Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



  (64) Admn. of estate of Wm. Magert granted to widow Catherine.
  (64) William Bush, vice Peter Hashman--Constable.
  (65) John Henderson, vice William Gragg--Constable. Jacob Woodley--Constable.

MARCH 26, 1775.

  (67) Robert Lockridge, vice Archd. Armstrong--road overseer from Painter's Gap to Joseph Wacheb's.
  (67) Margaret Ann McClenachan, widow of John McClenachan, petitions the Court to set aside the former order appointing guardians of her infant son, John, then two months old, alleges that the guardians are those to whom the reversion would go--granted.
  (68) Ordinary rates.
  (70) Adjourned by writ to 3d Tuesday in May next at Fort Dunmore.

JUNE 3, 1775.

  (71) Called Court on Henry Mansening.
  (72) Called Court on John Brown.

JUNE 5, 1775.

  (72) Called Court on James Duffy.

JUNE 20, 1775.

  (73) Adjourned from Fort Dunmore.
  (74) John Cawley's will proved--Margaret, the widow, refuses to accept the provisions.
  (74) Administration of estate of John Collins granted to Wm. Langsdale.
  (74) Andrew Lockridge, security for Elizabeth, widow of Robert Graham (now married to Samuel Guinn), prays counter security.
  (75) Elizabeth Law's complaint versus her husband, Robert Law is dismissed--no prosecution.
  (75) Administration of estate of John Galespy granted to Saml. Lyle.
  (76) William Mateer, vice Adam Bratton-Constable.
  (76) Samuel Hunter, vice Alexander Brownlee--Constable.
  (76) John Kennerley, vice James Lessley--Constable.
  (76) Thomas Galespy, orphan of Jacob Galespy, aged 14, to be bound to John Rissner.
  (76) Alexr. Gibson petitions that William McFarland, his son-in-law, has moved out of the Colony, and his children are not properly provided for, viz: Isabella, Alexander, James, Mary, Daniel, Eleanor and John.--They are to be bound to said Alexander, their grandfather.
  (76) Thomas Hughart qualified Justice.
  (78) Andrew Lockridge appointed guardian of Sarah and Jane Graham, orphans of Robert Graham.
  (78) Elizabeth and Lanty Grimes, executors of John Grymes, to be summoned to show cause why they have not rendered an account.
  (78) Tully Davitt, vice James Bodkin--Constable.

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JULY 5, 1775.

  (79) Called Court on William Gripping.

AUGUST 15, 1775.

  (81) Administration of estate of Abigail Gartham granted to Francis Gartham.
  (82) Mathew Robertson, vice Robert Caruthers--Constable.
  (82) William Leescomb, runaway servant of Robert North.
  (82) Mary Ann Estill relinquishes dower in tract of land conveyed by her husband, Wallace Estill, to John Peoples.
  (83) Administration of estate of John Watson granted to Mary Allen.
  (84) John McCoy, overseer of road from head of Bull Pasture to Peoples's and from Samuel Wilson's (deceased) to Bell's place, Cow Pasture.
  (84) Bartholomew Archibold complains of his master, Roger North.
  (84) Thomas Allen, servant of John Peoples.
  (84) Admn. of estate of John Poller granted to Robert McKetrick.
  (85) Barbara Wilson, runaway servant of Andrew Scott.
  (86) Adjourned to 3d Tuesday in next month at Fort Dunmore.

AUGUST 22, 1775.

  (86) Called Court on John Reed, servant of Jacob Peck.

AUGUST 31, 1775.

  (87) Called Court on John Askins.

NOVEMBER 21, 1775.

  (88) Adjourned from Fort Dunmore.

NOVEMBER 22, 1775.

  (89) County levy continued.
  (94) John Hanna added to tithables (2); John Mitchell added to tithables (1).
  (94) Dower to be laid off to Elizabeth, widow of Francis Kirkley.
  (94) Robert Dunlap, vice David Martin--Constable.
  (95A) Mary Gragg, orphan, to be bound to Wm. Gragg.

NOVEMBER 23, 1775.

  (95B) Sampson Wilson, orphan of Saml. Wilson, chose Thomas Hughart guardian.
  (96) County levy continued.
  (97) John Christian qualified Sheriff.

JANUARY 4, 1776.

  (97) Called Court on Bartholomy Archibald--horse stealing.

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JANUARY 29, 1776.

  (98) Called Court on John Jones--horse stealing.

FEBRUARY 20, 1776.

  (99) Administration of estate of Thomas Anderson granted to Samuel Anderson and William Anderson--the father, Samuel Anderson, having refused. Isaac Cannon, one of the appraisers.
  (99) Admn. of estate of Henry Laughten granted to Neel Hughes.

MARCH 19, 1776.

  (99) Richard Madison qualified Deputy Clerk.
  (100) Deed, John Kennerly and Mary to ____, was proved by Joseph Strother, who came with them from Carolina into this Colony in order to prove the same.
  (101) Nicholas Harpole and Adam Lock, securities for Barbara Oldham, widow and administratrix of George Fultz, but now wife of John Oldham, demand counter security.
  (101) Administration of estate of George Cameron granted to Charles Cameron.
  (101) Administration of estate of Francis Miller granted to John Miller.
  (101) Administration of estate of Mark Banister--to Benj. Harrison.
  (102) Robert and Alexander McClenachan are appointed guardians for John McClenachan and Robert McClenachan, orphans of Robert McClenachan, deceased.
  (102) William Parris exempted from County levy.
  (103) Administration of William Church granted to Joseph Hays.
  (103) John Guffee, runaway servant of John Trotter.
  (103) Administration of John Jameson granted to Thomas James.
  (103) Daniel Kidd--overseer of streets of Staunton.
  (105) John Kerr, orphan, to be bound to John Henton.
  (105) John McKenny exempted from levy.

MARCH 20, 1776.

  (105) Alexander Sinclair qualified vestryman.
  (105) Roger North, vice Valentine Cloninger--Constable.
  (108) John O'Dair to be summoned on complaint of Randal McDaniel for detaining him without warrant.
  (108) Abell Griffith, vice John Anderson--road overseer.
  (108) Capt. Thomas Hewit--garnishee.
  (109) Adjourned by writ to 3d Tuesday next month at Fort Dunmore.

MAY 1, 1776.

  (109) Called Court on Sylvester Cofer--horse stealing.

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JULY 16, 1776.

  (110) First Court by authority of the Commonwealth.
  (110) Samuel McDowell and Sampson Mathews administered oaths to Archibald Alexander, who administered to Samuel and Sampson and Michael Bower.
  (110) John Christian qualified Sheriff. Richard Madison qualified Deputy Clerk. Wm. Bowyer qualified Justice.

AUGUST 20, 1776.

  (110) John Madison qualified Clerk. Gabriel Jones and Peter Hog qualified Attorneys. John and Wm. Christian qualified Deputy Sheriffs.
  (111) Thomas Hughart, Daniel Smith and John Poage qualified Justices.
  (112) Thomas Hughart is appointed guardian of Ruth Wilson, daughter of Samuel Wilson.
  (112) James Robertson's will partly proved.
  (112) Alexr. Robertson, James Kerr and Robert Kenney are appointed guardians of Sarah, Elizabeth, Rachel, Mary and Agnes Lessley, orphans of James Lessley, Jr.
  (112) William Wright's will partly proved.
  (113) George Moffett, Elijah McClenachan, Felix Gilbert and Alexr. ____, qualified Justices.
  (113) Administration of estate of Mary Thompson granted to William Thompson.
  (113) Mathew Kinkead's will partly proved.
  (113) Ad quod damnum awarded on petition of John Loller to build a mill on his own land on Leeken Creek.
  (114) John Gum to be summoned to show cause why he has not paid freedom dues to Sarah Dowman, late Sarah Redman.
  (114) Alexander McClenachan qualified Justice, &c.
  (114) Administration of estate of George Robinson granted to Jane Robinson.
  (115) David Stewart, on account of age, exempted from levy.
  (115) Christopher Warwick, servant of Joseph Bell, punished for raising a riot in the Court Yard.
  (118) Following recommendations: Zachariah Johnston, Captain; Christopher Graham, Lieutenant.

OCTOBER 3, 1776.

  (121) Called Court on William Brannon for horse stealing.

NOVEMBER 19, 1776.

  (124) County levy.
  (126) John Bratton, eldest son and heir to James Bratton. John McCastle and John McRoberts--appraisers.
  (127) John Risk's will partly proved.
  (128) New Commission, viz: Silas Hart, John Christian, Archibald Alexander, Felix. Gilbert, Samuel McDowell, Sampson Mathews, Alexr.

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Robinson, John Hays, James Craig, John Lewis, Charles Campbell,* John Dickinson, Daniel Smith,* John Poage,* Abraham Smith, George Moffat,* Michael Bowyer, John Gratton, Thos. Huggart,* Elijah McClenachan, Alexander St. Clair,* John Kinkead, James Tate.* (Those marked (*) qualified.)
  (128) Alexander McClenachan and Wm. Bowyer administered the oaths.
  (129) Admn. of estate of Ernest Harmon granted to George Huffman.
  (129) Stophel and Ernest Harmon chose George Harmon guardian.
  (129) Archibald Alexander qualified Sheriff.

NOVEMBER 20, 1776.

  (131) William Alexander qualified Deputy Sheriff.
  (131) Stephen Conrad, vice Frederick Haynes--road overseer.
  (132) Elenore Askins complains of Walter Cunningham for not using her child well.
  (132) John Abney appointed Constable.
  (133) Peter Angleman appointed road surveyor.
  (133) Samuel Givins == Samuel Gibbens.
  (134) Elijah McClenachan and Alexr. Robertson qualified Justices, &c.
  (134) Patrick Boyd complains of abuse by his master, John Crawford.
  (135) Witness: George Burley.
  (135) William Black and others to view a road from William Wilson's leading to the road that goes down to the Bull Pasture.

DECEMBER 17, 1776.

  (136) John Christian qualified Justice, &c.
  (136) John Abner allowed his account as Captain of the Patrollers of Staunton.
  (136) Alexander McClenachan qualified Justice, &c.
  (138) 137 missing.
  (138) County levy. To John Abner, as above, and then to the following (no doubt Abner's men), viz: John Parell, Henry Hall, William Smith, John Griffin, John Crosswhite, Alexr. McKensey, James Dunn, Thomas Bell, William Evans, Israel Crisby, John Meredith, Robert Shall, Jacob Peck, Robert Gamble, John McDonough, Francis Hall, James Brush, Owen Owens, James Thomas.

DECEMBER 18, 1776.

  (139) Benjamin Forsythe qualified Deputy Sheriff.
  (139) Admn. of estate of David Hastings granted to Richard Madison.
  (139) Abraham Smith qualified Justice, &c.
  (140) County levy: To Thomas Rhoads, jailor. Sheriff forbidden to pay salary to Gabriel Jones, Deputy Attorney, until he gives his reason for not attending this Court and declares whether he intends to serve in that capacity or not.
  (141) Called Court on Mary Wolfinger--felony--guilty and asked corporal punishment; her husband appeared and said he was the principal offender and asked that he receive the punishment--20 lashes--which was adjudged, "we do desire that the Sheriff put the same in immediate execution as we think that the most guilty ought to suffer."

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