Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


   John Low vs. Robert Bratton, admr. of James Dunlop.--John Lewis's affidavit, 11th November, 1758, that he served as a soldier under Capt. James Dunlop 22 days in the month of June, 1756, and never received any satisfaction for it.
   Givens vs. Frame.--Signatures: James Anderson and Jesse Jackson, David Frame and John Botkin.
   William Crow vs. Mordecai Howard.--Signatures: Alexr. Sayers, John Blagg, Wm. Preston, Samuel McDowell.
   James Stevenson vs. George Wooldridge and John Ritchie.--Signatures.
   Peterson vs. Hamilton.--Deposition Joseph Greer, as garnishee, February, 1763.
   Felix Gilbert vs. George Anderson.--Attachment, 1762.
   Tunis van Pelt vs. Samuel Hutton.--Defendant lives with his brother, James Hutton, in the Forks.

SEPTEMBER, 1763 (B).

   Elizabeth Crawford vs. Stephen Loy.--Attachment, 17th April, 1763. Stephen Loy, of Frederick Town, in Maryland, to Thomas Fulton. Bond 25th March, 1762.
   Walter and Samuel Cowdon vs. Rev. Davis Calmer, late of Virginia Regiment.--Attachment, 23d March, 1762. Alexander Boyd, paymaster, summoned as garnishee.

AUGUST, 1764 (A).

   Henry Heth vs. Cowdon.--Henry and William Heth.
   Moses McElvane vs. Mathew Linsey.--Defendant is an old man--horse jockey.
   Dr. Sergt. Wm. Bell to Samuel Cowdon & Co.--1761, April, May, July, August--Liquors and furnishings.
   Andrew Greer vs. Henry Harman.--Defendant in Carolina, July, 1764.
   Ester Stevens vs. Bowman.--Deposition of James Urie, aged 60 years, 22d June, 1764. Defendant lives at the Great Lick.
   Shippen & Co. vs. Francis Co.--Signature: Matthew Jordan.
   Walker vs. Bowman and Abraham McClelan.--Many petitions by Walker, treasurer, on bonds.
   George Skillem vs. John Frazier and Thomas Smith.--Defendant lives in the forest.
   Matthews vs. McBride.--(Address) To Mr. Saml. Crawford, at George Gibson's, near Collierstown.
   Andrew Smithers vs. Thomas Bates.--Defendant is a soldier, 20th June, 1764.
   John Robinson, Treasurer, vs. John Robinson and Mathias Yoacum. Yoacum a soldier, 25th June, 1764.
   Benjamin Estill vs. Miss Elizabeth Campbell.--(Great Lick.) Signature: 10th April, 1763.

AUGUST, 1762 (A).

   Robinson vs. Robinson.--David Robinson complains: In 1746 James Robinson, cousin of orator, now (1762) deceased, took up 800 acres on

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South Fork of Roanoke, intending the same for his two sons, John, the eldest, and Thomas. In 1756 John died intestate, leaving Elizabeth Robinson his only child and heir-at-law an infant about 8 years old.
   Adam Thompson vs. Lawrence.--Adam Thompson and Neome, his wife, administratrix of Johnston Hill, complain of James and William Lawrence.
   Beverly vs. Gay.--William Hamilton and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Gay, executrix of William Gay, deceased.
   McMahon vs. Anderson.--George Anderson attached November, 1761, and returned no estate.


   Stewart vs. Cunningham.--James Stewart and Mary, his wife, late Mary Walker, administratrix of William Walker, deceased. James and Mary were from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.
   James Kerr vs. Bell.--James Kerr, in Cumberland County, Pa., 1760.

AUGUST, 1762 (B).

   Gay vs. Cowan.--Henry Gay, guardian of Henry Gay, the younger, an infant, son of John Gay, deceased. Henry, the guardian, was grandfather of Henry, Jr.
   Nicholas and Hetrick vs. Pence and Pence.--Jacob Nicholas and Adam Hetrick, in 1747, came to Augusta from Pennsylvania. Jacob Pence left a son, Jacob, his eldest, and heir-at-law. Jacob, Sr., and Valentine Pence were brothers. Valentine left Adam, his eldest son and heir, an infant 14 years old (in 1762). Jacob also had a son, George.
   Graham vs. Armstrong.--Robert Graham and Jane, his wife, vs. Robert Armstrong and Mary, his wife.
   Purviance vs. Given.--Samuel Purviance, of Philadelphia, 1761.

MAY, 1762 (A).

   James Litsler vs. Robert Murphy.--Elizabeth Moore married Robert Murphy between 1761-62.
   Kennedy vs. Kennedy.--In 1740 Robert Galloway, of Augusta, bought land from Borden, which Galloway sold to Joseph Kennedy in 1748-9, but Galloway had received no deed. In 1760 William Kennedy, son of Joseph, had four infant sisters, the oldest being 12 years old.
   Arbuckle vs. Sayers.--This certifies that James Arbuckle and two sons have served as soldiers in my Company of Militia four months and sixteen days exclusive of what time they have received pay for. April 21, 1759. (Signed) Alexr. Sayers. Arbuckle sues for himself and two sons, who were his servants.

MAY, 1762 (B).

   Goodman vs. Armentrout.--Catherine, wife of Jacob Goodman, was daughter of John Colly.
   Robt. Breckinridge vs. John Milton.--In July, 1761, John hired himself as waggoner to Robert for the summer campaign to the southward, or wherever else his Majesty's service required.

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   Archibald Armstrong and Margaret, his wife, vs. Robert Grimes and Jane, his wife.--Slander.
   Frame vs. Hannah.--David Frame, eldest son and heir of John Frame, deceased, vs. Joseph Hanna. Bill filed November, 1760. In 1748 John and Joseph bought land jointly on Naked Creek, and there was great intimacy between the families. John's wife was Margaret. The land was bought of Jennet Stark, alias McDonald.

NOVEMBER, 1762 (A).

   John Craven and Margaret, his wife, late Margaret Dyer, administratrix of William Dyer, deceased.

SEPTEMBER, 1763 (A).

   P. Henry, Jr., vs. J. Oliver.--Account of P. Henry, Jr., vs. Oliver. Affidavit of P. Henry, Jr., in Hanover, before John Henry.


   Gilbert vs. George Anderson.--In 1762 George Anderson was gone from Virginia.
   Low vs. Bratton's Administrator.--John Low served in Capt. James Dunlop's Company twenty-two days, in June, 1756. He also served 231 days, from 1st March, 1757.
   Israel Christian vs. George Wilson.--Israel Christian was Burgess prior to 1761, and was re-elected that year.
   Hugart vs. Bratton's Administrator.--Josias Wilson was a soldier in Capt James Dunlop's Company.

APRIL, 1763 (A).

   Cresap vs. Drenning.--Walter Drinen's note to William Griffiths, 1742. Walter Drenning, of Prince George's County, Maryland, trader. Bond to Hugh Parker, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dated 18th December, 1740.
   Stewart vs. Patterson.--Alexander Stewart married Mary, daughter of Robert Patterson, and sues Patterson because he did not get as much of Patterson's estate as the two other children.
   Warfell vs. Frame.--James Frame, of Laycock Township, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, farmer. Bond to George Warfell, of Strasburg Township, same County, dated 16th March, 1750-51.

FEBRUARY, 1763 (A).

   Philip Benezet, of Philadelphia, vs. Cunningham.--Archibald Cunningham, of Township of Drunmore, County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, peddler. Bond dated 1st August, 1759.
   Catherine Passinger, an infant, by Jacob Passinger, her father, vs. Jacob Pence.--Agreed to marry, 1762, but Pence broke his promise and suit brought.

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JUNE, 1763 (B).

   May Court, 1762.--Margaret Gregg, late Margaret Johnson, wife of Wm. Gregg, and administratrix of her late husband, Arthur Johnson.
   Stewart vs. Cloyd.--Alexander, Thomas and Benjamin Stewart.
   Thompson vs. Davidson.--Adam Thompson and Neome, his wife, late Neome Hill.
   Luney vs. Haines.--Margaret Luney, relict of Peter Luney, 1761.

MAY, 1763 (B).

   Wright vs. Carpenter.--The spring before the Rangers were sent to Halifax County: Thomas Carpenter, son of Joseph Carpenter.
   Callyson vs. Curry.--(On a scrap of paper): "This indenture made the ____ day of April, 1763, between John Anderson, of the Township of West Easton, Province of ____"
   Bowyer vs. McClenachan.--Barlingham Franklin, of Augusta County, lately a soldier in the Virginia Regiment, in Capt. Bucknor's Company, binds himself for three years as a servant to John Bowyer. He was a tailor.

SEPTEMBER, 1763 (B).

   McClenachan vs. Calmer.--Rev. Mr. Davis Calmer was chaplain of the Virginia Regiment. Attachment issued against him 23d March, 1762. Alexander Boyd was a Commissioner to settle accounts with the soldiers and was ordered not to pay Calmer.
   Ward vs. Howell.--Samuel Purviance and James (Samuel?) Howell were partners in Philadelphia, 1762.

NOVEMBER, 1763 (C).

   Price vs. Allison.--Deposition of Patrick Henry, Jr., 27 years old. Deposition taken 22d October, 1763. He kept store in Hanover in 1758.
   Madison vs. Robinson.--William Robinson was brother of John Robinson, who was murdered by the Indians. John Robinson sold land to Joseph Kennedy, who sold to McGavock, who sold to Madison. Land on Roanoke.

NOVEMBER, 1764 (A).

   Brown vs. Daley.--Wm. Carlton and Esther, his wife, late Esther Brown.
   Potts vs. Boff.--Conrad Boff, of East Nantmill Township, County of Chester, Pennsylvania, bound to John Potts, of Calebrook Dale, County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2d February, 1749. (Note.--Mary Boff, widow and executrix of Conrad, lives (at time of suit) on South Fork of South Branch.)
   Man vs. Galloway.--James Walker deposes: That in fall of 1759, being stationed at Fort Young as a Lieutenant of a Company in the Frontier Battalion, the defendant, Man, acted under him as a Sergeant. (This was Wm. Man. His brother, Thomas, was also a soldier. Fort Young was on a a river.)

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JUNE, 1764 (A).

   Ruddle vs. McDaniel.--Stephen Ruddell, of Hampshire County, in 1763.

JUNE, 1764 (B).

   Fillbrick vs. Bullitt.--Henry Fillbrick was a soldier in Virginia Regiment under Capt. Thomas Bullitt in 1762.
   McPheeters vs. Anderson.--"George Anderson is a soldier." 1763.
   Fowler vs. Long.--William Fowler was a soldier under Capt. Long. 1762.

AUGUST, 1764 (B).

   Stringer vs. Morrow.--In 1748-9 Daniel Stringer, of Fallowfield Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, purchased an improvement near Buckley's Mill, in said County, of one James Orton, which Orton had bought of one William Morrow. This land, Stringer, intending to come to Virginia, sold to Robert Turner. John Taylor was Surveyor of Chester County.
   Kerr vs. Bell & Hamilton.--James Kerr, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Bond, 1760, conditioned to sell land on Christian's Creek by Bell & Hamilton to Kerr.
   Upp vs. Stone.--Frederick Upp was a school teacher in 1760. Agreement by the Congregation on the Fork in Augusta County with Upp.
   Looney vs. Looney.--In 1759 Peter Looney and David Looney bought land from their father, Robert Looney. Peter Looney is dead (1763), leaving Peter Looney, an infant, his son and heir, but Robert made a deed to the land to John Bowyer. Robert answers that at time of making the contract he was drunk.
   Col. Thomas Cresap vs. Dr. Thomas Walker.--Van Swearingen's deposition taken in Frederick County, Maryland, 1764. He pastured horses in 1755 for Dr. Walker, who, he understood, was the King's Commissary. Cresap was from "Old Town." This suit was to recover costs and expenses in Braddock's expedition. Advertisement by Robert Leahe, Commissary, 13th February, 1756, that the Commissioners to settle accounts (Edward Shippen, Samuel Morris, Alexander Stedman and Samuel McCall) would attend at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to settle accounts. Letter from Cresap, to Walker and from Walker to Cresap. Walker's letter dated Castle Hill.

MARCH, 1764 (B).

   Rowland vs. Walker.--Williarn Walker, of Augusta, also of Bedford Co.
   Leister's Administrator vs. Charles Lewis and wife.--Charles Lewis and Sarah, his wife (was Miss Sally Murray).
   Bowman vs. Bird.--Cornelius Bowman, father of George and Peter Bowman. Peter Bowman's widow, Margaret, married Van Pelt.
   Daily vs. Dugind.--John Daily, late of Co. of Goochland, was there in 1747.

MARCH, 1764 (C).

   Seely vs. Carpenter.--Jeremiah Seely married the daughter of Joseph Carpenter, lately of the Province of New York. Joseph, in 1746, and after above marriage, moved to Jackson's River, where he and most of his children, then unmarried, settled. Jeremiah came in 1748.

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