Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MAY 17, 1780.

  (229) John Warwick allowed 50 acres for services as soldier in Boquet's expedition is 1764. Samuel Erwin, of Capt. Hog's Company, 1757, allowed 50 acres. Robert Stuart, of Capt. Dickenson's Company, 1758, allowed 50 acres. John Blair, of Capt. Hog's Company, 1758, allowed 50 acres.
  (230) Road ordered (bridle way) from James Bratton's to Little River Meeting House, over the Calf Pasture Mountain, to be worked by tithables from Widow Grimes, living on Big River of Calf Pasture, to John Wilson's; then from John Meeks's, on the Little River, to Jones Henderson's; thence to the Rockbridge Line.
  (230) John Wilson qualified deputy surveyor.
  (230) George Bratton appointed road surveyor from Robert Wiley's to Jonathan Humphrey's, with tithables from James Kilpatrick's to John Alfall's. Wm. Anderson, vice John Findley, appointed road surveyor.
  (231) John Kinkead appointed road surveyor from Wm. Black's to Joseph Givin's.
  (231) Thomas Hughart appointed Colonel of Second Battalion, and John McCleery, Lieutenant Colonel.
  (232) George Jameson appointed road surveyor from County Line to William Murphy's plantation, and Thomas Nelson from William Murphy's to James Mitchell's.
  (234) Moore Fauntleroy, vice James Gay, appointed road surveyor-- tithables from Tully Davit's to William Wateers.
  (235) Robert Christian recommended Second Lieutenant in Capt. Francis Long's Company, and Joseph Bell as Ensign in the same Company.
  (235) William Fleming qualified Constable.
  (236) Henry and Andrew Honeyman--witnesses.

MAY 19, 1780.

  (241) Margaret Blair, wife of James Blair, relinquished dower in 330 acres sold to Mathias Link.
  (141) Joseph Bell recommended Captain, vice Capt. David Bell, decd.; Andrew Anderson as Lieutenant; James Poage as Ensign.

MAY 20, 1780.

  (242) Thomas Dryden's death abates suit.
  (244) Jennet Duncan vs. John Wilson.--Abates by plaintiff's marriage.
  (244) William Kyle's death abates suit. William Coil's death abates suit.
  (259) John Flesher's death abates suit.

JUNE 8, 1780.

  (263) Called Court on James Denniston for stealing from Charles Hunt $400 Continental Currency--39 lashes.

JUNE 20, 1780.

  (264) Peter Wilson (lately discharged from the Continental Army) allowed 50 acres for services as soldier in Capt. Stephen's Company, 1761.

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  (264) Ann Ord, soldier's wife, allowed 5 bushels of corn, valued at 75.
  (264) Tithables to be taken in Companies, as follows: David Henderson, in Tate's, Long's and Thompson's; Alexr. St. Clair, in Buchanan's, Smith's and Johnston's; James Trotter, in McCutchon's, Cunningham's and James Bell's: James Trimble, in Patterson's, Dickey's and Trimble's; Joseph Bell, in his own, Rankin's and Givens's; Benj. Wilson, in Tyger's Valley; Thos. Hughart, in Kinkead's; John McCreery, In McKay's, Hicklin's and McCreery's; Samuel Vance, in his own.

AUGUST 15, 1780.

  (265a) John McCoy, James Woods, George Puffenberry--to view road from Capt. McCoy's, in Bull Pasture, to Michael Wilfong's, thence over the mountain to the Gap of the North River.
  (265a) James and Joseph Bell qualified Captains. John McCreery qualified Lieutenant Colonel of Militia.
  (265a) Commission for priv. examination of Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Nickle, of Greenbrier County. Deed, Nickle to Andrew Nickle.
  (265b) Robert Givin to be summoned to show cause why he detains James O'Neal, orphan of James O'Neal, contrary to law.
  (265b) Andrew Anderson qualified Lieutenant. James Poage qualified Ensign. John Dickey qualified Captain; Joseph Waddle, Lieutenant, and Joseph Bell, Ensign.
  (266) Herman Lovingood, vice Peter Angleman, appointed road surveyor.
  (266) David Wilson qualified Ensign.
  (266) Alexander Maxwell qualified Deputy Sheriff.
  (266) Mary Ann Wright, orphan of John Wright, to be bound.
  (266) William Findley qualified Captain.
  (266) Hugh Nelson bound to peace on complaint of Henry Peachman.
  (267) Robert Christian qualified Lieutenant.
  (267) Henry Miller is incapable of bringing up his children in a Christianlike manner--son, Peter Miller, to be bound.
  (267) Ordinary rates.

AUGUST 16, 1780.

  (268) Called Court on Mary Woods for being concerned in stealing scythes from Jacob Neighdebour--acquitted.
  (268) George Bratton appointed Constable.
  (269) John Elliot appointed guardian of Margaret and Sarah Elliot, orphans of William Elliot.
  (272) John Gullet--witness from Greenbrier.
  (272) William Gullet--witness from Greenbrier.

AUGUST 17, 1780.

  (273) Admn. of estate of Susannah Jenkins granted Rebecca and Elizabeth Bouch.

AUGUST 18, 1780.

  (280) Joseph Blair appointed road surveyor from James Campbell's field to James Trotter's. John Campbell, vice John Bigham, appointed road surveyor.

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AUGUST 19, 1780.

  (281) Thomas Reeves, returned no inhabitant.
  (281) Robert Kirpatrick, returned no inhabitant.
  (297) Mary Woods to be summoned to show cause why her children should not be bound out.
  (297) James Lessley's will proved by witnesses to handwriting and comparison of papers by the Court, the witnesses John and William Stuart being dead. Sarah, the widow, qualified executrix.
  (299) Thomas Hughes appointed Surveyor of Streets of Staunton.
  (299) John Price, to whom William Hunter, orphan boy, was bound, petitions that he is about to move out of this State, and that William be bound to Francis Moore, to be taught leather breeches making, which is ordered.
  (300) Called Court for examination of John Woods, charged with stealing two scythes from Jacob Neighdebour.--Guilty--sent to Richmond.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1780.

  (300) Called Court for examination of Samuel Thomas, alias Chrisman McCann, for burglary.--Guilty and sent to Richmond.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1780.

  (301) John Waughub qualified Second Lieutenant.
  (301) James Lackey, Jr., and Christopher Troby appointed Constables.
  (301) Thomas Huggart qualified Colonel; Jacob Westfall, Jr., as First Lieutenant, and Conrad Bogert as Ensign, in Capt. Wilson's Company-- recommended.
  (302) John Graham appointed guardian of Rebecca Graham, daughter of Lanty Graham.
  (302) At request of Col. Sampson Mathews, to disqualify him from serving as Senator at the end of the next session of Assembly, recommended Coroner.
  (302) Admn. of estate of Jacob Sigerfoos granted to Wm. Rusk--Christiana, the widow, having refused to administer.

OCTOBER 17, 1780.

  (303) Sampson Mathews recommended Coroner.
  (303) Elijah McClenachan and James Trotter, Jr., appointed Commissioners of Specific Tax.
  (303) Hugh Hicklin appointed road surveyor from the County Line to the School House in the Indian Draft; Charles Donnerly, thence to Leonard Bell's. James McChesney appointed road surveyor from where Thomas Mines now lives. Samuel McCutchon appointed road surveyor from Mines's to Rusk's Mill.

OCTOBER 18, 1780.

  (304) Contract to fill up the gully in the courtyard to be let to the highest bidder.

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NOVEMBER 21, 1780.

  (304) John Cartmill, as Captain, and Robert Thompson, as Lieutenant, in the Company formerly commanded by Robert McCreery--recommended.
  (304) John Oliver recommended Captain, vice Samuel Vance, who has resigned.
  (304) John Poage, Robert Kenny, John Christian, Sr., William McPheeters and James Trimble are appointed overseers of the poor.
  (305) John Cartmill, as Captain; Robert Thompson, as Lieutenant, and Jonathan Humphreys, as Lieutenant--qualified.
  (305) Commission for priv. examination of Elizabeth, wife of John Gillespy. Deed to Christopher Graham.
  (306) Mary Price, wife of John Price, a soldier in Continental Service, is allowed subsistence for herself.
  (307) James O`Neal, orphan of James O'Neal, to be bound to Robert Givin.
  (307) Jacob Cole appointed Constable in Capt. Cunningham's Company.

NOVEMBER 22, 1780.

  (308) Alexr. Crawford recommended and qualified Ensign in Capt. Cartmill's Company.
  (308) George Moffet qualified Sheriff.
  (308) County levy.
  (308) Joseph Long qualified Lieutenant.
  (308) Joseph Mathews qualified Deputy Sheriff.

NOVEMBER 23, 1780.

  (310) County levy.

NOVEMBER 24, 1780.

  (318) James Langsby, returned no inhabitant.
  (320) Alexr. Kilpatrick, jailor, allowed account for keeping Tories and deserters.

DECEMBER 4, 1780.

  (321) Called Court on John Wilfong for the murder of Sebastian Hover, Jr., who was killed 27 April last.--Guilty and sent to Richmond for trial.

DECEMBER 19, 1780.

  (322) County levy: To William Gillespy, for his wagon and team, one day, working on the public road.
  (322) These to work on the road from Staunton to Christian's Creek, with their tithables, viz: William Lewis, Henry Moura, John Brooks, Peter Moura John Bird, James Graham, Nicholas Sprigg, Robert Russell, Mr. Hunt, Andrew Scott, Jacob Sciler, Peter Grass, John Graham, Christopher Graham, Joshua Russell, James Coursey, Thomas Scott, Wm. Burk, Robert McClenachan, Samuel Fraizer and James Hill.
  (323) Ann Harrington, wife of Charles Harrington, a soldier now in the Continental Army, allowed two barrels of corn, valued at 70; 100 lbs. pork, valued at 120--for herself and child.

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DECEMBER 20, 1780.

  (323) Amos Butt, Thomas Staunton and William Ross exempted from payment of levies.
  (323) County levy, 60/.
  (324) William Buchanan qualified Ensign.

FEBRUARY 20, 1781.

  (324) Richard Madison, Clerk, being absent on public service, Thomas Hughes to act as Clerk pro tem.
  (324) John Oliver qualified Captain.
  (324) Admn. of estate of Thomas Nelson granted to Elizabeth and Thomas Nelson.
  (325) Michael Coulter qualified Lieutenant. George Anderson qualified Ensign. George Barry, William McPheeters and John Campbell qualified overseers of the poor.

MARCH 20, 1781.

  (325) Admn. of estate of Hugh McEvoy, a soldier killed in the service, granted Thomas Beard.
  (325) John Wilson recommended Major of Second Battalion.
  (325) Dedimus to take deposition of William Longsdale, who is about to remove to Pennsylvania.
  (326) Robert Baggs produced a certificate signed by the Clerk, and Wm. Fleming, Esq., Commissioner of Kentucky, of having a primitive right, which, he swears, he delivered to Col. Daniel Boon, of which he understands he was robbed.
  (327) A motion continued because of absence of witness, Sampson Mathews, who is in the service of his country.
  (327) Sheriff ordered to collect 12 per cent on all property in this County and pay to Samuel Hunter, who is appointed to purchase a wagon and team, &c., for public service, agreeable to Act of Assembly.
  (327) Mary Price, soldier's wife, and child, to receive 300 in lieu of two barrels corn and 100 lbs. pork.
  (327) John Wilson qualified Major.
  (327) Elijah McClenachan, Thomas Hughart and James Trotter, returned duly elected Commissioners of the Tax. Thomas and James qualify; Elijah urged his infirmities, and is excused, and Joseph Bell is appointed in his room--and qualified.

MAY 15, 1781.

  (328) Ordered that Daniel Gillespy be prosecuted for speaking disaffected words towards the State.
  (328) Admn. of estate of Archd. Loughlin, decd., granted to Dr. John Jackson.
  (328) John Archer's will proved--widow Rebecca renounces its provisions and claims dower.
  (329) Elizabeth Son, wife of Michael Son, a soldier in the Continental Army, to be allowed 600 for her and her children.

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