chose Robert Gratton his guardian for the purpose of binding him an apprentice to Peter Bratton, to learn the art and mystery of a blacksmith.
  (7) Jane Brown, widow and administratrix of James Brown, deceased.
  (8) Samuel Simpson exempted from levy on account age and infirmity.
  (8) Certified that Mathew Kenny has resided in this County for many years and is a man of honesty, probity and good demeanor.
  (8) Admn. of Patrick O'Brian's estate committed to Moses Hays.
  (8) Admn. of James McCann's estate committed to Agnes McCann.

JUNE 22, 1796.

  (12) Jacob Kinney to be paid 24, 41/--the price of a bell he purchased for the County.

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  (15) Robert Gratton qualified Major of a Battalion in a Regiment of Cavalry annexed to the 3d Division of Militia. John Bowyer qualified a Captain and John McDowell a Lieutenant, of a Company of Artillery in the 3d Regiment and 3d Division.

JUNE 23, 1796.

  (17-25) Commissioners appointed to place the bell in the end of the Court House if they find it can be done without injuring the Court House, otherwise to report the most convenient place.
  (26) Robert McClenachan qualified Lieutenant of a Company of Artillery in the 3d Regiment and 3d Division.

JULY 26, 1796.

  (26) Sarah Wilson, aged 7 years in May last, to be bound to Mary Hamilton. Phebe Martin, aged 2 years in June last, to be bound to David Straen.
  (27) Benjamin Boyer, aged 14 years, to be bound to Henry Wachtel, to learn wagon making. John and William Bailey, about 8 years old, and Charlotte Bailey, about 10 years old, children of Barnabas Bailey, to be bound.

AUGUST 15, 1796.

  (31) Called Court on Jacob Link for larceny--held to Grand Jury.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1796.

  (61-63) Collin Campbell choses guardian by Patience Richey, orphan.
  (63) Sarah, widow of Moses Hays, refuses to administer.
  (63) Admn. of estate of John Erwin granted William and Francis Erwin.
  (65) Thomas Waddall recommended Lieutenant in 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment, vice Andrew Erwin, who has removed.
  (66) John Michael recommended Ensign in 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment. George Berry, as Captain in 2d Battalion, vice John McCutcheon, resigned. John Scott, as Lieutenant, vice John Wilson, resigned. James Ewing, as Lieutenant, vice John Sharp, resigned.
  (67) Adam Hawpe, as Lieutenant in a Company of Infantry in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment, vice Robert Rennick, who refuses. Samuel Finley, as Ensign, vice Alex. Crawford, resigned.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1796.

  (68) Called Court on Benjamin Roberts for passing counterfeit bills-- discharged.

OCTOBER 18, 1796.

  (69-70) Elizabeth, widow of William Armstrong qualifies admx. c. t. a.
  (72) William Rafferty, aged 12 years 7th April last, to be bound to Wm. Martin, to learn trade of breeches maker.
  (73) Charles Berry recommended Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment, vice David Buchanan, resigned.

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  (74) James Wilson exempted from levy for his two sons, John and James Wilson.
  (74) Samuel Miller recommended Captain in Staunton Cavalry, vice Robert Gratton, promoted.

OCTOBER 27, 1796.

  (79) Called Court on Nathaniel Jefferies for larceny--forfeited recognizance.

NOVEMBER 11, 1796.

  (80) Called Court on Adam Clarke, larceny--discharged.

NOVEMBER 15, 1796.

  (81) Samuel Blackburn qualified to practice law.

NOVEMBER 19, 1796.

  (88-91) A fight took place in Court between John Coulter and Alex. Gibson, Esquires--bound to peace.

DECEMBER 20, 1796.

  (91-92) Michael Coiners' will proved, but not admitted to record on motion of Christian Balsley, who wishes to contest it.
  (92) George Wright chose John Brown guardian.
  (93) Christian Scyler, aged 12 months last September, daughter of Margaret Scyler, to be bound to Jacob Palmer.
  (93) James Allen recommended Lieutenant in 1st Battalion, 32d Regiment, vice William Young, resigned.
  (94) John Mead recommended in Allen's place.

DECEMBER 21, 1796.

  (94-95) County levy.
  (96) County levy.

JANUARY 17, 1797.

  (97) Charles Berry qualified Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment. George Berry qualified Captain in 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment.
  (98) John Dickinson to be paid 50 pension.
  (98) Probate of Michael Coiner's will continued to next Court and witnesses to be summoned.

JANUARY 18, 1797.

  (99-102) Alex. St. Clair qualified Sheriff.
  (102) County levy: 3,000 tithables @ 54c. each.

FEBRUARY 21, 1797.

  (109) Sarah Price, orphan of Samuel Price, deceased, of Henrico County, chose Robert Douthat guardian.

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FEBRUARY 22, 1797.

  (112) Called Court on Sebastian Wolfe for horse stealing.--Sent to District Court.

APRIL 18, 1797.

  (134) Jacob Aker, aged 13 years, to be bound to John Weorly.
  (134) Alex. Stuart to be paid 8 pension.
  (135) Henry Wilson, orphan of Thomas Wilson, deceased, 5 years old in July last, to be bound to William Mitchell.

APRIL 19, 1797.

  (136) George Eker, aged 18 years, chose John Weorly guardian.
  (136) George Lemon, orphan, aged 8 years 22d January last, to be bound to Henry Mace.
  (138) Lettitia W. McClenachan chose William Chambers guardian.
  (138) Michael Garber, Jr., recommended Captain in 1st Battalion of 32d Regiment, vice David Parry, resigned.
  (138) John McClenachan as Lieutenant, and Luther Morgan, Ensign-- recommended.
  (138) John McKenny, son of James, appointed Constable.
  (139) Robert McClenachan resigned as Lieutenant in Staunton Artillery and is recommended as Captain of a Company of Infantry, vice William Chambers, who has resigned. William Bowyer is recommended in McClenachan's place in Staunton Artillery.

APRIL 20, 1797.

  (139) Called Court on Enos McCaleb for larceny--5 lashes.

MAY 18, 1797.

  (149-159) John Guthrey, for a scurrilous libel to the Court and acknowledged by him, is to be put in the pillory from 11 to 12 o'clock tomorrow.

MAY 31, 1797.

  (164) Called Court on Eleanor Ryan, larceny.--Sent to District Court.

JUNE 20, 1797.

  (165-166) James Ross exempted from levy by reason of being disabled in one of his hands.
  (166) Admn. of estate of Elizabeth Caldwell granted to Catherine Caldwell, widow of John Caldwell, who was nominated executor in will of Elizabeth.
  (169) The former order for binding George Lemon to Henry Mace is rescinded, they being no inhabitants.
  (169) Following to be bound: Elizabeth Israel, aged 8 years 5th February last, to George Barnhart; John Bush, aged 4 years 20th December last, to George Barnhart; Jacob Meisner, orphan, aged 2 years 3d February last, to Jacob Lessley, to learn trade of weaver.

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  (169) John Tate allowed 50 for inquisitions on bodies of Absalom Greer, and the other on body of Jacob Steeley.
  (169) Michael Coiner's will admitted to probate, but Christian Balsley appeals to District Court.
  (169) John Stephenson exempted from levy until his infirmity is removed.

JUNE 21, 1797.

  (171-177) Lieutenant James Allen remonstrated to the Governor versus the recommendation to supply the vacancy occasioned by resignation of William Chambers. The recommendation was made by the Court under the impression that Allen would not accept, and they now apologize and recommend Allen instead of Robert McClenachan.

JULY 15, 1797.

  (177) Called Court on William Boyle for passing counterfeit notes.-- Discharged. Called Court on Beeden Beard for passing counterfeit notes.-- Discharged.

OCTOBER 18, 1797.

  (232) Margaret McKenny chose Robert Harris as her guardian, who qualified, with Eleanor McKenny and William Corbee, securities.
  (232) William C. Bowyer removed.
  (233) County levy.
  (233) Alice Rhodes, widow and relict of Thomas Rhodes, deceased, late jailor, presented his account versus the Commonwealth.

NOVEMBER 7, 1797.

  (234) Called Court on John Maloney for murder of ____ Staley.--Guilty and sent to District Court.

NOVEMBER 21, 1797.

  (234) For several days not a sufficient number of Justices, and Court adjourned.

JANUARY 16, 1798.

  (241) Rev. Christian F. Sleavey authorized to celebrate marriages.
  (242) County levy continued.
  (242) John Dickinson to be paid 50, pension 1797.
  (244) County levy: 2,957 tithables @ 33 1/3 cents.
  (246) Susannah Brien, widow of Edward Brien, refuses to administer, and Hugh Paul and John Fackler qualify.
  (247) Elizabeth, William and James Hogshead chose Nancy Hogshead guardian. They are the orphans of Robert Hogshead.
  (248) Vincent Tapp was a Sergeant-Major, and Smith Thompson a soldier in the Continental Service.
  (249) Polly Stuart, orphan of John Stuart, chose George Crawford as her guardian.

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  (251) Elizabeth, widow of Joseph Wilson, qualifies administratrix.
  (252) George Wilson is apyointed guardian of John, Margaret, Mary Lessley, Oliver, Betsey, Jenny and Joseph Wilson, infants and orphans of Joseph Wilson, deceased.

FEBRUARY 21, 1798.

  (254) Isham Burke, stepson to John Williams, who is apprentice to Andrew Cutler.

MARCH 14, 1798.

  (265) Called Court on Daniel, a slave, for taking out of the house of Robert Hansberger, on the night of the 6th inst., a negro man slave, named Stephen, with all his clothes and the chains with which he was bound.-- Discharged.

MARCH 21, 1798.

  (272) Francis Haywood, stepfather of Wm. Wheeler, apprentice of Lawrence Torniper.

MAY 16, 1798.

  (303) David Parry is appointed to purchase thirteen pair of leather buckets of the usual size for the use of the water engine for Staunton, in addition to the number specified in an order of March Court last.

JUNE 19, 1798.

  (316) Admn. of estate of James Bell granted John Bell.
  (316) John Cummins exempted from levy on account of old age and infirmity.
  (317) John Holmes exempted from levy on account of old age and infirmity.
  (317) Elizabeth Slater, aged 10 years 19th May last, to be bound.
  (317) Christopher Basseman, son of Christopher Basseman, exempted from levy on account of infirmity.
  (317) George Hutcheson appointed guardian of Eleanor McClure, an insane person.

AUGUST 21, 1798.

  (339-341) John Doake qualified Major of 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment, 7th Brigade.

AUGUST 22, 1798.

  (345) Third Division of the Militia.

AUGUST 23, 1798.

  (347) John Woodward receives certificate that he is 21 years old, and is of honest demeanor.

AUGUST 25, 1798.

  (350-352) Jacob Kinney has a like certificate.

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