Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (329) John Black allowed an account 1,883, 8/, for expense in boarding a wounded soldier.
  (330) Mary Porter, wife of William Porter, a soldier in the Continental Army, allowed 360 for her and her children.
  (330) Charles Cameron, as Captain; William McCreery, as Lieutenant, and Patrick Young, as Ensign--recommended for appointment in Second Battalion. Cameron and Young qualified.
  (330) John Brown is recommended and qualifies in room of Capt. Cartmill.
  (330) Henry Miller, aged 18 months, to be bound out.
  (330) Sarah Wiger, wife of David Wiger, soldier in Continental Army, allowed 360 for herself and child.
  (330) Alexander Robertson allowed account of 1,634 for his service as a Commissioner of the provision law.
  (330) Samuel Rucker recommended and qualifies as Lieutenant in Capt. Oliver's Company.

MAY 16, 1781.

  (330) George Roots qualified Attorney.
  (332) John Moffet allowed an account of 1,485 for services as a Commissioner of the provision law.
  (334) John McKinney qualified Deputy Sheriff.

MAY 17, 1781.

  (340) William Scott's death abater suit.
  (346) Tithables to be taken in Companies, as follows, viz: Daniel Henderson, in Tate's, Long's and Finley's; Alexander St. Clair, in Buchanan's, Smith's and Johnston's; Wm. McPheeters, in McCutchon's, Cunningham's and Bell's; Alexander Robertson, in Rankin's, Bell's and Givens's; James Trimble, in Patterson's, Dickey's and Trimble's: Thomas Hughart, in Kinkead's; John McCreery, in McCoy's, Hicklin's and McCreery's: Samuel Vance, in Oliver's.
  (346) The Sheriff to rent out the old Court House for one year to the highest bidder in hard money, or the value thereof in paper money, when it comes due.
  (346) John Young appointed road overseer, vice James Allen, Jr.

JUNE 19, 1781.

  (346) Richard Madison, Clerk, being absent on militia duty, the Court appoints John McComney pro tem. Henry King, vice Samuel Hunter, is appointed to purchase the wagon and team heretofore ordered.

JUNE 20, 1781.

  (347) George Poage, David Givin and Peter Hole recommended to the Governor to be appointed Captains for the 2d Battalion; George Poage for part of the company formerly commanded by Capt. Oliver; David Givin for the other part of the said Company; Peter Hole for the Company formerly under Capt. McCoy.

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  (347) Charles Hamilton is appointed Lieutenant under Capt. Givin, and Wm. McCreary, Lieutenant under Capt. Cameron--appointed.
  (347) David Givin, Peter Hole and George Poage qualified Captains.
  (347) Charles Hamilton and Wm. McCreery qualified Lieutenants.
  (347) Henry Fleisher qualified Ensign.
  (347) Andrew Foster allowed account for services in receiving 320 lbs. public hemp.

JUNE 14, 1781.

  (347) Called Court on James Hays for biting Capt. Thomas Marlin's (Martin?) thumb, by reason of which it is likely the said Marlin will lose his thumb at least, or perhaps his arm or life.--Guilty and recognized to appear at General Court.
  (348) Called Court on William Ward and Lewis Baker on suspicion of treason against the Commonwealth. Guilty of levying war against the Commonwealth, and held for further trial. Henry Swadley, John Snyder, Christian Stone and Capt. Robert Davis bound as witnesses for Commonwealth, to appear at such time and place as the Governor shall direct the proclamation for the trial.

AUGUST 21, 1781.

  (348) Barnette Lance appointed road surveyor, vice John Gum.
  (348) John Hogshead appointed road surveyor, vice John Kirk.
  (349) Admn. of estate of James Wallace granted Jane Wallace.
  (349) Admn. of estate of John Hogshead granted to Ann Hogshead.
  (349) William Tate qualified Captain.
  (349) Charles Cameron recommended Colonel of 2d Battalion, vice Colonel Hughart, resigned.
  (349) Samuel Vance recommended Colonel, Vice John McCreery, who has resigned.
  (349) William Jordain exempted from levies.
  (350) Thomas Hicklin recommended Captain of the Company he formerly commanded; James Bratton in room of Capt. Kinkead, resigned; Joseph Gwin as First Lieutenant in Capt. Hicklin's Company; Joseph Day as Ensign in Capt. Poage's Company.
  (350) John McKittrick is appointed Ensign in the room of Ensign Gardner of Capt. Trimble's Company--resigned.
  (350) Thomas Bratton and James Hicklin qualified Captains.

AUGUST 22, 1781.

  (350) On account of several escapes from jail, through negligence of Alexr. Kilpatrick, jailor, it is recommended to Sheriff, George Moffett, to dismiss Alexr.
  (350) Wm. Carrol, aged 14 years, to be bound to John Paris.
  (350) Wm. Bell is appointed to buy one wagon and team in the place of Samuel Hunter.

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SEPTEMBER 3, 1781.

  (351) Called Court on William Ashley for larceny from John Griffin.-- Guilty and bound over to the Grand Jury.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1781.

  (352) Hugh Jinkins having rendered himself incapable of taking care of Ann Jinkins, an orphan child, ordered that said Johnson be summoned.
  (352) David Buchanan recommended Lieutenant in P. Buchanan's Company, vice Alexr. Scott, resigned. Andrew Anderson recommended Captain, vice Joseph Bell, who has resigned. James Poage recommended Lieutenant, and John Poage, Jr., recommended as Ensign in Capt. Anderson's Company.

OCTOBER 8, 1781.

  (352) Called Court on John Richey, Jr., and George Savage for passing counterfeit hard dollars.--George, 39 lashes.--John, bound to Grand Jury.

OCTOBER 16, 1781.

  (353) Thomas Hughart allowed an account for services in receiving and storing the specific tax.
  (353) Called Court on Edmund White for larceny.--Guilty and bound to Grand Jury.

OCTOBER 23, 1781.

  (354) Called Court on James Richardson for passing counterfeit money and having large quantity in his possession. Guilty and sent to Genl. Court.

NOVEMBER 20, 1781.

  (355) Admn. of estate of Henry Brandes granted to Andrew Sumesalt.
  (355) Admn. of estate of Thos. Shields granted to Margaret, his widow.
  (356) Thomas Cartmill recommended and qualified Ensign in Capt. Poage's Company.
  (356) Admn. of estate of Robt. Brawford granted to Rebecca, his widow.
  (356) John and William Jordane exempted from levies.
  (356) Thomas Hughes, qualified Justice.
  (357) William Blair, vice Wm. Fleming appointed Constable.
  (358) George Moffett, Sheriff, allowed the use of the old Court House free of rent, as the old jailor's house is not tenantable.
  (358) John Reglar, aged 7, formerly bound by his mother to Samuel Burnsides, deceased, to be bound to Francis Moore until 21.--To be taught trade of a breeches maker.
  (358) Robert Clark, vice James McCleery appointed road surveyor.

DECEMBER 19, 1781.

  (358) Admn, of estate of James Fulton granted Mary Fulton and John Ward.

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  (358) William Blair qualified Constable.
  (359) Sarah Wiger, wife of David Wiger, soldier in the service of the Commonwealth, and child, allowed, in addition to former allowance of 350, 1 bbl. of corn, 100 lbs. pork, 124 lbs. beef. Mary Porter, wife of Daniel Porter, and 2 children, the same. Patsy Cole, wife of Richd. Cole, the same.
  (359) Alexr. McClenachan qualified Sheriff.
  (359) James Davis qualified Deputy Sheriff.
  (359) Wm. McPheeters and Mathew Kenny are appointed Commissioners of the specific tax.
  (359) John Dickinson, who refuses to act; John Christian, deceased; Michael Bowyer, Attorney at Law; James Tate, deceased; Joshua Humphrey's, removed out of the County; Peter Hanger, who refuses to act; Benj. Wilson, Jonas Friend, Wm. Lowther, John Davidson and Andrew Davidson, out of the County--recommended to be left out of the Commission of the peace.
  (360) James Miller to be summoned to show cause why he doth not take proper care of his children.--Overseers of poor to inspect his family, and if they find them suffering, are to take them in charge until next Court.
  (360) Old Court House continued to new Sheriff until the jailor's house can be repaired.

JANUARY 15, 1782.

  (360) Admn. of estate of Jacob Fulwider granted to Mary, his widow.
  (360) Zachary Johnston refused to qualify Justice on the ground that he ought to study the law one year or two first.
  (362) Ordinary rates fixed.

FEBRUARY 13, 1782.

  (363) Alexr. St. Clair and Thos. Hughes appointed to purchase and equip one wagon and team according to Act for Supplying the Army, and produce same at next Court.

FEBRUARY 19, 1782.

  (364) Charles Cameron qualified Colonel.
  (364) Joseph Bell, Elijah McClenachan and John Poage appointed to assess land in First Battalion. Thomas Hughart, James Kinkead and James Bratton in the Second Battalion.
  (364) Charles Baskins recommended Captain, vice Capt. Zachary Johnson, resigned; James Johnson, as Lieutenant, and Wm. Calbraith, Ensign.
  (364) Admn. of estate of James Richey granted Wm. Wilson.
  (364) Commissioners to lay of the thirds of the lands whereof Robert Cochran is possessed, as heirs-at-law of John Cochran, deceased.
  (364) Margaret Edmonds, orphan of George Edmonds, to be bound to John Dalhouse.
  (364) Rebecca Estill is appointed guardian of Priscilla Estill.
  (365) The Clerk appointed to draw the lists of the different districts for supplying clothing, &c., to the Army, required to furnish the different districts with a copy of the late proceedings.

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MARCH 19, 1782.

  (366) Admn. of estate of Alexr. Cunningham granted John Cunningham.
  (366) John Brown and Archibald Stuart produced licenses and took oath of attorney.
  (366) Pat. Bohannon qualified deputy surveyor.
  (366) George Poage qualified Justice.
  (366) Martin Whitsell exempted from levy.
  (366) Tithables to be taken as follows, in Companies: By James Trimble, in Patterson's and Dickey's, vice John Poage; Capt. John Lewis, in Hicklin's and Hole's, vice John Wilson; George Poage, in his own and Givens's Company, vice Samuel Vance.
  (367) Mary Price, wife of John Price, soldier, is allowed 3 bbls. corn and 100 lbs. pork.
  (367) Wm. Logan appointed Ensign in Capt. Samuel McCutchon's Company.
  (367) Admn. of estate of John Hinds granted to Wm. Hinds.

MARCH 20, 1782.

  (369) Agnes Jenkins to be bound.
  (369) Admn. c. t, a. of estate of John Estill granted Rebecca Estill, Wm. Hutchison having refused, and the other executor, Benj. Estill, having for some time past been of insane mind.
  (369) James Poage as Lieutenant and John Poage and Wm. Logan as Ensigns--qualified.
  (370) Rev. James Waddle's negro wenches, Isabella and Maud, exempted from levy.
  (370) Ann Burk, widow of William Burk, deceased, intestate, certifies she will not administer--granted to William Burk.
  (370) Court allowed public claims which are recorded in the Claim Book.

MARCH 22, 1782.

  (371) Assignment of dower by Catherine Carpenter, relict of Nicholas Carpenter, to Michael Bowyer--ordered recorded.
  (371) James Johnson as Lieutenant and William Calbraith as Ensign-- qualified.
  (371) See Claim Book for proceedings of any Court not here inserted.

MARCH 25, 1782.

  (372) Sheriff ordered to proclaim that the Court of Claims will be held on third Tuesday in April next.

APRIL 16, 1782.

  (372) George Muler presented license and took oath of attorney.

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