Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (149) It appearing that Thomas Taylor cannot bring up in a Christianlike manner his child, John Taylor, John is to be bound to Joseph Blair.
  (149) Thomas Scott proves his service in a ranging company commanded by Capt Lewis--allowed 50 acres.
  (149) James Sawyers and John Clark, Sergeants, proved their services in a ranging company under Colonel Boquet and allowed land.
  (149) Charles Lewis, deceased, having served as a Lieutenant in Capt William Preston's Company of Rangers, and obtained a warrant for 2,000 acres under the Proclamation of 1763, it is now proved that he served as of Captain of a Company of Independents in the Expedition commanded by Colonel Boquet in 1764. Certificate for 1,000 acres additional granted.
  (150) Sheriff ordered to take possession of the old Court until the jail house is properly prepared.

NOVEMBER 18, 1779.

  (150) Proof is made that John Smith, deceased, who served as a Sergeant in Capt. Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers, never received any land therefor. Certificate is granted to Thomas Smith, the heir-at-law, for 200 acres.
  (150) certificate for 2,000 acres granted to Alexr. St Clair and Alexr. McClenachan, guardians of John McClenachan, orphan and heir-atlaw of John McClenachan, deceased, who served as Lieutenant in Capt. Charles Lewis's Company of Independents on the expedition commanded by Colonel Boquet, 1764.
  (151) Certificate for 50 acres granted to Thomas McGregor for services as a soldier in Capt. Preston's Company of Rangers. Certificate of 50 acres each granted to John McMahon and Thomas Kibbeath.
  (151) Thomas Rhoades, being summoned to show cause why he would not deliver possession of the old Court House to the present Sheriff, was desired to deliver up the same immediately.
  (152) Admn. of estate of George Weldon granted John Sawyers.

NOVEMBER 19, 1779.

  (164) Thomas Ralph, an enlisted soldier, given 15 lashes for using James Thomas's horse illegally.
  (165) John Poage qualified Justice.
  (171) Elisabeth Hill, widow of James Hill, relinquished dower in deed to Wm. Fleming.
  (173) Certificate for 50 acres granted to William Henderson, a soldier in Capt McClenachan's Company of Independents under Colonel Boquet.
  (173) Guardians of John and Robert McClenachan, sons and heirs of Robert McClenachan, prove that deceased served as a soldier in Capt. Alexr. McClenachan's Company in the expedition under Colonel Boquet.
  (174) Thomas Adams, John Dickinson, Michael Bowyer, William McPheeters and Peter Hanger to be summoned to the next March Court to show cause why they will not swear into the Commission of the Peace.
  (174) John Lewis, John Kinkead, James Steel, John Wilson, David Henderson, James Trimble, to be summoned to the next March Court to show cause why they will not attend the Court to do business.

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  (174) John Christian being dead; Jonas Friend, as being incapable of his duty and not attending, and John Davidson, Smith Tandy, Wm. Lowther and Andrew Davidson, because of non-residence in the County, recommended to be left out of Commission.

DECEMBER 20, 1779.

  (175) Called Court on Chrismass McKings, alias Samuel Allen, alias William Jones, alias Samuel Thomas, for stealing the horse of Colonel Minger of the Convention Troops. Guilty and sent to Richmond for trial. Witnesses--James Bell of Amherst and Colonel Minger of the Convention Troops--James McGraw of Halifax.

DECEMBER 21, 1779.

  (176-177) John McLain appointed Commissioner in Tyger's Valley.
  (177) Mrs. Elizabeth Murray, widow and heir of John Murray, deceased, proved service of her husband as Ensign in Capt. McClenachan's Company in Boquet's expedition, 1764.--Certificate for 2,000 acres.
  (178) James Brown and Adam Guthery granted certificates as nephews and heirs at-law of James Dunlap, deceased, who served as Lieutenant in Capt. Hog's Company of Rangers and was destroyed by the enemy at the fort in the upper tract on the South Branch of Potomac in 1758, and James and Adam are the only legal heirs now in this State.
  (178) Proved that Joseph Hawkins served as a soldier in Capt. McNeel's Company in 1st Virginia Regiment until he was duly discharged by Colonel Adams Stevens in 1762.--His certificate was assigned by Joseph before a justice in Culpeper County to Thomas Stuart.
  (179) Proved--Nicholas Sallis served as a soldier in the 1st Virginia Regiment, and has received a certificate which was assigned to Sampson Mathews.
  (179) David Hogshead, son to James, is appointed Constable in Capt. Trimble's Company.

JANUARY 18, 1780.

  (180) William Kinkead allowed certificate for 50 acres for services in Capt. Charles Lewis's Company in Boquet's expedition. John Carlile allowed certificate for 50 acres for services in Capt. Preston's Company in 1758.
  (180) Colonel Wm. Bowyer appointed Commissioner of Tax, vice Colonel George Moffett, now Sheriff.
  (181) John Dickey recommended Captain, vice William Henderson. who has removed to Kentucky; Joseph Waddle as Lieutenant, and John Bell as Ensign in said Company.
  (181) Alexr. Kilpatrick qualified Deputy Sheriff.

FEBRUARY 15, 1780.

  (182) David Hogshead qualified Constable.
  (182) Sarah Windon, soldier's wife with small children, allowed 50.

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  (183) John Kinkead allowed certificate for 50 acres for services as a soldier in Capt. Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers. Major Andrew Lockridge, guardian of orphan of Robert Graham, deceased, is allowed certificate for land for Graham's services as a soldier in Capt. Preston's Company, 1758.
  (183) Following allowed certificates for land for military services: John Kinkead, Thomas Hicklin, Robert Gwin, Lofftus Pullin, William Black, Patrick Miller, William Jackson, in Capt. Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers, 1758. Wm. Kinkead, Thomas Kinkead, John Montgomery, of Capt. Lewis's Company, Boquet's Expedition, 1764.
  (183) Thomas Smith, eldest son and heir-at-law of Thos. Smith, who served as a soldier in Capt. Dunlop's Company of Rangers, 1758, and also as proper heir-at-law of Wm. Elliot, who served also, granted certificates for land.
  (184) William McPheeters qualified Justice.
  (184) Thomas Jones, runaway servant of Moses Hays.
  (184) Margaret Erwin, late Margaret Lewell, one of the executors of Andrew Lewell, deceased, summoned to give counter security.
  (184) Andrew McCaslin, James Gay, Anthony Johnston, appointed Constables.
  (184) ____ Gay to be summoned to show cause why he doth not use his apprentice, John Harris, according to law.
  (185) Catherine Fogle, not being able to bring up in a Christianlike manner son, John Fogle, ordered that John be bound out.

FEBRUARY 18, 1780.

  (185) Called Court on Francis Hughes, for larceny--Sent to Richmond for trial. Witnesses: Hugh Brown, and Rebecca, his wife.
  (186) Called Court on Violet, a negro slave of Sampson Sawyers. for feloniously burning her master's dwelling house on the night of the 4th inst. Guilty--to be hanged by the neck, &c., on 4th of March next at or near town of Staunton at 12 o'clock at noon, and after she is cut down, that her head be severed from her body by the neck and stuck upon a pole in the public place near Staunton. Adjudged value, 1,800.

MARCH 21, 1780.

  (187) Andrew McCaslin qualified Constable. Thomas Adams qualified Justice.
  (187) Charles Smith allowed 200 acres for services as Sergeant in Capt. Wm. Preston's Company of Rangers in the late war between Great Britain and France.
  (188) Joseph Bell, Alexr. Robertson and John Moffet are appointed Commissioners of Tax.
  (188) Thomas Davis allowed land for services as Sergeant in First Virginia Regiment in 1756.
  (188) Admn. of estate of Joseph Gamble granted his widow, Isabella, and William Patton.

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  (188) On motion of Ann Pebbles, late Ann Hinds, widow and executrix of Edward Hinds, deceased, who served as a Corporal in Capt. Preston's Company of Rangers, in 1758, certificate for land granted to Edward Hinds, orphan of said Edward, deceased.
  (190) David Greiner allowed 50 acres for service as a soldier in late war between Great Britain and France. Robert Ross, of same Regiment, allowed 50 acres for services.
  (190) Following allowed for military services: Robert Hall, in Capt. Preston's Company of Rangers in 1758: also John Vahab, Wm. Stuart, John Bodkin and Hugh Bodkin; John Graham, grandson of John Craham, who served in Capt. Preston's Company of Rangers, 1758; James Bodkin, in Capt. Preston's Company of Rangers, 1758--50 acres each.
  (190) Elizabeth Wilson, Ann Miles and Mary Johnston, soldiers' wives, allowed three bushels of grain each, valued at 45.
  (190) Alexander Gillespy allowed land for services as armourer and blacksmith in First Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel Byrd.
  (191) Jeremiah Edwards, John Buster, James Bridgells, John Welsh, John Fulton (of Capt. Dickenson's Company of Rangers in 1759), John Shields and William Shields--50 acres.
  (190) John Plunkett allowed 50 acres for services in Capt. John Dickenson's Company of Rangers, 1759.
  (191) John Nanby, orphan of John Nanby, to be bound out.
  (191) George Anderson recommended Ensign in Capt. Thomas Rankin's Company, and William Finley as Captain, vice Robert Thompson, resigned.
  (191) Mary Night, soldier's wife, allowed 30.
  (193) Samuel McCutcheon allowed 50 acres for services as soldier in Capt. Lewis's Company of Rangers in 1758. Alexr. Gallispy, allowed 50 acres. Andrew Fowler exempted from poll tax.

MARCH 22, 1780.

  (193) John Frogg proves that in 1755 he went out on the frontiers of this State with a body of men under his command as a Colonel or Major and served on the frontiers for some considerable time, but whether as a ranging battalion or volunteers, or what other capacity, does not appear.
  (195) Jacob Doran, executor and only heir-at-law of Ludwick Shadow, deceased, produced a certificate under the hand and seal of Col. Henry Boquet's, dated 15 November, 1762, of said Shaw's service as a Sergeant on Boquet's expedition.--Allowed a certificate.
  (195) Ordinary rates.
  (196) Joseph Bell qualified Coroner.
  (196) John McMahon, Sr., granted license to keep an ordinary--on motion of John McMahon, Jr., his son.
  (198) Ellis Wright qualified Deputy Surveyor.
  (199) Commissioners reported following persons as refusing to swear to their taxable property: George Nicholas, John Flesher, Wolrick Conrad, Jr., John Snider, Nicholas Simmon, Peter Smith, Barten Smith, Jonathan Buffington, Benj. Abett, Charles Fomelson, Wm. Hamilton, James Lackey, Joseph Fonelson and John Lacky--all to be prosecuted.

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  (201) Francis Stewart--witness from Rockingham. Agnes Rodgers-- witness from Washington-230 miles and 3 ferriages.

MARCH 24, 1780.

  (206) David Bell ads. Commonwealth.--Abates by death of David.
  (212) James Beard, returned no inhabitant.
  (216) James Cumptain's death abates suit.
  (217) Thomas Smith qualified Vestryman.
  (217) Thomas Bowyer proves that in 1760 he was appointed Lieutenant of a Company of Regulars raised in the Virginia Regiment, at that time commanded by Colonel Byrd, since deceased; that he served in said office until said regiment was disbanded, and that on the said regiment's being disbanded he entered into the Virginia Regiment then raised, commanded by Colonel Hopkins, in 1762, as a subaltern in said regiment.

MARCH 25, 1780.

  (221) Account of Thomas Rhoades, late jailor, allowed. Account of Alexr. Kilpatrick, present jailor, allowed.
  (222) County levy--13/.

MARCH 29, 1780.

  (223) Called Court on Sarah Constable for larceny--39 lashes.
  (223) Called Court on Mary and Elizabeth Woods, receiving stolen goods--discharged.
  (223) Called Court on John and William Woods for breaking John Beard's mill and stealing grain--discharged.

APRIL 18, 1780.

  (225) Andrew Ramsey appointed Constable--225 qualified.
  (225) Elizabeth, wife of Anthony Gholston, relinquished dower in deed to Stephen Beck.
  (225) Admn. of estate of Jane Elliott granted to James Elliott.
  (225) Samuel McCune, Sr., appointed road surveyor. Gabriel Alexander appointed Constable.
  (226) William Jordan, Thomas Gifford and Charles Floyd exempted from levy.

MAY 18, 1780.

  (226) Wm. Fleming, vice David Greever, appointed Constable.
  (227) Thomas Frazier, orphan of John Frazier, to be bound to John Hunter.
  (227) Admn. of estate of James Ralston granted to widow Jane.
  (228) Elizabeth Sun, soldier's wife, allowed six bushels of corn, valued at 60.
  (229) Frances Dunbarr, soldier's wife, allowed ten bushels of corn, valued at 100.

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