Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



   These notes are to the files of papers in the County Court marked "Judgments." These are the original papers in suits and causes that were instituted or adjudicated in this Court. They are filed in bundles, wrapped, and labeled with the term at which final judgment was entered. The references are to the bundle first and then to the style of the suit where the paper noted may be found. The letters used in designating the bundle are private marking and not a part of the official label.
   Following the County Court Judgments, there are some pages of notes to the original petitions and miscellaneous papers which are filed with the original wills, settlements, &c. It is not possible to fix the date of these papers in many instances more definitely than that they were presented to the Court within the period set out on the label of the package.


FEBRUARY, 1745, To MARCH, 1746.

   Thomas McCune vs. Samuel Gay and Robert Turk.--Plaintiff of Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, Pa. Defendants of Augusta County. Bond dated 4th December, 1744.

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John Smith vs. George Breckenridge.--Contract, 1742, by George to make 3,000 rails for John, which George did not perform.
   John Coate and William King, administrators of Ann Doughaty, who died intestate and who was administratrix of Jacob Doughaty, vs. Adam Dickinson.--I, Adam Dickinson, of Hanover, in the County of Huntingdon, in New Jersey. Jacob was from Bethlehem, N. J. Bond dated 29th August, 1733. Suit brought 22d September, 1746.
   James Patton vs. George Campbell.--George Campbell, blacksmith, now of Augusta County. Bond to James Patton, dated 15th August, 1746.
   Rinkens vs. Cotner.--James Givens is about to leave the Colony--21st February, 1746.


   Benjamin Borden vs. Samuel Davies and Edward Boyle.--Defendants of James River, Orange County. Bond 28th November, 1744.
   John Trimble vs. Wm. Hartgrove.--Bond 3d February, 1738-9. Note.-- Lives at ye forks of ( ) and married to ye Widow Barnet.
   John Peter Sally vs. Benj. Borden and Magdalene, his wife, admx. of all and singular the goods of John McDowell, deceased.--Writ 12th February, 1745.
   Jean McDowell vs. Henry Cresswell.--Petition filed February, 1745-6. Bond dated 8th November, 1744.
   James Davis vs. Andrew McClure and James McClure.--Bond dated 25th August, 1743. Andrew was from Bucks County. James McClure from Augusta. James Davis of Augusta. Writ dated 25th January, 1744.
   John Lewis, gent., vs. Joseph McCleland and Jane, his wife, admx. of Randall McDowell, deceased.
   George Brackenridge vs. John Smith.--Petition on bond dated 10th December, 1745. Writ dated 14th February, 1745.
   William Wright vs. Thomas Linville.--Writ 11th March, 1745. Thomas Linville told Robert Patterson that he had paid to William Wright a certain sum of money which was due to said Wright's father. Order by William Wright's, 10th December, 1744, to Robert Patterson to collect the account.
   Young vs. Bordin.--Chancery. Writ dated 14th February, 1745-6. Robt. Young, orator. Robert Crockett purchased a tract of land from Benjamin Bordin, Sr., between James Young and Robert Young (orator) on 8th October, 1742. Orator bought Crockett's right and sues for a deed from Benjamin Bordin, Jr.
   Jane Gibbons, admx. of James Gibbons, vs. David Davis.--Debt on bond dated 22d October, 1733.
   John Anderson vs. Moses Thomson.--Debt on note, defendant to James Rutledge, dated 21st September, 1744.
   Thomas Harrison vs. Edward McGill.--Debt. Writ dated 14th February, 1745-6.
   Daniel Haldman vs. Samuel Rusk.--John Quin for plaintiff.
   Burdin vs. Salley.--Petition of Benj. Borden and Magdalene, his wife, admx. of John McDowell. Writ dated 22d February, 1745-6.
   Samuel Jordon vs. James Armstrong.--Samuel was merchant in Goochland 12th September, 1744.

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   John Carson vs. Richard Wood.--Richard Wood of Paxton. Debt on bond dated 10th November, 1738.
   Caspar Wister, of Philadelphia, vs. John Mayfis, of County of Salem.-- "Not found."
   Andrew Reed, of Trenton, County of Hunterdon, Province of New Jersey, vs. Thomas Moffett, of Winsor, in the County of Middlesex and Province of New Jersey.--Bond dated 9th April, 1742. Writ dated 17th August, 1746.
   Layman vs. Daives.--Note of Samuel Daives, dated Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dated 10th January, 1743-4.

AUGUST, 1746.

   Patrick Hays vs. Samuel Doak.--Defendant brother of John Doak. 17th April, 1746.
   James Davis vs. David Morgan.--Attachment 17th July, 1746. George Breckenridge, surety.
   Jacob Dye vs. Sigismund Hanley.--Attachment. Defendant from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Bond dated 25th April, 1745. (Hanley was a German.)
   John Moffett vs. John Graham.--I, John Graham, of Nantmill, in County of Chester, Pennsylvania. Bond dated 22d September, 1743. Writ dated 11th February, 1745-6.


   George Brackenridge vs. Robert Rennick.--Petition August, 1746.
   John Hite vs. James Gill and George Forbush.--Defendants and plaintiff of Orange County. 18th August, 1743.
   George Shoemaker vs. John Lewis, gent.--Plaintiff of Lower Dublin Township, Pennsylvania. February, 1745-6.
   Calvert Anderson vs. Samuel O'dale (Odell).--Debt. 23d June, 1746. Writ dated 12th February, 1745-6. Letter dated 16th May, 1744, from defendant to plaintiff.
   William Lewis vs. James Brackenridge.--Attachment. 19th June, 1746. Defendant absconded. Attachment levied in hands of Robert McClenachan and George Brackenridge. Note of James Breckenridge to Wm. Lewis, 3, 2, 8. Dated 23d December, 1744.
   Elias Colting vs. John Meneers.--I, John Meneers, contranser (?) in Salem County, Province West New Jersey. Bond dated 3d November, 1743. "Not found." Lives at the head of the narrow passage at the North Mtn.
   Cornelius Tebout vs. Jacob Dye.--Debt on note dated, 30th October, 1734, in New York. Witnessed by Raphael Goelet and Richard Green.
   George Brackenridge vs. John Preston.--Debt on note. Dated 7th August, 1744.
   Leonard Lutses, of Lancaster County, Pa., vs. John Martin Levinstone, of Lancaster County, Pa.--Debt-Bond. Dated 20th January, 1743-4.
   Casper Wister vs. John Mayfis.--Plaintiff from Philadelphia. Defendant from County of Salem. Wheelwright. Defendant lives North River Gap.

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