Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MARCH 17, 1789.

  (1-4) Philip Enoch qualified Attorney-at-Law.
  (6) James Poage qualified Justice.

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MARCH 18, 1789.

  (8-13) Death of John Poage abates suit.

MARCH 19, 1789.

  (21) Thomas Waddle qualified Ensign in the First Regiment.

MARCH 21, 1789.

  (35-40) Thomas Rogers--no inhabitant of this State.
  (40) William Wilson and Luke Barret allowed to sue in forma pauperis.

APRIL 21, 1789.

  (44-45) James Hamilton to receive 10 for pension for 1788.
  (45) William McCormack to be bound to John Hunter, and William Porter, orphan, aged 14 last January, and Henry Blackmore to be bound.
  (45) Merchants licensed, viz: Robert Stuart, Robert McDowell, Robert McCullough, Robert Aistrop, Robert Gamble, William McDowell, Hugh McDowell.

APRIL 22, 1789.

  (47-48) Timothy McNamara to be paid 10, his pension for 1788.
  (48) John Poage qualified surveyor.
  (50) James Brown, formerly bound to Samuel Armstrong, now deceased, to be bound to Andrew Cutler, by consent of Wm. Armstrong, executor of Samuel Brown--is to have six months' schooling, freedom dues, and learn the art, trade and mystery of a saddler.
  (51) Alexander Martin to be paid 16, his pension for 1788.
  (52) Robert Kirk recommended Captain of a troop of Cavalry in First Regiment; William Forbes as Lieutenant, and John McDowell as Cornet; Oliver McCoy, as Captain of troop of Cavalry in Second Regiment, and John Berry as Lieutenant.
  (52) Tax on William Bowyer's house and lot in Staunton is fixed for 1787 at the yearly rate of 25, and for 1788, 20.
  (53) Richard Burns exempted from levy for his son Richard, who is subject to the Falling Sickness.
  (53) Tax on Michael Bowyer's house and lot in Staunton fixed as for William above at 14 and 11, respectively. Same of Alex. St. Clair, for 1787, 30.
  (53) Continued until 3d Tuesday in May next.

MAY 19, 1789.

  (54) Thomas and John Wells.

MAY 23, 1789.

  (81) John Yeager to be paid his pension for 1788--15.

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CR--Vol. I--9

MAY 25, 1789.

  (88) Called Court on Thomas York, of Botetourt, for larceny--15 lashes.
  (89) Called Court on William Eyers for receiving stolen goods--30 lashes.

JUNE 16, 1789.

  (93) William Young, Sr., exempted from levy.
  (93) Robert McClenachan, orphan of Robert McClenachan, chose Alexander McClenachan his guardian.
  (95) Isabella Abney, executrix of John Abney, deceased, who was one of the executors of John McDonagh, deceased.
  (97) James Brown, orphan of Thomas Brown, deceased, aged 14 years or upwards, chose Alex. St. Clair his guardian.
  (97) John Murphy appointed guardian of John and Nancy Murphy, orphans of William Murphy.
  (98) Elizabeth Jones, aged 4 in March last, and John Ruffhead, son of Margaret Ruffhead, to be bound out.
  (98) Sheriff to sell the old Court House, the purchaser to remove the house, fill up the cellar and clear the street.

JULY 21, 1789.

  (99) Jacob Grass's will partly proved.
  (101) Robert Gray, an orphan, to be bound to George Harding.
  (101) Jane McCommus, aged 11 years, to be bound out.
  (103) Alexander St. Clair appointed to keep the standard of weights and measures. Robert McClenachan, the former Seal Master, to deliver to him.

AUGUST 18, 1789.

  (104) George Moffet, et als., took oath required by Congress, pursuant to Article VI, Constitution, United States.

AUGUST 19, 1789.

  (112) Alexander McClenachan, et als., took oath required by Congress, pursuant to Article VI, Constitution, United States.

AUGUST 20, 1789.

  (116-118) James Poage reported an efficient engineer.

AUGUST 22, 1789.

  (127) James Williamson is about to remove.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1789.

  (133-137) Mary Hempenstall, late Mary Wilson, executrix of Samuel Wilson.

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  (137) Andrew Erwin qualified Lieutenant.
  (137) Samuel Blackmore, orphan, to be bound.
  (138) Elizabeth Ross, orphan, aged 11 years and 3 weeks the 3d instant, to be bound to Robert Craig.
  (138) It is certified that Mr. John Hall has resided in this County from his infancy and is a person of honesty, probity and good demeanor. John Hall qualified Deputy Clerk.

OCTOBER 1, 1789

  (140) Called Court on Patrick Finley, charged with larceny--39 lashes.

OCTOBER 20, 1789.

  (141-142) Viewers to examine the new Court House and report whether it is to be accepted.
  (142) Elisabeth Holland, an orphan to be bound.
  (142) Estate of Jacob Syler c. t. a. granted--the widow Dorothy refusing.
  (142) David Greiner, orphan of David Greiner, chose Anthony Mustoe guardian.
  (142) John Slaven to be exempted from County levy.
  (144) James Peary is granted a commission to take the privy examination of Nancy, the wife of John Kelly, as to dower.
  (145) Rachel, wife of John Christian, relinquishes dower in deed to James Moffet.

NOVEMBER 17, 1789.

  (147) Robert Jouet and Theodosius Hansford qualified to practice attorneys.
  (149) Henry Hall's death abates suit.

NOVEMBER 18, 1789.

  (152-153) Presentment vs. Samuel Carlyle abates by his death.
  (154) Thomas Nail, Thomas Nail, and David Nail--witnesses.

NOVEMBER 19, 1789.

  (156-164) Stophel Owe, witness 45 miles.

NOVEMBER 21, 1789.

  (167-168) Henry Hall's death abates suit.
  (168) Adam Stephenson's death abates suit.
  (176) Sheriff ordered to sell the old Court House and an old house on the prison lot, near the jailor's house, the purchaser being required to remove them as soon as possible--the ground around the new Court House to be leveled, and posted with locust posts or chains in such manner as the Commissioners shall direct. Robert Gamble, James F. Cocke, Robt. Douthat and Michael Bowyer appointed Commissioners.

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  (177) William Hind, administrator of John Hind, lives in Kentucky.

DECEMBER 15, 1789.

  (177-178) Thomas Gillaspie's will presented and witnesses summoned to prove it.
  (178) Cornelius Brown, an orphan, to be bound out.
  (178) John Brownlee, Sr., summoned to show cause why the order to bind Elizabeth Holland, alias Hallingsworth, shall not be rescinded on the motion of Margaret Hallingsworth.
  (180) County levy--181--to William Bowyer, Anthony Mustoe and Wm. Chambers, for alterations and additions in building the Court House, the Commissioners appointed having reported that the said building is completely furnished--45.
  (181) David Finley is appointed guardian of John Trimble, orphan of Joseph Trimble.

DECEMBER 16, 1789.

  (182-184) Michael Bowyer is appointed guardian of Henry Hall, orphan of Henry Hall, deceased, for the express purpose of binding said Henry to George Harding, to learn hatter's trade.
  (185) Francis Mahan, soil of John Mahan, aged 3 years and 2 months, to be bound.
  (185) County levy continued.
  (186) Credit by an old Court House, sold to Anthony Mustoe for 3, 17/2. 2,742 tithables at 2 shillings.

JANUARY 12, 1790.

  (181) Called Court on Thos. Clifford (Clifton), larceny.--Not guilty.

JANUARY 19, 1790.

  (188-189) Admn. c. t. a. of John George Weaver granted the relict, Christiana Weaver, and John Weaver.
  (191) James Steel qualified Sheriff.
  (193) Admn. de bonis non of Andrew Duncan granted James Brownlee.

FEBRUARY 16, 1790.

  (197) A compact of 61 inhabitants of Staunton, forming a fire company, is ordered recorded.
  (197) Edward Day exempted from County levy.
  (198) William Dinwoody and John Berry recommended Captains of the 2d Regiment; Leonard Wade and Robert Givens, for Lieutenants; William Stevens and Mathias Benson, for Ensigns.
  (199) Thomas and Nancy Smith to be bound.

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FEBRUARY 17, 1790.

  (203-204) William Hunter, apprentice of John Price.

MARCH 16, 1790.

  (206) Hugh Holmes admitted to practice in this Court.

MARCH 20, 1790.

  (231) Benijah Thompson, James McKibben, John Keys, Thomas McCullock and John Redpath--no inhabitants.
  (233) Commission for deposition of Robert McClenachan, aged and infirm witness.

APRIL 20, 1790.

  (235) Since 20th October, 1789 (page 141, supra), the instruments "Indentures" and "Deeds" have been recorded.
  (237) Walter Kenady, an orphan, to be bound.
  (239) Order to bind Wm. Foster to Wm. Moffett rescinded.
  (241) John Clements, as Lieutenant, and Benj. Kennedey, as Ensign-- recommended in 1st Regiment.
  (241) Andrew Hamilton, William Lockridge and John Carlile exempted from working on roads on account of great age.
  (242) Robert Hall and Samuel Shannon, witnesses to the will of Joseph Maze, are residents of Kentucky, and their depositions to be taken.
  (243) William Hutcheson exempted from payment of County levy on account of age and infirmity.
  (243) Peter Heiskell appointed seal master, vice Alexr. St. Clair, who refuses.

MAY 18, 1790.

  (244) Thomas Smith's death abates suit.
  (245) James Divier's death abates suit.
  (245) Robert Garland, James Allen, and James Brooks qualified to practice as attorneys.

MAY 20, 1790.

  (255) Robert Cockran resides in Kentucky, and deposition to be taken.
  (258) John and Jeremiah Warder, no inhabitants.

MAY 21, 1790.

  (261) Death of John Abney and Thomas Smith, executors of John McDonagh abates suit.
  (262) Alexr. McNutt, no inhabitant.
  (268) John Rankin's death abates suit.

JUNE 15, 1790.

  (276-277) Francis Huff's will partly proved.

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