Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (439) County levy--To Joseph Bell, Coroner, for holding inquests on bodies of Samuel Swadley and Patrick Breezley.
  (439) To John Tate for an inquest on body of John Shields.
  (439) Thomas Rhoads, jailor.
  (439) 2,858 tithables at 3/9.
  (440) Margaret Reed, relict of Robert Reed, deceased, qualified admx. of his estate.
  (442) James Bogs, 5 years old November 15, last, to Samuel Steele, blacksmith.
  (442) Officers recommended: Robert Douthat, Captain; Wm. Chambers, Lieutenant; Robert McCullough, Ensign.

DECEMBER 26, 1787.

  (444) Called Court on James Riely for larceny--guilty--25 lashes.
  (444) Called Court on a slave for barn burning--discharged.

JANUARY 3, 1788.

  (445) Called Court on Wm. Covern, horse stealing--guilty and sent to Richmond.

JANUARY 15, 1788.

  (448) John Ryan, a pensioner, to receive 12 per annum.
  (449) John Dickinson, a pensioner, to receive 50 per annum.
  (449) William McPheeters qualified Sheriff.
  (451) Abraham Laywell, orphan of Andrew Laywell, deceased, aged 14 years, chose Samuel Runkle his guardian.
  (451) Philip Ingleman is appointed guardian of Samuel Laywell and Peter Laywell, orphans of Andrew Laywell deceased.

FEBRUARY 19, 1788.

  (452-454) Alexr. Martin, pensioner, to receive 30.
  (454) John Burton, a pensioner, to receive 10.
  (454) Elizabeth Wilson to be bound to John Wallace.
  (455) Estate of Margaret Crawford, deceased, comd. to John Crawford.
  (455) George Anderson, orphan of George Anderson, chose John Wallace guardian.
  (456) Estate of Wm. Blair, deceased, granted his relict, Elizabeth Blair.
  (456) Militia officers recommended: John McKemy, Captain; David Buchanan, Lieutenant; Alexr. Sprowl, Ensign; in the First Regiment. John McCutchen, Lieutenant in Second Regiment. Samuel Steele, Jr., Lieutenant, and Wm. Davis, Ensign, of the Light Company belonging to the First Regiment.
  (457) David Cunningham appointed Constable, vice Jacob Cole, removed.

MARCH 19, 1788.

  (464) John Graham, returned no inhabitant.

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  (473) David Greiner's death abates suit.

MARCH 22, 1788.

  (497) James Hamilton, a pensioner, to receive 10 for 1786 and 10 for 1787.
  (497) Militia ofiicers recommended: Augustine Argenbright, Captain; Samuel McClintock, Lieutenant, and George Kellor, Ensign, of the new company in First Regiment.
  (497) Leave is granted to Dr. Alexr. Humphreys to build an elaboratory on tne prison lot, on such part thereof as may be designated by Commissioners.
  (497) Sampson Mathews, Alexr. St. Clair, Michael Bowyer, Robert Gamble, James P. Cocke, William Bowyer and Alexander Nelson are appointed Commissioners to draw a plan of a new Court House, to be built on the Court House ground, and to fix the place whereon the same shall be set, and advertise the building thereof to be let to the lowest bidder, on such terms and conditions as the Court may direct at April next.

APRIL 16, 1788.

  (501-502) John McCutchen qualified Captain in First Regiment.
  (502) Joseph Maze proved that he received his wounds at Point Pleasant on October, 1774, under command of Colonel Andrew Lewis.
  (503) Samuel Wallace, age over 14, orphan of Wm. Wallace, chose Samuel Hunter guardian.
  (504) Archibald Hamilton exempted from levy.
  (504) William Holliday, formerly bound to Andrew Alexander, deceased, to be bound to Mathew Alexander.
  (504) William Francis, pensioner, to receive 8 for 1787.
  (504) William McCutchen and Jane, late Jane Duncan, admx. of Andrew Duncan, to be summoned to render account of the estate.
  (506) Robert Douthat, Captain; Wm. Chambers, Lieutenant, and Robert McCullough, Ensign, of the First Regiment qualified.
  (506) Plan of new Court House returned and same Commissioners as before (except Nelson) ordered to let the building.

MAY 10, 1788.

  (508) Called Court on James Cole for larceny--bound to grand jury.
  (509) Called Court on Geo. Rymer for larceny--bound to good behavior.

MAY 20, 1788.

  (510-511) John Nicholas qualified Attorney to practice in this Court.
  (512) James Leviston and John Lambert, Jr., returned no inhabitants.
  (514) Conrad Missinger and Thomas Armstong, returned no inhabitants.
  (518) John Campbell, Sr., fined for misbehaving in presence of the Court.
  (518) George Wilson fined for misbehaving in the presence of the Court.

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MAY 24, 1788.

  (537-538) Timothy McNamara, pensioner, to receive 10 for 1787.
  (537-538) John Campbell's fine (page 518) remitted.

MAY 28, 1788.

  (540) Called Court on George Rymer for housebreaking--discharged.

JUNE 17, 1788.

  (541-545) Andrew McComb's will proved; Jane, the widow, refuses to execute it.
  (546) George Wilson's fine (page 518) remitted.
  (546) Augustine Argenbright, Captain, and Samuel McClintock, Lieutenant, in First Regiment, qualified.
  (546) Mary Miller's son, Daniel Miller, to be bound to Andrew Peck.
  (547) Zachariah Taliaferro, Tax Commissioner.
  (548) Alexr. McFarland proved that he received his wounds at Point Pleasant October 10, 1774, under command of Colonel Andrew Lewis--is aged 38 and lives in Augusta.
  (548) Nuncupative will of Jane Wallace rejected on the objection of Samuel Brawford that it is not sufficiently proved.

JULY 3, 1788.

  (549) Called Court on Lucy (slave) for barn burning--39 lashes.
  (550) Called Court on Pleasant (slave) for barn burning--39 lashes.

JULY 15, 1788.

  (551) Joseph Mays, pensioner, to receive 8 for 1786, and 8 for 1787.
  (555) David Laird exempted from County levy.
  (555) John McKinney to receive 15 pension for 1786 and same for 1787.
  (556) Lewis Spearman, orphan to be bound.
  (557) Thomas Waddle recommended Ensign in First Regiment.
  (557) James Campbell, Sr, exempted from levy.

AUGUST 20, 1788.

  (567-569) Nicholas Pace, since dead.

AUGUST 22, 1788.

  (584-590) John McCutchen qualified Lieutenant of Second Regiment.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1788.

  (601-603) John Edde appointed road surveyor from his own house to Scotch Town, vice Leonard Bell.

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  (604) Sophia Chestnutt qual. admx. of deceased husband, Wm. Chestnutt.
  (604) John Tate, aged 14, orphan of James Tate, chose Robert Tate his guardian, and James is also appointed guardian of Isaac Tate.
  (606) Zachariah Green, no inhahitant.
  (608) Anthony Mustoe to be paid 6 out of County levy for removing the Court House.
  (608) Andrew Anderson recommended Major of the First Regiment.
  (608) Hugh Campbell to be summoned to qualify admr. of Robert Campbell if he sees fit.

OCTOBER 21, 1788.

  (609) Hugh Campbell qualifies as above.
  (612) Following to be bound out: James and John Foster to Elijah McClenachan; Cornelius Brown to John McAdams; Joseph Nutty to Wm. Armstrong, and the orphans of George Edmunds, deceased.
  (612) Depositions to be taken of John Campbell and James Agnew, about to remove.
  (613) Peter River granted ordinary license.
  (613) James Davis and Moses Hinkle, Justices, having removed.

OCTOBER 22, 1788.

  (614) William Forbes recommended Ensign in First Regiment. Andrew Cutler recommended as Ensign in the Light Company belonging to First Regiment.
  (615) Court appoints James McChesney guardian of his son George, infant under 14 years, who is a legatee of Patrick Crawford.

NOVEMBER 18, 1788.

  (616) Andrew Anderson qualified Major of First Regiment.

NOVEMBER 20, 1788.

  (634) James Sprowl vs William Hunter.--Defendant lost his senses.
  (638) Deposition to be taken of Isaac and Alice Mynes in North Carolina.

NOVEMBER 22, 1788.

  (654) William Bell recommended Captain of First Regiment. John Crawford recommended Lieutenant of First Regiment.
  (658) William Stuart and Margaret, his wife, and their sons, Edward Stuart and William Stuart, Jr., infant--3 suits vs. Beith for slander.

DECEMBER 16, 1788.

  (660-662) County levy.
  (663) To balance for building new Court House, 799.
  (664) James Johnston to be bound to Moses Thorp.
  (664) Absolom and Charles Johnston to be bound.

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DECEMBER 17, 1788.

  (666) On account of the inclemency of the weather and the Court House being in bad repair, Court is adjourned to the house of Mr. Peter Heiskell.
  (666) County levy, 2,766 tithables at 10/.
  (669) James, Andrew, Polly, Nancy, Betsey, John, Samuel and William Burk, children of John Burk, to be bound out, John having neglected to provide for them and to bring them up in a Christianlike manner.

JANUARY 20, 1789.

  (670) Robert Carlile (son of John) appointed Commissioner to value property taken in execution.
  (671) James Searight qualified Justice.
  (671) Admn. of estate of George McChesney granted to his father, James McChesney.
  (672) William Blackmore to be bound to James Searight; William Foster to William Moffett; Thomas Williams to Gabriel Pindle.
  (673) Admn. of estate of James Shaw granted his brother, George Shaw.
  (673) John Elliott, removed.
  (674) Archibald Stuart appointed Deputy Attorney, vice Gabriel Jones.
  (674) William McPheeters qualified Sheriff.
  (674) John Burton to be paid his pension of 5 for 1788.

JANUARY 21, 1789.

  (676-678) David Steel proved that he is disabled by wounds received in the service of the United Stater at Guilford, March 15, 1781.--He belonged to the Militia of this County--resides in this county and is aged 30.
  (679) William Bowyer ordered to receive a deed from the County for lot No. 20 in Staunton.

FEBRUARY 17, 1789.

  (680) James Moffett recommended as Captain for the First Regiment; Samuel Bell for Lieutenant; Robert Renick and Robert Fulton for Ensigns.
  (681) Alexr. McFarland to receive 10 for pension for 1788. Joseph Maze to receive 10 for pension for 1788. John Dickinson to receive 50 for pension for 1788. Wm. Francis to receive 8 for pension for 1788.
  (681) William Brown, orphan of James Brown, aged 9 years 1st of May next, to be bound to Daniel Donovan.
  (681) John Gibson exempted from levy.
  (682) George Smith to be bound.

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