Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



JANUARY 20, 1777.

  (142) Called Court on John Smith, larceny.--Guilty and sent to General Court.
  (144) Same on Margaret Masters--larceny.
  (There is nothing but the title; then follow the records of a regular term.)
  (144) Francis Davis, orphan, to be hound to Rob. Wilson.
  (145) Sampson Mathews and Samuel McDowell qualified Justices.
  (145) Administration of estate of John Douglas granted to Charles Campbell. Mary Murphy, next friend to deceased, appeared and relinquished her right.
  (147) Admn. of estate of Roger North committed to his widow, Catherine North.

FEBRUARY 14, 1777.

  (148) Called Court on Mary Smith--larceny--Guilty.

MARCH 5, 1777.

  (149) Court called to consider advisability of inoculation--allowed to any person or physician, but not to be done farther than three miles from any place where the smallpox makes its appearance. Everybody forbidden to have intercourse with persons having smallpox, and vice versa, and Sheriff ordered to give public notice.

MARCH 18, 1777.

  (150) John Lewis qualified Justice.
  (152) Administration of estate of Samuel Black, deceased, granted to Rebecca Black and James Henderson. Same of Thomas Wilson granted to Martha, his widow.
  (156) Admn. c. t. a. of estate of David Williamson granted to widow Peneripy.
  (156) James Alderman, aged three years, son of Richard Alderman, to be bound out.
  (156) Admn. of estate of Peter Buzzard granted to Nicholas Michael.
  (157) James Lowrey, orphan of John Lowrey, chose Robert Lowrey guardian.
  (157) John Herdman, Sr. and Jr., to appraise estate of Wm. Church, decd.
  (158) John, William, James and Mary, children of James Brown, to be bound out.
  (160) Thomas Huett--special bail.
  (160) William Reah and John Campbell appointed guardians to William, Hugh and John Reah, orphans of Archibald Reah, Jr., deceased.
  (161) Charles Williamson, orphan of Roger Williamson, to be bound to Richard Williamson.
  (161) Felix Gilbert qualified Justice, &c.
  (162) William Teas refused to qualify justice.
  (162) Admn. of estate of Joseph Blair, decd., granted to Elinore, the widow, and James Blair.

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  (163) Account of estate of Jacob Cammerlon recorded.
  (163) Liberty to inoculate against smallpox granted the citizens of Staunton and three miles around.
  (165) These recommended for Justices, viz: George Boswell, John Thomas, Wm. McPheeters, James Steel, James Dyer, Thomas Huett, Wm. Nalle, Samuel Lyle, Robert Davis, John McCreary and Henry Ewing.
  (165) John Kinkead, gent., qualified Justice.
  (166) Called Court on Hester Brown, wife of James Brown--Guilty and ten lashes.

MARCH 19, 1777.

  (170) Ordinary rates.
  (171) Catherine Gratton, daughter of John Gratton.
  (174) Every Captain required to appoint a Constable in his Company.
  (174) Commission for priv. examination of Phiany, wife of Michael Bowyer.
  (175) Michael Bowyer qualified justice, &c.

APRIL 1, 1777.

  (176) Called Court on William Jones--larceny.--Guilty and sent to General Court.

APRIL 8, 1777.

  (177) Called Court on John Carr.--Acquitted.

APRIL 16, 1777

  (178) William Reese--Called Court--guilty--larceny.

MAY 20, 1777.

  (179) Admn. of estate of Thomas Brown granted to William Brown.
  (184) William McBride and Mary Burke to be bound to Thomas Huit.
  (184) Commission to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, for privy examination of Janet, wife of William Hays--deed to James Mitchell.
  (186) Admn. of estate of John Needham granted to George Henton.
  (186) Commission for priv. examination of Sarah, wife of James Patten.
  (186) Siner Needham, orphan of John Needham, chose George Hinton guardian.
  (186) Mary Price, orphan of Calem Price, to be bound out.
  (188) John Wilmoth, likely to become a charge on the Parish, to be bound out. Barbara Mallow, to be bound to Jacob Havener. Michael Mallow, to be bound to John Bright. John Newby, to be bound to James Magill.
  (190) Jacob Keslinger, orphan of Christian Keslinger, to be bound to Philip Lingle.
  (190) Mathew Wilson, recomd. Captain; John Boyd, recomd. Lieutenant; Samuel Weir, recomd. Ensign; Michael Coger, recomd. Captain, vice Capt. William Nalle, resigned; Samuel Vance, recomd. Captain; Jacob Warwick, recomd. Lieutenant; John Boyd, recomd. Ensign.

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  (191) John Cunningham, recomd. Captain; Robert Clark, recomd. Lieutenant; John Wilson, recomd. Ensign, Capt. James Ewing having resigned.

MAY 21, 1777.

  (191) Josiah Davidson qualified Justice, &c.
  (191) Sarah, wife of Abraham Smith--commission for priv. examination. Deed to Smith Tandy.
  (192) James Ramsey qualified Constable.
  (192) Viewers to report on a road from William Robertson's saw mill to William Teas's.
  (193) Alexr. Gibson, Sr., road surveyor, vice James Ramsey.
  (193) Jacob Fridley, orphan of Ludowick Fridley, to be bound to John Argenbright, to teach him to read, write and understand figures as far as the rule of three, to pay him 10 in lieu of a suit of clothes and freedom dues, to teach or cause him to be taught trade of blacksmith.
  (194) William Robson, runaway servant of Jacob Peck.
  (196) Andrew, Margaret and Robert Russell--witnesses.
  (196) Christopher Graham qualified Lieutenant.
  (196) Elizabeth McMahon, orphan of Abraham McMahon, to be bound to Joseph Bell, to give her a cow and calf, a spinning wheel, cloth to make a bed and two sheets over and above her freedom dues.

JULY 14, 1777.

  (198) Called Court on Wm. Hartley (Heathley)--larceny of three silver dollars, six pistoles, &c.--Guilty and sent to Williamsburg for trial.

AUGUST 19, 1777.

  (201) Judith, wife of George Boswell--commission for her priv. examination. Deed to John Carthrae.
  (201) William Ellis, aged three years, to be bound to Wm. Wright.
  (201) Indenture from the Sachems of the Six Nations of Indians to George Croughan, formerly partly proved in the Court of West Augusta, now proved by Thomas Walker, Jr., and recorded.
  (203) Abraham Hintle, Thomas Miller and John Bennet--to view the road from Hampshire to the mouth of Dry Run, on the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac.
  (204) George Bucher, aged 15 on the 29th of last January, to be bound to Henry Shuck, to learn trade of a blacksmith, reading, writing and arithmetic to rule of three and to give him 7 as freedom dues.
  (204) Edward Callahan, runaway servant of Benjamin Brown.
  (205) William Trotter, orphan of John Trotter, to be bound.
  (206) Mary Black, widow of John Black, deceased, qualifies admx.
  (206) Following took the oath of allegiance, viz: Daniel Smith, William Bowyer, Elijah McClenachan, James Tate, Sampson Mathews, Thomas Hugart, Charles Campbell, John McCleerey, Alexr. Robertson--Justices.

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  (206) Nat, an Indian bound boy in the custody of Mary Greenlee, who detains him as a slave, complains of being held unlawfully. Commission awarded to take depositions in Carolina or elsewhere.
  (207) Thomas Blizard, vice Mathew Dice--Constable.
  (211) William McMahon, aged 15, orphan of Abraham McMahon, to be bound to John Carruthers.
  (211) Jacob Mack's will proved and widow Margaret qualifies admx.
  (213) Following recommendations: John Givens as Captain, vice Capt. Laird; Robert Campbell, as First Lieutenant; James Crawford, as Second Lieutenant; Felty Shirley, as Ensign.
  (214) Catherine Price, orphan of Calem Price, to be bound.
  (215) Following recommendations: Anthony Reader, as Captain, vice Adam Reader; Thomas Boggs, as Captain, vice Martin Humble; William Lowderson (West Fork), as Captain; Benj. Wilson (Tygers Valley), as Captain; Robert Shaw, as Second Lieutenant, and Richard Madison, as Ensign, in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company.
  (216) Samuel McCutchon, as Captain; Robert Harris, as First Lieutenant; John Smith, as Ensign.
  (217) John Cunningham qualified Captain of Militia, Robert Clark as Lieutenant, and John Wilson as Ensign, in Capt. John Cunningham's Company.
  (218) Isaac Newly and Rachel Newly, orphans of Wm. Newly, to be bound to Hybert Brig.

AUGUST 20, 1777.

  (219) Silas Hart and John Dickinson qualified Justices. John Dever qualified Constable.
  (220) Commission for priv. examination of Marsa, wife of John Bailey. Deed to Joseph Lemmon.
  (220) Recommended to Governor, viz: William Robertson (West Fork), as Captain; John Hamilton Hamilton (Tygers Valley), as Captain.
  (220) Sarah Patterson, wife of James Patterson. relinquished dower in land conveyed to Robert Walker.
  (221) Zachariah Johnston qualified Captain.
  (221) Tithables to be taken in following Companies: Capt. John Gilmore's, Capt. John Lyle's, and Capt. David Gray's, and oath of allegiance to be administered to all.
  (222) Tithables to be taken in following Companies: Capt. Charles Campbell's, Capt. Alex. Stewart's, Capt. Matthew Wilson's, Capt. Andrew Moore's, Capt. James Tate's, Capt. John Cunningham's. Capt. Samuel McCutchan's, Capt. Patrick Buchanan's, Capt. Francis Long's, Capt. John Young's, Capt. Robert Thompson's, Capt. Zachariah Johnson's, Capt. Thomas Smith's, Capt. George Moffett's, Capt. Wm. Anderson's, Capt. Wm. Henderson's, Capt. Alex. Roberton's, Capt. David Bell's, Capt. John Given's, Capt. John Hopkins', Capt. John Stephenson's, Capt. Robert Craven's, Capt. George Pence's, Capt. James Frazier's, Capt. Wm. Nall's, Capt. Thomas Hewit's, Capt. Daniel Smith's, Capt. Reuben Harrison's, Capt. Thomas Bogg's, Capt Abraham Lincoln's, Capt. Anthony Rider, Capt. Ralph Stewart's, Capt. Benj. Wilson's, Capt. Wm. Robertson's, Capt. Samuel Pringle's, Capt. Robert McCreery's,

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CR--Vol. I--7

Capt. Samuel Vance's, Capt. John McCoy's, Capt. John People's, Capt. Andrew Lockridges', Capt John Skidmore's, Capt. Paul Teeter's and Capt. Robert Davis'.
  (224) Following recommended to be added to Commission of Peace, viz: Joshua Humphries, Joseph Bell, William McDowell, Peter Hanger, Anthony Rider, John Fitzwaters, William Westfall, Benj. Wilson, William Lowther, Isaac Hinkle, Jonas Friend.
  (224) William Lowther, West Fort, recommended as Captain.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1777.

  (226) Commission to take priv. examination of Sarah Hartgrove, in South Carolina, wife of Francis Hartgrove. Deed to David Griner.
  (226) John Campbell and Thomas Connerly appointed guardians of Elizabeth Walker, orphan of Alexander Walker, Jr., deceased. Elizabeth Walker, wife of Alexander Walker, relinquished dower in land conveyed to Alexander Walker. Martha Grimes, late Martha Walker, widow of Alexander Walker, Jr., relinquished dower in land possessed by her late husband to her two children, Jane and Elizabeth Walker.
  (227) James Shoemaker is about to remove out of the County.
  (227) Commonwealth vs. John Archer. } For disaffection to the Commonwealth. He took the oath in Court, but was bound to his good behavior for one year.
  (229) Philip Sciler, vice John Buchanan--road surveyor.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1777

  (230) Jacob Peck, vice John Abney--Constable.
  (230) Mary Greenlee to be summoned on the complaint of Nat, an Indian or Mustee boy.--Court finds that Mary uses the boy inhumanly and orders him to be hired out by the Sheriff.
  (231) Commonwealth vs. Alexr. Miller, M. A.--Guilty--100 and two years' imprisonment.
  (232) Samuel McCutchon qualified Captain, and in his Company qualified, viz: John McKenny, First Lieutenant; Robert Harris, Second Lieutenant, and John Smith, Ensign.
  (233) Martin Cryder found guilty, as Alexr. Miller--50 and 3 years.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1777.

  (236) John Cryder, tried on same charge as Alexr. Miller, above, and convicted--2 and two years' imprisonment.
  (237) William Hinton, same--400 and four years imprisonment.
  (238) Following were witnesses against the same, viz: Thomas Alderson, David Harned, Joseph Burgess, John Bright, John Owens, Samuel Felps, Joseph Smith and Elizabeth Scothorn.
  (239) Sheriff ordered to make the jail secure.

OCTOBER 23, 1777.

  (239) Called Court.

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