Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



MARCH 17, 1779.

  (410) Joshua Humphreys and John Wilson qualified Justices.
  (410) Anthony Sedusky appointed road surveyor in Tyger's Valley. Daniel McLain appointed road surveyor in Tyger's Valley.
  (413) Thomas Watterson's death abates suit.
  (416) John Nickle exempted from County levy.

MARCH 18, 1779.

  (433) Samuel Pritchard's death abates suit.
  (437) David Griver, vice Jacob Peck, appointed Constable.
  (439) Michael Bowyer qualified Attorney.

MARCH 19, 1779.

  (439) Ordinary rates.

APRIL 20, 1779.

  (441) Richard Madison, Clerk of this Court, being in the service of the State as Lieutenant of Militia, Peter Hog appointed Clerk pro tem.
  (441) Executors of Francis Weir (Daniel Westfall and Benjamin Wilson) petition that appraisers be appointed for Francis's estate, as the times in that part of the country are so troublesome from the incursions of the Indians and the stock of the testator are exposed.
  (442) John White qualified Lieutenant.

MAY 18, 1779

  (444) Joseph Patterson recommended Captain, vice Captain William Anderson; John Campbell as Lieutenant, and David Gibson as Ensign.
  (445) Randall Slack and Sarah, his wife, failing to appear as witnesses to the will of Casper Ekert, are fined unless they appear, &c.
  (447) Joseph Patterson qualified Captain; also John Campbell as Lieutenant, and David Gibson as Ensign.
  (447) David Griner qualified Constable.
  (448) Patrick Savage to be summoned to show cause why his children should not be bound out, it appearing that he is not capable of bringing them up in a Christianlike manner.
  (449) Thomas Rankin recommended Captain, vice Robert Kenny; Gasper Clemmons as First Lieutenant, George Anderson as Second Lieutenant, and James Rankin as Ensign.
  (450) Commission granted to take deposition of Sarah, wife of John Caldwell. Deed to Jacob Gabbert.
  (450) Thomas Rankin qualified Captain.
  (451) Michael Simms indicted for rescuing his horse, impressed in country's service. Stuffe How, for opposing and resisting an officer empowered to press a horse for said service, by Geo. Nicholas, Jacob and Martin Coyle.
  (452) Rebecca, widow of Andrew Lewell, qualifies executrix.
  (453) James Hughes, witness--18 miles.

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  (454) Ann Wells, wife of Thomas Wells, soldier in the service of the Republic.
  (456) John Middleton, child of Elizabeth Bradshaw, to be bound to George McNutt.
  (456) Robert Thompson recommended as Ensign.

MAY 19, 1779.

  (451) William Watson's death abates suit.
  (458) Joseph Peace's death abates suit.
  (463) Admn. of estate of John McClintock, deceased, is granted to Wm. McClintock, whose security is William McClintock, Sr.
  (464) Elenore Cockrain, widow of Samuel Cockrain, who died in Continental Service, allowed 40. Elenore Forehand, widow of Darby Forehand, allowed 20.
  (465) Charles Hyde, aged 15, orphan of John Hyde, to be bound to John McDonough.
  (466) Commission granted to take priv. examination of Mary, wife of Martin Sherman, who resides in Albemarle. Deed to Wm. Richards.
  (467) Robert Thompson qualified Ensign.
  (471) Alexr. Robertson qualified Vestryman.
  (474) Abraham Kerkendoll's death abates suit.
  (475) Brian Breeding's death abates suit.

MAY 20, 1779.

  (479) Benjamin Hawkins's death abates suit.
  (483) William Mann's death abates suit.
  (484) Joseph Hinkle's death abates suit.
  (489) John Hawkin's death abates suit.
  (506) William Head, returned no inhabitant.
  (510) Alexander McCoy, returned no inhabitant.
  (547) William Hays, returned no inhabitant.
  (568) John Cowley's death abates suit.
  (577) John Hutchinson and John Henderson, returned no inhabitants.
  (577) John Frogg's death abates suit.
  (585) James Ewing, returned no inhabitant.
  (591) Archer Mathews, returned no inhabitant.
  (594) Mary Wilson's marriage abates suit.
  (613) Jacob Hart, no inhabitant.
  (613) John Stevenson's death abates suit.
  (614) George Peoples, returned "Lives in Rockbridge."
  (623) On petition of Patrick McDavid, Commissioners to lay off dower to Martha Cowden, widow of Samuel Wilson, deceased, in half the lot in Staunton and the outlet belonging.
  (624) Hugh Campbell, orphan of Robert Campbell, chose Elijah McClenachan his guardian.

MARCH 21, 1779.

  (625) Persons to take tithables in the following Captains Companies.

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James Tate, in Tate and Long's Companies; Elijah McClenachan, in Buchanan's and Simpson's; George Moffett, in Trimble's and Henderson's; John Davidson, in Rankin's and Givens's; Alexr. Robertson, in Johnston's and Thompson's; James Trotter, Jr, in McCutchon's and Cunningham's.
  (626) Joseph Bell, in Patterson's and Bell's; Joshua Humphreys, in Smith's; Thomas Huggart, in Capt. Kinkead's, Hicklin's and McCreary's; John Wilson, in McCoys and Vance's; Benj. Wilson, in Tyger's Valley; Andrew Davidson. on West Fork and Buchanan's.
  (630) William Hutchinson, returned no inhabitant.

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