Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


MAY, 1767 (B).

   Patterson vs. Looney.--John Harrison's order on Looney dated June 20, 1745.

NOVEMBER, 1767 (C).

   Catherine Whitly vs. Jonathan Whitly.--Divorce.
   Fitzpatrick vs. Jones.--John Jones. Bond, 27th August, 1766. Attachment against him, 1767.

AUGUST, 1767 (C).

   Christian qui tam. vs. Bell.--Only paper. Williamsburg, October 21, 1763. On consideration of the information of David Stewart, late Colonel, September, 1762, and the deposition of John McCown, John Black and Capt. William Christian, relating to James Bell, Jr., within decreed to pay 20--- one half to his Majesty. I do hereby remit the King's part of said fine and discharge the said James Bell and his security from the payment of said 10, or any part thereof, and order the Sheriff and all concerned to behave conformably. (Signed) John Blair, P. (Judgment was rendered August 19, 1757.)
   Fisher and wife vs. Armstrong.--Archibald Fisher and Susanna, his wife, late Susanna Shaddon (1766), administratrix of Mathew Shaddon, November, 1765.
   Johnson vs. Skidmore.--Thomas Johnson made a bond in Augusta, January, 1744-5.

MAY, 1767 (C).

   Bowyer vs. Kinkead.--I, David Kinkead, of Albemarle County, 1755.
   Lewis vs. Forkner.--Wm. Terrell Lewis vs. Wm. Forkner. Defendant lived at Fort Lewis, but went to Carolina.

AUGUST, 1767 (D).

   Cawley vs. Thomas Patterson.--John Cawley and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Woods.

MAY, 1767 (D).

   Cabell vs. Bowen.--Malcolm Allen deposes, 13th March, 1767, that Dr. William Cabell said that as Moses Bowen's wound had been received in defense of his Country, the Country would pay him for curing Moses.
   Martin vs. Lindsay.--George Chowning, aged about 32 years, 14th August, 1765, deposes: Rene Laforce, aged 42, August 8th, 1765. Agnes Laforce, his wife, aged 40, August 8, 1765. Robert Cawthon, aged 29 years, 8th August, 1765.
   Thompson vs. Watterson.--Hanover, September 19, 1764. Ann Lyon, a convict servant from London, was imported in the Beverly, Captain Allan, and arrived in Rappahannock River, in Virginia, some time in the latter end of October, 1763. The original convictions and general goal delivery are to

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be seen in the hands of James Miller, merchant, in Port Royal, but there being only one made out for every separate goal, renders it impossible to send it along with each servant. (Signed) Robert Hart.
   In pursuance and by virtue of Act of Parliament, made and appointed for the more effectual transportation of felons and convicts out of Great Britain into his Majesty's Plantation in America, I do hereby assign unto Cochran & Heart, their heirs or assigns, convict named Agnes Lyons within the said Statutes to serve for the term of 7 years from the 3d day of October, 1763, being the day of arrival in Virginia. (Signed) Captain Thomas Allong.

NOVEMBER, 1767 (E).

   Smith vs. Alexander McClenachan.--Nicholas Smith vs. Alexander McClenachan. Account, 30th December, 1762. Sworn to by Smith before John Stewart in Spottsylvania County. Account runs December 23-30, 1762, for cash, meals, drink, meals for Ned Yeats, supper for Mr. Herse and Mr. Cock. Cash lent. Boarding Fanny from December 31, to July 26, 1763, @ 30 shillings per month.

                                                                Stantown, August 24, 1763.

   Sir:--I understand, by Mr. Lewis, that Fanny has left your house, and was afraid you would stop her clothes for her board. But I hope you will not use her so bad, as you may depend as soon as I can get so much time I will be down and pay you all she owes you. I beg you would not let her want for anything till I come, which shall be as soon as ye Indians will give me leave to leave my fort, which is all, from your humble servant

                                                                ALEXANDER McCLENACHAN.

   To Mr. Michael Smith in Frederick. (Suit brought 1766.)

   Woodrow vs. McClenachan.--I, Alexander McClenachan, Ensign in the Virginia Regiment. Bond, 4th July, 1761. Account running June, July, August, September, November, 1759. Credits made by Lieutenant Mordecai Buckner, Ensign Philip Love.
   Gist vs. George Breckinridge and Reed.--Alexander Breckinridge. Special bail, 1766.
   Edwards vs. McCutchan and Wife.--Contract between Andrew Duncan of Augusta and David Edwards, late of said County dated 1760.

NOVEMBER, 1768 (A).

   Greer vs. Hughes--In 1759 Andrew Greer and William Kinkead purchased land of James Hughes of Staunton, which Hughes had bought of James Paxton, but Hughes died before deed was made, leaving Euphemia, Jane and Mary, infants, and widow, Euphemia.
   Martin vs. Dickinson.--John Dickinson's bond to David Martin, of Amherst County, 21st August, 1765. Martin bought two tracts of land in Mecklinburg County, North Carolina, from Dickinson--one on Sandy River, the other on Bullock's Creek.
   Alexander Miller vs. David Rice.--Alexander Miller had preached 20 years. 1766. Elizabeth Miles, wife of Abraham Miles.

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   Francis vs. Anderson.--John Anderson, late of this County. 6th October, 1768.

AUGUST, 1768 (A).

   Anderson vs. Watterson.--James Anderson, blacksmith, 1765.
   Crow vs. John Stewart.--17th May, 1767. Attachment vs. John Stewart, who had removed.
   Brown vs. Carpenter.--John and James Brown, his son, made affidavit, 1768.

MAY, 1768 (A).

   Purviance vs. Timothy Terrell.--William Purviance, of Augusta County, December 28, 1767.
   Alexander Herron vs. Quin, Ejectment.--Daniel Harrison, 66 or 67 years old, deposes, 16th December, 1767: He was present when Colonel James Woods, then surveyor of the County of Orange (now Augusta) ran the lines in dispute. John Craven, aged 45, says same. William Gregg, aged 30, says same. John Harris was dead at time of taking this deposition.

MARCH, 1768 (D).

   Archer vs. John Stewart and Elizabeth, his wife.--Exd., 1767.
   Ewing vs. Mann.--Lawrence Miller, Michael Robinson, Edward Upton, James Brady, James Brown, George Cummins, Mary Griffiths, Mary Warrington, Mary Welsh. The above 9 convicts were sold unto Mr. William Crow, in Augusta, by McDonall, Cochran & Co., December 17, 1763.

MAY, 1768 (B).

   Gist vs. Barnett.--Samuel Gist vs. Joseph Barnett (Barnet) of Amherst. Bond dated 1st November, 1763.

MARCH, 1768 (E).

   Foster vs. Patton's executors.--William Foster bought, in 1750-55, land in the Forks of Cripple Creek, from Colonel James Patton. Colonel Patton was killed some time in 1755. Colonel Patton was prevented from taking out patents to his land on New River by a dispute ensuing between the Assembly and the Governor concerning a fee on a pistole for signing the patents. In 1763, when Colonel Buchan applied for patents, he was informed by the Governor and Council that his Majesty's proclamation forbidding his subjects to settle on and to withdraw from the waters of the Mississippi prevented any patent from issuing, but as soon as his Majesty should withdraw the proclamation and suffer his people to settle there, then Colonel Buchanan should have the patents. Deposition of Samuel Montgomery, aged 47 years. Deposition of William Sawyers, aged 40 year.
   Laverty vs. Elliott.--Ralph Laverty and Jane, his wife, late Jane Grymes, administratrix of Robert Grymes, deceased, 1766.
   William Simpson and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Campbell, administratrix of Malcomb, vs. Joseph Craven.

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AUGUST, 1768 (C).

   Swink vs. Cowarden.--I, John Cowardin, Satler, in the Coundi of Bearckley, Saluda and John Swink, in Charleston, all bound to John Schutterle. Bond dated 7th May, 1763. Payable in South Carolina money.
   Mathew Harrison vs. Reuben Rutherford.--Contract dated 1763.
   McClure vs. McClure.--Ejectment. James McClure and Nathaniel McClure, sons and devisees of Nathaniel McClure, vs. Halbert McClure.
   Footman vs. Mathew Harrison.--Mathew Harrison, of Frederick County. Bond dated 1765.
   Paxton vs. Ward.--Thomas, Elizabeth and John Paxton depose. Elizabeth had a son, Samuel, 28th February, 1766.

MARCH, 1769 (A).

   Philip Barrier vs. Isaac Burns.--Attachment, 15th February, 1769. Thos. Rodgers surety on bond.
   David Bell vs. John Smallwood.--Attachment, February, 1769.
   Matthews vs. William Christian, son to Sampson.
   James Ewing vs. John Thompson.--Attachment. John Thompson, heir to Anthony and Robert Thompson, late of Pennsylvania. Captain John Willson, surety. Account as follows: "John Thompson, Dr. To your promise to pay me for your brother Robert."
   William Robertson vs. William Teas.--Attachment, 15th November, 1768. Archibald Hamilton, surety.
   Halbert McClure vs. James McClure.--James McClure not found, November, 1768.
   Arthur McClure vs. Joseph Love.--Dr. Thomas Loyd, a witness, 1768.
   Patrick Denny vs. George Gibson.--Trespass, 1767. James Young, Thos. McAllister, John McAllister, James Dillen, Richard McGee--witnesses.
   Thompson vs. Bigham.--Attachment, 19th August, 1768. John Thompson (Robert Thompson, surety) vs. George Bigham, removed out of the County. Served in hands of John Bigham.

AUGUST, 1766 (A).

   Israel Christian vs. John King.--Account 1757 to 1764. Credits--By patrolling under Colonel Stuart. By allowed for going to Sivers's Fort.
   William Blackwood vs. James Callison.--Note by defendant and Richard Morris, 16th September, 1762, to plaintiff. Witnesses: Ro. Cunningham and Samuel Cloyd.
   Audley Paul vs. Stalnaher (from Hampshire).--Bond showing signature of Audley Paul and David Cloyd.
   Agnes Young, late the wife of Robert Young, vs. John Brown.--Writ of dower, 28th May, 1765.

MAY, 1765 (C).

   Looney vs. Looney.
   Greer vs. Boyd.--Note of Blagg and Grant.

OCTOBER, 1765 (D).

   Robert Finley vs. Sergeant John Nash.--1757 account.

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   Cotton vs. Christian.--Account of Cotton as schoolmaster.
   David Via vs. Thomas Johnson, Jr.--Account.
   Church Wardens vs. Ward and Preston.--Suit on contract to build a glebe house.
   Is. Christian vs. Dr. Robt. Hamilton.--Account 1759. "Your trial in Wiiliamsburg."
   Davis vs. John Young.--Writ 28th August, 1764. Defendant is a soldier.
   John Hamilton vs. Capt. John Smith.--Lieut. Hansley. Various accounts vs. Smith, for bills of his soldiers at Dunkard Bottom, in 1760, assumed by him.
   Henry Smith vs. Samuel Cowdon.--Henry on 15th September, 1758, becomes security for Thomas Fulton on a bond to Margaret Dyer--payable on or before 16th September next ensuing date. After same was payable and before it was paid it was assigned by John Cravens, who married Margaret, to Robert Cravens.
   John Hope vs. Daniel Harrison.--Hope was Deputy Sheriff, and fearing his account would be short, went to Carolina, &c.

OCTOBER, 1765 (C).

   Crow vs. Bell.--Elizabeth Hog deposes about the "fairing."
   Evick vs. Gabriel Coile.--Wm. Green deposes, 3d October, 1765, aged 40 years. Michael Reager deposes 3d October, 1765, aged 30 years and upwards. Michael says four or five years ago he lived at John Lemley's, in Winchester, together with plaintiff Evick. The name is also spelled Guile.
   McClenachan vs. Crawford.--Account Robert McClenachan, 1760-61, to wages as storekeeper of James Crawford.
   Devit vs. Francisco.--Nathaniel Lyon was Robert Armstrong's brother-in-law, 26th December, 1764.

NOVEMBER, 1766 (A).

   John Long vs. John Hutcheson.--1766, To schooling your children.
   Hugh Smith vs. William Hutchison.--Sworn to by Hugh, Orange County, North Carolina, 23d June, 1766.
   Patterson vs. Harrison.--Arbitrators: Daniel and Abraham Smith.
   Burnsides vs. Joseph Edwards.--Joseph Edwards, a soldier. Orders by him on Charles Lewis for his pay, dated 27th August, 1764.
   John Clendenning vs. Capt. Walter Cunningham.--To pay as a soldier.
   Henry Heth vs. Philip Love.--1761. "To your club in mess an ye campaign" with Col. Andrew Lewis, Capt. Fleming et als., settled by the two former.

AUGUST, 1766 (A).

   Johnston vs. Samples.--William English signature (Inglish).
   Heneberger vs. Kline.--Andrew Kline, of Borough of Lancaster, County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Bond, 1765.
   Briggs vs. Inglish.--Bond of Joseph Inglish, 1765.
   Breckinridge vs. Loy.--Bond of Steven Loy, of Manockissie, 1762.
   Cock vs. Ingless.--Bond of W. English (signed W. Ingles), 1764.

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