Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



NOVEMBER 18, 1777.

  (243) Ann Hynes, wife of Thomas Hynes, a soldier in the Continental Service, allowed 15 for herself and two small children.
  (243) Complaint of Nat, Indian boy, against Mary Greenlee, continued in order to allow Mary's son to take depositions in Carolina.
  (243) Mathew Wilson qualified Captain.
  (244) John Boyd qualified Lieutenant.
  (244) Francis Allen complains of his master, John Paul, for bad usage.
  (244) Barbara, widow of David Bosang, qualifies admx. c. t. a.
  (245) Admn. of estate of Robert Shaw granted to James Hill, greatest creditor.
  (245) Old Court House to be rented to the highest bidder.

DECEMBER 1, 1777.

  (246) Called Court on John Pence, for stealing Robert Hook's steer.--Evidence not sufficient to take his life, and sent on to next Grand Jury.

DECEMBER 9, 1777.

  (249) Called Court on James Brown and Josiah Blankenship, for breaking house of Woolrick Waggoner and larceny--Guilty and sent to Williamsburg for trial.
  (250) Called Court on Richard Harris, for housebreaking and larceny--Not guilty.

DECEMBER 16, 1777.

  (252) County levy: To Thomas Rhoades, jailor.
  (253) Elizabeth Forris agrees to serve her master, Owen Owens, for one year for purchasing her from her former master.
  (253) William Purris exempted from County levy.
  (253) Alexr. Scott as Secund Lieutenant, Wm. McClenachan as Ensign in Capt. Patrick Buchanan's Company--recommended.
  (253) Robert Kenny as Second Lieutenant, and Alexr. Robertson as Ensign, in Capt. Alexr. Robertson's Company--recommended.
  (253) Walter Cowden to be bound to John McDonough according to an agreement made with Walter's mother.
  (254) Admn. of estate of John Counts is granted to his widow, Elizabeth Counts.
  (254) John Hix, servant of Joshua Humphreys, gives up his freedom dues in consideration of being set free.
  (255) Samuel Thomas, committed as a deserter, was examined and recommitted to jail, and the jailor ordered to advertise him.
  (255) Mary Warr, wife of James Warr, and their four children, allowed 25. James enlisted for three years.
  (255) Mary Linden, wife of James Linden, and their two children, allowed 15. James enlisted for three years.
  (256) Ann Hynes, wife of Thomas Hynes (enlisted for three years), and two children, allowed 15.

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FEBRUARY 17, 1778.

  (257) John Givens qualified Captain.
  (258) Joseph Blair recommended as Ensign in Capt. John Cunningham's Company.
  (260) Admn. of estate of John Hays granted to his widow, Elizabeth.
  (261) Ordered to be certified to the Governor that the following Justices are recommended for appointments as Justices will fall in the new Counties, viz: In Rockingham--Silas Hart, Daniel Smith, Felix Gilbert, Abraham Smith, John Gratton, Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, George Boswell, Thomas Hewett, John Thomas, William Nall, Robert Davis, James Dyer, Henry Ewing, William McDowell, Anthony Rider, John Fitzwater, and Isaac Hinckle. In Rockbridge--Archibald Alexander, Samuel McDowell, John Hays, Charles Campbell, and Samuel Lyle. In Augusta--John Dickenson, John Christian, John Poage, George Moffet, Sampson Mathews, Alexr. McClenachan, William Bowyer, George Mathews, Michael Bowyer, Alexr. Robertson, Thomas Huggart, Elijah McClenachan, John Lewis, Alexr. St. Clair, John Kinkead, James Tate, William McPheeters, James Steel, John McCreery, Joshua Humphreys, Joseph Bell, Peter Hanger, James Craig--the two last to be left out for refusing to take the oath of allegiance.
  (263) Samuel Vance and John Wilson, of Jackson's River, recommended to appd. on Commission of the Peace.
  (263) Sarah McCraw, wife of Charles McCraw, a soldier in public Service. and one small child, allowed 20.
  (264) Sampson Mathews recommended as County Lieutenant.
  (264) George Moffett recommended as Major.

MARCH 17, 1778.

  (264) Christian Fudge, wife of John Fudge, relinquished dower in deed to Jeremiah Beesley.
  (267) Robert Campbell qualified Lieutenant.
  (268) John Poage qualified Sheriff.
  (269) Admn. of estate of William Anderson granted to Margaret, his widow.
  (270) Admn. of estate of John Stuart granted to William Hamilton.
  (271) Admn. of estate of James O'Neal granted to Robert Gum.
  (271) John Fowler, runaway servant of John Cowarden.
  (272) Benj. Wilson, Samuel Vance and Thomas Hicklin qualified Captains.
  (272) Will of William Teas partly proven.
  (273) Mary McKnight, Mary O'Bryan and Mary Raddon, soldiers' wives with small children, allowed each 10.
  (275) Admn. of estate of Darby Connerly granted Benjamin Wilson.
  (275) George Moffet, William Bowyer, Alexander St. Clair--appointed Commissioners for the Tax. Ordinary rates.

MARCH 18, 1778.

  (277) John Cowarden, executor of Peter Burns, to be summoned to settle accounts.

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  (277) Joseph Skidmore's will partly proved.
  (278) George Moffet qualified Major.
  (278) John Poage qualified Surveyor.
  (278) Admn. of estate of James Bowyer granted Wm. Bowyer.
  (279) Jacob Peck qualified Constable.

APRIL 14, 1778

  (280) Called Court on Andrew Wilson for murdering his wife Jane.--Guilty, and sent to Williamsburg for trial. Nicholas and Mary Elsey witnesses.

APRIL 20, 1778.

  (281) New Commission of the Peace, viz: Thomas Adams, John Poage, Sampson Mathews, Wm. Bowyer,* Michael Bowyer, Thos. Huggart, John Lewis, John Kinkead, Wm. McPheeters, John McCreerey, Joseph Bell,* Samuel Vance, John Dickenson, George Moffet,* Alexr. McClenachan,* George Mathews, Alexr. Robertson,* Elijah McClanachan,* Alexr. St. Clair, James Tate,* James Steele, Joshua Humphreys,* Peter Hanger, John Wilson.* (Those checked (*) qualified.)
  (283) Will of Morris O'Friel partly proved.
  (284) Barbara Gross, late Barbara Bosand, disclaimed the provisions of the will of her husband, David Bosand, and claimed her dower.
  (285) Dower to be laid off to Ann Storey, widow of Thomas Storey.
  (285) Joseph Gum, Lieutenant, and Abraham Hempenstall, Ensign, qualified.
  (286) Elenor Cochran and Elizabeth Wilson, soldiers' wives and having young children, allowed 15 each.

MARCH 19, 1778.

  (286) Sampson Mathews, Samuel Vance, James McCreery, James Steel-- qualified Justices.
  (287) Sampson Mathews qualified Lieutenant Colonel of the County.
  (289) Admn. of estate of John Watkins granted Stephen Loy.
  (290) Will of John Logan partly proved.
  (291) John Masey's children to be bound out.
  (291) Susannah Taler and Elenor Eskins, soldiers' wives with young children, allowed, to first, 25, and to second, 5.
  (291) Robert and James Wilson, children of Andrew Wilson, to be bound out.
  (291) Jonathan Smith, George Westfall and George Jackson--appointed Constables.
  (292) William Beard, vice William Thompson--Constable. John Clemmons, vice William Allison--Constable.
  (294) John Lambert to be sworn to show cause why he does not provide for his children.
  (294) Several defendants petition that the only two attending attorneys at this time are employed by the plaintiff--ordered that Capt. Peter Hog, one of the two attorneys, appear for the defendant.

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  (294) David Henderson, vice Samuel Love, appointed road surveyor from Richard Payne's to the Tinkling Spring.
  (295) John Hawkins, runaway servant of James Patterson.
  (299) Inhabitants on the West Fork of Monongahela and the River Buchanan, and in Tyger's Valley, petition that there is no Justice attending in that district to tender the oath of allegiance--petitioners are ready to take the oath which is ordered to be certified to the Assembly, being out of the jurisdiction of the Court.
  (300) George Moffet, James Tate, Alexr. St. Clair, David Henderson, James Steele, Wm. Bowyer, Patrick Buchanan, Joshua ____, John McKenny-- qualified Vestrymen.
  (300) Colonel Alexander Thompson, Colonel of the County, being called on to act, refused, and George Moffet is recommended in his place.
  (300) William Bowyer recommended Major, Richard Madison as Second Lieutenant, and James Thomas as Ensign; James Mitchell as Second Lieutenant, and Alexander Brownlee as Ensign.
  (300) David Henderson, James Tremble, James Trotter, Jr., Thomas Rankin, Benjamin Wilson and Jonas Friend--recommended on Commission of the Peace.

MAY 20, 1778.

  (302) Petition of Nat, a mullato or Indian boy, against Mary Greenlee for freedom. The facts appear, viz: Sherwood Harris, of Granville County, No. Co., conveyed by bill of sale for 10 the boy to someone, and by several assignments he was made over to James Greenlee, deceased, late husband of Mary.--Decided Nat is a free man and not a slave. John Stewart, of Walker's Creek, makes oath he is not the defendant, and suit is dismissed.
  (303) Robert Estrop bound to peace on complaint of Judy Price.
  (305) Elizabeth Vernon to be summoned for not providing for her children.
  (305) Jacob Aberman, witness from Rockingham.

MAY 21, 1778.

  (306) George Benson's death abates suit.
  (307) Robert Hartgrove's death abates suit.
  (308) George Wilson's death abates suit.
  (308) William Crow, no inhabitant.
  (308) Patrick Coutts's death abates suit.
  (308) John McClenachan's death abates suit.
  (309) Jones Clerk's death abates suit.
  (310) Sarah McDowell, infant, by next friend, Samuel McDowell, vs. James Stewart.--Abates by death of plaintiff.
  (310) Thomas Hog's death abates suit.
  (310) John Kennerley's death abates suit.
  (311) William Wilson's death abates suit.
  (311) John Gabriel Jones's death abates suit.
  (312) James Bratton's death abates suit.
  (313) Peter Neil, returned no inhabitant.

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  (312) John Jones's death abates suit.
  (313) Nancy Fling's death abates suit.
  (313) James Bowyer's death abates suit.
  (314) George Taylor, returned lives in Amherst.
  (314) Mathew Reed's death abates suit.
  (315) John Counts's death abates suit.
  (316) Andrew Hurling's death abates suit.
  (325) John McCutchen's death abates wit.
  (326) David Roberts's death abates suit.
  (326) William Gilmore, returned no inhabitant.
  (327) Robert Scott, returned no inhabitant.
  (328) Joseph Skidmore's death abates suit.
  (329) Thomas Dooley, Charles Campbell, Timothy Warren and Jacob Custard--defendants.--Suits against them to be transferred to Rockingham.
  (329) Moses Thomson's death abates suit.
  (329) Jacob Aberman, Jacob Linderbach.--Suits against them to be transferred to Rockingham.
  (330) Elliot Rutherford, Peter Runkle, John Christler, William and Mary Elliott, Adam Wise.--Suits transferred to Rockingham.
  (331) John Davidson, vice Thomas Rankin (recommended yesterday, as John lives more convenient to the people) Smith Tandy and Wm. Lowther recommended as Justices.
  (332) County levy continued.
  (332) Conveyance of Andrew Wilson, a madman, to jail.
  (333) Jacob Warwick as First Lieutenant, David Gwinn as Second Lieutenant, Jonathan Humphreys as Ensign--recommended for appointment in Capt. Samuel Vance's Company.

JUNE 16, 1778.

  (334) George Moffet qualified Colonel of the County, and William Bowyer, Major. John McMahon qualified Second Lieutenant in Capt. Wm. Anderson's Company.
  (334) Jane Tees, orphan of William Tees, chose David Henderson her guardian.
  (335) Richard Madison qualified Second Lieutenant.
  (336) John Patrick appointed road surveyor. Thomas Frame, vice John Erwin, appointed Constable.
  (337) John Wilson to take tithables in Tyger's Valley, Buchon and the West Fork of Monongahela.
  (337) Samuel Vance in Captains Vance's and Lockridge's Companies. John McCreary, on South Branch of Potomac, in Captains McCreary's, Hicklin's and McCoy's Companies. Col. Moffet, in Captains Henderson's and Young's Companies. Capt. Alexr. Robertson, in his own, Capt. Givens's, and Capt. Wm. Anderson's Companies. Joseph Bell, in Captain's David Bell's and Johnson's Companies. James Steel in Captains Long's and Thomson's Companies. James Tate in his own and Capt McCutchon's Company. Elijah McClenachan in Capt. Buchanan's and Capt. Cunningham's Company, Wm. Bowyer in Capt. John Young's Company, N. M. (?) Alexr. St. Clair in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company.

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