Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (359) Depositions to be taken of George House and Lewis Blowin in Stokes County, North Carolina.
  (359) Dedimus to be directed to Peter House, Henry House and John Conrad. Also of Mitford Stokes, of Salisbury, in said State, dedimus to Spence McAuley, Evan Alexander and John Newman. Also of Mr. Franklin, formerly a Commissioner of Army Accounts, now an inhabitant of Surry County, North Carolina. All in suit of John Johnston vs. John Miller.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1798.

  (360-363) William Scott petitions for a change of road from Staunton to Brownsburg so as to pass through the streets of a town laid off by him on his own land.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1798.

  (365) Called Court on Samuel Haythorn, charged with receiving stolen goods.--Guilty and sent to District Court.

OCTOBER 16, 1798.

  (366) John Wayt, James Cochran, James McNutt, Jr., David Parry, James Flack, John Fackler and William Steel--qualified Justices.
  (366) Edw. McFadden, orphan, chose Christian Lukenbill his guardian.
  (371) James Draper, orphan of Abraham Draper, chose David Buchanan guardian. Catherine Harmon, orphan of Peter Harmon, chose John Towell her guardian.
  (371) John McCutchen granted hawker's and peddler's license.
  (371) Nancy O'Neal, aged 12 years last March, to be bound to John Berry.

OCTOBER 17, 1798.

  (372) John Painter, orphan of John Painter, chose Michael Garber guardian.
  (376) James Edwardson accepts in full satisfaction from the County 80 for deficiency in the lot sold by the County to James Hughes.

OCTOBER 18, 1798.

  (379-387) William Forbes, jailor.
  (387) County levy.
  (387) Thomas Jones, aged 15 years in November next, to be bound to Martin Lonshbough to learn trade of cabinetmaker.

OCTOBER 22, 1798.

  (388) Called Court on George Miles for horse stealing--.Guilty and sent to District Court.

NOVEMBER 22, 1798.

  (400-419) Rev. Wm. King, of Episcopal Methodist Society, authorized to celebrate matrimony.

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NOVEMBER 23, 1798.

  (420-422) Sampson Darrel, not an inhabitant.

NOVEMBER 24, 1798.

  (425-430) James Holmes and Jane, his wife, late Jane Astrop, executrix of Robert Astrop, to be summoned to give counter security.

DECEMBER 18, 1798.

  (436-438) Middleton Keith, heretofore bound to John Robb, to be bound to Sampson Eagan to learn trade of wagonmaker.
  (438) Admn. of estate of Adam Bickle granted Mary Bickle.
  (443) Margaret Hogshead, orphan of John Hogshead, over 14, chose John Hogshead her guardian.
  (443) Jacob Hempt, heretofore bound to Lewis Wiseman, to be bound to Jacob Miller to learn the trade of a wagonmaker.

DECEMBER 19, 1798.

  (443) County levy: 3,084 tithables @ 50 cents.
  (444) List of subscribers to a fire company in Staunton recorded.
  (444) Admn. of estate of William Spence granted Thomas Hogg.
  (448) William Blair, tanner, a witness, and his son, William Blair.

DECEMBER 20, 1798.

  (448-454) Ann Chambers, wife of William Chambers, acknowledged deed of William to Robert McDowell.

JANUARY 15, 1799.

  (457) James Kennerley is appointed guardian for John Goshen.
  (458) John Burk, heretofore bound to Hugh Alexander, to be bound to William Preston, of Botetourt, to learn trade of a nailer instead of a weaver.
  (458) John Goshen, orphan of ____ Goshen, to be bound to James Kennerley, to learn the trade of a millwright--aged 17 years in August next.
  (459) John Dickinson to be paid his pension of 50 for 1798.

FEBRUARY 1, 1799.

  (462) Called Court on Bob, a slave, for larceny--39 lashes.

FEBRUARY 7, 1799.

  (463) Called Court on Dicey, a negro woman (the property of Hugh Campbell, of the County of Amherst, and late in the possession of Sarah McDowell, of Staunton) for murdering her child.--Discharged.

FEBRUARY 19, 1799.

  (464) John Hogshead's will proved, and widow Rebecca refuses to administer. William Hogshead, the eldest son, is not an inhabitant of this State. Son, John Hogshead, qualified.

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  (468) David Stephenson qualified Sheriff the second time.
  (469) John Jackson, orphan of John Jackson, chose Alex. Reed his guardian.
  (470) Charlotte Bailey, aged 10 years 24th May last, to be bound to Daniel Garber.
  (470) George Crawford exempted from levy on account of age and infirmity.

FEBRUARY 20, 1799.

  (470-472) Allen Piercy (orphan of George Pearcy, deceased), aged about 15 years, to be bound to David Bell, to learn trade of wheelwright. Also John Piercey, orphan of same, about 13 years of age, to be bound to Jacob Hanger, to learn trade of a tanner.
  (472) Certified that William Sterrett has resided over one year in the County, and is a man of honesty, probity and good demeanor. Same certificate as to Thomas McClelland.
  (474) Robert Douthat accepts 23, full satisfaction for deficiency in a lot sold by the County to James Huston, and by Huston's heirs to Robert.

MARCH 14, 1799.

  (482) Called Court on Philip Goysel, a soldier of the United States, for stealing a hat.--Guilty and sent to District Court.

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