Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (280) Road established from the Great Road from Swift Run Gap at the Dry Spring Run up Lewis Creek to Staunton--and the public to find rails for a fence to be made through Joseph Bell's lands.
  (282) Admn. of estate of Samuel Craig granted Alexr. Craig.
  (282) Inquest on body of John Peck to be recorded.
  (284) Mary Teas, executrix of Wm. Teas, required to give counter security on motion of William Bell, heir-at-law of David Bell, security for Mary.

JULY 20, 1790.

  (285-286) Robert Williams and Henry Gabhart, returned no inhabitants.
  (288) John Wade, Sr. (Back Creek), exempted from levy.
  (289) John Dailey continued road surveyor from Jacob Cain's to William Wilson's, thence to the Bull Pasture Road over the mountain to the Sitting Hill--tithables from Coonrad Isack's to Jacob Cain's.

AUGUST 17, 1790.

  (290) Robert White takes oath as attorney.
  (292) William Hibler, no inhabitant.

AUGUST 18, 1790.

  (297-301) Commission for depositions of William Hook and Robert Campbell, who are about to remove to Kentucky.
  (302) Robert Jouett--bail.

AUGUST 20, 1790.

  (306-310) James Johnston recommended as Captain in 1st Regiment, Thomas Calbreath as Lieutenant, and Zacharian Johnston, Jr., Ensign.

AUGUST 21, 1790.

  (311) Andrew Huffman about to remove to Pennsylvania.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1790.

  (316) Called Court on Patrick Curry for burglary.--Sent to Genl. Court.
  (318-323) Agatha Stuart (late Agatha Frog), Witness to will of John Lewis.
  (325) Benj. Hinkle, German Lutheran, qualifies to solemnize matrimony.
  (327) Henry King, witness, about to remove to Kentucky.
  (328) Alexander Hall appointed guardian of Elizabeth Tate, orphan of James Tate.
  (330) David Greinor, apprentice to Adam Bickle.

OCTOBER 19, 1790.

  (331) Ordinary rates.

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  (332) John Clements qualified Lieutenant of 1st Regiment, and Benj. Kennerly, Ensign; Edward Rutledge recommended Captain of 1st Regiment; Jonathan Brooks, Lieutenant, and James Henderson, Ensign.
  (332) James Hicklin recommended Captain of the 2d Regiment; Edward Stuart, as Lieutenant; Samuel Pullen, as Ensign.
  (333) Mary and Catherine Breezley to be bound to William Rodgers, who has maintained them for some time.
  (333) Elizabeth Ross, 14 year old 17th December last, to be bound, with consent of her mother, to John Burke.
  (334) James Steele, Sheriff.
  (336) Admn. of estate of Matthew Reed granted Archibald Stuart.

NOVEMBER 16, 1790 .

  (341) Cuthbert Harrison admitted attorney.

NOVEMBER 17, 1790.

  (346-349) Benoni Cosho, witness--22 miles.
  (350) Robert, Isabella and Ann Duffield--witnesses.

NOVEMBER 19, 1790.

  (355-358) John Given's death abates suit.

DECEMBER 22, 1790.

  (368-371) Certified that John Coalter has resided in this County for one year last past, and that he is a man of honesty, probity and good demeanor.
  (372) County levy.
  (373) County levy: To Wm. Moffet Jordan, one old wolf; to John Tate, for inquest on body of Thomas Stephenson.

JANUARY 18, 1791.

  (375-376) Admn. of estate of Wm. Buchanan granted to John Buchanan.
  (377) Admn. of estate of Thomas Rodgers granted Alex. Nelson, Jr.
  (377) Samuel Neal to be bound to John Bell until he is 21 years, which will be 7th February, 1792, to learn trade of wagon maker.
  (378) Walter Davis and Robert Scott are appointed guardians of William, Joseph and Rebecca Blackwood, orphans of William Blackwood.
  (378) Admn. of estate of Eleanor Johnston granted Reuben Shackelford.
  (378) William Moffet and John Kirk are appointed guardians of James and George Kirk, orphans of James Kirk.
  (379) James Steele qualified Sheriff.
  (379) Report of viewers of road being returned (from Cornelius Ruddles's to Fenton's mill), it is ordered that the landowners be summoned.
  (380) Anthony Mustoe to he paid 64, 18/10, deducting the price of an old Court House bought by him.

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JANUARY 29, 1791.

  (381) Called Court on Anthony Kyle for receiving stolen goods.--Sent to next District Court at Staunton.

FEBRUARY 15, 1791.

  (383) Joseph Maze to be paid 8, his pension for 1790; John Dickinson to be paid 50, his pension for 1790; John Burton to be paid 5, his pension for 1790; John McKinney to be paid 15 per annum for 1788, 1789, 1790.
  (383) Andrew Coulter, orphan, to be bound to Smith Thompson.
  (387) Andrew Anderson, vice Lieut.-Col. Robert Gamble, removed, recommended as Lieut-Col. of 1st Regiment; and John Campbell for Major.
  (392) John Fogle to be bound to Jane Rutledge--formerly bound to Thos. Rutledge, now deceased.
  (393) John Lowne, aged about 12 years, to be bound to Jacob Peck.

MARCH 15, 1791.

  (394-397) Death of Lawrence Smith abates suit.
  (391) John Coalter qualified Sheriff.
  (399) Death of Andrew Lockridge abates suit.

MARCH 16, 1791.

  (401-407) Isaac Ong, arbitrator.

MARCH 17, 1791.

  (408-414) John Green exempted from levy.

MARCH 21, 1791.

  (432) Mathews vs. Isabella Burns, executrix of Robert Burns, James Curry, and Mary, his wife, Asher Waterman, and Sarah, his wife, and Margaret Cunningham Burns, infant--Chancery.
  (435) It is certified that Jacob Kinney has resided in this County for one year, and is of honesty, probity and good demeanor.

APRIL 19, 1791.

  (436-437) Admn. of estate of Thos. Stephenson granted Jacob Swallow.
  (438) Jane, David, Isaac, James and Gordon White, to Steele--deed.
  (439 Thomas Calbreath qualified Lieutenant of the First Regiment.

MAY 4, 1791.

  (439) Called Court on Robert Morton, shoemaker, for larceny--20 lashes.

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MAY 18, 1791.

  (447) Alexr. McNutt vs. William Bowyer. } Involves a lot in Staunton, with depositions giving some account of Staunton, 1761-1785. Alexr. McClenachan testifies that Israel Christian was put in possession of the lot about 1762-1763 under a precept from the General Court. Alexander lived contiguous to the place, and understood defendant claimed under Christian. Thomas Rhoads testifies that in 1776, or 1777, he rented a stable of John Madison, deceased, on said lot, and the following year he rented the lot of defendant at public auction, at the rate of 5, 0, 7, per annum. Christopher Graham testifies. John Gordon deposes that he rented a house which he used as a smith shop on the lot aforesaid of the defendant at the rate 4, 10/ per annum, in 1785, but before the rent became due Thomas Smith, deceased, claimed the lot and received the rent. Michal Seyford also rented a house on said lot at same time as Gordon.

MAY 19, 1791.

  (453-460) Deposition of Thomas Brown to be taken in Kentucky.
  (463) Alexr. McFarlin to be paid 10, pension for 1789, and same for 1790.

MAY 21, 1791.

  (464) Rebecca Gardner, relict and administratrix of Thomas Gardner, Francis and Samuel Gardner, orphans of said Thomas, versus John Brown, Rebecca Brown, widow of Hugh Brown, deceased, Sally and Margaret Brown, orphans of Hugh Brown. Sally and Margaret are infants.

JUNE 21, 1791.

  (469-470) John Gay and Sarah and James Gay, his brother, to Henry Hicklin.
  (471) Will of Joseph Maze, Sr., partly proved.
  (471) Margaret, wife of Alexander Wiley, relinquishes dower in deed to Andrew McCartney.
  (472) James Kirk, orphan of James Kirk, aged 18 years, appears and consents to serve William Abney as an apprentice until seven months after he is of age.
  (477) Andrew Anderson qualified Lieutenant Colonel, and John Campbell, Major, qualified.
  (477) Henry Shown, orphan of Leonard Shown, aged 15, chose Nicholas Spring his guardian.
  (477) Estate of Laurence Smith, deceased, committed to Sheriff.
  (477) Mary, wife of Hugh Richey, releases dower. Deed of trust to Abel Geoffey.
  (478) Joseph Bell, son of Samuel, appointed Constable.
  (479) Pillory and stocks ordered to be built.
  (480) Motion of Michael Garber that Alex. Humphrey's shop, built on the public ground by order of Court, be removed as a nuisance--is dismissed.

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JULY 19, 1791.

  (481-486) Admn. of estate of Daniel McNair granted David McNair.
  (487) Henry Hall, orphan of Henry Hall, aged 14 years the 14th September last, to be bound to John Gun, to learn trade of a hatter.
  (489) Alex. Humphries, M. D., has leave to lease for eight years to come the house and inclosure he now occupies on the prison lot, for the purpose of indemnifying him for erecting the said building, &c., at the expiration of which term all the improvements are to be the property of the County.
  (489) Commissioners to view a road passing thro' the lands of Joseph Bell, now in the possession of his son, William.

AUGUST 5, 1791.

  (490) Called Court on free negro, Beverly Legan, for stealing a fiddle and other things from the slaves of Alexr. McClenachan--39 lashes.
  (490) Called Court on Peter Masterson for passing a counterfeit guinea, valued at 21 sh. 6 d.--Discharged.

AUGUST 16, 1791.

  (492-494) Depositions to be taken of William Guy and Joseph Wahub, about to remove to Kentucky.

AUGUST 20, 1791.

  (512-514) Moses Easty and John Beach, no inhabitants of this Country.
  (515) Rebecca Brown, no inhabitant of this Country.
  (521) Deposition to be taken of Christopher Graham, removing to Kentucky.
  (521) Daniel Miller's death abates suit.

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