Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Volume I


   Samuel Ferguson vs. Adam Jordan and Sarah.--Sarah said Samuel was a thief and a wizard (meaning he had a secret, sinful, wicked and unlawful communication and correspondence with the devil.
   August Court, 1755.--Copy of order accepting the Court House.
   August 19, 1758--Commissioners report that the Court House is completed except a door, which the Indians broke. (Signed--original) John Buchanan, Wm. Preston, John Christian, Francis Tyler, John Archer.
   Fletcher vs. Stephenson.--Bill for settlement of estate of Rev. John Hindman shows costs of wake for deceased.
   Hite vs. McDonald.--Signatures: N. Strother, John Jones, Frances Bend.
   Greenfield vs. Beverley.--Attachment executed in hands of Lunsford Lomax, Lieutenant at Fort Young, when Major Lewis commands.
   Quarles vs. Price and Howell.--Not executed, because defendant was in Majesty's service.
   The Grand Jurors present Wm. Long, John Smith, William Fitzgerald-- that they on 18th October, 1756, did with force and arms, in a riotous manner, enter the close and house of Alexr. Wright, in Town of Staunton, and then and there did beat, strike and abuse one Mary McDonnell, then in said house, and likewise break doors and windows.

MAY, 1760 (A)

   William Scot and Elizabeth vs. Hughes.
   Thomas Waters vs. James Littlepage.--Defendant an officer in the Virginia Regiment.
   Abraham Farrow, of King William, to William Spiller, of said County. Bond 1756. Test: James and Ann Russell. James Graves.

APRIL, 1763.

   Jordan vs. Jackson.--John Jackson, at Connoway.
   McCord vs. Johnson.--William Johnson and his brother, John Johnson.
   Dogget vs. Wm. Whiteside.--The following articles due by Anne Thompson, widow, now (1761) your (Whiteside's) wife. Rhode Dogget, late Rhode Evens, swears in Bedford County (wife of Richard Dogget).
   Ephraim Hubbard complains that Israel Christian is indebted to him 5 for teaching two children to dance.
   Fox vs. Robert Forbise, a schoolmaster.
   Bratton vs. Cloyd.--Signature: Wm Cabeen.
   Jacob Miller and Adam Yeager vs. Godfrey Bumgardner.--Defendant is gone to settle on New River, 1762.
   John Robinson, of Bedford County, 1762.

SEPTEMBER, 1763 (A).

   Wm. Candler vs. Joseph Ray.--Affidavit by plaintiff in Bedford.
   John Stewart vs. Archibald Hendley.--Plaintiff and defendant were partners in a team to follow the Army in the campaign made to the Southwest in the year 1760.
   Pearis vs. Kennedy.--Richard Pearis and his brother, Robert Pearis.
   Lynch vs. Ferguson.--Charles and Robert Lynch.

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   Gilbert vs. Painter.--Rebecca Lovegrove, now Peartree.
   Cowden and Executor vs. Fitzgerald.--James Cowden and Elizabeth, late Elizabeth Wilson, executrix of Samuel Wilson.
   Samuel McCutchen vs. John Risk.--To one cow sold you in 1740 for which you was to pay me 22 years afterwards 29 yards of O hundred linen, &c.
   Jacob Pence's will, 1750. Jacob's wife, Catherine, married Jacob Passenger. See Passenger vs. Miller.
   Peter Steenberger vs. Nicholas Harbold.--Defendant on South Branch, not in this County.

APRIL, 1763 (A).

   George Warfell of Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, vs. James Frame of Laycock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.-- 1750-1751.
   Cresap vs. Drenning.--Walter Drenning, of Prince George's County, Maryland, trader, to Hugh Parker of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1740.


   Gilbert vs. Murphy.--John Murphy, living at Connalloges, near 41.
   Robert Harrison's estate, debtor to administrators, vs. Thomas Rutherford.--George Anderson's deposition, 1763. Robert died between 1761 and 1763.
   Martin vs. Carlile.--Signature, Robert Anderson.
   McKittrick vs. Armstrong.--Thomas Armstrong, to Robert McKittrick and Jane McKittrick. To cash lent by my wife while sole.
   Hughes vs. Stevenson.--Andrew Greer's signature.

MAY, 1763 (B).

   Thomas Burk vs. Robert Ralston.--William Burk, deceased, brother of Thomas Burk, 23d October, 1763.
   Thompson vs. Cunningham.--John McCullogh, Hampshire County. Deposition and signature.
   Bowyer vs. McClenachan.--Borlinghan (Beringham) Franklyn's deed of affidavit. Brief to John Bowyer, 1762. Lately a soldier in the Virginia Regiment, in Captain Buckner's Company.
   Hubbard vs. Reed.--Mathew Reed, to Ephraim Hubbard. To teaching Miss Cunningham to dance; 6 months @ 25/ per quarter. January 5th, 1763.
   Peter Wright vs. Joseph Carpenter.--Thomas Carpenter, son of Joseph, 1763. John Davis and Joseph Carpenter. Thomas's deposition and signature. Joseph Carpenter, Jr.

FEBRUARY, 1763 (A).

   Thorp and Stamps vs. Henry Ferguson.--Debt due plaintiff, on their books at the store formerly kept at the Peaks of Otter, 1762.

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JUNE, 1763 (B).

   Bell vs. Stewart.--John Stewart, peddlar, 1760. Caleb Wordly, juryman, June 23, 1763.
   Cowdon & Co. (Stewart & Co.) vs. George Bruce.--Stewart & Company seem to have been successors to Cowdon & Company.
   Margaret Rentfroe, late Margaret Looney, vs. John Crank.--Steven Rentfroe, 18th January. 1763.



   John Bibee, infant, by Thomas Bibee, father, vs. Robert Brunton.--Writ, 8th December, 1800. Defendant about to remove out of the State.


AUGUST, 1801 (M to Z).

   Rebecca Ray vs. John Shields.--Br. promise marriage, 179.

MAY, 1762 (B).

   Coutts and Cross vs. Littlepage.--Bond, Henry Hinton to James Littlepage, 14th July, 1760. Hinton lives in Bedford and keeps a peddling store for Captain Sawyers. Writ, 4th April, 1761. Bond, James Littlepage to Archibald Bryce, 7th October, 1760.
   Robert Breckinridge vs. John Milton.--Defendant, in 1761, became waggoner for that summer, a year's campaign. William Crawford deposes, in Frederick, 8th April, 1762: "As he returned from the Dunkar Bottom to Augusta he saw Captain Breckinridge's waggoner, &c."
   William Crow and Charles Lewis vs. Adam Hoops.--Trover. Writ, 7th July, 1761.
   Alexander McClenachan vs. Samuel Wilson.--In 1761, plaintiff was possessed of a silver hilted sword valued at 8, and casually lost it.
   Andrew Suthingon vs. John Davison.--Bond by defendant to plaintiff, 21st May, 1760.
   Moses Collier vs. John David Wilpert.--Certificate giving information of Moses Collier, 22d May, 1762.

AUGUST, 1762 (B).

   Gay vs. Cowan.--Henry Gay, guardian of Henry Gay, the younger son of John Gay, deceased.
   Howell vs. John Givan.--Bond, John Givan. Chapman to Samuel Howell, 21st December, 1758.
   Woods vs. Miller.--A duce harp.
   Anthony Nisle vs. James Crawford.--To a house sold you in Miller's Town, alias Woodstock, September, 1761.

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   John David Wilpert, administrator Henry Baughman, vs. Mathew Lindsay.--Invoice of Henry Buchman's estate left in Greenbrier when drove off by the enemy. Witnesses are John Gay, John Warrick, Hugh Young and wife, John Meak (in which house saw same articles, Lawrence Hencemen. Witnesses when they killed the man, Felthe Yoken, Mathes Yoken, Nap. Gregory, Robert Allin, William Elliott.
   John Harrison vs. Jacob Peters.--Ejected.
   McClenachan vs. Augusta Vestry.
   Davis (Davy's) Colmer, Clerk, vs. Robert McClenachan.--Case writ 22d October, 1761. The plaintiff in September, 1761, was possessed of one sword mounted with silver, sword knot, one belt of the value of 8, two pairs of silk stockings @ 3, two shirts, value 5 shillings, one hat @ 40 shillings, one pair double channel shoes @ 15 shillings, and casually lost.


   John Gratton vs. David Carlock, of Brock's Gap.--Account 26th November, 1761.
   Samuel Bell vs. James Kerr, of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; John Hind, and Edward Rutledge.--Bond by defendants, 26th April, 1760.
   James Stuart and Mary, late Mary Walker, vs. John Cunningham.--Bond by defendant to plaintiff, Mary Walker, June 7, 1757. Mary Stuart, late Mary Walker, admx. of William Walker, deceased.
   William Lapsley vs. William Johnston.--In 1760 plaintiff built a smith shop on land of defendant on Christian's Creek.

MAY, 1762 (A).

   Parsons vs. Trimble.--Thomas Parsons and Felix Seymore, of Hampshire County. 1761.
   Wm. Kennedy vs. Joseph Kennedy and Borden's Executors.--In 1741 Ro. Galloway bought land of Borden, but Borden died before making deed--430 acres, Moffett's Creek. Galloway lived upon and improved the land until 12 or 13 years ago, when he sold to orator's father, Joseph Kennedy. Joseph lived on the land until 1760, when Joseph sold to William in consideration that William will pay so much, and also educate and bring up his four infant sisters. William entered, took care of his sisters, repaired the fulling mill, to do which he had to sell his own place. Writ: Feb. 25, 1759 (8?). Bill for deed from Borden.
   William Bell vs. George Willson.--Plaintiff ran a saw mill.

AUGUST, 1762 (A).

   David Robinson vs. Elizabeth Robinson.--James Robinson, cousin of orator, in 1746, entered 800 acres on South Fork Roanoke, intending it for his oldest son, John, and Thomas, and allotted the same to each. Patent taken in name of John, who was to convey his part to Thomas. John died 1756 intestate, leaving Elizabeth, his only child, about 8 years old. Thomas sold his 100 acres to orator in 1761.
   Adam Thompson and Naome, admx. of Johnston Hill, vs. William Lawrence.
   McNeil vs. Long.--Signature: Weldon.

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   John Kenney vs. John Smith.--1760. To my wages, four months under your command, 4, 0, 0.
   Steenberger vs. Bayard.--Spa 1761. For Abraham Kuykendall, Hampshire County.
   Samuel Cowden & Co. vs. Wm. Grant, late of the Virginia Regiment.-- 1761. Account.
   Wm. Stamps, of Bedford, vs. James Maze and John Lewis.--Bond 14th July, 1762.
   Alexr. Sayers vs. William Baskins.--February 18, 1762. To your pay as soldier in my Company at Fort Ligonier, from 1st December to 1st March-- 90 days--4, 10--paid you twice. (Signed) Alexr. Sayers.

NOVEMBER, 1762 (A).

   Thomas Gilmore vs. James Gilmore, eldest son and heir of John Gilmore. Chg. writ, 1760.

MARCH, 1764 (B).

   Frazer and Wright vs. Ralston.--Roger Dixon, in Spottsylvania.
   Isaac Hest, of Spottsylvania, vs. Samuel Moore.--Account.
   John Heren vs. William McGee.--William McGee's son, Philip.
   David Edwards vs. George Lewis.--To 7 yards cloth delivered by my wife, Elizabeth Edwards; made oath to account 18th August, 1762.

AUGUST, 1762.

   Hook vs. Munsey.--Daniel Smith deposes August 23, 1762, that being chosen guardian for Jean Scot, sister to Skidmore Munsey's wife.
   Peter Elphinstone vs. Alexr. Gillaspy.--1761. To sundries at Reed Creek, Stalnahee and Long Island.
   James Crawford vs. Widow Hanna Sawyers.--1761.
   James Letsler vs. Doctor Thomas Lloyd.--1759.

NOVEMBER, 1763 (C).

   Mathew Harper vs. John Handerson.--John is a shoemaker.
   Madison vs. Kennedy.--William Robinson deposes 10th September, 1763, that in 1753 or 1754 his late brother, John Robinson, where deponent lives.
   Price vs. Alderson.--Deposition of Patrick Henry, Jr.
   Sallard vs. McDonald.--Lieut. John Sallard to Alexr. McDonald. Bond 23d March, 1762. Witnesses: Alexr. Stewart and Robert Fillson.

NOVEMBER, 1764 (A).

   Allison vs. Hays--Hugh Hays to Charles Allison. Bond 31st December. 1763. Witness: Alexander Greer.
   Smith vs. Bowyer.--Mortgage, Col. John Smith to William Bowyer, 1762. Recorded. Witness: Wilton Walton.
   More vs. Galloway.--Deposition of James Walker.

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