Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



AUGUST 16, 1774.

  (2) Wm. Gilmore and Alex. Brownlee qualified Constables. Robert Curry qualified Captain of Militia.
  (3) David Jennings, servant of Thomas Smith, declared free.
  (6) John Hunter exempted from County levy.
  (7) Joseph Barkley, being committed on complaint of Randal Slack--discharged.

AUGUST 17, 1774.

  (9) Hemp certificate: John Bing.
  (9) Joseph Haynes qualified Captain of Militia.
  (10) Conrad Humble qualified Captain of Militia.
  (10) William and John Gilmore to be surveyors of road from head of Carr's Creek to North River--new road established.
  (11) Silas Hart qualified Justice, &c.
  (11) Joseph Campbell, vice John Maxwell--road overseer.

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  (11) John Givens, vice Edward Rutledge--road overseer.
  (12) Catherine, wife of Jacob Pasenger, relinquished dower deed, Jacob, to Anthony Aler.
  (13) Ludwick Lehdown's estate.
  (13) John Leeper, vice John McMahon--road overseer.

AUGUST 22, 1774.

  (14) Called Court on John Hunter for murder of Jacob Peoples.--Acquitted.

OCTOBER 18, 1774.

  (16) John Campbell, Thomas Smallman and Dawsey Penticost--qualified Justices.

OCTOBER 19, 1774.

  (16) Meet and adjourned.

NOVEMBER 15, 1774.

  (17) Robert Carruthers and Wm. Thompson qualified Constables.
  (17) James Campbell, vice John Hall--road overseer.
  (18) Archibald and Rebecca (his wife) Houston, witnesses to will of Conrad Blaze, are dead--at proving of same.
  (18) Andrew Moore qualified attorney.
  (19) Michael Props exempted from levy.
  (19) Thomas Dunbarr's estate to be appraised, and administration to be granted to Thomas Smith.
  (19) Dennis Donnerley, runaway servant of Michael Coger.
  (19) Francis Smith, son of Wm. Smith, aged eleven years 1st June last, to be bound to Henry Tamewood.
  (21) William Marshall, vice Joseph Love--Constable.
  (21) Elizabeth Shirtley, wife of Francis Shirtley, deceased, renounced her claims under Francis's will.
  (21) Saml. Hemphill, vice John Herdman, road overseer, from Martin Argenbright's to Nehemiah Harrison's.
  (21) John Hopkins qualified Captain.

NOVEMBER 16, 1774.

  (22) Ann, wife of John McClenachan, deceased, renounced her right under her husband's will.
  (22) Administration of estate of Doctor William McClenachan granted to his father, Robert McClenachan.
  (23) Joseph Rutherford, Sr., road overseer of new road from Daniel Smith's to Felix Gilbert's.
  (24) Mathew Todd, runaway servant of James Bruster.
  (24) Administration of John Aberman's estate is granted to his widow, Mary, and his brother, Michael.
  (25) Henry and Nicholas Maze--naturalized.

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  (26) County levy.
  (27) Agatha Frogg refuses to administer on estate of her husband, John Frogg---proved by Thomas Jones.

NOVEMBER 17, 1774.

  (28) Administration of estate of John Dunwoody granted to his brother, James Dunwoody.

JANUARY 9, 1775.

  (29) Timothy Brannon, convicted of larceny--39 lashes.

JANUARY 17, 1775.

  (30) New Commission from Dunmore, viz: Silas Hart, John Dickinson, James Lockhart, John Christian, Daniel Smith,* John Poage, Abraham Smith,* George Moffett,* Alexr. McClenachan,* Mathew Harrison, Michael Bowyer,* John Gratton, Thomas Hughes, Elijah McClenachan,* Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, John Campbell, Thos. Smallman, John Gibson, John Stephenson, John Cannon, Silas Hedge, William Gee (McGee?), Archd. Alexander, Felix Gilbert,* Samuel McDowell,* Sampson Mathews,* William Bowyer,* George Mathews,* Alexr. Robertson,* John Hayes,* James Craig, John Frogg, Wm. Teas,* George Croghan, Edward Ward, Dawsey Pentecost, Wm. Crawford. John McCullough, Geo. Vallendegham and David Shepherd. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
  (31) John Christian qualified Sheriff.
  (32) Thomas Trent and Ralph Stewart, qualified Captains of Militia.
  (32) William Stewart qualified Lieutenant of Militia.
  (33) Administration of estate of John Williams, deceased, granted to John Wilson.
  (33) Alexander McClenachan and Alexander Sinclair are, on their motion, appointed guardians of John McClenachan, orphan of John McClenachan.
  (34) Court of Claims: Of Andrew Hamilton, for diets for Militia; of Robert McClintock; of John Finley; of James Kirk, claims of the Militia.
  (35) Of Hugh Allen, deceased, for a horse proved by brother, James Allen; of John Ladlers, for driving pack horses; of sundry persons for work on the expedition under James Allen and Hugh Allen--certified by Andrew Lewis; of Wm. Kinkead, for sundries for Militia; of Ralph Stewart, for provisions for his Company of Militia.

JANUARY 18, 1775.

  (36) Of John Hays, for diets of Militia; of Thos. Harrison, for diets of Militia; of Elizabeth Harrison, for diets of Militia.
  (38) Of Francis McAndrew, for an axe.
  (42) Of John David, Michael Rush and David White, spies; of William Long, commissary.
  (44) Of Capt. Joseph Haynes, pay-rolls for himself and others.
  (45) Of Capt. John Dickinson, pay-rolls for himself and others.

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JANUARY 19, 1775.

  (46) Claims continued.
  (47) Capt. Wm. Scotborn, pay-roll for himself and Company; of Daniel Warner and Andrew Dawson, spies.
  (48) Of Wm. Naull, pay-roll for himself and others; of John Hays, for attendance to settle accounts as pack-horse masters; of Sampson Mathews, sundry claims at the Calf Pasture; of Wm. Robertson, for provisions found themselves; of James Thompson, for sundry horses, their hire, and drivers in the service; of Geo. Mathews, two pay-rolls for self and others; of Wm. Hamilton, for riding express; of Wm. McCune, cow herd; of Thomas Posey, for sundry horses, their service.
  (49) Majesty's writ of adjournment read and ordered that the Court meet at Fort Dunmore on 3d Tuesday in next month.

MARCH 20, 1775.

  (51) Called Court--Robert Crawford.
  (52) Called Court.
  (53) Called Court--William Campbell.
  (55) Called Court.

MARCH 25, 1775.

  (55) Adjourned by his Majesty's writ from Fort Dunmore.
  (55) Administration of estate of Hugh Allen, decd., granted to widow Jane and brother James. (Was Hugh killed on the expedition of 1774? See Court of Claims, supra.)
  (57) Alexr. Walker's will proved and administration granted to Elizabeth, the widow, and Robert Walker, the son.
  (58) Administration of estate of David White granted to Jacob Aberman, the widow, Catherine, having refused.
  (58) Thomas Patton, orphan of Thomas Patton, to be bound to Walter Moffett till he comes of age, to be taught the weaver's trade.
  (59) Elizabeth Lamb complains she is held by George Taylor as a servant illegally--summons.
  (60) Robert Minnis appointed Constable.
  (60) Elias Barker qualified Lieut. of Militia.
  (60) Edward Sparks, runaway servant of Martin Naule. Dennis Connerley, runaway servant of Michael Coager.
  (61) Bethuell Herring, vice Daniel Guinn--Constable.
  (61) Administration of estate of James King granted to Morris Ofreel.
  (62) Robert Minnis qualified Constable.
  (62) Administration of estate of Thomas Hog granted to his brother, Peter Hog.
  (62) John Poage qualified Justice, &c.
  (63) Thomas Smith, vice Valentine Cloneger--constable.
  (63) John McCoy, vice Samuel Wilson--overseer road.
  (64) Administration of estate of Michael Bush granted to John Lewis, widow Catherine refusing. Appraisers, viz: Sam. Pringle, Charles Fallingash, Paul Buster, Edward Tanner.

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