Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MAY 21, 1779.

  (6) John Burnsides, no inhabitant.
  (13) Wm. Bowyer vs. Robt. Denniston.--Transferred to Rockingham.
  (24) Wm. Bowyer vs. John Eaken--Transferred to Rockingham.
  (26) Wm. Bowyer vs. John Steel.--Abates by death of defendant.
  (37) _____ vs. Godfrey Bumgardner.--Transferred to Rockingham.

MAY 22, 1779.

  (39) George Moffet, Alexr. St. Clair and James Tate are appointed to examine the money in Augusta County, agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed in October, 1778.

JUNE 15, 1779.

  (40) Constables appointed, viz: James Kirkpatrick in Capt. John Cunningham's Company; Manoah Singleton in Capt. Long's Company.
  (40) Road surveyor: John Patrick, vice Joseph Poindexter.

JULY 20, 1779.

  (41) Samuel Vance qualified Justice.
  (41) Michael Bowyer appointed Escheator.
  (41) John Cowden, by consent of his mother, Martha Cowden, his father having been many years absent from the State and it appearing to the Court that his education is much neglected, to be bound to John Griffin.

AUGUST 17, 1779.

  (42) James Kirkpatrick qualified Constable.
  (42) William Cyer to be bound to George Benson to be taught to read, write, cypher as far as the rule of three, and when free to be given two suits of clothes which would have been of the value of 32, 10, six years ago, and one set of cooper's tools.

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  (44) Zachary Norton exempted from County levy.
  (45) Arthur Connoly, vice Thomas Frame, appointed Constable.
  (46) Adam Murray exempted from County levy.
  (46) Adam Staunton exempted from County levy.

AUGUST 18, 1779.

  (52) Jacob Stalnaker and Ralph Stewart appointed Constables.
  (54a) Nicholas Harper appointed road overseer from Peter Flesher's to Conrad Woolry's Mill.

AUGUST 19, 1779.

  (54b) Sheriff to employ workmen to repair the old prison house, also to repair the underpinning in the Court House and windows, so that business may be done therein; also to rent out the old Court House in which Thomas Rhoades now lives to the highest bidder for one year.
  (66) Thomas Rennix's death abates suit.
  (66) William Fleming's death abates suit.

AUGUST 20, 1779.

  (93) Thomas Bradshaw's death abates suit.
  (124) Elizabeth Miller, wife of Daniel Miller, relinquished dower in lot in Staunton and woodland lot. Sold to George Spotts.

AUGUST 21, 1779.

  (125) Deputy Attorney to prosecute the several assessors appointed by the Commissioners of Augusta County who refuse to serve.
  (134) Joseph Bell and John McCreery appointed Coroners.

AUGUST 24, 1779.

  (135) Called Court on Henry Lawrence--larceny.--Guilty and sent to Williamsburg. William Murray, of Amherst County, a witness.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1779.

  (136) Philip Phogle, orphan of Anthony Phogle, to be bound to Samuel Runkle.
  (137) Admn. of estate of Catharine Friel granted to her son, Danl. Friel.
  (138) Wm. Gillespy, vice John Ramsey, Jr., appointed road overseer.

OCTOBER 19, 1779.

  (139) John Berry proved his services as a soldier in America in the war between Great Britain and France under Major General Jeffrey Amherst.-- Granted certificate for 50 acres agreeable to the King's Proclamation, 1763. John Askins, in First Virginia Regiment, commanded by C. W. Byrd, same.
  (139) William Bowyer and Joseph Bell appointed Tar Commissioners according to the Act passed May, 1779.

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NOVEMBER 9, 1779.

  (139) Called Court on Ann Corbett, charged with larceny from William Gilham--15 lashes.

NOVEMBER 16, 1779

  (143) Grand Jury presentments for retailing liquors without license, viz: Col. Sampson Mathews, Daniel Kidd, Wm. Thomas, David Griner, Patrick McDavid, George Smith, Valentine Cloninger, Thomas Colony, Edward Brookbank, Thomas Price, John Alexander, John Anderson, John Blair, William Burk, John Burk, James Hill, Robert Reed, Alex. Kilpatrick, Euphemia Hughes, Anthony Mustae, Jacob Grass, Elizabeth Hartgrove, Arthur Conoly, William Blair, John Hind, William Kyle, Abel Griffith, Enos Jones, Valentine Shirley, Peter Caphart, Andrew Scott, James Langsby, Robert Gregg, Thomas Poage, Jane Wallis, John McClenachan, John Black, Mary Tees, Thomas Smith, David Bell, Henry Swink, John Ramsey and William Foster.
  (144) James Bell, John Beard and Alexander Kirk made proof by Alexr. McClenachan of their services as soldiers in an Independent Corps an the expedition under Colonel Boquet in 1764.
  (144) George Moffet qualified Sheriff.
  (144) Mary, wife of Sampson Mathews, and Ann, wife of George Mathews, relinquished dower in land sold to James Hill.

NOVEMBER 17, 1779.

  (146) John Elliot appointed road overseer from Buffalo Gap to the end of the Brown Hill next to his house.
  (146) Mary Thompson, soldier's wife, with small children, allowed 30.
  (147) Mary Waugh, same, 60. Mary Linden, same, 45.
  (147) Joseph Ray proves that he entered into the Virginia Regiment as a Cadet, and as such marched up to Fort Ligonier, where he was appointed by General Stanwix as Superintendent of a Company of Artificers, received Captain's pay and rations, and continued in the same station during the campaign in the year 1759, until the army retired into winter quarters, and has never received any allowance of land for said service.
  (147) Walter Cunningham, who served as a Lieutenant in the First Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel Wm. Byrd, heretofore obtained a warrant for 2,000 acres, agreeable to Proclamation of 1763, now makes further proof of having served as a Captain of Independents in the expedition commanded by Colonel Boquet against the indians in 1764, and is now allowed 1,000 acres additional.
  (148) John Moffet qualifies executor of Rebecca Carruthers.
  (148) Robert Fearis proves service in a ranging company under command of Capt Peter Hog; that he was enlisted in the company on their march to Bedford County, and continued therein until it was discharged, which was within three months of the time of his enlistment.
  (149) On motion of Richard Madison, Clerk of the Court, four large books ordered for the use of the County.

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