Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


NOVEMBER, 1764 (B).

   McFeeters vs. Patrick Ryley and wife, Alice, late Alice (Else) English.-- Account dated November 10, 1762.
   David Cloyd vs. Joshua McCormick.--To gold of mine received by you that was retaken from the Indians, 1764.
   Same vs. Robert Miller.--Same.
   Same vs. John Fowler.--Same.
   Same vs. Andrew Miller.--Same
   Same vs. Samuel McNabb.--Same.
   Same vs. William Robinson--Same.
   Shannon vs. Henry Smith.--1764. Before Henry went to Carolina.

JUNE, 1764 (A).

   Gabriel Pence, of Amherst, vs. John Dailey.--Bond dated 9th Sept., 1763. Writ, 17th May, 1764. Caleb Wordly, bail.
   Benjamin Estill vs. William and Thomas Whitesides.--Bond dated 19th December, 1763. Writ 29th March, 1764. Defendants live on or about Roanoke; one is out of County and the other is a soldier. Writ 17th May, 1764, executed.
   William Fitzgerald (Fitzgerrell) vs. William Givin.--Bond by W. F. to W. G., 21st September, 1763. Writ 17th May, 1764. "The defendant is killed by the Indians."
   William Crow vs. Robt. Eastham, Jr.--Writ 17th May, 1764. Defendant lives over the Ridge.
   William Crow vs. Philemon Askins.--Writ 17th May, 1764. Defendant gone out of the Colony.
   Adam Dean vs. Archibald Armstrong, Cord-winder.--Bond 18th November, 1762. Witnesses: John Ward and William Dean.
   James Campbell vs. Samuel McClure and Mary.--Cov't.
   Grand Jury presentment, 1761: John Moore, Benden's Land, for absenting himself from public worship; information of James Lockhart. George Lewis, for driving his wagon on Sabbath.
   Mary McDaniel (McDanniell) vs. Daniel McCormick and Thomas Ramsey.--Bond 8th October, 1760.
   Stephen Ruddell, of Hampshire, vs. John McDonald and Isaac McDaniel. Bond 12th May, 1763.
   Felix Gilbert vs. James Emacks.--Case writ, 24th February, 1763, not found; writ 28th April, 1763, defendant soldier; writ 17th May, 1764, defendant soldier.
   George Cox and Elizabeth, his wife, vs. Mary Berrisford.--Slander. Writ 22d February, 1764. Mary said in 1763 Betty Cox did poison John Berrisford (late husband of Mary) because John would not run away with her, whereas at time of speaking John had been dead some time.
   John Madison vs. John Craig.--Trespass writ, 22d November, 1764. Defendant lives on New River.
   Black vs. David Wilson--David moved to Bedford.

JUNE, 1764 (C).

   Richard Daggett and Rhoda, late Rhoda Evans, vs. John Greedy.--Summoned 29th March, 1764. Note dated August 10, 1760.

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   George Skillem vs. Moses Crofford.--Petition 17th May, 1764. Defendant is gone to Carolina.
   John Cusham vs. John Gray, Weaver.--Account, 1759-61.
   Richard Read, Waggoner, vs. David Bryant, Farmer.--Note, 3d March, 1756.
   Alexander Boyd vs. William Hutcheson.--Petition, 27th February, 1764. Defendant lately came from Frederick and lives not far from town.
   Benjamin Estill vs. John Thomson.--Bond, 1st January, 1763. Writ, 29th March, 1764. Executed. Defendant lives on Glade Creek.
   Alexander McClelan, Blacksmith, of York County, Pennsylvania, vs. John Ward, of Calfpasture.--Bond, October 26th, 1758.
   Samuel Endsworth vs. Patrick McCallom.--Account dated Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1745.

MARCH, 1765 (B).

   Samuel Moor vs. Philip Eskens.--Defendant lives near Thomas Job shop.
   Johnston Carrick & Co. vs. Alexander McClenachan, Jr.--Writ, 17th May, 1764. Defendant is a soldier and in actual service.
   Robert Campbell, Cutler, vs. Robert Campbell, son of John.--Writ, 28th November, 1765. Gone to Carolina.
   Henry Smith vs. John Craig.--Qui Tam. Writ, 28th June, 1763. Roanoke; (or Hance's) Meadow, near New River.
   Bowyer & McDowell vs. James Hutcheson;--Debt. Writ, 29th March, 1764. Defendant is a soldier. Writ, 28th November, 1765. The defendant's uncle told me he was gone to Pennsylvania, and he had no home.
   James Bell, of Amherst, vs. John Tillery, of Amherst.--Bond, 1762. Executed 28th November, 1765.
   Benjamin Estill vs. William Carvin.--Writ, 29th March, 1764. Defendant lives in Roanoke and is a soldier.
    William Givin vs. Alexander Crockett.--Writ, 29th March, 1764. Defendant, soldier.

MARCH, 1764 (C).

   William Stamps vs. William Beard.--Writ, 28th April, 1763. Defendant lives on Roanoke or New River.
   John Mann vs. Jeremiah Seely.--Ejected, 25th May, 1763. Fort Young.
   Williams vs. Ambrose Stodghill.--Defendant, of St. Thomas' Parish, Orange County, to Shackelford. Bond, 6th July, 1761. Writ, 3d December, 1764.
   Harrison vs. Heron.--Papers taken out. Only the answer.
   John Madison vs. Samuel Henderson.--Writ, 18th September, 1763. Defendant a merchant in Borden's land.
   Alexander McDonald vs. Thomas Sumter.--Bond, 27th November, 1761. Defendant, Sergeant in the Virginia Regiment. Witness, John Cameron, Lieutenant in same. Writ, 19th September, 1763 (third year of reign).
   Felix Gilbert vs. James McElhenny.--Writ, 28th April, 1763. Greenbrier. Fort Young or somewhere else.
   Felix Gilbert vs. John Young.--Writ, 28th November, 1764. Is a soldier. Writ, 25th February, 1763. Falling Spring.

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AUGUST, 1761 (B).

   Cresap vs. Walker.--Papers taken out.
   Daniel Stringer, late of Chester County, Pennsylvania, vs. Morrow.-- Chancery, 1761. Papers taken out.

MARCH, 1765 (A).

   Doggett vs. Mathias Yoakum.--Writ 29th March (fourth year George III reign). Is a soldier.
   McGranger vs. James Crawford, of Augusta, Storekeeper.--Bond, 27th April, 1762.
   Jacob Peters vs. Ezekiel Johnston.--Writ, 25th June, 1764. Defendant lives at Fort Young, 28th August, 1764. Defendant a soldier.
   Micajah Norman, of Amherst, vs. Charles Lockhart.--Note, 23d September, 1763.
   Cowdon vs. Dean.--1761. Sergeant William Dean. Sundries by Captain Blagg's Order. Papers withdrawn.
   Augustine Seaton vs. John Robertson.--Defendant is a blacksmith, 28th August, 1764.
   Graham, Assignee, vs. Clark.--Bond. Defendant to Richard Pryer. 13th October, 1763.

MARCH, 1764 (A).

   English vs. Abraham Haines.--Defendant a stiller in Forks of James.
   Floyd vs. Merrow (Murray?).--Covering Brown's Meeting House. Papers withdrawn.

MAY, 1765 (A).

   William English & Co. vs. Henry Dowley.--Writ, 28th November, 1765. Defendant lives in Bedford.
   Benjamin Estill vs. Robert McGee.--Writ, 29th March, 1764. Defendant lives at Roanoke, and is a soldier.
   Crawford vs. Alexander Sawyers (Sayers?).--Writ, 28th March, 1765. Defendant drowned. Writ, 25th June, 1764. Kept off by force of arms.
   Captain William English vs. James Emacks.--Account, 1760. Sundrys at Fort Frederick. Writ, 28th March, 1765. Defendant lives in Bedford.
   Grand Jury presentments.--Mathias and George Lewis, for driving wagon on Sabbath. John Henderson complains that his father, George, abuses him. Isabella Hall, late Isabella Ramsey, administratrix of Robert Ramsey. Susannah Armentrout, ]ate Susannah Power, administratrix Christian Colley--Susannah lives in Hampshire. Elizabeth Campbell, administratrix of her father, Malcolm Campbell, 1764. William Beard lives in Bedford. June Court, 1764.
   John Robinson vs. John Hamilton.--Writ, 28th August, 1764. A soldier.
   Carpenter vs. Clark and Hays.--John is gone out of the Colony, 14th November, 1764.
   Alexander Boyd vs. Alexander Sayers.--Writ, 28th March, 1765.
   Samuel Davis vs. James McBride.--Writ, 17th May, 1764. Defendant, a soldier.

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MARCH, 1764 (B).

   Daniel Ponder vs. William Cabeen.--Account, 1759, for wintering 9 pack horses for his Majesty's service, per your orders. This account withdrawn.
   June Court, 1763.--Margaret Rentfro, late Margaret Looney.
   Stamps vs. Bess.--1763. Defendant lives about J. Miller's mill. Roanoke or Catabe.
   Stuart vs. Samuel Davis, Joiner.--July 1, 1762.
   Alexander Wright vs. Robert Young.--Defendant lives in Forks of James River, 17th January, 1764.
   Alexander Wright vs. Joseph Rea.--Account, 1759. Withdrawn. Writ executed.
   Andrew Lewis vs. Patrick McCollam.--Qui Tam for stealing plaintiff's hog. Agnes Smith is about to remove for some time from the County, 21st August, 1762.
   Letsler, Administrator, vs. Charles Lewis and Sarah.--Account vs. Miss Sally Murray, from 22d March, 1759, to November 14th, 1761. Writ, 28th June, 1763 (third year of George I).

JUNE, 1764 (B).

   Henry Fillbrick vs.Thomas Bullitt.--Plaintiff was enlisted 17th May, 1762, in defendant's Company in Virginia Regiment. See papers withdrawn.

OCTOBER, 1765 (A).

   William Woods vs. Andrew Crow, Jr.--Writ, 28th May, 1765. Removed from County.
   Fulton vs. Crawford.--Robert Fulton, a schoolmaster.
   Robert Finley's Estate vs. James Young.--Account, dated October 3, 1759. Petition, 28th August, 1765. Returned: "Dead, did live in Augusta." Robert Patton vs. Richard Williams.--1765. Patton lives in Pennsylvania.

AUGUST, 1765.

   Mathews vs. Henry Murray, Joiner.
   Felix Gilbert vs. Richard Prior.--Writ, 28th March, 1765. Lives on Roanoke. "Not found."
   John Smith and Mary, late Mary Stevenson, vs. James Hughart.--Writ, 28 May, 1765. Account to my wife's freedom dues.
   John McDowell vs. Robert Lusk.--Writ, 29th March, 1764. Defendant is a soldier.
   Wagner vs. Bush.--Writ, 28th August, 1764. Letter of Thomas Rhoads, a soldier, withdrawn.

OCTOBER, 1765 (B.)

   Cowden vs. William Cabeen.--Account, 1761. Withdrawn.
   Sitlingon vs. Fleming.--Account, John Fleming to Charles Lewis. Credit by your pay as a soldier.

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   James McGavock vs. Marwood Timberlake.--Attachment, 12th September, 1765. Discharge of defendant, December 29, 1764, withdrawn.
   Isabella Brown vs. William Brown.--Bill for divorce.
   Benezet vs. Stewart.--Account withdrawn.

MARCH, 1765 (B).

   George Scott vs. Robert Ralston.--28th November, 1765. Margaret Pickens gone to Carolina.
   Wilson vs. Potts.--Bond 27th July, 1743. John Potts, of Amity, and County of Philadelphia, yeoman, to Owin Richards, of the same place.
   McGill vs. Daniel Harrison.--Bond by Daniel Harrison, Jr., dated January 17, 1764.
   Carpenter vs. Stevenson.--Andrew Hall is about to remove out of this Colony--27th August, 1764.

AUGUST, 1765 (A).

   Cunningham vs. Craven.--John Harvy lived in Frederick, but disappeared from there.
   Mathias Lair and Catharine vs. John Harrison and Mary.--28th May, 1765. Defendants had left the Colony before service could be made.
   Bowyer vs. Reed.--Account Robert Reed, debtor to estate of Caleb Harmon, deceased. To cash you received of Cald. Preston, being the pay of said Harmon while a soldier under his command, 18, 14--(withdrawn). Account Caleb Harmon to Robert Reed, 1756-57--withdrawn. To cash paid David Long for washing when at the fort. To cash paid Capt. McNeill for you. Account Robert Reed to Wm. Preston, 1757-60--withdrawn. By Caleb Harmon's pay as a soldier, &c.

MAY, 1765 (B).

   Wm. Crow vs. Patrick Lynch and John Gray.--Chancery. Patrick was debtor of plaintiff and gave plaintiff a note with John as security, but before note fell due Patrick moved to North Carolina, about 1755-6. Wm. sent the note to North Carolina by Andrew Dunbar, who made affidavit that he could not find Patrick and did not receive the money, but lost the note. Gray replies that after Patrick left Virginia a friend of John's named John Lawrence, from New Jersey, passed on his way to North Carolina and offered to collect the debt from Patrick. Lawrence returned and said he had seen Patrick, who declared he had paid the money to Dunbar. Notice 30th October, 1764, that deposition of Andrew Dunbar will be taken near Peach Bottom, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

FEBRUARY, 1763 (A).

   Israel Christian vs. John Dickinson.--Defendant in February, 1762, at house of Francis Tyler, in Staunton, was present when many persons were playing hazard, and pass and no pass, and refused to issue his warrant and became liable therefor under the act against unlawful gaming.

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