Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


   Harrison vs. Herron.--Only the answer in the papers, but that shows that the complainant, Samuel Harrison, came to Augusta from the Colony of ____. Defendant, Alexander Herron, came from the same place. Harrison came first and settled on Linville's Creek. About time of Braddock's defeat Harrison went to Carolina. Robert Harrison was nephew of Samuel.

MARCH, 1765 (B).

   Campbell vs. Campbell.--Robert Campbell, son of John Campbell, gone to Carolina, 1764.

MARCH, 1765 (A).

   McPheeters vs. Lewis.--George Luice, of Augusta County. 1762.
   Lang vs. Huston.--Capt. John Blagg deposes that in 1761 (4?), after Col. Byrd discharged James Huston, armorer, instructions came to proceed to Great Island, and Huston remained in the service eight days longer.
   Crow vs. Cudy.--Attachment, and Robert Anderson summoned as garnishee, 10th January, 1765.

AUGUST, 1765 (A).

   Walker vs. McCormick and Welch.--Daniel McCormick, a soldier, 1764. Thomas Welch, a soldier, 1764.
   Love vs. Lusk.--Robert Lusk, a soldier, 1764.
   Buchanan vs. Sayers.--Robert Sayers, eldest son and heir-at-law of Alexr. Sayers, deceased. May, 1765. Returned: "The boy is in Bedford at school."
   Howell vs. Steel and Cochran.--John Steel and John Cochran, Chapmen, 1757.

MAY, 1765 (A).

   Beard vs. Sayers.--Alexander Sayers, gent. "Not executed, the defendant being drowned." 1764-5.
   Estill vs. McGee.--Robert McGee, a soldier, 1765.
   Walker vs. Hamilton and Adams.--John Hamilton, a soldier, 1765.
   Dunbar vs. Emacks.--James Emacks, a soldier in 1765, lives in Bedford.
   John Daley vs. William Anderson.--William lived at Hart's Bottom, on North Branch of James, 1760.
   Walker vs. McIlhenny and Ballor.--James McElhenny and John Ballor, both soldiers, 1765.
   Davis vs. McBride.--Janmes McBride, a soldier, 1765.
   Deane and wife vs. Young.--William Deane and Mary, his wife. Deane's wife was only child of Patrick Cooke. Her guardian was Hugh Young, her uncle. Deane and wife were married 1763. Plaintiff says Deane and wife were never married, because the wife is under age. Replication says they were married by Rev. Ichabod Camp, minister of Church of England, on 14th June, 1762, in Amherst County.

MARCH, 1765 (B).

   Scot vs. Ralstone.--Margaret Pickens gone to Carolina.
   McGill vs. Harrison.--Daniel Harrison, Jr., of Augusta. Bond to James Magill, January 17, 1764.

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   McClung vs. Berrisford.--John Berrisford owned land on North Branch James River, adjoining William Halman, John Harper and James Edmondson. He sold in 1761 to James McClung, but before deed was made Berrisford died, leaving no sons, but seven daughters--Mary, Catherine, Margaret, Agnes, Frances, Lydia and Jennet. Most were infants.
   Patrick Calhoun vs. Parris and Adams.--John Parris and George Adams. Bond to James Calhoun, of Augusta, 9th September, 1754. Adams pleads that he was 20 years and 9 months old when bond was given. Agnes Adams, mother of George, testifies that he was 30 years old Christmas, 1763. She sent him from Pennsylvania to Virginia and wrote letters to her friends at Red Creek.
   Corrigan vs. Bratton, administrator of James Dunlop.--James Gill was a soldier under Dunlop.
   William Crow vs. Patrick Lynch.--Patrick Lynch, then inhabitant of Augusta, in 1755, gave his bond to William Crow, but soon after moved to North Carolina.

OCTOBER, 1765 (C).

   Johnston vs. William Christian.--Defendant a soldier in actual service, 1764.
   Crow vs. Bell.--Elizabeth Hog deposes 18th October, 1765: At time when first fair was held in Staunton, about three years ago, she and Miss Priscilla Christian, now dead, went to Crow's store and got "a fairing," which was a present of ribbon by the clerk.
   Fowler et als. vs. John Stewart.--John Fowler and Margaret, his wife; William Patterson and Mary, his wife; Patrick Quin and Jane, his wife; James Skidmore and Sarah, his wife, sue John Stewart for a slave which Stewart bought of Jennet McDonald (McDonell), administratrix of Randolph McDonell. (Are these women daughters of Randolph?)

OCTOBER, 1765 (B).

   Brown vs. Brown.--Isabella Brown sues for separate maintenance from her husband, William Brown.
   Boyd vs. Galespie.--Alexander Galespie is a soldier, 1764.

MAY, 1765 (C).

   Looney vs. Looney.--Margaret Looney, an infant (only child), daughter and heiress of Daniel Looney (or David?), deceased. Bill filed September, 1763. Daniel was son of Robert Looney. Robert also had a son, Absalom.

OCTOBER, 1765 (D).

   Hamilton vs. Smith.--Col. John Smith, debtor to John Hamilton, for goods for his soldiers at the Dunkard Bottom, and himself, September, 1760: Col. John Smith, Lieut. Hansley, John Smith Boman, John Lukis, John Hamilton, Stamp Evins, Richard Dodd, Richard Newport, Thomas Deigs and John Cotril.

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NOVEMBER, 1766 (A).

   Moore vs. Fleming.--William Fleming, late of Pennsylvania, debtor, 1761, to sundries diets and lodgings, 1, 4, 4; to sunderie clubs for drinking, 0, 14, 4; to freight for saddles from Wilmington, 0, 6, 0; to passage for yourself and rum for seven days, 0, 12, 0; to one mare lent, which you killed by riding, 14, 0, 0; cash lent, 0, 6, 8. Affidavit to above account by Alexander Moor, in Bladen County, North Carolina, 6th May, 1765. (N. B.--Sd. Fleming is son to Samuel Fleming, of New London, and assisted in building a house for William Mogomnery in Salisbury. Process executed July, 1765.)
   Long vs. Hutchison.--John Hutchison, debtor, 1766, to schooling your children, 1, 12, 9. (Signed) John Long.
   Grymes vs. James Buchanan.--Defendant lives on Walker's Creek, 1766.
   Smith vs. Hutchison.--William Hutchison, debtor, to Hugh Smith Account June, 1766. Sworn to by Smith in Orange County, North Carolina, June, 1766.
   Wright vs. Lewis.--George Lewis, of Cow Pasture, debtor, 1764, to Alexr. Wright. Cash to B. Lewis, 2/6.
   Summers vs. Campbell.--John Summers and Isabella, his wife, late Isabella Young, complain of James Campbell and Richard Woods. Bond dated 23d June, 1761.
   Carpenter et als. vs. Fotch.--George Carpenter and Ann, his wife; Stephen Huntsberger and Ursilla, his wife; Mathew Heorce and Frances, his wife, daughters and co-heirs of John Shitly, deceased. John was a German, and died in Germany, leaving the above daughters, all infants, and ____ ____, his widow. The widow came to America with the children and married John Fotch before coming. She died at Plymouth on the passage over. John Shitly left no estate, but his father, Malchior Shitly, left estate. The Shitlys went from Switzerland to Holland, where they took ship. They landed in Maryland, intending to settle at Tulpahocken, in Pennsylvania. Fotch left Germany in 1744. Mathew or Martin Heorse (called both).

AUGUST, 1766 (A).

   Seegar vs. Kline.--Andrew Kline, of Borough of Lancaster, County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, innkeeper. Bond to Frederick Seegar, of Lancaster Township, County of Lancaster, 6th April, 1765.
   Clendenning vs. Cunningham.--9th July, 1764. This day Samuel Crockett came before me and made oath that he (Samuel) served as Sergeant at Capt. John Dickinson's, on Cow Pasture River, under the command of Capt. Walter Cunningham, and that John Clendennin served as a soldier from the 27th of November, 1763, to the 20th March, 1764, in said Company.
   Bowman vs. Benson and wife.--George Bowman complains of John Benson and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Calvie, 1765. Margaret Calwell, widow of Robert Calwell; Isaac Johnson and Isaac Robinson were brothers-in-law. Isaac Johnson is about to move to Carolina.
   Doggett vs. Henry Dooley.--Richard Doggett and Rhoda, his wife, late Rhoda Evans. Defendant is a soldier and lives in Bedford, Glade Creek, Roanoke.

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   Anderson vs. Russell.--James Anderson and Elizabeth, his wife. 1766.
   John Skelton vs. John Miller.--Defendant is dead--23d May, 1766.
   Ro. Breckinridge vs. Stephen Loy.--Defendant's bond, dated 21st May, 1762, from Manochissie.

NOVEMBER, 1766 (B).

   Patrick vs. Kinkead.--I. John Kinkead, of Albemarle County. Bond dated April, 1764.
   Bowyer vs. Alexander.--William Alexander, son to Robert. 1765.
   Thompson vs. Alexander and Andrew Campbell, of Augusta. 1764.
   William Givins vs. Robert Stewart.--James Stewart, bail.
   Evans vs. Chambers.--I, Robert Evans, of Cecil County, Maryland, power of attorney to his trusty friend and uncle, James Moore, to sue William Chambers for a debt, 29th October, 1765. William Chambers, of Millford Hundred, Cecil County. Bond to Thomas Montgomery, merchants at Cristona Bridge, dated 21st December, 1758.
   Wetherall vs. O'Neal.--George Wetherall, of Culpeper, 1764, vs. William O'Neal. Attached in Culpeper, 1764. O'Neal married Elizabeth Stover, by whose means he has recovered a judgment in the General Court against Col. Patton's estate.
   Ray vs. Chandler.--Capt. John Blagg commanded a Company of the Virginia Regiment in 1760. William Chandler, of Bedford County; Joseph Ray, of same County. William contracted to deliver goods for Joseph at Dunkard Bottom, on New River. This was when Blagg was with Col. John Smith, at Fort Lewis, August, 1760, during the campaign under Col. Byrd vs. the Cherokees.
   Glassford vs. Willfunk.--I, George Willfunk, of Fairfax County, 20th July, 1761.
   Harrison vs. Trader.--Reuben Harrison must have been of age. 1765.

MAY, 1766 (C).

   Sayers vs. McMurray.--Samuel McMurray is a soldier. 1764.

MARCH, 1767 (A).

   Ewing vs. Knight.--Argument between Charles Knight, schoolmaster, and subscribers. (1) He is to teach one year and have every other Saturday, or half of every Saturday, off. If any alarm of the Indians comes, they are to provide shelter and food and drink. Subscribers to raise 18. (Signed) Thos. Meek, Archibald Armstrong, Joseph Vachub, Robert McCutchen, Jos. Graham, John Vachub. Dated 3d May, 1765.
   McClung vs. Fleming.--John Flimon was a soldier in Capt. Lewis's Co.
   Faris vs. Harrison.--In 1759 John Faris bought a horse from George Anderson. Shortly afterwards George left the Colony. Edward McGarry shortly after George left forged an endorsement on the bond to Daniel Harrison, and then absconded. Robert Harrison was a son of Daniel, and then, after George's departure, lay on his death bed. Note dated 12th May, 1759, payable 1st August next. (Signed) John Pheris.
   Stewart vs. Davis.--Thomas Stewart. 1765.

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NOVEMBER, 1766 (D).

   Patterson Executors vs. Carlton.--William Carlton and Esther, his wife, late Esther Brown, administratrix of Henry Brown.
   David Cloyd vs. James Montgomery.--Account as follows: 1764--Mr. James Montgomery, debtor, March 24--to cash of mine retaken from the Indians and delivered to you by Lieut. (Francis) Smith, 137, 18, 0. Credit, 1764--April 21. By cash received from John Neilly, Michael Cloyd, Andrew Neely and Francis Smith, 19, 0, 0; B. G. Samuel McFerrin, Philip Watkins, Benj. Hawkins, James Montgomery, Jr., Wm. Montgomery, Jr., John Crockett, John McRoberts, Wm. McMullin, Wm. Robinson, John Fowler, Samuel Robinson, Joshua McCormack, John Clark, John Artus, Saml. McNabb, Saml. Gatliff, Jeremiah Puckett and Lanty Armstrong, each 4, 18, 6. Balance due, 31, 18, 0. Sworn to by David Cloyd, 24th April, 1765. Case agreed by attorneys as follows: "We agree that a party of Indians made an eruption into the Colony, attacked the plaintiff's house, rifled it and bore off upwards of 200 in gold and silver, several household goods and negroes. We agree that a party of the Militia pursued the enemy and overtook them on John's Creek, a branch of James River, at the distance of 30 or 35 miles, and attacked and killed one of the number. We agree that upon searching the Indians's budget a quantity of gold, some dollars and pieces of small silver, were found, which, upon being weighed, amounted to the sum of 137, 18, 0. We agree that the money found in the budget of the Indians consisted of the same coin which the plaintiff was known to have in his house when plundered by the Indians. We agree that after the money was recoverd from the Indians a dispute arose among the Militia to whom of right the money belonged whether it should be delivered to the plaintiff, who was deemed to have been the owner of it before it fell into the hands of the Indians, or whether the Militia were entitled to it in having recovered it from them, upon which dispute that sum of money was lodged in the hands of the defendant, to be by him kept till that point should be settled. We agree that the plaintiff made an offer of 30 shillings to each of the men who has assisted in the pursuit of the enemy. We agree that a part of the Company of Militia made an offer to the plaintiff of delivering up his negroes and household goods if he would allow them the money. We agree that the defendant paid the sum of money out of his hands to the Militia, and that several of them returned their dividends to the plaintiff amounting to 106, 17, 2. We agree that the plaintiff paid to several of the captors who returned him their dividends the sum of 30/, the premium by him before offered for their service. We agree that if the law, &c. (Signed) Gabrill Jones, for plaintiff; Peter Hog, for defendant." Hung jury and case agreed. Submitted August, 1766.

NOVEMBER, 1767 (B).

   Harper vs. Christian.--Account by Matt Harper, administrator of Michael Harper, against Capt. Wm. Christian. To his bounty as a soldier, 2, 0, 0. To his pay as a soldier, 19, 0.
   Rev. John Kingkade vs. Knox and Hamilton.--21st October, 1766.

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