Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



SEPTEMBER 17, 1791.

  (1) Called Court on John Bullitt for horse stealing--sent to District Court.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1791.

  (3) Timothy McNamara to be paid for pension at rate of 10 per annum.
  (3) To be bound: Sarah Curtain, orphan, aged 2 years June last; Thos. Duncan (Duncum), son of John Duncan (Duncum); John Burns 7 years old 15 June last; Isaac Durns, 5 years old 15 inst.

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  (4) Isabella, wife of Christopher Graham, releases dower in deed to James Alexander, dated 7th March, 1782.
  (6) It is suggested that Henry Daily Shields, Sarah Bryan and Hannah Barret are insane, and Commissioners to examine them.
  (9) Certified that Alex. Stuart has resided in this County for one year and is a man of honesty, probity and good demeanor. Same as to John Bowyer.

OCTOBER 18, 1791.

  (11-12) Andrew Coulter, orphan, to be bound to Abraham Grove, to learn the art and mystery of a saddler.
  (13) John and Mary Rankin being dead, admn. de bonis non of Thomas Rankin, deceased, is granted James Rankin and Robert Crawford.
  (13) William Moffet, &c., to superintend the proportion alloted by the will of William McClintock, deceased, to his widow and relict, Martha McClintock.
  (13) Mathew Gambill qualified Deputy Clerk.

NOVEMBER 15, 1791.

  (14) Archibald Magill qualified attorney.
  (19) This page is as follows: "Orders of the County Court of Augusta commencing 18th October, 1791, in the 16th year of the Commonwealth, under the care and direction of Mathew Gambill, Deputy Clerk for said County."

OCTOBER 18, 1791.

  (21) Mathew Gambill qualified Deputy Clerk.

NOVEMBER 16, 1791.

  (29-30) William Walton qualified Deputy Sheriff.

NOVEMBER 17, 1791.

  (36) Augustian Kyar--a witness.
  (42) Rachel Regular requested that James Johnston be appointed her guardian, but Court is of the opinion it cannot be done at Quarterly Court.

DECEMBER 20, 1791.

  (54) John Oliver's will produced and proved, but contested by Sarah, the relict, and contest continued to next Court.
  (57) John Bowyer qualified Attorney.

DECEMBER 21, 1791.

  (60) James McCullough choses Robert McCullough his guardian.
  (61) Charles Page chose John Gordon his guardian.
  (61) Joshua Parry appointed seal master.
  (61) County levy--2,524 tithables at 2/6.

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  (63) Albneazer Thornton, aged 14 years the last of this month, son of ____, to be bound to Peter Hiskell.

JANUARY 14, 1792.

  (64) Called Court on Mary Hall, of Staunton, for stealing from William Walton sundry pieces of silver--11 lashes.

JANUARY 17, 1792.

  (65) George Taylor, formerly bound to John Finley, to be bound to David Finley.
  (66) Admn. of estate of John Bosang granted Elizabeth Bosang and Edward Burk.
  (67) Joseph Bell qualified Sheriff.

FEBRUARY 21, 1792.

  (68-69) On motion of Lewis Myers, Commission to settle accounts of Mary Myers, late Mary Lamon, executrix of Jacob Lamon (Lamor), decd.
  (68-69) Jacob Speakard, 16 years old 11th April next, to be bound to Thomas Tombelason (?).
  (70) George and William Edmondson to be bound to James Burgess. Mary Curtin to be bound to Wm. Henderson.
  (70) Alexr. Stuart qualified Attorney.

FEBRUARY 22, 1792.

  (72) John McKenny to be paid pension of 15 for 1791. John Dickenson to be paid pension of 50 for 1791. Alex. McFarland to be paid pension of 10 for 1791.
  (75) Joseph Moore's death abates suit.

APRIL 18, 1792.

  (97-98) James Lyle, Jr., appointed, vice Robert Gamble, who has removed, to convey the County lots to purchasers.
  (99) Isham Burk, orphan, to be bound to Philip Dyer, to learn trade of baker.
  (100) James Thornton, formerly bound to James Perry, to be bound to James Henderson.
  (101) John Risk exempted from levy on account of being lame.
  (101) Certified that James Lyle has resided in this County for seven years and is a man of honesty, probity and good demeanor.
  (101) Henry West, orphan, about 12 years of age, to be bound to Dr. Alex. Humphreys, to learn apothecaries' business.

MAY 15, 1792.

  (103-110) William Robertson qualified Justice.

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MAY 19, 1792.

  (126-127) Rebecca Gardner, &c., vs. John Brown, &c.--Robert Brown and Rebecca, his wife, formerly relict and widow of Thomas Gardner, decd., are added as plaintiffs.

MAY 21, 1792.

  (136) See page 115, following. These records are recopied and new paging.

JUNE 19, 1792.

  (146-148) Admn. of estate of Robert Burgess, deceased, granted the widow, Elizabeth Burgess, and James Burgess.
  (152) James Hart, aged 5 years the 8th July next to be bound out.

JUNE 20, 1792.

  (155-156) Stone bridge to be built across the run that passes through the town above Joseph Mathews'.

JULY 17, 1792.

  (159-160) James Lyle resigned as Justice and qualified attorney.
  (167) William McDavitt, witness to will of Robert Armstrong--residence, South Carolina.

JULY 18, 1792.

  (168-169) Ordinary rates fixed.

NOVEMBER 16, 1791.

  (171 or 19) William Walton qualified Deputy Sheriff.

JANUARY 14, 1792.

  (44) Called Court on Mary Walton.

JANUARY 17, 1792.

  (44) Robert Wilson, named as executor in will of John Oliver, qualified as administrator of said will.
  (150) (Down to here, from page 171, old paging, or page 19, new paging, the records are recopied. The records from page 19, old paging, were all by Mathew Gambill, and are very badly done; with the new paging, a new scribe begins, and the records are excellently kept.)

AUGUST 1, 1792.

  (150) Called Court on Sarah Sorrels for larceny.--Sent to District Court.

AUGUST 4, 1792.

  (151) Called Court on slave of James Lamb.--Not guilty.

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AUGUST 21, 1792.

  (152-155) Alex. McClenachan sued by overseers of the poor.
  (156) Alex. McClenachan, Clerk, resigns on condition that Jacob Kinney be appointed, which terms are accepted by the Court, and Jacob qualifies. This proceeding is objected to by several Justices, because they conceive that the acceptance of a conditional resignation is contrary to the Constitution of the Government.

AUGUST 22, 1792.

  (156-158) Certified that James Stuart has resided in this County for one year, and is of honesty, probity and good demeanor.

AUGUST 25, 1792.

  (175) Called Court on George Kinkead, late of Greenbrier, for horse stealing.--Bound to good behavior.
  (177) Deposition to be taken of John Craig, who resides in N. Carolina.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1792.

  (181) Admn. of estate of John McKenny granted to James, William and Eleanor McKenny.
  (182) John Wiley's will partly proved.
  (183) Thomas Riddle, a witness, is about to remove from the State.
  (184) Peter Genewine, a landowner, summoned on a road petition.
  (185) On the motion of John Williams, and Catherine, his wife, late Catherine Burk, it is ordered that Philip Dyer deliver up an apprentice boy named Isem Burk, bound to him by said Williams and wife, to learn art and mystery of a miller.

OCTOBER 16, 1792.

  (187-189) Ignatius Turkey (Turley)--a witness.
  (189) Admn. of estate of George Peerson granted James Anderson.
  (190) Witnesses to be summoned to prove the will of Sarah Lessley.

NOVEMBER 20, 1792.

  (193) James Stuart qualified attorney.
  (196) Thomas Shankling, apprentice of Robert Torbett--motion to be discharged.

NOVEMBER 23, 1792.

  (202-204) Death of Lawrence Crown abates suit.

NOVEMBER 24, 1792.

  (207-209) Florence Elliott, late Florence Bell, executrix of David Bell, deceased, and George Elliott, who intermarried with Florence, and William Bell, heir-at-law of said David.

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