Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MAY 20, 1786.

  (55) Zachariah Ricketts, returned "no inhabitant."
  (70) Called Court on James Ross for larceny--39 lashes.

JUNE 20, 1786.

  (71) James Lyle, Jr., qualified Deputy Clerk.
  (72) Admn. of estate of Thomas Brown granted the widow Elizabeth.
  (73) Admn. of estate of Robert Hogshead granted to James Hogshead and John Ewing. Ann, the widow, appeared and refused to administer.
  (74) Admn. of estate of Thomas Scott granted Alexr. Scott.
  (74) Jacob Sweet, formerly bound to Bernard Lance, now deceased, to be bound.
  (76) John Yeager, a pensioner, proved that he lost his left arm in the service of the United States at the battle of Stillwater, 19 September, 1777, in the Seventh Virginia Regiment, on Continental establishment. Is aged 36 years and resides in Augusta.
  (77) Admn, of estate of Terisa Bowyer granted William Bowyer.
  (77) David Jones to come of age 22 July, 1790, to be bound to William Gilkison, to learn trade of blacksmith.

JULY 18, 1786.

  (80) Peter Wilson, orphan of Peter Wilson, to be bound to Ro. Gamble.
  (80) Elijah McClenachan allowed 3 for boarding William Porter, a Continental soldier, when in the smallpox.
  (80) William Burk's estate allowed for wagon hire.
  (80) George Crawford allowed for a gun lost in the service.
  (82) Present Clerk ordered to examine the claims which have been allowed by the Court before his appointment, and certify to the Auditor such as have been neglected.
  (83) Admn. of estate of Barnabas McGraw granted to Mary McGraw.
  (83) Following recommended as Captains, viz: Thomas Turk, Jr., James Crawford and James Bell, Jr. As Lieutenants, viz: John Stuart, James Rankin and John Trimble. As Ensigns: David Henderson, James Kerr, Michael Kellar.

AUGUST 15, 1786.

  (84) James O'Nail presented by Grand Jury for breach of the Sabbath in carrying home meal from the mill.
  (85) Wm. Connell and John Gillaspie to be summoned to produce the will of John Guy, deceased.
  (89) Additional Justices appointed: James P. Cocke, Zachariah Johnston, Alexander Gibson, James Ramsey, James Stephenson, Moses Hinkle. James Ramsey qualified.

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AUGUST 16, 1786.

  (93) Alexr. Gibson and Moses Hinkle qualified Justices.

AUGUST 17, 1786.

  (100) William Bowyer qualified Justice.

AUGUST 19, 1786.

  (121) Anthony Bleameat returned no inhabitant.
  (126) David Frame allowed for 72 days wagon hire.

AUGUST 22, 1786.

  (137) William Kyle vs. James Call and Susannah Call } Special verdict finds that at the time of issuing the writ Susannah had intermarried with John Chapman, a prisoner of war, but was residing here as a prisoner of war; but with the permission of the British officers, subject to be recalled at their pleasure.
  (160) Wm. Bowyer, late Sheriff, informs the Court that malicious persons have reported to the Governor that he has mis-applied taxes for years 1783, 1784. He is allowed to prove his collections, which is certified to the Governor.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1786.

  (167) Admn. of estate of Susannah Henderson is granted William Henderson; James Henderson, heir-at-law, having resigned his right.
  (169) Following officers of militia recommended: Robert Gamble, as Lieutenant Colonel; William Hinds, as Captain; John Hogshead and David Parry, as Lieutenants; Jacob Perey and Samuel Cargo, as Ensigns; and for a light company to the First Regiment--Alexander Gibson, as Captain; John Poage, Jr., as Lieutenant; James Steel, as Ensign; for a light company to the Second Regiment--John Lewis, as Captain; Charles Donally, as Lieutenant, John McCreery, Jr., Ensign.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1786.

  (170) Rachel, wife of John Alexander, relinquished dower in land conveyed by her husband, John and James Alexander, to John Long.
  (171) Officers recommended--William Sharp, Captain; Thomas Cartmill, Lieutenant; David Moore, Ensign.

OCTOBER 17, 1786.

  (175) Timothy McLamore, inhabitant of this County, proved that he received wounds in the service of the United States at Buford's defeat in 1780, a soldier in Capt. Stoakes' Company, and is allowed pension of 10.
  (176) Admn, of estate of Philip Woolwine granted Elizabeth Woolwine.

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DECEMBER 19, 1786.

  (185) County levy.
  (186) To William Christian, for his services as Adjutant of the Militia, allowed by the Court Martial 20. 1,860 tithables at 3/.
  (187) Claim of Joseph Thompson for one gun, appraised at 800, reduced by scale to 3, 4/ specie--allowed. Claim of Robert Stuart for 1 beef. Claim of John Sutlington for 3 bushels wheat. Claim of John McClung for 422 lbs. beef. Claim of James Hughart for 787 lbs. beef. John Dickinson for beef. Ralph Lafferty for beef. Wm. Rhea for beef. James Young for 3 days driving cattle. Alexr. Kirk for 2 days driving cattle. Isham Berry for one certificate for militia service under Capt. Wm. Grissem of Albemarle for 4, 13, 4, dated 9 July, 1783. Isham Berry for one certificate for militia service under Capt. Henry Burke, dated June 4, 1783.
  (189) John Heager to be naturalized.
  (189) Charles Albright to be bound to Patrick Butler.

JANUARY 16, 1787.

  (191) Sarah Ross's sons to be bound--John Ross to John Blair, and David Ross to James Blair.
  (191) Alexander Wilson, son of Elizabeth Wilson, to be bound to George Craig.

FEBRUARY 20, 1787.

  (195) Deed of Elisha Estes and Gabriel Long to Thos. Kirtley, formerly partly proved at November Court, 1774, is now fully proved by Francis Kirtley, Jr., but the Court refuses to have it recorded because said Kirtley refuses to pay the tax of 3 pp hundred acres.
  (199) Peter Boon, 12 years old, to be bound; also Joseph Linden, 11 years old.
  (200) Hance Patton, William Shields, Sr., James Botkin and William Lockhart are exempted from levies.
  (200) Jacob Peck has a writ ad quod damnum for proceedings to erect a merchant mill on his lands on Christian's Creek.

FEBRUARY 21, 1787.

  (201) Called Court on Charles McKee for attempting to murder Charles Wall--not guilty of the charge, but has committed an assault amounting to an attempt to take his life.

MARCH 21, 1787.

  (218) Militia officers recommended--James Frazier, Captain, vice Wm. Findley, removed; Alexr. Hall, Lieutenant; Andrew Fulton, Ensign.
  (245) Robert Campbell's death abates suit.

MARCH 24, 1787.

  (248) Robert Douthat, Robert McCullough, Robert Stuart, Hugh McDowell, Wm. McDowell, Robert McDowell, Robert Aistrop, Charles Markle, John McKibbon and Robert Gamble, merchants, granted licenses for retailing goods agreeable to the Act of Assembly "Imposing New Taxes."

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  (248) Anthony Mustoe qualified land searcher for the District of Staunton.

APRIL 17, 1787.

  (249) Elizabeth Miller, relict of Abraham Miller, appears and relinquishes right to administer.
  (251) William Workman is exempted from County levies.

APRIL 18, 1787.

  (252) Following exempted from County levies: David McCloskey, Wm. Patterson, Sr., Wm. Villelly, John Joice, Daniel Anderson, William Ingleman.
  (254) Militia officers recommended: Captains, William Shields, Robert Doak; Lieutenants. Wm. Bell, John Gamble, James Mitchell; Ensigns, Wm. Bell, Jr., Alexr. Reed, James McCune, David Williams, Wm. Brownlee, Wm. Henderson.
  (255) John Dickinson, pensioner, proved that he received his wounds at the Battle of Point Pleasant on the 10th of October, 1774, in the service as a Captain of the Militia of this County, ordered on the Shawney expedition by Lord Dunmore, then Governor.--He is aged 56 years and resides in this County.

APRIL 26, 1787.

  (257) Called Court on William Armstrong for grand larceny.--Guilty and sent to Richmond.

MAY 15, 1787.

  (258) Indictment vs. Isaac Hanna, for unlawfully marrying his uncol's wife, Rebecca Carson, within 12 months.
  (267) Joseph Trotter granted license for retailing goods.

MAY 17, 1787.

  (278) Wm. Kyle vs. James and Susannah Call (Cale).--Judgment for plaintiff--see special verdict, page 137 supra.
  (283) John McCutchen recommended Captain, vice David Trotter, who is removed--and John Ewing, Ensign.

MAY 18, 1787.

  (291) George Snodden--witness from Rockingham.
  (293) George Mallow--witness from Rockingham.

MAY 19, 1787.

  (330) Called Court on John McKee, charged with highway robbery.-- Guilty and sent to Richmond for trial.

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JUNE 19, 1787.

  (334) Following to be bound out: Polly Woland, to Charles Markle; Samuel Blakemore, to Abraham Rust: Peter Reed, to John Moore; William Breasline, 4 years old, to Thomas Mitchell; Henry Hatfield (formerly bound to John Francis, deceased), to Wm. Farris; John Reglan, to Jacob Peck; Sarah Blakemore, to Adam Bickle.
  (334) George Cordell appointed Constable. vice Anthony Mustoe.
  (335) Following exempted from levies: Stephen Biche, Robert Fairbern, Henry Butt, Garrett Dolson, Richard Erwin, James Erwin, Thomas Nelson, Daniel McGuines.
  (335) Admn. of estate of John Galloway granted Thomas Frame. Admn. of estate of John Bourland granted relict, Elizabeth Bourland.
  (336) Rev. Adolph Spindle. Dutch Lutheran, authorized to marry.
  (337) Admn. of estate of John O'Nail granted Mary and John O'Nail.
  (340) Abraham Carson, orphan of Isaac Carson, aged 16 years, chose John Gardner his guardian.
  (340) William Hay qualifies admr. of Mathew Mathewson.
  (341) William Bell qualified Lieutenant, and William Bell Ensign.

JULY 17, 1787.

  (343) Alberdina Cole, relict of David Cole, produced his will, which is partly proved.
  (345) Following reported as refusing to give in their taxes to Commissioner: Archibald Armstrong, Rebecca Black, John Black, Ephraim Bates, Daniel Callison, Christopher Crummett, Frederick Crummett, John Cowgar, Owley Conrad, Sr. and Jr., Samuel Carlile, Wm. Guy, Joanes Henderson, Henry Hufman, Robert Hutcheson, John Hinsher, John Lambert, Jr., Nathan Man, John McCutchen, John McLaughlin. William Joseph Newton, William Sexton, Henry Smith, Leonard Simmons, George and John Simmons, Jacob Snider, Peter Sickafoss, Leonard Simmons, Jr., Henry, Mark and Michael Simmons, Edward Thompson, Francis Tackett. Michael Woolfong, Elihab Wilson, Christian Waggoner.
  (347) Claims of David Laird allowed:
  (347) Pay advanced to Levi Thomas, a soldier, for beef for use of troops at Albemarle Barracks, with credit September and October, 1780.
  (347) Following reported as refusing to give in list of taxes: Samuel Henry, David Clarkson, Jacob Daggy, Archibald Hamilton, Jr., Joseph Hamilton, Patrick Lacey.
  (348) Robert Gay exempted from poll tax.

AUGUST 21, 1787.

  (350) Commonwealth vs. Samuel Henry (vid, page 347).--Dismissed.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1787.

  (391) Elizabeth Yeager, relict of Andrew Yeager, refused to administer, and administration granted to George Yeager.

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  (398) Isabella, wife of George Givens, relinquished dower in lands--deed to John Givens.
  (398) Admn. of estate of Thos. Rankin granted Mary and John Rankin.
  (399) Betsy Kinder to be bound to Levi Abraham.
  (400) James, David and Mary Allen, all over 14, orphans of David Allen, chose Robert Allen their guardian. George Anderson, aged 15 years, chose John Christian guardian.
  (402) Admn. of Andrew Alexander granted Martha Alexander and Samuel Hunter.
  (403) Rev. James Chambers, Presbyterian, authorized to marry.
  (404) Thomas Cook to be bound to Frederick Hanger, and Peter Laywell to Peter Hanger, Jr.
  (404) John Burton, a pensioner, proved that he received his wounds in 1760, in the old Virginia Regiment--is aged 46 and resides in this County.
  (404) Nicholas Powlas exempted from poll tax.

OCTOBER 16, 1787.

  (406) Ordinary rates established.
  (407) Admn. of John Miller granted his son, Patrick Miller.
  (408) James Fraizer and John Erwin, Captains: Alexr. Hall, Lieutenant; Hugh Fulton, Ensign; qualified.
  (408) Will of John Faris partly proved.
  (409) Thomas Poage swears that he has advertised three several Court days his intention of applying for an act to vest in him the property of the lot No. 6 in Staunton.

OCTOBER 17, 1787.

  (410) Called Court on Wm. Freehold for larceny--39 lashes.

NOVEMBER 3, 1781.

  (411) Called Court on Isham Berry for larceny--discharged.

NOVEMBER 10, 1787.

  (412) Called Court on Oliver Livingston for larceny--discharged.

NOVEMBER 20, 1787.

  (416) Elijah McClenachan produced his commission as Sheriff, but informed the Court that he could not find securities--His commission is returned to the Governor.

NOVEMBER 21, 1787.

  (431) Robert Reid, a foreigner, took oath of allegiance to Virginia.

DECEMBER 18, 1787.

  (438) Charles Cameron resigned as Commissioner of tax, and Samuel Vance appointed.

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