Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (338) Robert Poage qualified assistant surveyor to John Poage.

AUGUST 18, 1778.

  (340) Commission for priv. examination of Cecilia, wife of Archibald Smithers, as to land conveyed to Alexr. Hamilton.
  (342) Margaret, widow of John Logan, qualified admx.
  (342) George Jackson qualified Constable.
  (344) John Kelly, an orphan, to be bound.
  (346) Viewers to locate a road between North Mountain and North River, beginning at John Percey's, thence the nearest way leading from Brock's Gap to Staunton.
  (346) Thomas Frame qualified Constable.
  (346) James Phillips, an aged and infirm witness.
  (347) Court is informed that Mathew Reed has been dead about two years and no person has qualified administrator, his brother and heir having refused. Sheriff ordered to take charge until further order.
  (347) Valentine Shirly and Jacob Barrier, vice James Kennerly, appointed road surveyor.
  (348) Margaret, wife of Samuel McPheeters, to be privily examined. Deed to John McDougall.

AUGUST 19, 1778.

  (349) William McClenachan qualified ensign in Capt. Patrick Buchanan's Company. James Thomas qualified Ensign in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company.
  (349) George Taylor, a child of Thomas Taylor's, to be bound out to John Findley, the father not being able to bring him up in a Christianlike manner.
  (350) Joseph Long as Second Lieutenant, and Robert Christian as Ensign--recommended in Capt. Francis Long's Company.
  (350) Witnesses to be summoned to prove the will of Gasper Eaker.
  (350) James Trimble recommended as Captain of the Company formerly commanded by Col. George Moffet. John Garner as Second Lieutenant, and James Hogshead, Jr., as Ensign in the same Company.
  (351) Joseph Ray, Deputy Sheriff under John Christian, having collected taxes from several supernumeraries since expiration of his term, John is to be summoned to account with the County. Archibald Alexander, late Sheriff, same.
  (351) Abraham Taylor, child of Thomas Taylor, to be bound to Owen Owens.--See page 349.supra.
  (351) Susannah Leeper, wife of John Leeper, relinquishes dower in land sold to Anthony Ailor.
  (352) William Bowyer recommended Lieutenant Colonel of the First Battalion of the Militia. Alexander Robertson recommended Major of the First Battalion of the Militia.
  (353) Thomas Adams recommended Colonel of Second Battalion; John Dickinson as Lieutenant of same, and Andrew Lockridge as Major of same.

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  (363) William Kinkead as Captain, vice Andrew Lockridge; James Bratton as First Lieutenant; John Vachob as Second Lieutenant, and Andrew Hamilton, Jr., as Ensign--recommended.
  (53) Robert Keny as Captain, vice Major Alexr. Robertson; John McCune as First Lieutenant, Alexander Robertson as Second Lieutenant. Gasper Clemmonds as Ensign--recommended.
  (353) Following recommended on Commission of Peace: David Henderson, James Trimble, James Trotter, Jr., Benj. Wilson, Jonas Friend, John Davidson, Smith Tandy, Wm. Lowther and Andrew Davidson. John Christian to be left out as he refuses to serve longer.
  (353) Michael Carpenter recommended as First Lieutenant, Henry Fleisher recommended as Second Lieutenant, and Thomas Metter as Ensign.
  (354) All in Capt. William Lowther's Company.
  (354) William Lowther qualified Captain.
  (354) David Frame appointed road surveyor from his house to William Black's, also from Widow Lewis's to Col. Mathews' plantation in Calf Pasture. John Peebles appointed road surveyor from his house to John Redman's, with tithables from James Montgomery's to Lofty Pullin's. Joseph Gwinn from John Redman's to top of the Calf Pasture Mountain. William Lockridge from top of the Calf Pasture Mountain to the road leading from Staunton to Warm Springs.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1778.

  (355) It appears to the Court that Nicholas Ellzee and Mary, his daughter, recognized to appear before General Court in the prosecution against Andrew Wilson, as too poor and in too bad health to travel to Williamsburg.--sheriff ordered to convey them and bear expense out of the County levy.
  (356) James Gay appointed road surveyor from Jenning's Gap to John Hodge's house. Adam Bratton appointed road surveyor from the place above Andrew Hamilton's where William Matear leaves off to Col. Mathews's storehouse. Charles Donnelly appointed road surveyor from Col. Mathews's store to Leonard Bell's former bounds. Andrew Anderson appointed road surveyor from the Middle River to William Poage's, with tithables from William Wallace's down.
  (357) Thomas Smith appointed road surveyor from Thomas Poage's to Staunton, with George Craig's tithables.
  (357) William Kinkead and James Trimble qualified Captains. Robert Christian, Jr., and Andrew Hamilton, Jr., qualified Ensigns. Andrew Lockridge qualified Major.
  (358) John Kelly, orphan of Joseph Kelly, to be bound to William Mann, to learn trade of a weaver.
  (358) James Allen, Jr, appointed road surveyor from Middle River to John McMahon's.
  (358) Catherine Kelly, orphan of James Kelly, to be bound to Dennis Callahan.
  (359) James Bratton qualified First Lieutenant.

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OCTOBER 20, 1778.

  (361) New Commission of the Peace, viz: Thomas Adams, John Christian, George Moffet,* Alexr. McClenachan, Michael Bowyer, Thos. Hugart, John Lewis, John Kinkead,* Wm. McPheeters, John McCreary,* Joseph Bell, Samuel Vance, David Henderson,* James Trotter, Jr.,* Jonas Friend, Smith Tandy, John Dickenson, John Poage, Sampson Mathews,* William Bowyer, Alexr. Robertson,* Elijah McClenachan, Alexr. St. Clair, James Tate,* James Steele,* Joseph Humphreys, Pat. Hanger, John Wilson, James Tremble, Benj. Wilson, John Davidson, Wm. Lowther, Andrew Davidson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
  (362) Samuel Black qualified Second Lieutenant in Capt. Robert McCreary's Company, and James Steel as Ensign in Capt Robert Thompson's Company. Charles Baskins qualified as First Lieutenant, James Gibson as Second Lieutenant and James Graham as Ensign. James Frazier qualified Second Lieutenant in Capt. Robert Thompson's Company.

OCTOBER 21, 1778.

  (363) Samuel Vance qualified Justice.
  (363) Samuel Neal, orphan of James Neal, to be bound to Lanty Graham; James Neal to Robert Gwinn.
  (364) Alexr. Robertson qualified Major of First Battalion; Robert Kenny qualified Captain.
  (365) James Young recommended as Second Lieutenant in Capt. John Young's Company. Richard Mathews recommended as Ensign, vice James Hogshead, who refuses to serve in Capt. James Tremble's Company. John McCune qualified First Lieutenant.

OCTOBER 22, 1778

  (366) David Wilson recommended as Ensign in Capt. James Tate's Company, vice Alexr. Brownlee Jr., who refused to serve. George Anderson recommended an Ensign, vice Carper Clemmons, who refused to serve, in Capt. Robert Kenny's Company.
  (367) William Buchanan recommended as Ensign in Capt. Samuel McCutchon's Company. Nicholas Seyvert recommended as First Lieutenant in Capt. John McCoy's Company, vice Nicholas Harper; and Henry Fleisher as a Second Lieutenant.

NOVEMBER 17, 1778.

  (368) Joseph Bell, Elijah McClenachan and Jonas Friend qualified Justices.
  (369) John Madison. Clerk of the Court, resigned on account of age and infirmities, and Richard Madison was unanimously chosen in his place.
  (370) Mary Thompson, a soldier's wife, with small children. allowed 15. Mary Waugh, a soldier's wife, with small children, allowed 25.
  (370) Admn. of estate of Jacob Springstone granted his widow ____.
  (372) Admn. of estate of Joel Westfall granted to William and Jacob Westfall.

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  (373) Aaron Richeson to be summoned to produce the will of his brother, Ephraim Richeson.
  (373) Edward McGaughlin exempted from levy.
  (373) Elenore, wife of Robert Thompson, relinquished dower in deed to John Carruthers.
  (373) Sarah Windon, widow (wife of James Windon, who is in the Continental Service), allowed 15.
  (374) Samuel Gardner, orphan of Thomas Gardner, chose John Poage his guardian.
  (376) John O'Dare bound to peace on complaint of his wife, Mary O'Dare.
  (378) John Bing appointed road surveyor. Walter Davis appointed road surveyor.

NOVEMBER 18, 1778.

  (379) Alexander Simpson recommended Captain, vice Capt. John Young, who hereby resigns.
  (379) Admn. of estate of Israel Christian is granted to John Christian.
  (380) Alexr. McClenachan, Smith Tandy and John Davidson qualified Justices. Alexr. Simpson qualified Captain.
  (381) Alexr. and Elijah McClenachan and Alexr. St. Clair to inspect the old Court House and report in what condition it is and whether it was left in tenantable repair.
  (381) Moses Henshaw ordered confined as a deserter until he can he delivered to some Continental officer.
  (382) Martha Warner, orphan of Edward Warner, to be bound, preference being given to James Patterson.

NOVEMBER 23, 1778.

  (382) Called Court on Samuel Malcom, for larceny from the house of Loves Usher.--Guilty and 30 lashes.

DECEMBER 4, 1778.

  (383) Called Court on James Smith, for stealing leather from the tanyard of Herman Lovingood.--Guilty and sent to Williamsburg.

DECEMBER 15, 1778.

  (385) Thomas Hughart and James Trimble qualified Justices.
  (386) Admn. of estate of Lanty Elliot granted to his mother, Jane Elliot.
  (387) County levy: 2,000 tithables at 2 shillings.
  (388) Church Wardens to bind Agnes McGray to James Sawyer, who agrees to give her when free one cow and one good calf and such a suit of clothes as 3, 10 would have bought when she was first bound by consent of her mother in 1773.

JANUARY 6, 1779.

  (388) Called Court on Chrismass Meecans, of Cumberland County, Va.--larceny. (Richard Madison, Clerk, being absent on his lawful business, Peter Hog appointed Clerk pro tem.).--Guilty and sent to Williamsburg.

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JANUARY 19, 1779.

  (391) Richard Madison, being absent, as page 388, Court appoints James Thomas Clerk pro tem.
  (391) William Bowyer, Alexr St. Clair and Benjamin Wilson qualified Justices.
  (393) Michael Bowyer qualified Justice.
  (393) Wm. Cleaver, Daniel Westfall, Francis Wire and John Warrick--to locate a road from Jonas Friend's to Darby Connolly's (deceased) plantation, in Tyger's Valley.

JANUARY 20, 1779.

  (394) James Lachey appointed road surveyor of the road located by John Warrick and Ralph Stewart, from plantation of Darby Connolly, deceased, to Lewis's quarter on Nap's Creek.

JANUARY 22, 1779.

  (395) Called Court on Rosannah Ramsey, for horse stealing.--Not guilty.

FEBRUARY 16, 1779.

  (396) Elenore Askins, mother of a child bound to Walter Cunningham, complains of Walter for not using her child well.--Summoned. Witnesses: Rosana Steel, David Steel, and Mary, his wife, Hanna and Mary Lessley.
  (397) William Bowyer qualified Lieutenant Colonel. David Gwinn qualified Lieutenant.

MARCH 16, 1778.

  (400) Garrat Wheeler exempted from levy.
  (400) Commission for examination of Jane, wife of Robert Buchanan. Deed to Philip Sciler.
  (402) Elizabeth, wife of James Thorpe, soldier in the Continental Army, with small children, allowed 25.
  (402) Joseph Crouch recommended as Captain, Alexr. Maxwell as Lieutenant, and Patrick Hamilton as Ensign.
  (403) John Lewis, Wm. Lowther and Andrew Davidson qualified Justices.
  (404) William Robertson, Captain, and Nicholas Sybert, as First Lieutenant--qualified.
  (406) Commission for priv. examination of Mille, wife of Charles Cummins, as to deed to Robert Cummins.
  (406) Joseph Crouch as Captain, Jacob Warwick and Alexr. Maxwell as First Lieutenants--qualified.
  (407) Elizabeth Wilson, soldier's wife, with small children, allowed 20.
  (407) Admn. of estate of William Wallace granted widow Jane.
  (408) Court appoints John Graham guardian of Joseph Graham, orphan of David Graham.
  (409) John Gum appointed road surveyor from Peter Hob's Mill to the road over the mountain to Burdy House.

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