Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I



APRIL 17 1782.

  (372) John McKittrick recommended Captain, vice James Trimble, resigned; John qualified, and William Anderson as Lieutenant and Robert Anderson as Ensign; Robert qualified; John Campbell qualified Captain, vice Joseph Patterson, and William Allen qualified as Lieutenant and Arthur Connerley as Ensign.
  (373) James Hamilton exempted from levy.
  (373) On petition of the Company formerly commanded by Francis Long, he is recommended to be reinstated.
  (373) Jane, relict of Isaac White, refused to administer.

APRIL 19, 1782.

  (373) Wm. Steel qualified Deputy Clerk.

APRIL 22, 1782.

  (374) George Moffet qualified Justice.

APRIL 26, 1782.

  (375) County levy--2,000 tithables at 5/4.
  (375) Thomas Tate and Andrew Anderson are appointed Commissioners of the Specific Tax--1st Battalion. John McCreery, same, in 2d Battalion.
  (375) Admn. of estate of Wm. Fleming granted widow, Margaret.
  (376) Called Court on William Furr for stealing a fur hat.--Guilty.

MAY 21, 1782.

  (377) John Vance's will partly proved.
  (378) John McCown exempted from levy.
  (379) Admn. of estate of Joseph Wright granted widow, Elizabeth.
  (379) Adam Stevenson appointed road overseer from Miller's Iron Works to Skidmore's Camps, thence to top of North Mountain.
  (380) Road ordered from Bethel Meeting House to Peter Hanger's mill.
  (380) William Wilson, Archibald Scott, Benj. Erwin and James Waddle, Presbyterian Ministers, are licenced to celebrate matrimony.

MAY 22, 1782.

  (380) George Nicholas produced license and took oath of attorney.
  (381) Edward Parks's death abates suit.
  (382) Joshua Perry recommended and qualified Ensign in Capt. Francis Smith's Company.
  (383) Robert Carlile's death abates suit.
  (384) Thomas Lowrey, 8 years old, to be bound to James Fleming.
  (385) George Bratton qualified Lieutenant.
  (385) Thomas Hughart allowed 30 for services as land assessor, and John Kinkead 20 for same.

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  (385) Levi Moore, George Hole and John Deniston to mark a road from Levi Moore's on Naps Creek to Back Creek, from William Green's to Crab Bottom on head of South Branch of Potomac.
  (385) John Hind's and John Archer's deaths abate suits.
  (390) William McPheeters appointed land assessor, vice John Poage.

MAY 24, 1782.

  (390) Lazarus Inman's death abates suit.
  (390) Peter Hog's death abates suit.
  (391) William Burk's death abates suit.
  (399) Deaths of James Wallace and Josiah Greenwood abate suits.
  (410) Reuben McClenachan returned, no inhabitant.
  (411) Ordinary rates.
  (412) Claims allowed and recorded in the Book of Claims.

MAY 25, 1782.

  (412) Ann Helena Attwaters relinquished dower in a lot and house in Staunton and lot of woodland in deed by her husband to Wm. Crawford, Moses Estey and John Beech.

MAY 27, 1782

  (412) William Tate qualified Justice.

JUNE 18, 1782.

  (412) Joseph Long recommended and qualified Captain, vice Francis Long.
  (412) Martha, widow of John Vance, qualifies admx. c. t. a.
  (414) Charles Hamilton qualified Captain, vice David Green. (414) Ulrick Fulwider is appointed guardian to Margaret Fulwider, orphan of Jacob Fulwider, deceased.
  (414) Tithables to be taken as follows in Companies: William Tate, in Capt. Tate's Company; James Trotter, in Cunningham's and McCutcheon's; Wm. McPheeters, in Capt. Bell's; James Tremble, in McKittrick and Dickey's; Alexr. Robertson, in Campbell's and Givens's; David Henderson, in Capt. Long's; Joseph Bell, in Capt. Anderson's; John Poage, in Capt. Rankin's; James Steel, in Baskin's and Finley's; Thomas Hughes, in Smith's; George Poage, in Poage's and Hamilton's; John Kinkead, in Hole's and Hicklin's: John McCreary, in Brown's and Bratton's; Elijah McClenachan, in Buchanan's.
  (415) Richard Graves exempted from levy.

JULY 18, 1782.

  (416) Elizabeth Gilham, wife of William Gilham, relinquished dower in a house and lot in Staunton purchased by Enos Atwater.

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  (416) Isaac Campbell petitions that the County Court of Lincoln would not grant him lands in that County because he could not make proof that he was in public service of the country when the Commissioners sat for the District of Kentucky--in consequence of a certificate from the Court of said County of Lincoln, it is certified that proper proof was made that the said Campbell was in the aforesaid service when the said Commissioners sat for the said District.

AUGUST 20, 1782.

  (419) Archibald Dixon is appointed guardian to Thomas Story, orphan of Thomas Story, deceased.

AUGUST 21, 1782.

  (420) Deed from Robert Caldwell to Robert Black ordered recorded, and Elizabeth, widow of Samuel Caldwell, relinquished dower.
  (421) Joseph Bell allowed 47 for services as land assessor.

AUGUST 22, 1782.

  (422) Arthur Connerly bound to peace towards his wife.

AUGUST 23, 1782.

  (425) Catharine Kelly, orphan, to be bound to Robert Burns, vice Dennis Callachan.
  (425) Wm. McDowell vs. Alexr. St. Clair.--This ejectment involves Lot No. 3, in Staunton.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1782.

  (430) Tully Davit appointed road surveyor, vice Moore Fauntleroy.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1782.

  (431) Alexr. Kilpatrick, late jailor, allowed account for keeping Tories.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1782.

  (431) Called Court on Benjamin Patterson, for stealing from William Howlam.--Sent to Richmond for trial.

OCTOBER 15, 1782.

  (434) William Sloven appointed and qualified Ensign, vice Jonathan Humphreys.
  (435) Hugh Oliver vs. James Link.--Dedimus to take deposition of Archibald Blackburn, who lives in Nolechukey.
  (435) Mary Rock, wife of John Rock, a Continental soldier, allowed provision for herself and children.

NOVEMBER 19, 1782.

  (435) County levy.

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  (435) William Blair, captain of patrollers, 4 nights (26 June to 29 July, 1782), 40 lbs. tobacco; Francis Mora, captain of patrollers, 4 nights, same; Anthony Mustoe, captain of patrollers, 4 nights, same; Dennis Callaghan, captain of patrollers, 3 nights, 30 lbs. tobacco: Valentine White, captain of patrollers, 3 nights, 30 lbs. tobacco; Wm. Blair, Francis Mora, Anthony Mustoe, captains of patrollers, 5 nights each, 50 lbs. tobacco; David Griener, captain of patrollers, 3 nights, 30 lbs. tobacco; Dennis Callaghen, captain of patrollers, 1 night, 10 lbs. tobacco; Dennis Callaghen, captain of patrollers (20 April to 24 May).
  (437) John Gamble recommended in Capt. John Cambles Company.
  (438) Samuel Vance qualified Lieutenant Colonel of Militia.

NOVEMBER 21, 1782.

  (440) James Trotter recommended and qualified Captain, vice John Cunningham.
  (441) Abraham Smith's death abates suit.
  (441) Jane Seawright's marriage abates suit.

NOVEMBER 22, 1782.

  (454) Thomas Hamilton's death abates suit.
  (464) John Berry's death abates suit.

NOVEMBER 23, 1782.

  (468) Ordinary rates.

NOVEMBER 25, 1782.

  (469) County levy: 2,283 tithables at 1/.
  (470) Thomas Rhoades, jailor, allowed account for keeping criminals and deserters.

DECEMBER 17, 1782.

  (470) Isaac Price, orphan, to be bound.
  (471) Mathew Smith recommended Captain, vice Charles Baskins, resigned.

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